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Posted by Trent Garland


The Impact Arena was filled with electricity as Chaotic Christmas was finally upon us and the fans of Impact Zone Wrestling witnessed the end of a big year for IZW, and the beginnings of an even bigger year. The past was honored, the present impressed and the future shone bright for all the IZW superstars and their fans. There were two important superstars that returned at Chaotic Christmas and gave the crowd a couple of unexpected surprises. And a title changed hands as the IZW superstars went all out for the audience.


The first match was the Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Match for the IZW Tag Team Championships with the New Age Syndicate (c) vs. Arrogant Money vs. BLK-OUT. Last year at Chaotic Christmas, BLK-OUT won their first IZW Tag Team Championship. This year they attempted to win them for the fourth time as they entered the arena to new entrance music. All of the competitors got right to it as the Syndicate brought kendo sticks with them and started to attack their opponents. But the other men double-teamed both men, taking their kendo sticks from them, then dishing out a vicious assault and finally putting one of the Syndicate on a table outside of the ring. Randy Price came down with an elbow drop to put him through the table. The other member was thrown through a table set up in the corner. One point of the match had Jermaine Johnson climbing the cage wall set up near the entranceway and diving off the top onto all the men. Later, Austin Tacious was powerbombed through a table. BLK-OUT hit the Tek-Nine on Price and it looked as if their fourth reign as IZW Tag Team Champions was about to become a reality, then suddenly and surprisingly, they were both thrown out of the ring by the New Age Syndicate who had recovered from two huge falls just in time. The New Age Syndicate then secured the pin and retained the IZW Tag Team Championship in a very violent and hard-fought match.


Just the same as last year, at this Chaotic Christmas there was a new inductee into the Impact Hall of Fame, and he was revealed to be Gary Tool. Gary Tool has a long history with IZW as one of its most important management figures and wrestlers over the years. Tool came out and accepted the nomination but he then went on to say that wrestling fans are the true Hall of Famers, as none of this would be possible without them. He was then interrupted by the Future Hall of Famers. Bad Brad Michaels came out in a wheelchair and made the memorable statement, “If I wasn’t in this wheelchair, I’d get out of this wheelchair.”Michaels is in the Hall of Fame himself and told Tool to leave. Tool praised the group as part of the future of the business, but said he would take the high road and leave. But as he was doing so, Michaels insulted Tool’s family. Tool came back in the ring, got in Michaels’ face, and let him have it. But Tool said that this is what Bad Brad wanted, and that he would leave not a punk, but a man. Michaels then got out of the wheelchair while Gary's back was turned to him, he then spun Tool around and slapped the taste out of his mouth. Gary tried to get to Bad Brad all while the Future Hall of Famers held him back. IZW Co-Commissioner Bernie D then came out, angry about what he had just seen. Bernie mentioned the upcoming Six-man Tag Team Match later in the evening and decided to make another "Bernie D Original", turning that match into an Eight-man Tag Team Match. He said Bad Brad would be on Johnny Z's team, he then proposed Gary take the other spot on Aaron Neil's team but Gary Tool declined, saying that he was retired. As Gary was attempting to leave again Michaels made another comment about Tool’s family. Tool then said that the first thing he had taught Michaels was to never leave his bag at home. He said he had his bag with him and he was in for the Eight-man Tag Team Match.


The next match was between "The Awesome One" Kevin Morgan and "The Hate Machine" John O’Malley and it was for the IZW Heavyweight Championship. The anticipation for what would happen when these two met in the ring had been growing steadily. Would the Awesome One be able to win the Championship or would John O'Malley finally get rid of Morgan once and for all? The big men went at it immediately. Finally, after a seemingly endless amount of devastating blows between the two, O’Malley was able to distract the referee long enough to use a pair of brass knuckles on Morgan, knocking the Awesome One out. He then took advantage by locking him in a submission hold. The referee raised Morgan’s arm three times, but it dropped as he was unconscious. O’Malley celebrated, seemingly finally done dealing with Kevin Morgan, but the celebration would not last long as the lights went out and the music of a very familiar foe filled the Impact Arena. As soon as the music began to play the crowd erupted, whipping themselves into a frenzy and becoming almost hysterical as the sound of the one and only Brandon Groom's entrance music floated through the dark . Absent for months, he appeared in the ring as the lights came back on and he immediately took the fight to O'Malley as an uncontrollable rage seemed to take over the normally reserved Brandon Groom. You see, it was the Hate Machine who had injured Brandon in the first place and now he was back for revenge. As O’Malley escaped, Groom grabbed a microphone and explained to John O'Malley and the IZW fans that this marks the second coming of Brandon Groom, and that he will soon be “the new Heavyweight Champion of the best federation in Oklahoma.” It was later announced that he will face O’Malley this coming week. Will Groom’s words ring true?


Next up was the now Eight-man Tag Team Match with Johnny Z, Shane Rawls, Blake Albright and Bad Brad Michaels taking on Aaron Neil, Jesse White, Gary Tool and their mystery partner. After everyone had entered the ring, the only one left to enter was the mystery partner. Bernie D came out, but said the mystery man wasn’t him, but a former IZW Champion. Then the long-absent Angel Williams appeared. The Widowmaker had returned and once again on this evening of chaos, the Impact Arena became deafening as the crowd once again became hysterical at his appearance. Bernie then said he had one more present and said that he would be the special referee. Co-Commissioner Steve-O took exception and made himself “special enforcer.” Bernie told him that if he got in his way, he would “kick his a## all over the arena.” The match itself contained a Who’s Who of Oklahoma wrestling history. During the match, Bernie got caught in a pile-up outside of the ring as Neil jumped off the top onto everyone. Albright was able to hit the Posterizer on Williams in the ring and Johnny Z made the cover. Steve-O then tried to help Johnny Z's team steal the win by making the three count on Angel, but Bernie stopped him. Steve-O got angry and started pushing Bernie, which made him none too happy. Steve-O then received a Sky High from Bernie. Johnny Z then got up from the pin and started berating then pushing Bernie, but this time Bernie pushed him back, right into a big spinning heel kick from Gary Tool. Angel Williams who had recovered and gotten to his feet then hit Johnny Z with a TKO for the win. The Widowmaker had a triumphant return and his team came out victorious. What will Williams’ return mean for IZW?


The next match was between Wage and Double D. The two had developed quite a bit of hostility between each other coming into this match. Double D had previously picked up a win on Wage, but it was different this time. Double D held his own for a while, but eventually he was mercilessly punished by Wage. Wage pulled him up on a pin and then gave him a Hellevator for the win. He continued to beat on Double D before another return as Carnage came out much to Wage’s surprise. The two of them went at it for a moment before Wage got caught in Carnage’s chokeslam. He escaped taking the slam, but it doesn’t look to be over between these two.


The Main Event for the evening was the 5-Way Ladder Match for the Impact Division Championship. Dustin Heritage was the defending Champion coming into the match, but Michael Barry had stolen the belt from him the same night he had won it. Both men were in the match, joined by the Revolutionary Dane Griffin, Ky-ote Joe and the Gifted Eric Rose. The match was filled with violence and intensity. Each contestant put his career on the line it seemed, their very well being at stake, each taking vicious shots from the ladders, falling from frightening heights and landing in unbelievable positions. Both Dane Griffin and Ky-ote Joe were busted open in the match. Griffin bled profusely, leaving blood all over the ring. Near the end of the match, Michael Barry and Dustin Heritage had so much animosity between them that they ended up leaving the Championship to the other three competitors and fighting all to the back. Ky-ote Joe then laid Dane Griffin on a ladder that was set up between the ring and the guardrail. He went to the top turnbuckle and hit a huge frogsplash that broke the ladder and Griffin in half. This left Ky-ote Joe and Eric Rose to climb opposite ladders in the ring to get at the belt. Both men ended up losing their ladders and having to hang from the cable holding the championship 15 ft. above the ring. Eric Rose was able to knock Ky-ote down to win his first Impact Division Championship, much to the crowd’s approval.


Chaotic Christmas had many memorable moments that will have a significant effect on the future of the Impact Zone Wrestling. Both Angel Williams and Brandon Groom have returned. Both men have always made an impact in their time at IZW and this time around promises to be no different. The Gifted Eric Rose became the new Impact Division Champion while the New Age Syndicate and John O’Malley were able to retain their gold. What will the title pictures look like in the next few months? What does the future hold for IZW and its fans?


Come out to the Impact Arena, located at 1009 SW F Ave. in Lawton, OK Every Saturday Night to find out the answers to all these questions and more!!!!!!!

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Posted by Jonathan Scott


On December 19th, Impact Zone Wrestling will hold its 3rd Annual Chaotic Christmas event. Last year’s show was truly memorable, including the 5-Way Elimination Match for the Impact Division Championship and the truly unforgettable TLC Match between BLK-OUT and Impact Inc. for the IZW Tag Team Championship. The card for this year's event is stacked with some very intriguing matchups. All the belts are on the line….there is much to be lost and much to be gained. Here is the rundown of the card.


As animosity has been growing between the two, Double D garnerd a quick roll up victory over Wage one week and then the following week Wage blamed Double D for his inability to gain entry into the Impact Division Ladder Match due to his being a participant in his Triple Threat Qualifier. Now at Chaotic Christmas they will face off in a singles match and Wage will get his opportunity to settle any disputes he might have with Double D.


After Arrogant Money lost the Tag Team Championship to the New Age Syndicate last week, Co-Commissioner Bernie D said that they were out of the Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Match for the Championship at Chaotic Christmas. After much begging by Randy Price, Bernie D stated that if Randy Price could beat him, he would earn his team’s entry into the match. Towards the end of what had been a very good match up until this point, Price resorted to what has got him to where he is today. While the referee wasn’t looking Price hit a low blow and then a top rope blockbuster to pick up the victory and gain his team entry back into the match. Now it will be the New Age Syndicate(c) vs. Arrogant Money vs. BLK-OUT for the IZW Tag Team Championship. It will be a Tornado Tag Team Match so all men will be competing at once. There are no rules in this type of contest, so there is no telling what kind of weapons will be used or what kind of violence will be displayed.


There has been a series of Triple Threat Matches over the last four weeks to determine the entrants into the 5-Way Ladder Match for the Impact Division Championship. After Mr. Saturday Night Michael Barry returned at Halloween Hangover and stole Dustin Heritage’s newly-won IZW Impact Division Championship, he began carrying it with him, parading around the Impact Arena as if he were the Champion. After repeated attempts to take back his stolen Championship Belt were foiled by Michael Barry, Dustin Heritage will most definitely be looking for revenge against Mr. Saturday Night. Ky-ote Joe said that he and the Revolutionary Dane Griffin still have a score to settle in there almost year long on again - off again feud. The Gifted Eric Rose is the last entrant and he only has one score to settle. That's looking for his first Impact Division Championship and this time all the ingredients may be in place for him to do so. Add a ladder to the mix and a 5 Way Ladder Match for the Impact Division Championship is sure to produce one thrill after another. It look's like Dustin Heritage has his work cut out for him if he plans on retaining his IZW Impact Division Championship.


The Hate Machine John O’Malley won the IZW Heavyweight Championship from Aaron Neil on November 14th. Kevin Morgan has recently secured two non- title pin victories over O’Malley. Due in large part to these victories Co-Commissioner Bernie D granted him a title shot at Chaotic Christmas and banned all members of the Future Hall of Famers from ringside. If any of them, including their manager Bad Brad Michaels gets involved, John O'Malley will immediately lose the IZW Heavyweight Championship to Kevin Morgan. Since the announcement of this match there have been multiple brawls between the two over the last three weeks. It took the entire locker room to pull these men apart two weeks ago. Does the Awesome One have O’Malley’s number? Or will IZW’s first Grand Slam Champion continue his reign?


The last scheduled match is a big six-man tag. It's a match that has been brewing for months. One team is comprised of Johnny Z, Blake Albright and the Wrecking Ball Shane Rawls. The other team comes in the form of the Real Deal Aaron Neil, Jesse White and a mystery partner. Johnny Z believes that Bernie D. is the mystery partner. Johnny Z also believes his team is unstoppable. Is Bernie D. really the mystery partner or could the mystery partner be someone IZW fans haven't seen for awhile? Could he be someone the IZW fans have never seen? Whoever it is, this mystery man could have a tremendous impact on how this match unfolds, and how the future of IZW is shaped! What will happen when this mystery partner is finally revealed? Will the Real Deal’s team be able to stop Johnny Z’s team....... or will Johnny Z push Bernie D. and Aaron Neil one step closer to being gone from IZW as he's wished for so long?


Chaotic Christmas will be held on Saturday, December 19th.

 The Impact Arena is located at 1009 SW F Ave. in Lawton, OK

Doors Open at 6PM and the show Starts at 7PM.

It's only $5 admission for all ages!

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Posted by Trent Garland


Last week, the brawl between Kevin Morgan and IZW Heavyweight Champion John O’Malley required the entire locker room to break it up. Co-Commissioner Bernie D became frustrated with Bad Brad’s Future Hall of Famers and told O’Malley that he would be defending his championship tonight against the former champion, Aaron neil. The match was set to start the show, but after the Real Deal came to the ring, Bad Brad Michaels came out alone. He said that the Hate Machine wasn’t “contractually obligated” to defend his title, so he would not be doing so. He added, “Sometimes you really do have to wait for the future,” after which Shane Rawls came out of the crowd and attacked Neil from behind with a chair. He continued to attack him but Jesse White, absent since his wrestling debut at Halloween Hangover, ran out for the save. Johnny Z then ran into the ring but was immediately thrown out by White. But Blake Albright snuck up from behind and hit White with the Posterizer. They beat both men down before Rawls hit an F-5 on Neil. Both men were left on the mat as the men walked away.


The first match was the last triple threat qualifier for entry into the 5-Way Ladder Match for the Impact Division Championship at Chaotic Christmas. The match was between Wage, Double D and Dane Griffin. Wage hit a vicious Hellevator on Double D but received a superkick from Griffin. Griffin then pinned Double D to be the last entrant in the Ladder Match. After losing to Double D last week and what happened in this match, Wage was not pleased. The tension between them was obvious as he and Double D had words. It was later announced that those two will face off at Chaotic Christmas. A video was shown of Neil and White backstage with Bernie D. Neil was angry and wanted Shane Rawls but Bernie couldn’t do that, setting White up against Rawls. But he also made a big six-man tag team match for Chaotic Christmas with Johnny Z, Shane Rawls and Blake Albright taking on Aaron Neil, Jesse White and a man that Bernie said he had just gotten off the phone with. Who could the last man be?


The son of Big Van Vader, Jesse White, had his second IZW match against a formidable opponent in the Wrecking Ball. Bad Brad Michaels, still apparently affected by the attack he suffered from Vader, accompanied Rawls to the ring. Both White and Rawls demonstrated their brute strength against each other. But when Bad Brad climbed the apron to hit White with his crutch, he accidentally hit Rawls. White took advantage and hit Rawls with a spinebuster for the impressive win.


