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 Only with Impact Zone Wrestling can you see the finest professional wrestling in the state of Oklahoma. And starting October 2nd, 2010 Impact Zone Wrestling will be taking its venture into the realm of television where you can catch the action every friday night after Jimmy Kimmel Live! on KSWO ABC TV.


KSWO ABC TV broadcasts to the following counties:



























































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 Violent Valentine truly lived up to its name as IZW superstars put their bodies and blood on the line. IZW wrestlers displayed their true understanding of sacrifice as bodies were put through ladders and tables and blood was spilled. New Tag Team Champions were crowned in a Triple Threat Ladder Match. Johnny Z and Bernie D finally faced off after months of anticipation. But in the biggest piece of news from the show, the brutal No DQ main event featured the crowning of a new IZW Heavyweight Champion in the Awesome One, Kevin Morgan.


 Arrogant Money have spent the last few weeks trying to prove themselves to Johnny Z so that they could join Impact Inc. When Bernie D attacked Johnny Z last week, Arrogant Money tried to make the save but took steel chair shots for their trouble. Before their match this evening, they approached Johnny about the incident last week, but were met with callousness. Johnny didn’t seem to care about their recent actions and walked away, leaving them hanging. The Triple Threat Ladder Match for the vacant IZW Tag Team Championships was the first match, featuring Arrogant Money, the New Age Syndicate, and BLK-OUT. The New Age Syndicate used their kendo sticks to their advantage while multiple ladders where used to try to incapacitate opponents. All three teams gave it their all, withstanding substantial pain to try to grab the Titles hanging from the ceiling. At one point, both a table and a ladder were set up between the ring apron and the guard rail, a member of the New Age Syndicate on each one. High Energy Jermaine Johnson and Randy Price jumped off the top turnbuckles, putting the Syndicate through the ladder and the table. But Johnny Z’s callousness toward Arrogant Money earlier seemed to be a ruse. While Jermaine Johnson was climbing the ladder, close to grabbing the Titles, Johnny Z ran out. He grabbed Johnson off the ladder and powerbombed him through a table on the outside of the ring. This allowed Arrogant Money to grab the vacant Tag Team Championships. As Johnny celebrated with them, he pointed to the video screen, which showed a new Impact Inc video with Arrogant Money in it. It seems like Impact Inc has strengthened significantly with the addition of the new Tag Team Champions, Arrogant Money.


Double D has been impressive in IZW since debuting a few months ago. He faced Se7en in the second match of the evening. When Se7en locked in a triangle choke, Double D maneuvered Se7en’s shoulders to the mat for the three. After several notable wins, what is in store for Double D’s future in the company? Next, the Real Deal Aaron Neil took on the Wrecking Ball Shane Rawls. The two have had tension for months, with Neil blaming Rawls for making him lose the Heavyweight Championship. The big men went at it hard as the match looked like it could have gone either way. But as Neil went for the Real Drill, Rawls slipped out and hit Neil with the F-5 for the big win. It was announced later that the Real Deal and the Wrecking Ball would be facing off on February 27th in a steel cage. If Neil wins, he gets five minutes alone in the cage with Rawls’ manger, Bad Brad Michaels. Michaels has been a thorn in Neil’s side for quite some time. What will happen in this battle in the cage? Also announced, IZW Impact Division Champion Eric Rose puts his title on the line against Ky-ote Joe this week.


Next up was the long-awaited showdown between Johnny Z and Bernie D. These two men used to be best friends, as they had tagged together for many years. Together they had held the IZW Tag Team Championships seven times. But the tension between them had grown so intense that Johnny fired Bernie from the company. Bernie then returned as the Co-Commissioner of IZW. He recently stepped down from that position in favor of the Senator, Sam Helton. But Johnny and Bernie have been attacking each other viciously over the past few weeks in anticipation of this big match. The match didn’t disappoint as both men went straight for each other. On the outside, Bernie threw Johnny into the ring post, busting him wide open. Johnny lost a lot of blood as each man was able to hit their finishers numerous times, but couldn’t put the other man away. However, Arrogant Money was determined to return the favor from earlier in the evening, as they came out to help Johnny. This allowed Johnny Z to hit the Final Impact for the win. Will Bernie allow Johnny to have the last word or will he keep coming for Johnny?


After both men had called each other out for quite some time, Carnage and Wage faced off. After being introduced, Wage laid in wait outside the curtain. When Carnage came out, Wage attacked him. After fighting for some time, Wage grabbed his thick chain and attacked Carnage with it, getting himself disqualified. As Carnage bled, he didn’t seem satisfied with the ending of the match. Will these two meet again in the future?