Backstage, Arrogant Money were talking when Co-Commissioner Steve-O approached them to let them know that Nemesis had been injured and had to pull out of the Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match at Chaotic Christmas, so it won’t happen. Arrogant Money were happy to hear it, but Bernie came up to say that he was about to announce something that Arrogant Money would want to hear. They all went to the ring where Bernie introduced a team that he said has been wanting to get back into the fold, the 2-Time IZW Tag Team Champions, the New Age Syndicate. He wanted to put them into the Tornado Tag Match, but Steve-O argued. Bernie said that since they wouldn’t be getting a title shot at Chaotic Christmas, they would get one right now. During the match BLK-OUT came to the ring. This distracted Arrogant money while the New Age Syndicate gave Austin Tacious running big boots from the front and back. They covered him to win the IZW Tag Team Championships for the third time. BLK-OUT came in the ring and raised their hands, but suddenly, the Syndicate hit them both with the belts. They then retrieved kendo sticks and proceeded to beat both of the other teams down brutally. The New Age Syndicate made quite an impression in their return. Now that they will be in the Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match at Chaotic Christmas, the match has taken an interesting turn.


Backstage, Dustin Heritage, Ky-ote Joe and Eric Rose were seen talking. Heritage talked about wanting to get at Michael Barry. Ky-ote said that he had a score to settle with Dane Griffin. Steve-O came in and said that the men would be in a triple threat right now, with the loser getting taken out of the Ladder Match at Chaotic Christmas. During the match, Michael Barry and Dane Griffin came to the ring and wiped everyone out. Griffin grabbed a microphone and said that the match was a set-up between them and Steve-O to teach these punks a lesson. The animosity is growing between the competitors in the upcoming Ladder Match.


The main event was a six-man tag between Johnny Z, Blake Albright and Michael Barry facing off against Aaron Neil and BLK-OUT. It was a partial preview of the upcoming six-man tag match at Chaotic Christmas. Before the match, just like last week, Bernie D ran out and chased Steve-O to the back. Both teams went at it hard and brought all they had. The match went back and forth among all six men. Eventually, the Real Deal was able to clear the ring, which allowed BLk-OUT to hit the Tek-Nine on Johnny Z for the win. Three of these men will be in the six-man tag match at Chaotic Christmas. Michael Barry will be in the 5-Way Ladder Match for the Impact Division Championship. BLK-OUT will be in the Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match for the IZW tag Team Championships. The card for Chaotic Christmas on December 19th is shaping up impressively.








Posted by Jonathan B. Scott


Co-Commissioner Steve-O began the show but was interrupted by the Awesome One Kevin Morgan. After his singles win over IZW Champion Big John O’Malley, and his tag team win over him the week prior, Morgan made it known that he wanted a title shot. Steve-O didn’t agree, but Co-Commissioner Bernie D came out and said that he thought that Morgan was right. Then the Hate Machine came out and called Morgan a fluke and a flash in the pan. He said that he didn’t deserve a title shot and he has to earn it. Bernie felt differently and tried to book the match for that night, but Steve-O said it had to happen at Chaotic Christmas. Bernie agreed, but said that the Future Hall of Famers are banned from ringside, or O’Malley loses the championship. It will now be Kevin Morgan versus John O’Malley for the IZW Heavyweight Championship at Chaotic Christmas.


The 5-Way Ladder Match for the Impact Division Championship at Chaotic Christmas will now include Dustin Heritage, Ky-ote Joe, and Michael Barry. This week had another triple threat to determine the next entrant. Steve-O had two picks this week, while Bernie D had one. Steve-O picked both members of Arrogant Money while Bernie chose The Gifted Eric Rose. Rose was able to overcome Randy Price and Austin Tacious to enter the Ladder Match. A video was shown of Johnny Z approaching Bernie backstage. Johnny said that his brother Jeff never did anything in IZW and that they should put an end to their scam. He harped on Bernie for his lack of experience as a Commissioner and told him that he should do the right thing and step down. Bernie said that he isn’t perfect, but he learns on the job. He then asked Johnny how he would feel about facing Kevin Morgan that night, which did not seem to make Johnny very happy. Johnny gave the match his all, hitting numerous DDT variations, but the Awesome One’s newfound intensity gave him the edge and another win.


Steve-O came to the ring and showed a video of him walking into his office, only to find that Bernie was there and had made it his own. Steve-O was furious, and yelled about being tired of Bernie undoing everything that he had done for this company. He continued by telling Bernie to remember what happened to the last fat guy in this job. Bernie cut him off and put him up against the wall, saying that Steve-O will deal with it because he could kick his a## from one end of the building to another. In the ring, Steve-O said that the video was taken out of context and that he wasn’t scared. He was proved wrong when Bernie ran out and chased him backstage. The next match featured Wage taking on Double D. Wage took it to his opponent, but made a mistake in pinning Double D, then pulling up his head. Double D took advantage of the mistake with a schoolboy to win.


Ryan Ragsdale interviewed High Energy Jermaine Johnson about his main event match with Big John O’Malley. He began by talking about his upcoming Tornado Tag Match at Chaotic Christmas for the IZW Tag Team Championships. He said that BLK-OUT might as well be called the uncrowned champions because they’re coming for Arrogant Money. He finished by saying that Steve-O made a mistake in putting him up against O”Malley, because “I’ve got this.” Bad Brad Michaels and Shane Rawls accompanied the Hate Machine to the ring. Johnson held his own during the match but Rawls interfered and attacked him to warrant the DQ. Kevin Morgan made the save and began to brawl with O’Malley while Johnson and Rawls fought to the back. The brawl between the two big men became so intense that the locker room cleared to break it up. Bernie D came out and told O’Malley and his men that if they wanted to play games, then he’ll do something about it. Next week, it’ll be O’Malley defending the championship against former champion Aaron Neil. With the heat turned up between the Hate Machine and the Awesome One, what will happen when they face off at Chaotic Christmas?








Posted by Trent Garland


There is a new alliance in town – the Future Hall of Famers, led by Bad Brad Michaels, a Hall of Famer himself. The Revolutionary Dane Griffin and the Wrecking Ball Shane Rawls are now joined by the new IZW Heavyweight Champion, the Hate Machine John O’Malley. The group came out to start the show as Bad Brad addressed the crowd by saying, “You might as well call me Nostradamus, because when I predict something, it comes true.” Last week, he promised that he would be leading a new Heavyweight Champion. While Shane Rawls came just short, Michaels had a surprise recruit in O’Malley, who took advantage of his #1 contendership to win the IZW Heavyweight Championship from Aaron Neil. Michaels said that the present is his Future Hall of Famers, while the past is Neil. He added that O’Malley would be taking on Impact Division Champion Dustin Heritage later in a Champion vs. Champion match.


While Co-Commissioner Bernie D was discussing the upcoming 5-Way Ladder Match for the Impact Division Championship at Chaotic Christmas, he was interrupted by Johnny Z. Johnny is still visibly perturbed by Bernie being Co-Commissioner. The series of triple threats to determine the entrants in the 5-Way would continue. Since Steve-O made 2 picks last week, Bernie would get two this week. He said that he would give opportunities where Steve-O doesn’t, and chose newcomers Xavior and Double D. Johnny said that the Impact Division is all about making an impact, so he chose “Mr. Impact”, Michael Barry. Barry was still carrying Dustin Heritage’s championship belt with him. Barry picked up the win with a Saturday Night Special, but Heritage then came running in after him. The two started to brawl before they had to be pulled apart. Mr. Saturday Night now joins Dustin Heritage and Ky-ote Joe in the ladder match. What will happen when Heritage and Barry finally face off?


Later, a video was shown of Johnny Z talking on the phone before Barry came in. Ryan Ragsdale was in the room, and after Barry asked him if he knew who he was, he slapped Ragsdale and threw him out of the room. Barry and Johnny talked about Barry’s problems with Heritage before Johnny addressed someone off camera. He told the person that his job in the main event was to soften Heritage up. He said that Barry would be one step closer to becoming the “legitimate Impact Division Champion.” Who was Johnny talking to and what would he do to Heritage?


Nemesis came to the ring to ask Bernie for a rematch at the Tag Team Championship. Arrogant Money came out to interrupt but were soon joined by BLK-OUT. After they all argued about who deserved a title match, Bernie made quite an interesting match. At Chaotic Christmas, there will be a Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match for the IZW Tag Team Championship between the champions in Arrogant Money, Nemesis and BLK-OUT. That night, there would be three Captains’ matches. Austin Tacious was able to beat Montego Seeka with the Seed of Arrogance, but in the next match Rage Logan was able to beat Randy Price with the Spiral Tap. Jermaine Johnson and Crisstopher Crow went at it last, but Arrogant Money interfered to make it a No Contest. Seeka and Logan then came out to help. Each pair hit a tag team finisher on Arrogant Money, leaving both teams to hold one belt each. Nemesis and BLK-OUT then began to fight which turned into a six man brawl. There will be no rules in the huge Triple Threat Tornado Tag Match so the possibilities are endless.


An interview with the Awesome One Kevin Morgan was shown. Since he pinned John O’Malley last week, Ryan Ragsdale asked him if he felt like the #1 contender to the IZW Heavyweight Championship. Morgan said he felt like a champion-to-be. He said that he would have his eye on the match between John O'Malley and Dustin Heritage later that night.


Dustin Heritage came to the ring for the main event after O’Malley had entered the ring, the lights went out. When they came back on, Blake Albright was in the ring. He stood behind Heritage before laying him out with the Posterizer. Albright had been gone for months, but turned out to be the man Johnny Z was speaking to earlier. Morgan ran out and chased Albright out of the ring, then Bernie D came out and turned the match into a tag match between the four men. During the match, Heritage dove from the top turnbuckle onto Albright on the floor. The Hate Machine went for the Emerald Fusion on Morgan, the move that won him the Championship. But Morgan reversed it and quickly gave him the schoolboy for the win. Morgan gained momentum with his second straight win over O’Malley, and now he is right on his heels. Is he the champion-to-be like he says?








Posted by Ring Correspondent Jonathan B. Scott


IZW’s Chaotic Christmas will be held on December 19th. Last year’s show featured one of the most memorable moments in Oklahoma professional wrestling history - the first Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the IZW Tag Team Championship - between Impact Inc. and BLK-OUT. What matches will the fans witness this year? New Co-Commissioner Bernie D announced the first match for the show as a 5-Way Ladder Match for the Impact Division title. There will be triple threat matches every week to determine who will vie for Dustin Heritage’s title in the 5-Way. Bernie and fellow Co-Commissioner Steve-O flipped a coin to see who would pick 2 out of the three wrestlers in the first triple threat. Steve-O won and chose "The Revolutionary" Dane Griffin and Wage. Bernie chose "The Pride of the Chickasaw" Ky-ote Joe. At the end of the match, Griffin hit the K-9 on Wage and went for the pin. But he caught a shining wizard to the head from Ky-ote, who covered Wage for the win. Ky-ote is now the second man in the Ladder Match at Chaotic Christmas.


The video screen showed Kevin Morgan angrily hunting down John O’Malley backstage. While his back was turned, "The Hate Machine" attacked him with a steel chair. He told Morgan that he was heading to the ring and he should follow him. Morgan had wanted a piece of O’Malley for weeks now and fought hard despite the attack by John O'Malley. The two big men displayed their impressive power before Morgan caught O’Malley on the top turnbuckle and gave him a ring shaking Oklahoma slam off the top turnbuckle for the pin. It was a big win for "The Awesome One".


"Mr. Money" Randy Price came to the ring and began to complain about losing his Impact Division title at Halloween Hangover. He said that it only happened because Bernie D put him in so many grueling matches. He was interrupted by "High Energy" Jermaine Johnson, who told him to start worrying about the Tag Team Championship he’s still wearing since BLK-OUT are now the #1 contenders. Randy reminded Johnson that he was the one who took the championship from him. Johnson acknowledged his point, but reminded Price that, “We got this.” Bernie then decided that instead of a “Steve-O Classic” like the crowd’s used to, he’d pit the two against each other in a “Bernie D Original.” The pair had a long and even match, leaving it all laying in the ring before Steve-O grabbed the belt and tried to enter the ring to hand it to Price. Bernie grabbed the belt and while they fought, Price walked into an Energy Shot from Johnson which sealed the victory. High Energy has his sights set on taking back the Tag Team Championship.


Steve-O then came to the ring and said that since Bernie D. was making all these matches, he’d make his own main event. It would be "The Wrecking Ball" Shane Rawls taking on "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil for the IZW Heavyweight Championship. Bernie OK’d the match but made himself the special guest referee. The two heavy-hitters went at it hard and Rawls stood his ground, leading the crowd to think he might win the title. But after an impressive showing, Rawls was hit with the Real Drill for the loss. His manager, Bad Brad Michaels, grabbed a microphone and told Shane not to worry, he did a heck of a job. But it was now time to introduce the newest member of the Future Hall of Famers, and #1 contender to the IZW Heavyweight Championship, "The Hate Machine" John O’Malley.


O’Malley gained #1 contendership after winning the Monster’s Bash Battle Royal at Halloween Hangover, and came out wanting his title match. Bernie told Neil that he had just had a match and didn’t have to compete again, but the fighting champion accepted anyway. They got right to it with the Heavyweight Championship on the line. At one point Griffin tried to interfere in the match so Bernie threw him out. Aaron Neil climbed to the top while O’Malley was laid out, but Bad Brad got on the apron and got Bernie’s attention. While this was happening, Rawls came back out and knocked Neil down to the mat. O”Malley picked him up and hit an emerald fusion for the huge win. After nine months to the day, The Real Deal’s Championship reign came to an end. The new champion stood with his new family, holding the IZW Heavyweight Championship high. They left victorious with "The Hate Machine" telling the crowd, “This is the future…and you better get used to it!”








Posted by Ring Correspondent Jonathan B. Scott


IZW’s annual Halloween Hangover is less than one week away and it will be the biggest one to date. Scheduled for this year’s show is a tag title match between champions Arrogant Money and Nemesis, and a Handicap match between Johnny Z and Shane Rawls, and their opponent, the Real Deal Aaron Neil. If Johnny or Rawls win the match, the Wrecking Ball gets the Heavyweight championship. Also scheduled is a huge 20+ man Monster’s Bash battle royal for #1 contendership to the IZW championship. Last but not least, former WWE and WCW superstar Big Van Vader will make his much anticipated return to IZW.


On Halloween night, Commissioner Steve-O told Montego Seeka and Jermaine Johnson that since they weren’t booked for Halloween Hangover, they would each be in matches to see it they would be entered into the Monster’s Bash battle royal. He would not let Johnson know his opponent, which frustrated him, but announced that Ky-ote and Seeka would face each other right then. They had a fast-paced match, but the Revolutionary Dane Griffin came out for an unknown reason. He then got Ky-ote Joe’s attention, which led to Seeka connecting with a ferocious kick for the win. Ky-ote and Seeka shook hands, but it was clear Joe was not pleased with Griffin. Seeka will now be in the Monster’s Bash.