The much anticipated main event featured the IZW Heavyweight Championship on the line as John O’Malley (c) took on the Awesome One, Kevin Morgan in a No DQ Match. The match was vicious in many ways, only lasting a few minutes before both men started fighting all over the arena and into the crowd. The match seemed like it would end in the Hate Machine’s favor as he was accompanied by all the members of the Future Hall of Famers. All three of the men repeatedly got involved in the match. But after O’Malley brought in brass knuckles, Morgan was able to take them and laid a beating on O’Malley. Then the Awesome One gave O’Malley a spinebuster on a steel chair and we had a new IZW Heavyweight Champion. As blood poured down his face, O’Malley was stunned, as were all of the Future Hall of Famers. Members of the locker room came out to celebrate with the exhausted and elated Kevin Morgan.


Violent Valentine contained many big moments for IZW and its fans. But is the war over between Johnny Z and Bernie D? What will the new additions to Impact Inc mean for the rest of the company? And with a brand new Heavyweight Champion, where will IZW go from here?










Posted by Trent Garland


 Violent Valentine is coming on February 13th, only a few days away. The card now features a match between Aaron Neil and the Wrecking Ball Shane Rawls, and also a long-awaited showdown between Wage and Carnage. Also, Arrogant Money, the New Age Syndicate and BLK-OUT will be in a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the vacant IZW Tag Team Championships. Former tag team partners Johnny Z and Bernie D will finally face off. There will also be a No DQ Match for the IZW Heavyweight Championship between the Hate Machine John O’Malley and the Awesome One, Kevin Morgan.


IZW Co-Commissioner Sam Helton started the show by announcing the night’s main event. He said that IZW Champion John O’Malley would take on Ky-ote Joe. Then IZW’s other Co-Commissioner Steve-O came out and said that if O’Malley would have to wrestle, then so would Kevin Morgan. He would be taking on Wage. After tension surfaced between them, Ky-ote Joe and IZW Impact Division Champion Eric Rose recently came to blows before being separated. This week in the back, Ky-ote came up to Rose and said he wanted to talk. But Rose said he didn’t have time because he had a tag match with Double D. He told him that he would show him how it’s done. The two men took on Arrogant Money. But Jermaine Johnson came out and distracted Arrogant Money, leading to a win by victory roll from Double D. Johnson and Arrogant Money will be facing off for the vacant titles in what is sure to be a violent contest.


The Gunshow Rick Russo came out, introduced as the Seven-time Southwest Oklahoma Arm Wrestling Champion. He bragged about his accomplishments before inviting someone from the crowd to arm wrestle him. He ended up choosing a young woman, whom he beat twice consecutively. But then Carnage came out. He got in the ring with Russo for a match, chokeslammed him, and that was all it took. Afterward, Carnage called out Wage. The two have been calling each other out for weeks now. Wage actually came out and told Carnage that he would show him what it’s like to live in a nightmare, approached the ring, but then left. However, it appears that Wage had accepted Carnage’s challenge for a match at Violent Valentine.


The Awesome One, Kevin Morgan then took on Wage in the match promised by Co-Commissioner Steve-O. The end came when Carnage came out to the ring. Wage turned his attention to Carnage, which gave Morgan the opening to hit an Oklahoma Slam and pin Wage. Wage became angry and tried to rile Carnage to attack him. But Carnage walked to the back, seemingly having gotten his payback on Wage before their match at Violent Valentine. In the main event, IZW Heavyweight Champion John O’Malley took on Ky-ote Joe. Ky-oute Joe put in a good showing against the much larger Hate Machine, but ultimately fell to a devastating package piledriver. The IZW Champion will put his title on the line in a No DQ Match at Violent Valentine. Who will leave with the Championship?


Johnny Z could be seen in his office talking on the phone to Michael Barry. Ryan Ragsdale tried to come in for an interview, but Johnny snubbed him. But then Steve-O barged in with Arrogant Money. Arrogant Money has been trying to prove themselves to Johnny, but hadn’t been able to. Johnny said that they had proven enough before walking out. Arrogant Money was confused as to what they should do. Johnny Z then came to the ring. He said that no one, including Bernie D, is on his level. He said that there is a match scheduled for Violent Valentine pitting the two of them against each other, but that he put Bernie D in the hospital weeks ago when he brutally attacked him with a steel chair. He said that he would give him one chance to do something right and call the match off, but Bernie D’s music stopped him in his tracks. Johnny then started laughing, saying he was playing a trick and that Bernie wasn’t coming out. But then Bernie really did come out and went right at Johnny, throwing him into the steel steps and using the ring bell on his head. He then grabbed a chair and banged it against the mat while Johnny stood, but Arrogant Money hit the ring. Still trying to improve Johnny, Randy Price and Austin Tacious both ran into chair shots from Bernie, while Johnny escaped out of the ring. Bernie then said that this wasn’t the end, but just a taste, and then knocked Arrogant Money back down once more each with the chair. Was this act enough to prove Arrogant Money to Johnny Z? After seven IZW Tag Team Championships between them, what will happen when Johnny and Bernie face off after years of partnership? Find out what unfolds in this bitter rivalry and who leaves as champions at Violent Valentine on February 13th.







Posted by Jonathan B. Scott


 In recent weeks, IZW Impact Division Champion Eric Rose and Ky-ote Joe have had a series of miscommunications, leading to tension between them. The show began with a video of both men talking backstage. Rose wanted to know if Ky-ote’s head was in the right place. They blamed each other for their problems the last few weeks. But the two would have a challenging tag match against members of the Future Hall of Famers and each man agreed to do their part in the match. In their match against the powerhouse duo of IZW Heavyweight Champion John O’Malley and the Wrecking Ball Shane Rawls, Rose and Ky-ote seemed to work well together. However, the miscommunications continued as Ky-ote almost ran into Rose but stopped. He was then pushed into Rose, stunning them both and allowing O’Malley to catch Ky-ote in the Burning Hammer to win. Rose and Ky-ote started to argue again as Rose pushed Ky-ote and vice versa. Rose asked him if he was after his belt or wanted to be a tag team before the men began to fight and had to be pulled off each other. What will happen between these two as the tension increases?


Ryan Ragsdale had a backstage interview with Co-Commissioner Sam Helton and showed him a video of Dustin Heritage being ambushed by Michael Barry as he was leaving the building. Barry told Heritage that he was here first and he should’ve quit when he was ahead. He then grabbed him by the hair and said, “Speaking of head, I’ll be back for this later.” Ragsdale asked Helton about this, but Helton was interrupted by Co-Commissioner Steve-O. Steve-O said that Barry was backed by Impact Inc and Helton couldn’t do anything about it. Helton then told him that they won’t get their way because he had a few surprises for them.


Later, a video was shown of Johnny Z talking to Steve-O. Steve-O told him that now that Bernie D had left and Johnny had fired Blake Albright, Impact Inc was down to them and Michael Barry. He told him that if he had been taking care of business instead of focusing on his issues with Bernie, then they wouldn’t be in this situation. He brought up the idea of Arrogant Money joining Impact Inc. Johnny said that there are no free passes, but if they could prove themselves, then they’re in. so Randy Price came out with Steve-O for his match. Steve-O said that he had looked all over for an opponent for Mr. Money to prove himself against, but Sam Helton came out instead. He said that Steve-O and Johnny Z were despicable and that Randy Price deserved “a good ass-kicking.” He then brought out his opponent, the Awesome One, Kevin Morgan. In the match, Morgan went for his Oklahoma Slam but O’Malley came out and distracted him. Price then hit a top rope blockbuster on Morgan to win and earn Arrogant Money’s place in Impact Inc. Morgan wasn’t happy about the Hate Machine’s actions, which is sure to have an effect on their upcoming No DQ match at Violent Valentine.


In a post-match interview, Ryan Ragsdale asked Price how important joining Impact Inc was to him. He said that it was as important as winning his Impact Division Championship and winning the Tag Team Championships. He said that Impact Inc had dominated for a long time and now he would do the same. In the main event, Brandon Groom took on Wage. Before the match, Wage again called out Carnage. During the match, Carnage’s music hit and got Wage’s attention. This allowed Groom to hit a missile dropkick for the win. When will Carnage and Wage finally meet face to face?


Some have been wondering lately where Johnny Z’s head is at. But when he came out for his match, he said he didn’t care what people thought. He didn’t want sympathy, saying his opponent would need it instead. He called himself the most important man in the company, and said he hadn’t wrestled lately because the people didn’t deserve it. He then took his frustrations out on Soto Miyagi. He hit him with devastating maneuvers but pulled Miyagi’s head up before the three count. As he was going for the Final Impact, Bernie D came out, which got Johnny’s attention immediately. This allowed Soto Miyagi to hook a schoolboy for the win. Johnny was beside himself, but this wasn’t the end of matters.