Johnny Z and Shane Rawls then faced Kevin Morgan in a handicap match. They said that they would pretend that Kevin Morgan was actually Aaron Neil. Dane Griffin accompanied both men to the ring. But Ky-ote Joe came out and attacked Griffin in retaliation for earlier that night. The two men went at it and fought to the back. Jonny and Rawls showed what they plan to do to Neil at Halloween Hangover by double-teaming Morgan repeatedly before they were able to pin him. If that was an example of what they will be bringing against Neil, the Real Deal’s title reign could be in jeopardy. High Energy Jermaine Johnson’s opponent was revealed to be Wage. Beating him would be no easy task as Wage’s offense took a lot out of Johnson, but Johnson got the quick pin with a schoolboy to be entered into the Monster’s Bash.


A video was shown earlier in the night of Arrogant Money attacking Nemesis backstage. They beat Nemesis down with the belts, while Price added that after their title match at Halloween Hangover, the only thing Nemesis would remember is the lights over the ring, the Seed of Arrogance and the piledriver, 1-2-3. At the end of the night, Nemesis came to the ring looking for revenge and called out Price and Austin Tacious. They wanted their title shot that night. Arrogant Money came out and Mr. Money said that it would be the same in the ring as it was backstage earlier. He initially refused to give them their title shot yet, but then he changed his mind and confidently accepted. The match started, both teams bringing new tag team maneuvers that devastated their opponents. All of a sudden, Nemesis hit a neckbreaker/top rope splash combo that earned them the win and the tag team titles…or so it seemed. As they celebrated with the crowd, Steve-O appeared on stage. He said that since he was the only one who could make matches, this match never actually happened. He was taking the titles back. He said that the match would happen at Halloween hangover like he had arranged. Nemesis was furious as they had to hand the belts back.


What will happen on November 7th at Halloween Hangover? Will Arrogant Money retain their belts or will Nemesis become the new tag champs? Will Aaron Neil keep his title reign alive or will we see a new IZW Champion in the Wrecking Ball? Who will the 20+ man Monster’s Bash to become the new #1 Contender to the Heavyweight championship? And what effect will former IZW Champion Big Van Vader’s presence have? What announcements will Johnny Z’s brother Jeff make as he promised, and what surprises await IZW fans? Come see firsthand as all these questions and more get answered at IZW’s Halloween Hangover.








Posted by Ring Correspondent Trent Garland


After last week’s cage match between Johnny Z and the Real Deal, it appeared that Johnny and Bad Brad Michaels were joining forces for some reason. Johnny opened the show by shedding some light on the situation. He said that he’s joined with Bad Brad to groom Shane Rawls for big things. Michaels added that Rawls will be the next champ and there’s nothing anyone can do about it except nothing, and like it. Johnny said that he’s the reason for IZW existing and that he was going to start using his power like never before. He was interrupted on the video screen…by his own brother, Jeff. Jeff said that he’s been quiet for a long time, but IZW was originally started by the both of them. He said that he helped birth the company and that Johnny had been abusing his power. Jeff said that he had been silent for too long. He has made some new decisions and he will reveal them at Halloween hangover on November 7th. Johnny was visibly surprised. But he said he would make his own announcement – the main event for the night would consist of he and Rawls teaming up against Carnage in a handicap match.


It was announced that Randy Price would be defending his Impact Division title but Mr. Money said that he’s got thirty days to defend the belt and he would be waiting until the very last day. He faced newcomer Double D and was able to beat him with his double underhook piledriver. Price’s tag partner Austin Tacious came out to help Price administer a beatdown to Double D. Kevin Morgan made the save, prompting Commissioner Steve-O to announce the next match as Morgan vs. Tacious. Morgan picked up the win with an Oklahoma Slam. After the match, the video screen showed Morgan looking for John O’Malley. In their match last week, O’Malley took Morgan down with a pair of brass knuckles. Morgan said that next time he sees him, O’Malley would be a dead man.


Johnny Z came out for the main event with Bad Brad and his “family of future Hall of Famers.” Johnny and the Wrecking Ball went to work on Carnage, but Dane Griffin eventually interfered and the bell was rung. Johnny and Michaels’ men started to attack Carnage but BLK-OUT came out to break it up. Jermaine Johnson said that since the numbers were even now, he thought it was time for a six man tag. He called out Rawls, saying that he was too scared to face the three of them. Michaels said that the only way the match would happen was if the money was right and it wasn’t. But Rawls was tired of being called out and said, “You’re on.” The rest of his side was not happy, but after a meeting, went along with the match. At one point in the match, the wrestlers piled up on the outside as Montego Seeka, then Johnson, then Johnny Z all flew to the floor in a series of high-risk maneuvers. Even Michaels in his shirt and tie climbed to the top turnbuckle and leapt off onto the men. When everyone was on the floor but Carnage, the big man started to climb the turnbuckle, but all the men scattered. The end of the match came when Carnage caught Johnny with a chokeslam for the win. They may not have come out on top that night, but Johnny Z and Bad Brad are sure to have more up their sleeves as Halloween hangover nears. And what does Johnny’s brother Jeff have planned for IZW? October 31st will bring and IZW safehouse to Lawton with candy and games, plus costume contests and door prizes like and XBox 260. make sure to come to the best safehouse in town and see what happens one week before Halloween hangover.






HALLOWEEN HANGOVER - The Return of Big Van Vader


Posted by Ring Correspondent Jonathan B. Scott


On Saturday November 7th, Impact Zone Wrestling presents Halloween Hangover. The best wrestling in Oklahoma and the surrounding region brings its annual Halloween Hangover show to IZW fans. This year will feature the 2nd annual Monster’s Bash Battle Royal and all titles being put on the line. The show will also feature the return of former WWE and WCW superstar Big Van Vader to IZW.


Arrogant Money will be defending their tag team titles against Nemesis. Austin Tacious and Mr. Money Randy Price will be making their first title defense against the team of the Freakshow Crisstopher Crow and Rage Logan. In the recent tournament to determine number one contenders for the tag team titles, Arrogant Money was able to defeat Revolution. The same night, Arrogant Money challenged BLK-OUT to a title match and were able to win the titles from them. BLK-OUT replaced them in the tournament, reaching the finals in a match against the new team of Nemesis. Nemesis was able to come out on top to earn this title shot. Will Arrogant Money successfully defend their titles or will Nemesis walk away the new champions?


Johnny Z recently declared a new plan…to soften IZW champion Aaron Neil up. Johnny said that he didn’t care about the title anymore, he only cared about making sure Neil lost his championship. After the Wrecking Ball Shane Rawls won a number one contender’s match, Johnny was able to tell the Real Deal just what his plan would consist of. At Halloween Hangover, it will be a 2-on-1 Handicap match for the IZW Heavyweight Championship, with Shane Rawls and Johnny Z taking on champion Aaron Neil. If Neil loses to either man, Rawls will be the new IZW Champion. Will Johnny Z’s plan succeed, bringing a new IZW Champion in the Wrecking Ball? Or will the Real Deal be able to overcome the two men and continue his now eight month title reign?


The night will also feature the 2nd annual 25-Man Monster’s Bash Battle Royal. The winner will receive a guaranteed shot at the IZW Heavyweight Championship. There is no telling what surprises await the fans with this huge match. Who all will participate in this match? And who will walk out with a future shot at the IZW championship?


This year’s Halloween Hangover will also include the return of former WWE and WCW superstar Big Van Vader. Vader is not only a former WCW Champion, but has also won numerous championships during his extensive time in Japan. He is also a former Pro Wrestling Illustrated Wrestler of the Year. In addition to these accolades, Vader is also a former IZW Heavyweight Champion. He will be available for autographs and pictures and fans. Don’t miss the return of Big Van Vader as well as the 25-Man Monster’s Bash Battle Royal and all titles being put on the line. Halloween Hangover takes place in Lawton on November 7th and is still only $5.








Posted by Ring Correspondent Jonathan B. Scott


After Arrogant Money interfered in BLK-OUT’s tag title number one contender’s match with Nemesis last week, leading to new number one contenders in Nemesis, BLK-OUT started out the night by calling out Arrogant Money again. Jermaine Johnson and Montego Seeka were understandably frustrated and wanted their titles back. But Commissioner Steve-O was the one to answer their call. Instead of giving BLK-OUT a chance at their titles, he told them they would have a match with Bad Brad Michaels’ new group of the Wrecking Ball Shane Rawls and the Revolutionary Dane Griffin. Michaels’ new group is a force to be reckoned with, but facing BLK-OUT is never an east task for any wrestlers. During the match, BLK-OUT hit a Tek-9 on Griffin. The referee then got involved with Seeka, telling him to leave the ring. While his back was turned, Rawls hit Johnson with his finisher and put Griffin on top of him for the win. After a tough month, where BLK-OUT heads from here is anyone’s guess.


New number one contenders Nemesis were to face each member of Arrogant Money in singles matches. Mr. Money Randy Price faced Crisstopher Crow in the first match, and Crow was able to pin Price with a quick roll up. Price wasn’t happy, but left saying that he still had his belts and that that is what matters. Later, Austin Tacious took on Rage Logan. After a series of impressive moves from each, the referee was knocked down, so Tacious grabbed his title belt and knocked Rage down. The referee got up to see both men down with the belt on the ground, and DQ’d Logan because he thought it was him who used the belt. Logan argued with the referee and so did Tacious, sticking with his story. They were joined by the other members of their teams and then broke into a fight. Nemesis was able to throw both men to the outside. The two teams will face off at Halloween Hangover for the tag team titles. Which team will leave with the belts?


In an interview backstage, the “Hate Machine” John O’Malley said that he can’t decide what he likes more…winning titles or hurting people. He’s won every IZW title except the tag team titles but lately he has had no mercy for his opponents. Kevin Morgan came up to him and said that if he wants to hurt somebody, he can try hurting him. O’Malley accepted the challenge, slapped Morgan and left. The two big men faced off while the crowd looked on, anticipating the winner. But the Hate Machine pulled out brass knuckles and decked Morgan for the DQ. Will O’Malley continue his pattern of trying to hurt people?


The main event was the big steel cage match between Johnny Z and IZW champion Aaron Neil. The animosity between the two was palpable and it showed in their violent match. At one point, Neil threw Johnny at the cage, cutting Johnny’s back wide open. But Dane Griffin and Shane Rawls came to the ring to assist Johnny, breaking into the cage and beating Neil down. But Johnny told them he had it under control and had them leave and lock the door. But Neil gained the advantage back, which caused both men to come back in the ring and handcuff Neil to the cage for another beatdown. It was too much for the referee and he called for the bell.


Johnny Z got on the microphone and said that his plan to soften Neil up and make him lose his title started that night with the help of Griffin and Rawls. He announced that the match at Halloween hangover would pit the Wrecking Ball and Johnny Z in a handicap match against Neil. If either man pinned Neil, Rawls would win the title. BLK-OUT ran out to try to help the handcuffed Neil, but they were not able to get in the cage. Then Nemesis came out as well, and the four men were able to come in. Arrogant Money then came out and all the wrestlers went at it. But Arrogant Money started attacking them with their belts, leaving both teams laying out in the ring. The night ended with Johnny Z, Rawls, Griffin and Arrogant Money standing on the ramp with their hands raised. What will happen as Halloween Hangover draws closer?








Posted by Ring Correspondent Trent Garland


IZW is counting down to its next big show, Halloween Hangover on November 7th. In a special appearance that night, former WWE, WCW and IZW champion Big Van Vader will be at IZW for autographs and pictures. But what else will Halloween Hangover bring to IZW fans? On October 10th, details began to be revealed in a pair of number one contender’s matches. The week before, numerous significant events occurred as new tag team champions were crowned, Seth Allen left IZW and Bernie D was fired. What happened this week as information on Halloween hangover emerged?


The first match of the evening was a number one contender’s match for the IZW heavyweight title. The Wrecking Ball Shane Rawls, Ky-ote Joe and Mr. Money randy Price faced off in a triple threat match. Price now holds two belts as Impact Division champion and one half of tag champions Arrogant Money. Ky-ote has been picking up both wins and momentum lately, but it was Rawls who was able to win this match to become the new number one contender. In an intriguing match up, Rawls will face Aaron Neil at Halloween Hangover for the IZW heavyweight championship.


After losing their tag titles to the new team of Randy Price and Austin Tacious last week, BLK-OUT started the show by calling out Arrogant Money. Jermaine Johnson and Montego Seeka demanded their rematch and they wanted it that very night. But IZW Commissioner Steve-O said that because of what happened last week, BLK-OUT could only take Arrogant Money’s place in the tag title tournament. The main event for the evening would be BLK-OUT versus Nemesis in a number one contender’s match for the tag titles.


The two teams went back and forth, both wanting their shot at the belts. As Seeka climbed to the top rope, Arrogant Money came to the ring. Seeka ignored his opponents to dive onto Tacious from the top turnbuckle, leaving Johnson and Rage Logan in the ring. Suddenly, Price came from behind them and hit them both with one of his title belts. He then put Logan’s arm over Johnson to earn nemesis the victory. Why did Arrogant Money choose to screw over BLK-OUT? What will BLK-OUT do after this? Whatever happens, Arrogant Money will face Nemesis at Halloween Hangover for the tag team championship.


The “Revolutionary” Dane Griffin came out with his new manager, Bad Brad Michaels, as he was somehow able to earn a title shot against Aaron Neil that evening. Michaels said Griffin “single-handedly ran Seth Allen out of town” before discussing his new “future Hall of Famer family.” Michaels did his best to assist Griffin in his match against the Real Deal, but after Neil hit the Real Drill, Michaels pulled Griffin out of the ring and they walked out to fight another day. But while the Real Deal stood in the ring, out came Johnny Z.


He told the crowd to enjoy hearing “still IZW Champion, Aaron Neil” for one more time, because it may be the last time they hear it. Johnny called Neil the “thorn in my side that just won’t go away.” Surprisingly, Johnny said that he doesn’t care about the title anymore, he only cares about his new mission. He said that he would soften Neil up for his title match against the Wrecking Ball. His new mission is to make sure that Neil loses his title and to drive him out of IZW. He said his mission will begin next week, and continue the next week and continue the next…and it will begin next week when he and Neil face off in a steel cage. What does Johnny Z have planned for Aaron Neil in the weeks leading up to Halloween hangover? What will happen when one ton of steel surrounds the real Deal and Johnny Z?








Posted by Ring Correspondent Jonathan B. Scott


After an unforgettable September Slam on September 19th, IZW has kept the surprises coming. In the wake of their brutal Three Stages of Impact match, tag team champions BLK-OUT came to the ring to discuss what they would be doing next. A tournament to determine new number one contenders for the tag team titles started the week prior with Nemesis defeating the Sanders to advance to the semi-finals. BLK-OUT would be facing the winners of the tournament, but they were then joined by Revolution as they spoke. However, Sensational Seth Allen and the Great Dane Griffin only wanted to show their respect to BLK-OUT for being, in their words, the best team they’ve ever faced. Revolution extended their hands and after some thought, Jermaine Johnson said that their words seemed true and shook Revolution’s hands.


But this was disrupted by Impact Division champion Randy Price and Austin Tacious. Price told the two teams that this business isn’t about respect, it’s about the money and his new partner understood that. Allen replied by saying, “This business isn’t about the money, it’s about the passion.” Price and Tacious wanted in the tag tournament and challenged Revolution, who accepted. The match started with Revolution attacking both men and throwing them to the outside. But when Allen turned around, he walked into a superkick from Griffin. Price then took advantage and got the pin. Allen was left alone in the ring. When he got up, understanding he had just turned on, he rushed to the back after Griffin. A video was shown of Price and Tacious running into BLK-OUT backstage. Price said “this tagging thing” was simple and challenged BLK-OUT to a title match later that night. BLK-OUT had no problem accepting. “Arrogant Money” appeared strong for a new pairing, giving it their all against the champions. But while the referee was distracted, Price hit Johnson in the head with his Impact Division title. Tacious then hit him with the Seed of Perfection for the win. The crowd was left speechless as Arrogant Money were crowned the new IZW tag team champions. Where does this leave BLK-OUT and what will happen with the tag tournament?


Later, Johnny Z came to the ring, saying he wanted answers from former partner Johnny Z about the knife in his back. Bernie came out wearing an “Impact Inc Sucks” shirt. Bernie said that there was a knife is his own back first. He said that a few weeks earlier, Johnny had put his hands on him when he slapped him, taking his dignity, and no one does that. He had wanted revenge, but knew he had to be patient, finally making his move at September Slam. Johnny wasn’t only angry about the betrayal, but also about not winning the IZW title from Aaron Neil. Bernie challenged him to a match at Halloween Hangover on November 7th. Johnny thought about this and said that he did want to hurt Bernie, to end his career…but why wait? In a move that stunned everyone, he fired Bernie D. Johnny ordered security to remove him from the building. But after he was dragged up the ramp, fighting all the way, Johnny said that he wanted him taken out the front door. Bernie was enraged, but was then taken out the front. Is Bernie gone for good? Will a match between him and Johnny Z ever happen?


After Dane Griffin turned on his Revolution partner Seth Allen, a video was shown of Allen relentlessly attacking Griffin backstage. It took the whole locker room to pull them apart. Dane turned on Seth for quitting in the “I Quit” match at September Slam, even though he did it to protect Griffin. The two wanted a match, with the loser having to leave for good. Steve-O made the main event official – Allen versus Griffin in a “Loser Leaves IZW” match. After tagging together in numerous states, both wrestlers went full-tilt to put on a hard-hitting, memorable contest. But the referee was knocked down at one point. Allen then hit his flatliner, but the referee could not count the pin. Then bad Brad Michaels came to the ring and gave Allen a superkick of his own. Griffin then hit the K-9 to seal the victory.


Michaels grabbed a microphone, telling Allen that he quit on him when the two of them were the Old School Assassins seven years ago, and he quit on Griffin at Setpember Slam. He said that though he managed the Wrecking Ball Shane Rawls, he had room for the “future Hall of Famer” Dane Griffin. He finished by declaring, “The Revolution is dead, welcome the Revolutionary Dane Griffin.” After Michaels and Griffin left, the locker room emptied in support of Allen. They gave him a final farewell, lifting him on their shoulders while a “Thank you Seth” chant rang loudly from the crowd. Sensational Seth Allen will be missed in IZW. With new tag team champions, Bernie D getting fired, and the loss of Allen all in one night, you can never tell what to expect from IZW on any given Saturday.








Posted by Ring Correspondent Trent Garland


On September 13th, 2008, Impact Zone Wrestling returned home to Lawton, Oklahoma. Just over one year later, wrestling fans who have come along for the ride were awarded with an event to remember. IZW held its 5th annual September Slam on September 19th and fans were not disappointed. The months of waiting finally came to an end as belts were put on the line, enemies finally faced off, and one man shocked everyone.


After months of targeting one another, a Three Way Number One Contender’s Match for the Impact Divison Title was held. Big John O’Malley, Austin Tacious and Brandon Groom started the evening with an exciting match. Despite still having injured ribs, Groom won the match after a high impact splash onto both O’Malley and Tacious. Groom earned a future shot at the Impact Division title…will he be the next champion?


The “Poster Boy” Blake Albright went up against Ky-ote Joe in hopes of gaining revenge for being “embarrassed” a few weeks prior. But Joe also wanted revenge for the beatdown he consequently received from Albright. Ky-ote joe was able to take the match with a frog splash. The “Wrecking Ball” Shane Rawls came to the ring with his manager, Bad Brad Michaels, to take on the “Awesome One” Kevin Morgan. The two battled in a ferocious display of power. Michaels became involved at one point but this did not deter Morgan. Rawls was able to gain the upper hand and pinned Morgan for the win. After this significant victory, where will Bad Brad lead the Wrecking Ball next?


In the first of three title defenses, the Impact Division was on the line as Randy Price defended the belt against Eric Rose. The two went at it in a fierce competition, spilling to the outside numerous times. Eventually, both men continued to fight and failed to answer the referee’s ten count. Mr. Money retained his title in a double countout, but is the issue settled? Groom now holds a shot at the title, but where does this leave Rose?


The tag titles were put on the line in IZW’s first ever Three Stages of Impact match. “High Energy” Jermaine Johnson and Montego Seeka had been waiting to get their hands on Sensational Seth Allen and the Great Dane Griffin for some time, and vice versa. BLK-OUT and Revolution engaged in an unforgettable war that had every IZW fan on their feet. The first stage was a standard tag team match, which BLK-OUT was able to win with an assisted double-stomp maneuver. The second stage was a Falls Count Anywhere match and the two teams wasted no time in taking the fight outside the ring. Johnson was able to climb the cage wall standing near the entrance ramp, jumping onto the others with a huge crossbody. Allen stood on the top turnbuckle with the others on the ground, then leapt off with a remarkable shooting star press. The teams paired off to begin fighting all over the arena, as Griffin and Seeka faced off while Johnson and Allen did the same. Johnson and Allen threw each other into the walls, their bodies leaving huge holes in the arena. Griffin and Seeka fought into the parking lot. Eventually both teams came back to the ring, where Revolution hit their Minnesota Wrecker on Johnson from the ring apron through a table. Griffin covered Johnson to gain the second stage win for their team.


The third stage was an “I Quit” match, both teams desperate to win the final decision and walk away with the titles. Both teams fought through their fatigue to give it everything they had. None of the competitors would give up, which prompted Allen to go backstage, returning with a pair of handcuffs. He attempted to cuff Johnson to the top rope, but Johnson was too quick. He cuffed Allen to the rope instead, leaving Allen to stare in disbelief. BLK-OUT then double-teamed Griffin by locking in a painful submission, both men wrenching back. This caused Griffin to pass out while Allen tried everything he could to break up the hold, but couldn’t reach. Allen couldn’t bear anymore, and began to scream, “I quit! I quit!” All four wrestlers had struggled to the point of exhaustion, but BLK-OUT was able to retain their titles in a marathon battle.


The main event had the ‘Real Deal” Aaron Neil defending his IZW Heavyweight Championship against the founder of IZW, Johnny Z. This match had been months in the making. Earlier in the night, the members of Impact Inc gathered around backstage. Weeks earlier, Bernie had shown his allegiance to Impact Inc. In Neil and Johnny’s preview match, he looked to use a steel chair on Johnny, but smashed Neil with it instead. This night, Johnny gave Bernie D a bag, telling him to use its contents when the time was right. The crowd was left to wonder what was in the bag. Johnny came to the ring with Commissioner Steve-O, hoping to win his first IZW heavyweight title. But the Real Deal wasn’t going to go down easily. Johnny went for his big boot, but Neil kicked out. Steve-O got onto the apron, where Johnny almost hit him accidentally. When he turned around, he walked into a big powerslam from Neil. When he went for the cover, Steve-O pulled Johnny out. Steve-O then ran to the back, bringing Impact Inc member Blake Albright back with him. Albright grabbed Neil’s boot, which gave Johnny the window to hit the Final Impact. He went for the cover, but Neil kicked out. Steve-O got the refereee’s attention, allowing Albright to come in and hit the Posterizer. When the referee turned around, he assumed Albright had gotten involved and ejected him.


Johnny went for the pin, but again Neil kicked out. Johnny grew increasingly frustrated, trying everything to no avail. Neil went to the top for a big lariat, but Johnny grabbed the referee who took the hit, knocking him down. Steve-O got on the apron again and was grabbed by Neil, but Johnny gave him a low blow. Steve-O retrieved a steel chair and held it to Neil’s face in the turnbuckle. Johnny ran in with a vicious big boot against the chair. He then hit his second Final Impact. The referee still down, Bernie D then came out, revealing what was in the bag…a referee’s shirt. In what looked to be the end of the real Deal’s title reign, Bernie began to count – 1, 2…and then stopped and shook his head “No.” The crowd was shocked. Johnny stood up and the two began arguing and shoving each other. Johnny went for a clothesline, but Bernie ducked, answering with a huge Sky High. Aaron Neil then stood up and gave Johnny the Real Drill. Bernie D counted the pin for the Real Deal to retain his title. The crowd celebrated with the champion. Bernie’s unexpected actions left many questions to be answered. What will happen in the fallout from September Slam?






SHOW REPORT FOR 09/12/2009


Posted by Ring Correspondent Jonathan B. Scott


IZW counts down to September Slam on Saturday, September 19th. The matches are all set, and at the last show before the event, the bad blood came to a head. Kevin Morgan and Shane Rawls are to face each other at September Slam in a battle of the powerhouses. But before that, Morgan faced IZW newcomer Wage. During the match, Rawls’ manager came to the ring. Bad Brad Michaels tried to distract Morgan but was accidentally hit by Wage. This led to Morgan hitting the Oklahoma Slam for the win. Bad Brad was not pleased and gave Morgan a superkick for good measure. Later, Brandon Groom went one-on-one with Rawls, but Morgan came out to settle business. Morgan and Rawls immediately went at it and fought all the way to the back. Which of the two will be the most powerful after September Slam?


Polaris faced Impact Division Champion Randy Price, but when Eric Rose made his presence known, Polaris was able to gain the quick pin. Mr. Money is set to defend his title against Rose on September 19th. Commissioner Steve-O was angered by Rose’s actions and forced him to compete, saying that he didn’t appreciate Rose “spitting on everything they’ve accomplished.” Rose had to face Big John O’Malley and fought hard, but had difficulty overcoming his much larger opponent. But Brandon Groom came out, which gave Rose the window for an O’Conner roll to win. Mr. Money came on the screen to say that he won’t be the one embarrassed, but that he would embarrass Rose himself. Price then appeared to give it some thought and came out to confront Rose in person. Steve-O wouldn’t let the match happen yet, wanting to save it for September Slam. Will Price keep the title or will Eric Rose be able to take it from him?


In a #1 Contender’s match for the Impact Division title, there will be a three way with Brandon Groom, Big John O’Malley and Austin Tacious. After Groom interfered in O’Malley’s match, the Celtic Warrior wasn’t happy. After the fight between Morgan and Rawls, Groom was announced the winner by countout. O’Malley then ran to the ring where a fight broke out between he and Groom. Austin Tacious then joined in, having hid under the ring in wait. Still nursing his ribs that O’Malley injured, Groom was the one standing tall after the fight. Will he be the new #1 Contender come September Slam or will either O’Malley or Tacious hold that distinction?


Impact Inc has declared Bernie D “a winner again.” He was given another chance to avenge previous losses in a contest against Ky-ote Joe. Ky-ote will be facing another Impact Inc member in Blake Albright at September Slam. This match went back and forth until Johnny Z jumped onto the apron. Ky-ote knocked him off, but when he turned around the Hardcore Hebrew nailed him with a Sky High.


Preceding the match, a video was shown of IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil lifting weights. All of a sudden, he was attacked by Impact Inc and Revolution. They grabbed him, put his arm in a metal chair, and attempted to break it. This would certainly have an affect on the night’s main event, a No DQ six-man tag match with Revolution and Johnny Z versus BLK-OUT and the Real Deal.


When the main event came, the tension in the air was palpable. With both BLK-OUT and Aaron Neil set to defend their respective titles against these opponents at September Slam, anything could happen. After BLK-OUT came to the ring, Steve-O announced that Neil wouldn’t be able to compete because of his arm injury. Steve-O announced a new sixth man..Bernie D. Johnny Z spelled it out, saying “I’ll fill in the blanks. It’ll be four-on-two…which equals six.” The No DQ match started with a brawl between BLK-OUT and Revolution. Jermaine Johnson was able to take Bernie D out with a chairshot. This left Johnny Z and Revolution to gain the advantage. But after savagely going after both men, the Real Deal’s music hit.


Neil came to the ring with a taped-up arm, in obvious pain, but not willing to miss the fight. Neil was able to help but it wasn’t long before his injury was exploited. The battle continued until Bernie, having recovered from the chairshot, dealt Neil a chairshot of his own. Johnny covered him for the win. At September Slam, Aaron Neil and BLK-OUT will be defending their titles against Johnny Z and Revolution. But at the end of this night, Johnny and Revolution were the ones holding the belts high. Will this be the case after September Slam? Or will the Real Deal and BLK-OUT retain their titles? The card is stacked…you can’t afford to miss this moment in IZW history.






SHOW REPORT FOR 09/05/2009


Posted by Ring Correspondent Trent Garland


After a wild brawl between BLK-OUT and Revolution the week before, Commissioner Steve-O was unhappy with both teams. A video was shown to start the night featuring a meeting between the teams arranged by Steve-O himself. He brought both teams to IZW sponsor Julio’s Mexican Restaurant where he explained that their behavior was unacceptable and had to stop. But it didn’t take long for all four wrestlers to attack each other again, fighting all over the restaurant. As a result of their recent actions, Steve-O banned both teams from the building for the night.


With less than two weeks to go before September Slam, the guest announcer for the evening was set to be former Oklahoma Senator and IZW fan Sam Helton. But when Helton said he was glad to be able to give the fans a rest from Steve-O’s mouth, the Commissioner tried to send him away. The Wrecking Ball Shane Rawls and Bad Brad Michaels came to the ring during the argument and were soon followed by the Awesome One Kevin Morgan. The Winner Blake Albright then came to the ring. Steve-O announced a tag match where if Morgan won, Helton would be allowed to announce. If Rawls and Albright won, Helton would not only lose the chance to be the announcer, but he would be banned from IZW for life. Morgan introduced his partner, Ky-ote Joe. Morgan and Joe picked up the win, allowing Sam Helton the chance to be the guest announcer. With Morgan facing Rawls and Joe facing Albright at September Slam, each wrestler had his sights set on his future opponent.


Steve-O was angered by what had happened and told the Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil that he would be defending his belt that night. He had handpicked his opponent but he wouldn’t reveal who it was. All members of Impact Inc then came to the ring. Johnny Z said that Bernie had figured out how to win and then showed the video of what occurred at the end of the show two weeks ago. The video showed Bernie D coming to the ring with a chair during Johnny Z and Aaron Neil’s preview match. After looking at Aaron with chair in hand, he appeared to change his mind and targeted the prone Johnny instead. Bernie banged the chair on the mat and yelled for him to get up, but when Johnny stood and saw Bernie, Bernie turned around and struck Aaron in the head with the chair. Johnny then forced the referee to count the pin. He held the belt high as the video cut. Johnny told the crowd to etch that in their memories because it was a look into the future. He said he would take the belt from the paper champion and then allowed Bernie D to speak. Bernie revealed that in the video, he actually was planning to hit Johnny Z with the chair. But he then realized where his bread was buttered and he knew to fall in line. He said he is a winner, not a loser, and winners belonged to Impact Inc. Impact Inc said that they were going to “re-boot” Bernie and give him a chance to avenge his first loss in his losing streak from weeks ago. Bernie D then said he would prove that he is a winner.