Later, Bernie faced off against Se7en. But Johnny came out during the match with a steel chair and attacked Bernie, causing the DQ. Johnny looked sadistic as he wailed on Bernie’s prone body. He then took off Bernie’s knee brace and viciously attacked his knee with the chair. He went to leave, but came back for more. Even as Bernie was being attended to, Johnny got in more shots. Johnny told the crowd that at Violent Valentine, he wasn’t just going to embarrass Bernie D, he would end his career. What condition will Bernie be in after this vicious attack? What is going through both men’s heads as their match nears? Whatever happens from now until Violent Valentine, this match is sure to be an important moment in both men’s careers.









Posted by Trent Garland


 New IZW Co-Commissioner Sam Helton began the show by inviting out the former Tag Team Champions, the New Age Syndicate, to the ring. The team said that they had been cheated a few weeks ago by the new Champions, BLK-OUT. Helton said that in order to be placed into the Tag Team Championship Ladder Match at Violent Valentine on February 13th, they would have to earn it. Helton had a team for the two to face, and Ky-ote Joe and IZW Impact Division Champion Eric Rose came to the ring. Last week, Ky-ote and Rose had a miscommunication issue in Ky-ote’s match. Rose came in to superkick Wage, but Wage moved and Rose hit Ky-ote, leading to Wage taking the win. Both men seemed to get along fine in the ring, but miscommunication surfaced again when Ky-ote accidentally kicked Rose. The Syndicate then threw Ky-ote out of the ring and hit their finisher on Rose for the win. Now the New Age Syndicate would be entered into the Tag Team Championship Ladder Match at Violent Valentine. Rose was angry at Ky-ote for what had happened, but when Ky-ote extended his hand, Rose shook it before walking off.


Next, Lars Manderson faced off against Dustin Heritage. The issues between Michael Barry and Dustin Heritage still seemed to linger as Barry came ringside during the match. At one point, he provided a distraction to Heritage, which resulted in Manderson getting the win. Heritage was not happy about the loss. Later, Michael Barry was set to take on Bernie D. Last week, Bernie stepped down as Co-Commissioner to get back in the ring and to challenge Johnny Z to a match at Violent Valentine. Heritage also came to the ring during this match and distracted Barry just like Barry had done to him. This led to Barry getting hit with a Sky High from Bernie and Bernie winning. What will come of the issues between Barry and Heritage?


The Future Hall of Famers came to the ring, minus the IZW Heavyweight Champion, John O’Malley. They proceeded to tell the crowd how great they were when Sam Helton came to the ring, and said that he had noticed that O’Malley wasn’t in attendance. But that wouldn’t stop him from putting Dane Griffin and Shane Rawls into matches that night. The Wrecking Ball would face Aaron Neil in a big match later, but the Revolutionary Dane Griffin would face The Awesome One, Kevin Morgan right then. Bad Brad Michaels got involved in the match and went to give Morgan a superkick but hit Dane Griffin on accident, which led to Morgan winning. The group were very upset at what had happened and Michaels grabbed a microphone. He said that someone would have to “pay for this” and sent Shane Rawls to find someone to make pay for what had happened. Rawls went looking and grabbed an unsuspecting security guard. He threw him into the ring and the group started beating on him. Griffin picked him up for an Alabama Slam. Then they picked him up for Michaels to hit him viciously in the head with a steel chair. After that, they said, “It’s not over,” before Michaels gave him a piledriver onto the steel chair. They left him lying in the ring before he had to be helped to the back. The Future Hall of Famers certainly made a statement with their actions after the match.


In Rawls’ match with the Real Deal, Bad Brad had accompanied Rawls to the ring. Michaels handed something to Rawls, but there was confusion and the item ended up in Neil’s hands. The referee disqualified Neil for what he saw, but Helton came out and said that the match wouldn’t end that way, before making it a No DQ Match. Unfortunately this allowed the Future Hall of Famers to interfere, teaming up to beat on Neil before Rawls caught him in an F-5 for the win. Bad Brad Michaels’ group must be having quite an effect on Aaron Neil, both physically and mentally.