John O’Malley faced Brandon Groom in a match where if O’Malley won, the # 1 Contender’s match for the Impact Division Title between Austin Tacious and Groom at September Slam would be made into a Three Way Dance with O’Malley. Groom’s ribs were still taped up for this match. O’Malley was able to get the pin after striking Groom in the injured ribs with his brass knuckles, setting the Three Way. Austin Tacious then came to the ring to begin a double beatdown. But when he raised O’Malley’s hand, he got hit with the knuckles. In a later interview backstage, O’Malley took the microphone from Ryan Ragsdale and said that from now on, it’s about hurting people. It’s about the pain. The stage is set for an intriguing match at September Slam.


Bernie D came to the ring with Impact Inc to face the Gifted Eric Rose in a chance to avenge his prior loss. Johnny Z was able to assist Bernie with a Sky High to give him the win. Johnny Z then attacked Rose, but didn’t see Carnage come up behind him. Carnage went for the chokeslam but Johnny was able to run away. Bernie was successful in his first attempt at proving that he is a winner.


The main event featured the Real Deal Aaron Neil defending his title against Steve-O’s handpicked opponent. Steve-O said the man would hurt Neil, and revealed him to be a man by the name of Wage, who came to the ring with a chain. The match was a hard-fought struggle between the two. Wage looked strong but Neil was able to retain. Impact Inc then came out to attack Neil. Blake Albright held Neil while Johnny charged him with the belt. But Neil moved out of the way and Johnny struck Albright in the head. The Real Deal attacked Johnny, but he was able to run away for the second time in the night. Steve-O then foolishly jumped on Neil. Unexpectedly, guest announcer Sam Helton grabbed the Commissioner and threw him out of the ring. The Real Deal then grabbed a microphone and told Johnny that it didn’t matter what he did, “Come September Slam, nothing will stop me from tearing you apart!” As September Slam nears, animosity is growing on all fronts.






September Slam – Two Massive Main Events and All Titles On the Line


Posted by Ring Correspondent Jonathan B. Scott


September 19th is fast approaching. One year ago, IZW triumphantly returned to Lawton with a bang. At September Slam, longtime fans will be rewarded with an event that features matches years in the making. There will be six matches in total, including three title matches. The show will be topped off with two major main events. Here is a rundown of the card.


Ky-ote Joe will be going one-on-one with Blake Albright. After Joe recently defeated “The Winner” in a singles contest, he told Albright that he would always be a loser when it came to facing Joe. Later that night, Albright laid Joe out with a chair for embarrassing him. “The Winner” obviously doesn’t take kindly to being embarrassed and will carry that into this match. But now Ky-ote Joe has a score to settle. This promises to be a showcase of athleticism from two of IZW’s youngest wrestlers.


In a match that was just signed over the weekend, “The Awesome One” Kevin Morgan will be facing Shane Rawls. Rawls has been on a tear since IZW Hall of Famer Bad Brad Michaels began representing him. Morgan has proven himself a force to be reckoned with in his short time in IZW. “The Awesome One” was able to gain the win with a quick pin in their last match, which infuriated Rawls. But Michaels wasn’t ringside for this match. With Michaels by his side, Rawls will be looking to gain the upper hand on Morgan. These two powerhouses will collide in what is sure to be a vicious display of strength.


 A Number One Contender match for the Impact Division Title is set to take place between Austin Tacious and Brandon Groom. The rivalry involving these two has been growing for weeks now. Groom’s ribs had been injured by the Celtic Warrior John O’Malley, and Tacious made it a point to go after this injury. Both wrestlers began to interfere in each other’s matches until frustrations came to a boiling point. Who will become the new number one contender when these two finally meet?


 In the first of three title matches, Mr. Money Randy Price will take on “The Gifted” Eric Rose. In June, Price defeated Dustin Heritage to win the title. His reign as champion has been impressive to say the least, defeating various opponents in both title and non-title bouts. But in July, Rose was able to defeat Price to gain a title shot at September Slam. The Impact Division is filled with exciting and explosive wrestlers – who will come out on top of the division?


Then comes the two huge main events. After many months of focusing on singles competition, Sensational Seth Allen and the Great Dane Griffin’s team of Revolution picked a fight with fan favorites BLK-OUT. High Energy Jermaine Johnson and Montego Seeka are the current IZW Tag Team Champions, an honor that they do not take for granted. And when Revolution came knocking at their door, BLK-Out were quick to answer. But it became apparent that Revolution weren’t just after the belts…they were after BLK-OUT’s bodies. A few weeks ago, Revolution gave the champions a brutal beatdown that left Seeka with an injured knee. This past week it was announced that the Tag Title match at September Slam would be IZW’s first Three Stages of Impact match.


IZW Commissioner Steve-O announced the first stage as a normal wrestling match, but there would be two Captains matches held, with the winner of each match determining the stipulations for the other stages. Dane Griffin faced Montego Seeka. Griffin again went after his opponent’s injured knee, but Seeka was able to win the match with a rollup. Seeka said that before there had been tables, ladders and chairs…this match would be a Falls Count Anywhere match. The main event for the evening would be the Captains match between Seth Allen and Jermaine Johnson. After a thrilling match and many near-finishes, Allen hit his flatliner for the win and announced the final stage as an “I Quit” match. He and Griffin then attempted another beatdown on Johnson before Seeka limped out to help his partner. This soon broke down into an intense brawl where every member of the locker room and security was needed to pull the teams off of each other. The bad blood between these tag teams cannot be ignored any longer. Who will not only win IZW’s first Three Stages of Impact Match, but also leave with the tag titles?


Finally, the IZW heavyweight title will be on the line as IZW founder and Impact Inc leader Johnny Z faces his longtime rival, the Real Deal Aaron Neil. Neil has held the title since Violent Valentine from earlier this year. After Johnny Z was announced as the number one contender, Neil and his title were in his sights. But the situation between Impact Inc and Bernie D became a growing problem. After being slapped and kicked out from the Impact Arena by Johnny Z, no one knew what to expect from Bernie D. But he made his return in a preview match between Johnny and Neil. He came to the ring with chair in hand, staring intently at a prone Neil. But then he turned around and set his sights on Johnny Z. Bernie appeared enraged, striking the chair on the mat multiple times, so hard that he bent the chair. He screamed at the owner of IZW to get up, but while doing so, Neil stood up. Then, in a move that no one saw coming, the Hebrew hammer smashed Neil in the skull. Johnny then welcomed Bernie back and declared himself future IZW champion. There are many questions unanswered at this point. What is Bernie D’s role in this match? Will Johnny Z win his first heavyweight title? Will Neil keep his championship reign alive? These questions will be answered on September 19th. With two main events and every title on the line, September Slam will be an important moment in IZW history.








Posted by Ring Correspondent Trent Garland


Recently, IZW Commissioner and Impact Inc member Steve-O fired ring announcer Jessie Storm. Steve-O has gone out of his way to let the crowd know that he would not be returning, but before the evening’s show he announced that IZW would be hosting different guest hosts every week. This week, he would let the Impact Division champion Randy Price announce. Crisstopher Crow came out to the ring and said that he thought the crowd would rather see him be the announcer. Steve-O put the two in a match to see who would get the opportunity, with Mr. Money pulling out the victory. Mr. Money reminded the crowd numerous times that he would be successfully defending his title against Eric Rose at September Slam.


In the back, Johnny Z and Blake Albright discussed their winning streaks and Bernie. D’s losses. After Johnny Z sent him away last week, the pair said they’ll keep winning, “Bernie D.-less.” Albright came to the ring, telling the crowd about how he is a winner, because “winners win.” He was interrupted by Ky-ote Joe, who said that he heard Albright calling himself “the Winner” lately. He said that if he remembered correctly, Joe beat him the last time they faced off, which makes Albright a loser. This angered Albright and the two proceeded to have a match. Joe was able to keep Albright at bay for much of the match. Then as Albright went for the Posterizer, Joe held on the ropes, causing Albright to fall. Joe then capitalized and rolled him up quickly for the pin. Joe then said that whenever he faces him, Albright’s nothing but a loser. Later in the evening, Ky-ote attempted to leave but was stopped by Steve-O. Steve-O chastised him for embarrassing Albright, which allowed Albright to run in and assault Joe with a chair. While taking him out, Albright let Joe know that this was his punishment for trying to embarrass him.


Brandon Groom came to the ring with taped ribs, saying that Austin Tacious had re-injured them with his attack from last week. He called out Tacious, only to be answered by Shane Rawls and his manager, Bad brad Michaels. They challenged Groom to a match, and Groom mentioned that the last time they had a match, Groom won. Interestlingly, Michaels replied by saying that there are two versions of Shane Rawls: pre-Michaels and post-Michaels, that Rawls can’t lose with a Hall of Famer in his corner. The two faced off in a display of power. But with the referee distracted, Michaels was able to hit Groom in the injured ribs. This led to Rawls hitting a TKO for the win. Later, Austin Tacious faced Crisstopher Crow’s associate, Rage Logan. During the match, Groom came out to deal with Tacious. This allowed Logan to take advantage and get the win over Tacious. Groom tried to confront Tacious, but Tacious backed away. Time is counting down to their match at September Slam.


In a preview of September Slam, Revolution was set to take on the exceptionally popular BLK-OUT. Seth Allen threatened to take out Monetgo Seeka’s knee that had been injured in their vicious beatdown from weeks earlier. He said the louder people chant for BLK-OUT, the more Revolution would hurt them. Johnson grabbed the mic to respond, but Seeka surprisingly took the mic himself, saying that, “The time for talking is done, I’m going to kick your a##, because we got this.” Both teams went at it in a lengthy contest, each hitting innovative tag team maneuvers on their opponents. But Revolution each took advantage of Seeka’s injury, attacking his knee. The match soon broke down into a brawl. This allowed to Seth Allen to lock in an excruciating new submission. With his injured knee, Seeka was forced to tap out. Revolution then attempted to give BLK-OUT another beatdown, but Johnson was able to stop them. Seeka had to be assisted to the back. With even more fuel added to the fire, what will happen at September Slam when the two teams face off with the titles on the line?


 The main event featured another preview of September Slam, with the IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil taking on IZW Founder, Johnny Z. The bad blood between these two has been building for years and will culminate when they meet in a title match. But would Bernie D.’s absence have any kind of effect on this evening? The Real Deal went for a huge spear on Johnny Z, but the referee was caught in between them. The referee fell to the ground, and much to the crowd’s surpise, Bernie D. appeared with a chair. First, he looked at Neil, which pleased the other members of Impact Inc. But he turned around and set his sights on Johnny Z. Screaming at Johnny and banging the chair against the mat, Bernie’s anger from his recent treatment seemed to have reached a breaking point.. But when Aaron Neil stood up, Bernie turned around and swung hard for the champ. The crowd was nearly speechless as the referee tried to call for the bell, but Johnny Z and Impact Inc forced him to count the pin on Neil. Johnny Z grabbed a microphone, calling himself future IZW champion and expressing his satisfaction with Bernie D. making the right decision and “falling in line with the rest of these idiots.” After the developments from recent weeks, most thought that Bernie had it in for Impact Inc and Johnny Z. But that was not the case this evening, as Bernie demonstrated his allegiance. Is there more to the situation than meets the eye? With a little over a month to go before September Slam, what will happen between Aaron Neil, Bernie D. and the rest of Impact Inc?








Posted by Ring Correspondent Jonathan B. Scott


The friction between Impact Inc and group member Bernie D. has been steadily escalating every week at the Impact Arena. Johnny Z and Blake Albright have both had success in their matches as of late, while The Hebrew Hammer has had difficulties attempting the same. The first half of the show featured each member of Impact Inc in one-on-one contests. The first match was between Blake Albright and High Energy jermaine Johnson. Albright has been calling himself “The Winner” lately, but he would have his work cut out for him against one half of the tag team champions. However, he brought the rest of Impact Inc to the ring with him. In what would become a pattern for the first half of the night, each member did whatever they could to interfere in the match. Johnson pulled off a huge springboard plancha onto all of Impact Inc. But later, while the referee was distracted, Johnny Z ran in and gave Johnson a running big boot. This gave Albright the window to hit the Posterizer for the victory.


Next, Johnny Z faced Brandon Groom. In a long back and forth match, more interference from Impact Inc appeared to give Johnny Z the edge. But Groom didn’t relent and continued to try to get the win. Then Austin Tacious came out and distracted Groom, which led to the Final Impact from Johnny Z. Impact Inc were now 2-0. After Groom recovered, he got up and took off after Austin Tacious. The two will face each other at September Slam on September 19th in a #1 Contender’s match for the Impact Division title.


The screen then showed video of Albright and Bernie D. backstage. Blake berated Bernie for his recent actions, especially allowing Johnny Z to be hit in the face with his own birthday cake the week before. Bernie thought the incident was funny, and Johnny walked in as he was admitting it. Johnny told Bernie that he also felt like he didn’t know him anymore and that Impact Inc needed to go 3-0 for the evening. Bernie D. told Impact Inc that he would start a winning streak on his own. He told them to stay in the back even though he didn’t know who his opponent was. After he left, Johnny said, “I guess he doesn’t know he’s facing Carnage.”


When Carnage came to the ring, Bernie didn’t look happy. While the two faced off, Carnage whipped Bernie to the corner. While carnage was charging in, Bernie threw the referee in the corner to take the big splash. While the ref was down, Johnny Z ignored what Bernie had said and come to the ring to interfere. Then Aaron Neil’s music played, Johnny’s September Slam opponent, which scared Johnny enough to run off through the crowd. When Bernie turned around, Carnage was waiting with a chokeslam. He covered him afterward for the win.


Later, a video was shown of what happened during intermission. Members of Impact Inc were arguing, and Bernie blamed Johnny for his loss. Bernie was angry about the matter and Johnny Z answered him with a hard slap to the face. He then told him to leave and not to return until he knew how to win. He said he could come back when Johnny allowed it. The next match was to feature John O’Malley facing newcomer Xavior. Despite the big size difference, Xavior seemed up to the challenge. But the Celtic Warrior went out of his way to cheat. He then put Xavior out with a Pumpbuster, and continued to choke him after the win. Brandon Groom then ran out with a chair to attempt to make the save, but Austin Tacious came out and stopped him. O’Malley then gave a big splash to Groom in the corner. Tacious grabbed the chair and took a big swing at O’Malley. O‘Malley only appeared angry but Groom was able to lift him from behind into a big belly to back suplex. Then Austin smashed Groom with the chair, leaving him standing tall over the two.


The main event featured the Impact Division Champion, Mr. Money Randy Price, taking on the Awesome One Kevin Morgan. Morgan has impressed the crowd at the Impact Arena, but Price is anything but an easy victory. Morgan would have to be able to outsmart his opponent’s usual cunning tactics. Morgan tried to use his strength to his advantage, but Price went to work on his leg. Price slapped on a classic sleeper hold, prompting the referee to test Morgan’s arm. But the Awesome One was able to get his arm up before the third count. After a spinebuster and an impactful double underhook suplex, Morgan hit a powerful spear. But Price rolled out and grabbed his title, looking into the crowd and yelling, “Still belongs to me!” But when he brought it into the ring, Morgan applied a drop toe hold, which caused Randy to land face-first onto the belt. Morgan picked him up and hit an Oklahoma slam for the win. Mr. Money still has his title match at September Slam to prepare for. But what impression will Morgan be able to leave upon the fans?








Posted by Ring Correspondent Jonathan B. Scott.


IZW Commissioner Steve-O began the evening by announcing IZW’s next big show, September Slam. Scheduled for September 19th, the event will have every title being put on the line. The opening match featured Austin Tacious taking on Ky-ote Joe. After a series of reversals and a missed moonsault from Ky-ote, Tacious took advantage of the momentum and hit Ky-ote with the Seed of Perfection (3/4 facelock DDT) for the pin. Austin did not stop there, as he continued to throw punches at a prone Ky-ote. Brandon Groom ran out to make the save, but Tacious stopped him in his tracks with a low blow. Suddenly, John O’Malley appeared with brass knuckles to chase Tacious away…or so it seemed. He quickly turned on Groom, striking him in the ribs with the brass knuckles, and deriding him for his popularity in IZW despite only recently debuting with the company. O’Malley let Groom know that he has not only held multiple IZW titles, but he was the first IZW heavyweight champion. He told Groom that he simply could not compare to what he had accomplished in this business in his career, before leaving Groom laid out in the ring.


 A video was then shown of a backstage conversation between Impact Inc. members Johnny Z. and Bernie D. Johnny called Bernie out for being “lost”, saying that the word is synonymous with the name Bernie D. Johnny promised to show him what winning was, and told him in a memorable quote, “Don’t pull a Bernie D.”


After this, Sensational Seth Allen and the Great Dane Griffin, known as Revolution, came to the ring. Preparing to wrestle the tag team champions, Allen told the crowd that they would wrestle circles around BLK-OUT. Coming out to another huge ovation, BLK-OUT was up to the challenge. This match-up proved interesting, as both teams are known for their tandem offense and chemistry between partners. Both teams gave it their all, hitting many notable spots. At one point, Griffin missed an enziguiri on Montego Seeka, only for Seeka to answer with one of his own. At another point, Revolution hit a classic Hart Attack. After a long match, Revolution went for simultaneous German suplexes, but BLK-OUT reversed them into O’Conner rolls for the win. Revolution was none too pleased, as Allen connected with his signature flatliner and Griffin hit his K-9. Considering that Allen is IZW’s Impact Player of the Year, and Griffin is a former Impact Division Champion, it doesn’t look like they will rest until they win tag team gold. But they’ll have to defeat the very talented BLK-OUT to accomplish that goal, which will be no easy task.


IZW Backstage Correspondent Ryan Ragsdale attempted to get a word with Brandon Groom, but after the beatdown he had received from the Celtic Warrior, Groom was simply in too much pain for an interview. The next match featured Impact Division Champion Randy Price taking on Eric Rose. If Rose won, he would get at a shot at Mr. Money’s title at September Slam. The crowd was firmly behind Rose in this contest, insulting Price loudly. Rose’s quickness gave him the advantage, allowing him to hit the Rose Blossom kick. The crowd was ecstatic to see Rose earn a title shot. Mr. Money has had an impressive title reign so far, but are his days as Impact Division Champion numbered?


Up next was the promised match between the Midnite Rider and Shane Rawls. However, after the Rider walked to the ring, Bad Brad Michaels appeared on the screen. He said that there would be no match tonight, but that they knew who’s behind Rider’s mask. The Midnite Rider did not seem pleased…but it doesn’t look like these two are done with each other.


Despite his earlier injury, Brandon Groom agreed to face the Celtic Warrior John O’Malley. Groom came to the ring with taped ribs. The two powerhouses battled back and forth, but Groom’s injury proved too much for him to overcome. O’Malley landed a crushing splash from the second turnbuckle for the pinfall. The move caused Groom to start coughing up blood, but he refused any assistance and walked to the back on his own. What has caused John O’Malley’s drastic attitude change? How will it affect the IZW landscape?


The main event featured a handicap match between Impact Inc. and the Real Deal, IZW Champion Aaron Neil. Johnny Z. will be facing Neil at September Slam for the belt. Aaron showed his usual fighting spirit, but Impact Inc.’s cheating ways earned them the victory. In a match that included Johnny Z.’s floatover DDT and a huge top rope lariat from Neil, Bernie D. struck the champion in the back with a chair. This gave the owner of IZW the opportunity to hit his Final Impact neckbreaker. Johnny then pinned the Real Deal and held Neil’s title above his head. Though Johnny Z. is the owner of IZW and has had multiple tag title reigns, he has never held the heavyweight title. Will Johnny Z. capture his first IZW heavyweight gold at September Slam? Or will the Real Deal give Johnny Z. a hard dose of reality, and prove why he is the best in IZW?








Posted by Ryan James Ragsdale


Bad Brad Michaels has a lot of confidence in Shane Rawls. "Months from now, people will be jealous. They'll be saying 'I wish I was were Bad Brad Michaels was then... I wish I saw the potential he did. Because Shane Rawls is the future of IZW. And he WILL win the IZW Heavyweight Championship," said Michaels during a recent interview.


The main event of the night was an open challenge put forth by Michaels & Rawls: anyone who thought they had what it took to take on Rawls was welcome to have a shot. Throughout the night, his opponent remained a mystery.


After Rawls & Michaels made their entrance, they awaited their opponent. "WE GOT THIS" blared over the loudspeakers. The crowd erupted as one-half of the IZW Tag Team Champions, Jermaine Johnson, made his way to the ring. Their match was brutal, with Johnson even taking a spill to the outside of the ring from a belly-to-belly suplex. After Rawls gained the victory, due in no small part to Michaels, who should appear at the entrance ramp? The Midnight Rider!


He held a bat in his hand, raised it and pointed to the ZorthosTron420. The screen said it all: next week, Shane Rawls versus the Midnight Rider. Will the Rider be able to exact revenge on the Rawls, or will Shane banish this mystery man for good? Be there on July 25th to find out!








Posted by Trent Garland


The night started out with Commissioner Steve-O coming to the ring with his trademark smile and backwards ball cap. Having given Jessie Storm the evening off, he promised an exciting show, noting that two wrestlers would be making their IZW debut. He wasted no time in getting the action started, bringing out “his boy,” Randy Price. Mr. Money would be defending his newly won Impact Division Title against newcomer Canadian Red Devil. After a back and forth match, C.R.D. climbed to the top rope. Price then pushed the referee into the ropes, knocking his opponent down and giving Price the window to hit his double underhook piledriver for the win. He then tried to unmask C.R.D., but was stopped by Eric Rose. Rose seems to have his sights set on the Billion Dollar Superstar and his Impact Division Title, but Steve-O informed Rose that he would indeed have a match…against Impact Inc.’s Bernie D. later in the evening.


Backstage Correspondent Ryan Ragsdale then interviewed Shane Rawls and his new manager, IZW Hall of Famer Bad Brad Michaels. Michaels issued an open challenge for the night’s main event. Impact Inc.’s music hit and out walked Johnny Z and Bernie D. to a chorus of boos from the crowd in the Impact Arena. After insulting a security guard and forcing him to do push-ups, Johnny Z grabbed a microphone and ran down the crowd, saying, “You don’t respect me, I don’t respect you.” Johnny’s opponent was another newcomer to IZW, Kevin Morgan. Morgan’s powerhouse style seemed to be giving him the upper hand, but Johnny Z stole the win with assistance from Bernie D.


Austin Tacious then appeared on the screen, threatening to run Brandon Groom out of IZW. This did not appear to rattle Groom, as he entered the ring to face Blake Albright. Both of these superstars appear to have promising futures within IZW, as was shown in this match. Neither wrestler appeared to have the upper hand, until Austin Tacious walked to the ring. He distracted Groom, giving Albright the chance to hit his Posterizer neckbreaker for the pin. The issues between Groom and Tacious seem to be building.


The promised match up between Eric Rose and Impact Inc.’s Bernie D. followed. With palpable tension between Bernie and Johnny Z in recent weeks, how would this affect the match? Rose gave it all he had, occasionally besting the Hebrew Hammer with his quickness and agility. After Bernie hit the Sky High on Rose, Rose seemed to be down for the count. However, Johnny Z insisted that Bernie hit him with the move a second time, giving Rose the opportunity to reverse it for the pinfall. This did not sit well with either member of Impact Inc., who argued up the ramp. The tension between the two seemed to be becoming worse, but Johnny Z raised Bernie’s hand before they hit the locker room.


The main event for the evening was the open challenge from Bad Brad Michaels and Shane “Squash’ Rawls. Michaels raved about the abilities of his client, referring to him as “future IZW champ.” This remark appeared to be sent in current champion Aaron Neil’s direction. As “California Love” played over the speakers, the crowd erupted at the arrival of “High Energy’ Jermaine Johnson. Johnson answered the challenge to set up an intriguing match. At one point, Rawls impressively hit Johnson with a belly to belly suplex, sending him over the ropes to the concrete floor. Johnson had the crowd behind him, but Bad Brad waited until the referee was distracted to hit Johnson in the head with the timekeeper’s hammer. Rawls quickly covered him for the pin. Michaels and Rawls celebrated the win, standing over an unconscious Jermaine Johnson. As Johnson was being attended to, the Midnight Rider appeared on the entranceway. He pointed to the screen, which promised a match between the Midnight Rider and Shane Rawls himself, set for this Saturday, July 25th. What will happen when these two monsters meet? And who exactly is the Midnight Rider?








Posted by Ryan James Ragsdale on July 17th, 2009


Just who is the Midnight Rider? This masked man of mystery was thought to be Shane Rawls, after he removed his mask and attacked Carnage the week prior. Yet upon reviewing security camera footage from the locker room, Shane Rawls was discovered to be attacking the Midnight Rider from behind. So, not only is it not Rawls, but his identity is once again a mystery. I spoke with the Rider for a moment, and he said nothing except to flip a coin gesturing that he would get retribution against Rawls.


Later that night, I tried to get a word with Shane Rawls in the locker room. I knocked on his room's door, but before he could leave a hand reached out and grabbed his shoulder. "Just do everything I've told you to do. You are the next big thing in IZW," he said. Shane Rawls had a match against Carnage that night, and during the bout, Bad Brad Michaels—a member of the IZW Hall of Fame—came out and attacked Carnage with the timekeeper's hammer. So... it's been Michaels in Rawls' ear all along!? What plans do they have in store for IZW… and just who exactly is that masked man!?


In other news from the show, Johnny Z was set to compete in the main event against IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil. But after the match began, Johnny decided to remove himself from it, citing a clause in the contract which allowed him to name a suitable replacement if he so chose. He did, and selected Bernie D to take his place. Is Johnny Z conserving his energy for a fight at a later date? Or is he running scared?








Posted by Ryan James Ragsdale on July 11th, 2009


With Blake Albright having recently become a member of Impact Inc. and you already mentioning that you have designs, plans, in motion involving the IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil, could those plans in any way involve Albright? Could you shed any insight on that?


"Well, first off... Blake Albright did become a full-fledged member of Impact Inc. a couple months ago and that was in direct relation to his pursuit of the IZW Heavyweight Championship. We both felt that we would be better served to work together. He had sights on the heavyweight title. So did we. We felt that we could help him become the new champion and do away with Aaron Neil."


Which has not, so far, come to pass.


Yes, thank you for reminding me of that, dimwit, as if I didn't already know. But as you have pointed out, the situation at this moment is that Aaron Neil does still possess the IZW Heavyweight Championship. I hold Blake Albright much less responsible for that than I do SteveO. Albright is a fine athlete. He is, by far, the future of Impact Zone Wrestling. Whether or not he is involved in the future plans that I have in motion for rectifying the situation with the title, you'll just have to wait and see. Just like everyone else. I'm a smart man, Mr. Ragsdale. I've stayed on top of Impact Zone Wrestling for a long time, not only because I am the owner, but because I know how to use that power. I know how to set plans into motion. Ah... let's just say I have plans concerning Aaron Neil personally that will not only take place at IZW, but at other federations in the state of Oklahoma. I plan on Impact Inc. becoming the biggest thorn that Aaron Neil has ever had in his side."


Mr Z., you briefly mentioned SteveO and his role in Albright not capturing the title. You are the owner of IZW. He is the sole commissioner. How will his role change? Do you have any other agendas you want to push SteveO toward?


"First off, I don't push any agendas toward SteveO. There's a reason he holds the position he does, and that is so there is no appearance of impropriety on Johnny Z's part."


No conflict of interest?


"If you want to put it that way. Basically, I don't need a bunch of wrestlers in the locker room crying as they always do about how Johnny Z gets to do this, and Johnny Z gets to do that, and he just does whatever he wants 'cause he's the owner. Because that's not how it is. You see, there is a commissioner, there is SteveO, and he's the one who decides what is acceptable and what is not at IZW, not me. So anyone that has any notions that I pull SteveO's strings? That's preposterous. It's absurd. It's a traveshamockery [sic]."


Well you can understand that with him being both the commissioner of IZW and the manager of Impact Inc.—


He's not a manager of Impact Inc.!


So how would you describe his role with Impact Inc., considering he accompanies you to ringside?


"I would simply describe SteveO's role as an honorary member of Impact Inc. An individual held in high regard by Impact Inc. for the fabulous decisions that he makes—"




"Yes... fabulous decisions that he makes concerning my show. You act like he's unfair. I mean, BLK-Out are the tag team champions. Aaron Neil is the heavyweight champion. Both of them are what the crowd might call "good guys," so if SteveO was making sure things were unfair I don't think any of them would be sniffing championship gold right now, much less wearing it."







Posted by Ryan James Ragsdale on July 7th, 2009


After the spectacular TLC 2 match at IZW EVOLUTION, which resulted in BLK-Out once again regaining the IZW Tag Team Championships, I was able to sit down with IZW Owner Johnny Z, one half of Impact Inc., the former champions. What follows is an excerpt of our lengthy conversation.


Now, Johnny... two months ago, at IZW Evolution—"


"First off... don't call me Johnny. Call me Mr. Z, or Johnny Z. It's that simple."


Fair enough. Mr. Z, after going through four stacked tables at the climax of TLC2, which resulted in BLK-Out regaining the tag team championships, how have you been recovering?


"Well, Ryan James Ragsdale, IZW Backstage Correspondent, I will elaborate upon a few parts of your question. First off... falling through the four tables was, uh, for the second time, hurt just as much as the first time. But that was not what resulted in BLK-Out recapturing the IZW Tag Team Titles. Bernie D not getting the job done, after I had taken care of Jermaine Johnson—'cause that's something you left out of the question was the fact that Johnson went through those tables with me. We were both down and out. And that was because of Bernie, if you go watch the tape. All Bernie had to do was take care of that pipsqueak, that ninety-pound soaking wet thug Montego Seeka, and we'd still be the IZW Tag Team Champions. But, as usual, Bernie D couldn't get the job done without Johnny Z, and so now we're not the IZW Tag Team Champions. So it wasn't that fall. It was Bernie D's ineptitude that resulted in us not being the tag team champions."


"Secondly, if you'll notice, I wasn't on last week's show. I'm not sure when I'll be on a show again, because my body is not doing very well. I've been through a lot of punishment for the last few months. Uh, you know, two TLC matches, a ten-man Impact Chamber match where I was suplexed off the top of the cage, a lumberjack match with the IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil... I just, it does start to take its toll, and that's why I'm taking a little break."


Getting back to something you mentioned earlier, I noticed you highlighted Bernie D's ineptitude as one of the main factors, if not the only factor, in Impact Inc losing the tag team championships. So moving forward, is there any tension between Impact Inc and where do you see the group moving in the future?


"Uh... I wouldn't say there's any tension within Impact Inc. Johnny Z runs a pretty tight ship. It's my way or the highway. There's no tension. It's that simple. You either do it my way or you get gone. When things go wrong and I let you know it's your fault, you deal with it or you get gone. As for our future plans, we do hold an automatic rematch clause because we are the former tag team champions. When we decide to use that will be anyone's guess."


"There are some other things on my mind right now. I'm not going to divulge everything, but there is a certain situation with the heavyweight belt that Impact Inc. has been trying to take care of for a while, and without revealing too much, let's just say that Johnny Z might have his eye on rectifying that situation."


Ladies and gentlemen, there is more to this explosive interview. Be sure to check back Friday for the rest of my exclusive interview with IZW Owner Johnny Z!








Posted by Ryan James Ragsdale on July 1st, 2009


In the week after IZW EVOLUTION, there were many questions to be answered. Would Randy Price be able to capture the Impact Division title from Dustin Heritage? How would Impact Inc. respond to their loss the previous week in a brutal TLC match?


The main story of the night was some peculiar happening in the ring. Carnage was scheduled to face the Midnight Rider, a mysterious masked cowboy who has been wrestling in IZW over the past few weeks. During their match, Carnage was handling the Rider with ease, until suddenly Shane Rawls music hit the sound-system. Distracted by this, Carnage never saw the low-blow coming. After nailing him, Midnight Rider left the ring to grab a chair, which he promptly smashed over Carnage's head, leaving him laid out in the ring. After felling the Oklahoma Nightmare (though Carnage won by DQ, obviously), the Rider took of his mask to reveal he was none other than Shane Rawls!


Does Rawls have any more tricks up his sleeve? And just who has he been talking to on the phone these past couple weeks? Be sure to come this Saturday to find out.








Posted by Ryan James Ragsdale on June 25th, 2009


I was amazed as I looked through the curtain to the crowd. The IZW faithful had come out in droves for EVOLUTION, and they brought friends & family! There were over three hundred people crowded into the Impact Arena... so many that we ran out of chairs.


The atmosphere was electric inside the arena as the show began two minutes after seven o'clock. For the opening contest, a five-way match between Brandon Groom, Austin Tacious, Randy Price, Ky-ote Joe, and Eric Rose, the steel IMPACT CHAMBER was erected around the ring, a tremendous steel cage weighing thousands of pounds. The five men put on a spectacular show for the fans. Crowds screamed in anticipation anytime someone looked to be about to scale the cage wall and capture the victory. Ultimately, it was Randy Price who pulled out the win and became number one contender to the Impact Division Championship held by Dane Griffin.


In the next match, Dustin Heritage got his rematch against Dane Griffin following his loss at March Mayhem. Griffin has been walking proud as the new Impact Division Champion, and with the Impact Player of the Year, Seth Allen, at his side, Griffin seemed poised for bigger things. Leave it to Dustin to take him down a peg. Heritage re-captured the championship, leaving the ring bloody yet victorious.


So now... it looks like Randy Price will face Dustin Heritage!


The Oklahoma Nightmare, Carnage, was up next facing Shane "Squash" Rawls. Despite Rawls power, he was unable to match up to the big man. Carnage defeated Rawls, who would have something to say about it just a little later in the evening...


Up next was the four-way bout for the IZW Heavyweight Championship held by Aaron Neil. After defeating Blake Albright at March Mayhem, Neil also won the services of SteveO as his lackey for the next month. Since that night, SteveO has placed as many roadblocks as possible in Neil's path. First it was a three-way bout for the title scheduled for Evolution, against both Albright and the Impact Player of the Year (with a guaranteed title shot) Seth Allen. Then, one week before the match, SteveO turned it into four-way by adding "The Beast" Joe Gomez. Now Neil was up against three other men. How would he cope? I spoke with him before his match, and he said "some people say it's me against three other guys. Well I don't see it that way. See, none of them can trust each other... and they all three want my title. I am just fighting for myself. I don't need anyone." It turns out he was right. Neil pulled out the victory to remain the Champion yet again.


In the next bout, John O'Malley took on Se7en. Both men have been engaged in a war of words with each other with neither wanting to budge an inch. So their match was scheduled for EVOLUTION, and the preparation was underway. They took to the ring in a hard-hitting bout, elbows to jaw and kicks flying around the ring. Both men are large and their bodies collided with such an impact it shook the arena. Eventually, Seven was able to pull out the win on The Celtic Warrior.


Shane Rawls appeared on the ZorthosTron420, talking with someone on the phone. "I did everything I could. I gave Carnage everything I had. Now what do I do?" Who was he talking to? I'll be on the trail of the story and hope to have an update for you soon.


Earlier in the night, I spoke with Jermaine Johnson & Montego Seeka of BLK-Out. Jermaine told me he was tired of the "politics, hiding behind the ownership of the company, SteveO," and whole litany of other complaints. I can understand. Since BLK-Out captured the titles at Chaotic Christmas last year in the first TLC match in IZW history, Impact Inc. have been on a tear to ensure BLK-Out are the inferior team. BLK-Out were stripped of the titles only one week after regaining them earlier this year, due to a "technicality." So this match had a lot on the line. If BLK-Out won, they would be tag team champions. But if they lost, they would no longer be allowed to team in IZW. Jermaine told me they weren't afraid, because they knew they were the better tag team. Montego even made a statement, for the first time! Cutting off his partner, Montego told me that "WE GOT THIS!"


The tables and ladders strewn about the ringside area, the two teams took to the squared circle in a tremendous display of guts and bravado. It was a grueling battle, with men being slammed on to ladders at every turn. In a moment which recalled BLK-Out's victory at TLC1, Johnny Z and Jermaine were both battling on top of a ladder which was toppled to the outside, sending both men through four stacked tables. The impact was sickening, splinters of wood flying everywhere. But this allowed Seeka to scale another ladder and capture the tag team titles for BLK-Out. The crowd erupted, content in knowing justice had prevailed in the night. Not only were BLK-Out here to stay in IZW, but they were new champions! What the future holds is anyone's guess...








Posted by Ryan James Ragsdale on June 8th, 2009


On June 20th, IZW will bring you EVOLUTION. This is our biggest event of the year, so who knows what might happen? With so many big matches already scheduled, and more surprises to come, you are sure to be in for a night of wrestling you won't soon forget. Come to the Impact Arena and experience the excitement for yourself!


Here are the matches scheduled so far.



BLK-OUT (Jermaine Johnson & Montego Seeka) will try to recapture the tag team titles from Impact Inc. (Johnny Z & Bernie D) in a re-match of their infamous contest from last year's CHAOTIC CHRISTMAS... TLC 2! If you didn't see TLC 1, you do not want to miss this match. Will BLK-OUT be able to vanquish Impact Inc. once and for all? Or will the tag team champions emerge victorious and remain the top dogs?


Impact Chamber 2 Match (#1 Contender for the Impact Division Championship)

Eric Rose versus Randy Price versus Ky-ote Joe versus Austin Tacious versus Brandon Groom for the #1 Contendership to the Impact Division Championship inside the Steel Cage. This match features some of IZW's youngest, most exciting talent... this is sure to be a thrilling contest! Who will go on to face Dane Griffin for his title?


Triple Threat Match for the IZW Heavyweight Championship

IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil will defend his title in a triple threat match against both Blake Albright and the Impact Player of the Year, Seth Allen.


Impact Division Championship

Dustin Heritage goes for the gold in a rematch for the Impact Division Title against the champion Dane Griffin!



Shane "Squash" Rawls tries to take down "The Monster" Carnage.

"The Celtic Warrior" John O'Malley looks to put Se7en in his place!







Posted by Ryan James Ragsdale on May 26th, 2009


In the wake of IZW's fifth anniversary, the stakes have been raised even higher than ever before. Dane Griffin emerged victorious as the new IZW Impact Division Champion. Seth Allen is the Impact Player of the Year, a guaranteed IZW Heavyweight Championship shot. The duo(the tag team known as Revolution) are prepared to take things to the next level. They made it clear they are after not only more gold, but more respect. With Griffin a new king, the team sets their sights two-fold: capturing the tag team titles and getting Allen to the top of Impact Zone Wrestling... the IZW Heavyweight Championship.


Their mission for tag team glory was undercut by Impact Inc. SteveO came out to address the crowd, letting them know in no uncertain terms that "cheating will not be allowed in championship matches." A fine sentiment, indeed, but one could easily argue Impact Inc. deserved the treatment they got, and BLK-Out was justified in wanting revenge. Regardless, the Commissioner showed footage to the fans which clearly shows BLK-Out using a foreign object during their match (a chair). Due to this he stripped them of the belts and awarded them back to Impact Inc. So SteveO, in his infinite managerial wisdom, sees fit to enforce the rules now when it is convenient.


Blake Albright still has his eyes set on the ultimate prize, as well. After initiating The Poster Boy into Impact Inc. as its newest member, SteveO announced that the championship match at Evolution would be a three-way for the title. Aaron Neil will have his hands full. Will the champion be able to overcome odds like these?






Posted by Ryan James Ragsdale on May 19th, 2009


Impact Zone Wrestling has been through a lot in its five year existence, and to commemorate the occasion, IZW commissioner SteveO organized this fifth anniversary show. It was a night of intense action.


The first contest was a battle royal featuring all the IZW wrestlers to begin the Impact Player of the Year Tournament. When only four men were left, the battle royal was stopped. The four survivors were Seth Allen, Crisstopher Crow, John O'Malley, and Shane Rawls. They were then entered into semi-final match ups randomly to advance in the tournament.


Up next was the IZW Impact Division Championship match between title-holder Dustin Heritage and Ky-ote Joe. Things didn't go as planned, though. SteveO declared the match a three-way and inserted Dane Griffin into the mix. The bout was fierce with all three men giving their all, but Griffin emerged victorious as the new Impact Division Champion. With gold around his waist, the future is looking bright for Dane Griffin.


His partner in Revolution, Seth Allen, then faced Crisstopher Crow in the first semi-final matchup of the tournament. Allen was his usual arrogant self. The fans were pleading for his defeat, but in the end experience won out and Allen was the winner. Crow was eliminated from the tournament.


The next semi-final match saw Shane Rawls go up against John O'Malley. O'Malley was aggressive with his offense, using strong chops and strikes to wear down Rawls—no easy feat in itself. Rawls was defeated by the Celtic Warriors.


IZW fan favorites BLK-Out took on IZW Tag Team Champions for the titles. Their rivalry has been brewing for quite some time, and the animosity between the two teams is at an all-time high. Though they had to resort to using a title belt as a weapon, BLK-Out was able to regain the championships.


The finals of the Impact Player of the Year tournament were up next. John O'Malley was set to go against Seth Allen for a guaranteed title shot and a prestigious trophy. Allen continued the hot streak he's been on as of late, winning the match and earning number one contendership for the IZW Heavyweight Championship. With his victory, and Griffin's title acquisition, Revolution is looking stronger than ever.


The main event saw the IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil defend his title against the arrogant newcomer, Blake Albright. Albright has been taunting Neil for weeks, all leading up to this night. He was unable to topple the champion, who walked out of the show still number one. He has many men gunning for the title, but Neil remains steadfast in his dominance. Who will be able to defeat him and claim the title?








Posted by Ryan James Ragsdale on May 4th, 2009


This coming Saturday IZW will celebrate it's fifth anniversary on May 9th. A momentous occasion in itself, it is made even more so by the addition of the Impact Player of the Year Tournament. This tournament begins as a battle royal featuring all the IZW wrestlers. When there are only four men left remaining in the ring, the battle royal will end. The four will be randomly paired into semi-final matches, and the men who win those contests will go on to the finals.


The winner of this tournament will receive a trophy proclaiming him the "Impact Player of the Year." The man who comes out on top will earn respect. But most importantly, the tournament victor receives a guaranteed title shot at a future date. The implications are astounding. Any member of the IZW roster could surprise you, becoming a contender for the heavyweight title in the course of one night.


In addition to this tournament, we also have a few big match-ups already announced for the show. The IZW Impact Division Champion, Dustin Heritage, will defend his title against the Pride of the Chickasaw, Ky-ote Joe. And IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil will put his championship on the line against Blake Albright. The stipulations of this match make the outcome about more than just who wins the title. If Blake Albright wins, Neil will have to be IZW Commissioner SteveO's personal lackey for four weeks. But if Aaron Neil is the victor, SteveO will have to be his lackey for four weeks. SteveO has claimed they will end Neil's career that night. But the fans know the champion will not go down without a fight, and what a fight it will be!


Don't miss this show, as we have many more big surprises for Saturday night. IZW's Fifth Anniversary Show is on May 9th, 2009. Come celebrate this milestone with us!








Posted by Ryan James Ragsdale on April 19th, 2009


Ordinarily when SteveO makes an appearance to address the crowd, he can barely get in a word edge-wise over the din of the disapproving fans. But after being promised that SteveO had something "you might actually want to hear" by the ring announcer, the fans gave him a chance to speak. He unveiled his plan for the upcoming fifth anniversary of Impact Zone Wrestling, and while he detailed little in the way of match-ups, he promised big things. Little did the fans know how true that would become only moments later...


During the main event, which pitted Blake Albright against the IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil, SteveO escorted the challenger to rinside. The match was intense, and after several back-and-forth exchanges Albright brought the champion to the mat. Hesitating for a moment, he looked to SteveO as if waiting for instructions. Just like that, he grabbed a steel chair from ringside and smashed Neil over the head with it in clear view of referee Donny Brooks, gaining him an immediate disqualification. The fans were in shock—why would the #1 contender throw away a title opportunity like that? Only seconds later SteveO's devious plan came into focus. As Albright dished out more punishment to a dazed Neil, SteveO told everyone that tonight was not Albright's night to become champion, but that he would have a second title opportunity at IZW's fifth anniversary show on May 9th. So The Poster Boy chose to use his match tonight merely to soften Neil, nailing him with repeated neckbreakers in an attempt to injure the champion. Will Albright's deception allow him to gain the upper hand, or will Neil emerge victorious once again? Be there on May 9th to find out!









Posted on 03.29.2009 by Ryan Ragsdale


After the swift firing of former Co-Commissioner Mike Iles at last week's MARCH MAYHEM, SteveO was promoted by IZW Owner Johnny Z to be the sole Commissioner of Impact Zone Wrestling. He now has unparalleled authority to make decisions within the company. This is a huge responsibility, but one can't help but wonder if he will put that power to good use. Perhaps he has more nefarious plans?


SteveO had an eventful latter half of 2008. When IZW returned to Lawton, he was managing The Billion Dollar Superstar Randy Price. His ruthless style as an agent brought him to the attention of Impact Inc, and when Johnny Z wanted a man to act as a counter-balance to Mike Iles, SteveO got the job. By order of the Oklahoma Boxing Commission, SteveO was made Co-Commissioner of IZW alongside Mike Iles, and he would use that power to undermine Iles whenever the opportunity arose. As the manager and agent of Impact Inc, SteveO has incurred the wrath and ire of fans each week, belittling them all under the pretense of bringing them the "SteveO Show." Then at March Mayhem, Johnny Z announced he had won a lawsuit against that very same commission, granting him the sole authority to hire and fire commissioners as he saw fit. Of course, he immediately fired Iles and gave him his "severance package"—a beatdown from The Widowmaker Angel Williams. SteveO was then made the sole man in charge of Impact Zone Wrestling, and the repercussions are being felt already.


Last night scheduled a handicap match, pitting the IZW Tag Team Champions Impact Inc. (Johnny Z & Bernie D) against IZW Champion Aaron Neil, hoping his team would defeat Neil handily. This strategy backfired, however, and Neil was able to get the win. It should be noted that Bernie D is currently wearing an patch over his left eye, after suffering a serious eye injury from last week's match inside the steel IMPACT CHAMBER.


I tried to get a word with SteveO backstage during the show to ask him his thoughts on Impact Inc's loss earlier in the night, but he declined to comment and I was interrupted by Randy Price. SteveO flexed some of his muscle and put Price in the main event, in a title match against the IZW Impact Division Champion Dustin Heritage.


During a match between Shane Rawls and Ky-ote Joe, Eric Rose came out to try and help Joe. This didn't sit too well with SteveO, who stormed in during an interview I was conducting with Rose about the subject and told him he'd have none of Rose trying to take matters into his own hands.


"You wanna get in the ring? I've got someone for you to wrestle tonight! I think I hear your music playing, buddy... you better get going," said SteveO and the Rose made his way to the ring to await his opponent. The sirens blared, and Angel Williams entered the Impact Arena, taking Rose to task in a hard-hitting bout. Eric managed to hold his own against The Widowmaker, but wasn't able to win in the end.


As the weeks go on, what else could SteveO possibly have up his sleeve? Make sure and be there this Saturday night and find out!








Posted on 03.29.2009 by Ryan Ragsdale


Last night as the strains of "Carmina Burana" floated through the IZW arena, announcing the entrance of Revolution (the tag team ofSensational Seth Allen and The Great Dane Griffin), the audience was already showing their lack of respect for the duo. And it was precisely this disrespect that Revolution had come out to address. Allen made it clear—he was tired of not being seen as a serious threat in the tag team division. Revolution had been overlooked for too long, and it was time they set the record straight. What better way than to defeat IZW fan favorites BLK-Out?


The team of High Energy Jermaine Johnson and The Original Jamaican Montego Seeka made their way to the ring to answer the challenge laid down by Revolution. The action in the ring was intense, as both teams work together well and deliver devastating tag team manuevers. Revolution blasted BLK-Out with coordinated elbows. Dane Griffin managed to get Johnson in an extremely painful abdominal stretch, and while referee Donny Brooks was distracted his partner Allen grabbed his free hand and pulled for extra leverage. This "bending" of the rules didn't sit too well with the crowd, who were vocal in showing their opinion to the team. After regaining the momentum, BLK-Out executed a spectacular side-slam/leg-drop combination. Montego Seeka was able to roll up Dane Griffin to get the pinfall for his team and secure victory.


While they may have lost their match on Saturday night, Revolution have made it clear—both with their words and their actions in the ring—that they are not to be taken lightly as a tag team in IZW. What the future holds for them is anyone's guess, but if you ask Revolution they will tell you with confidence what they feel is in store for them... IZW gold. They have the skills, but will they be able to best the competition?









Posted on 03.24.2009 by Ryan Ragsdale


Fans were packed into the Impact Arena on March 21st to witness IZW's MARCH MAYHEM, one of the largest and most successful events in the history of the company. It was standing room only as the fans waited in anticipation of a great night of action, and they were not disappointed.


The first match-up of the night pitted Shane Rawls against Eric Rose. The stakes were much higher than normal, however, as a stipulation of this match was that if Eric Rose lost he would be banned from IZW forever. Rawls brought his usual power game to the table, dominating the smaller wrestler who resorted to aerial tactics to try and gain an advantage. With both men down on the canvas, Rawls was stopped in his tracks when he heard the theme music of IZW Co-Commissioner Mike Iles over the speakers—Iles made an appearance at the top of the stage. Rawls had injured Iles on January 31st in a brutal beatdown involving a steel chair, and Iles hadn't been back in the Impact Arena since. His presence distracted Shane Rawls just long enough for Rose to make his move, gaining a victory and securing his place on the IZW roster.


After the opening contest, the Billion Dollar Superstar Randy Price made his way to the ring to await the challenge promised by Ky-ote Joe the previous week. He also announced that the match-up between the two had been postponed for two weeks. The fans were nearly deafening as they let Price feel their disdain, chanting in unison and heckling the wrestler. Joe suddenly appeared on the screen and announced he wanted to face Price in an Indian Death Match, which Price accepted. Thinking he had the night off, Price was surprised when Mike Iles said he did not, in fact, have the night off and introduced an opponent, IZW newcomer Lars Manderson. The two met in what seemed to be an equal contest, with Manderson bringing tremendous power to the table. Price ultimately gained the upper hand with cunning and smarts, enabling him to pull out the win. Manderson, however, looks to be a promising prospect on the IZW roster and should not be discounted.


Our third match-up saw The Freakshow Crisstopher Crow take on The 3rd Generation Superstar Max McGuirk. McGuirk has been arrogantly proclaiming his superiority, and Crow was the man who wanted to teach him a lesson. The crowd was chanting loudly in support of The Freakshow throughout the contest, which drew the ire of McGuirk. The two men fought an exciting battle, with Crow landing some of his signature aerial manuevers. In the end he was able to defeat Mac McGuirk and the fans roared in approval.


IZW Ring Announcer Jesse Storm then brought out IZW Co-Commissioner Mike Iles to make a special announcement: some of the wrestlers had gotten together and had a plaque made honoring Iles contributions to IZW over the years. Iles seemed genuine moved as he accepted the award and thanked the fans for their dedication. But leave it to Impact Inc. to spoil such a special moment—IZW Tag Team Champions Johnny Z & Bernie D, Angel Williams, and the other Co-Commissioner of IZW, SteveO made their way into the Impact Arena to end the fun.


SteveO had a document in his hand which he read from... the news was devastating. IZW Owner Johnny Z filed a lawsuit against the Oklahoma Boxing Commission claiming he was the only man with the right to hire or fire a new commissioner, and the ruling came back in his favor. He fired Iles on the spot, and issued a "severance package" in the form of a brutal beatdown from Angel Williams. After seeing him in trouble, BLK-Out (Jermaine Johnson & Montego Seeka) and John O'Malley came out to save the beleaguered former commissioner. Iles was fighting back tears as he made his exit, thanking the fans and waving one last goodbye. He will be missed by the IZW faithful, and as SteveO takes over as the sole Commissioner of IZW what could possibly be in store next?


The only championship match of the card was up next, as IZW Impact Division Champion Dustin Heritage took on challenger The Great Dane Griffin, one half of the tag team Revolution with his partner Sensational Seth Allen. Allen was at ringside for the match, interfering when he could to try an gain an advantage for Griffin. The quickness of Heritage was pitted against the power and agility of Dane Griffin, and in the end the champion was able to retain his title to the delight of the fans in the Impact Arena. It should also be noted that Heritage showed up shorn of his trademark ponytail, now sporting a crew cut.


Intermission... the ring crew begin assembling the IMPACT CHAMBER, a steel cage standing fifteen feet above the ground. Every five minutes a new man would enter the cage, an elimination war pitting TEAM IMPACT INC. (IZW Tag Team Champions Johnny Z & Bernie D, Angel Williams, Seth Allen, and Blake Albright) against TEAM REAL DEAL (IZW Champion Aaron Neil, John O'Malley, Jermaine Johnson, Kenny Campbell, and Montego Seeka). The fans, packed as they were into the Impact Arena, were not disappointed as all ten men put their bodies on the line to try and gain the victory for their team. Seth Allen looked manic as he was busted open, spilling blood onto the canvas. At one point, Johnny Z was hurled from the top of the Chamber by both members of BLK-Out in a massive superplex which sent Johnny reeling. Impact Inc. was able to make them pay, however, when Angel Williams eliminated both men after a thunderous spear. After more than an hour of action, it was newcomer Blake Albright who pinned IZW Champion Aaron Neil's shoulders to the mat to win the match for his team. All five men stood victorious in the ring, celebrating their victory while the crowd roared in disapproval.


With strong showings from every man on the roster, this was an event of truly massive proportions. The fans were treated to a night of fierce action. Dustin Heritage retained his Impact Division Championship in a thrilling match against Dane Griffin, Eric Rose defeated Shane Rawls and earned the right to remain in IZW, and Crisstopher Crow gave Max McGuirk a lesson in respect. Yet with the firing of former IZW Co-Commissioner Mike Iles, SteveO now has all the control in IZW! And with their victory inside the IMPACT CHAMBER, Team Impact Inc. were able to have the last laugh and eliminate Team Real Deal.









Posted on 03.18.2009 by Ryan Ragsdale


This Saturday night, IZW will bring you MARCH MAYHEM, an event of massive proportions featuring a ten-man tag team steel cage elimination match. Team Real Deal (Aaron Neil, John O'Malley, Kenny Campbell, Jermaine Johnson, and Montego Seeka) will face Team Impact Inc (Johnny Z, Bernie D, Angel Williams, Seth Allen, and Blake Albright) inside a steel cage until only one man is left standing. All ten men were involved in a lumberjack match which gave the fans a taste of what is to come at MARCH MAYHEM.


The crowd was abuzz last Saturday night in the Impact Arena for the main event between IZW Champion Aaron Neil and Johnny Z with the members of both men's teams outside the ring as the lumberjacks. Aaron Neil made it clear how he felt about Impact Inc. immediately, spitting water in both Angel William's and Johnny Z's faces to show his contempt. Neil dominated the early minutes, out-wrestling Johnny Z and hitting him with big chops in three corners of the ring. After a big back body drop, Johnny tried to leave the ring to rest, but ended up coming out on Team Real Deal's side. BLK-OUT wasted no time laying into him with a series of punches before he was thrown back in by Kenny Campbell and John O'Malley.


Neil laid Johnny out with a few more power moves before being sent to the outside on Team Impact's side, but The Real Deal was able to fight them off and make his way back into the ring unharmed. Johnny Z hit the mat hard from a vicious spinebuster, but as Neil came off the ropes he was tripped by the members of Team Impact and beaten on the outside giving Johnny a chance to gain an advantage. Referee Donny Brooks made his best effort to keep the two sides seperated on the outside. Johnny landed a big boot and a bulldog, gaining the upper hand for a moment. Aaron Neil attempted to hit his signature, the Death Valley Driver, but it was reversed into a savage DDT by Johnny Z who then tried to follow up with a clothesline only to be tossed over the ropes. Neil made a leap over the ropes into Team Impact with a crash.


Back in the ring, Neil tried to hit Johnny Z with the Death Valley Driver once again, but while Johnny was up on his shoulders Team Impact rushed the ring and prevented it. Team Real Deal entered in response and proceeded to throw out the other team, who backpedaled up the ramp to the boos and jeers of the IZW fans in attendance.


The steel cage match this weekend is filled with bad blood and animosity. With so much pride at stake, we are sure to see a thrilling showdown between Team Impact and Team Real Deal. This is one show you do not want to miss!








Posted on 03.15.2009 by Ryan James Ragsdale


Ky-ote Joe has a bone to pick with The Billion Dollar Superstar Randy Price. Over the past several months, Price has been laying on the insults, making offensive remarks about Joe and about Native Americans in general. Never one to accept disrespect, Joe has a plan for revenge.


Their contract signing last week devolved into chaos as Randy Price revealed the "contract" he wanted Joe to sign to be a bottle of whiskey. "This is what you wanted, right? This is what your people want," exclaimed Randy when he pulled the bottle from a duffle bag. This was the last straw for an exasperated Joe. He overturned the table that had been set up in the ring and attacked Price, who was humiliated in front of the IZW faithful.


Last night Randy made his way to the ring to call Joe out. During the middle of speaking his mind—which was almost impossible to hear over the heckling and boos of the crowd—Joe appeared on the monitor to interrupt Price. He told Randy that he would challenge him to a match of his choosing. When Price demanded to know what kind of match Ky-ote had in mind, he demurred, saying he would reveal his challenge during IZW's MARCH MAYHEM Be sure to be at this show to find out what the Pride of the Chickasaw has in store for the Billion Dollar Superstar.










Posted on 03.10.2009 by Ryan Ragsdale


Just one week after making his debut appearance in IZW, Blake Albright already had big things in mind. He demanded a spot in the upcoming tag team elimination match at March Mayhem. This match features two teams of five men each, fighting under elimination rules inside a steel cage until one man stands victorious.


Blake Albright thinks he can be that man. He appealed to Impact Inc. to become a part of their team this past Saturday. In order to earn his spot, they placed him in a tag team match later that night with Shane Rawls against the two men already named (at that point) for Team Real Deal, Kenny Campbell and Aaron Neil. After a distraction from Impact Inc. Albright picked up the win with a neckbreaker on Neil. With the addition of the up-and-coming new talent to their already solid line-up, there's no doubt in the fans' minds that this team will be a serious threat to Aaron Neil’s squad.








Posted on 03.06.2009 by Ryan Ragsdale


2008 was a big year for BLK-OUT, the tag team of Jermaine Johnson and Montego Seeka. The fans have supported the duo from the very beginning and this didn’t sit too well with Impact Inc. The two teams have been locked in a bitter rivalry, battling and baiting each other each week. BLK-OUT finally emerged victorious at Chaotic Christmas in a thrilling TLC (tables, ladders, & chairs) match. After sending Montego Seeka to the hospital with a severe concussion and badgering the pair at every turn, Impact Inc. eventually regained the tag team titles last Saturday. But there is no doubt in the fans' minds that BLK-OUT is far from finished!



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IZW in Lawton OK
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IZW in Lawton OK
IZW Aggression, our next huge show