The main event was a #1 Contender’s Tables Match between BLK-OUT and Arrogant Money to see who would face the New Age Syndicate at Violent Valentine. A team would have to put each member of the other team through tables to win the match. Price was eliminated when Montego Seeka gave him a Double Stomp through a table. BLK-OUT set Austin Tacious on a table and set up for a Tek-9 when Price pushed Seeka off the top through a table on the floor. This left one man to eliminate for each team. When BLK-OUT set Tacious up again for the Tek-9, the New Age Syndicate came to the ring and started beating on all four men with their kendo sticks. This caused the match to be ruled a No Contest. Helton then came out and said that it was clear that the New Age Syndicate was trying to make it so that they didn’t have to face either team. But he said that their IZW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match at Violent Valentine wouldn’t be against BLK-OUT or Arrogant Money…it would be a Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match. When they turned around, each team grabbed one of the Syndicate and threw them through tables. This huge match is on top of the already announced Johnny Z vs. Bernie D and Brandon Groom vs. Dane Griffin matches. Which of the three teams will leave the brutal Ladder Match with the IZW Tag Team Championships?











Posted by Jonathan B. Scott


 Last week, new IZW Tag Team Champions were crowned as the Midnight Rider and Soto Miyagi defeated the New Age Syndicate. Afterwards, the team took off their masks to reveal themselves as BLK-OUT. Co-Commissioner Steve-O started the show by calling them to the ring. He said last week was supposed to be a legitimate tag team match, but because of BLK-OUT’s actions, the match was illegitimate and never happened. He told them to lay the belts down or they would be fired. He called the New Age Syndicate to get their belts but Co-Commissioner Bernie D came out instead. He said that he gives BLK-OUT an “A for effort” but he had to agree with Steve-O. He said that the Tables Match for #1 Contendership would still be next week, but with BLK-OUT facing Arrogant Money. He announced that the winners would face the New Age Syndicate at Violent Valentine for the Tag Team Championship in a Ladder Match. As BLK-OUT left, Jermaine Johnson added, “This ain’t over by a long shot…you’re looking at the next tag champs.”


Bernie then discussed the announcement he talked about last night, the one that he said would shake the foundations of IZW. Bernie announced his startling decision to resign as Co-Commssioner. He said that he had talked to Johnny Z’s brother Jeff and Jeff had signed a new wrestler. This new wrestler had signed a lifetime contract and could not be fired. He said that he was this wrestler. He was allowed to name his replacement though, someone who understands discipline. He introduced the former Oklahoma Senator and new Co-Commissioner Sam Helton. Helton said that he knew how to keep people in line, and would have no trouble doing that with Johnny Z and Steve-O. Bernie then announced another match for Violent Valentine, one that the fans have been waiting to see…Bernie D versus Johnny Z. Bernie said that he would now be doing what he does best, and Helton would do his best for the IZW fans.


In a backstage video, Ky-ote Joe congratulated Eric Rose on his winning the Impact Division Championship. He told him that in the Ladder Match at Chaotic Christmas, he was this close to winning. Rose asked what that was supposed to mean, and Joe just told him that he would be the next Champion. Ky-ote had a match with Wage next. In an interview, Wage called out Carnage again and told him to come to IZW so he could tear him apart. Wage brought his chain to the ring, and after going at it, the two struggled for the chain. Eric Rose then came to the ring and went for a superkick on Wage but missed and hit Ky-ote which earned Wage the victory. Afterwards in an interview with Ryan Ragsdale, Ragsdale said he thought both men were friends. Ky-ote told Rose that he didn’t need his help and that he cost him the match. Rose said he didn’t do it on purpose and apologized. It remains to be seen what effect this has had on their relationship.


Later, Angel Williams was called to the ring. He hasn’t been seen since Chaotic Christmas and it was seen why when he came to the ring in a leg brace. The Widowmaker commented on his long absence last year and said that after his last match in April, he didn’t know whether to continue his twelve year career. But he received a call from Big Van Vader who asked him to watch out for his son Jesse recently. Williams said that he had no problem with that, but after doing so, he thanked the fans and said he would be stepping out of the business. Then, the newcomer Lars Manderson’s music hit. He called himself the “Immaculate” Lars Maderson and said that if Williams is looking to develop new talent, then he should look no further. Manderson tried to get Williams on his side, but Willaims said not quite yet, as he didn’t know who he was and asked him why he was standing in his ring. Manderson then attacked him from behind and went after Williams’ injured leg. Williams tried to fight back, but Manderson left the ring. Williams tried to invite him back in to fight, but Manderson told him, “Not while you’re hurt.” Next Michael Barry had a match with Dustin Heritage. Heritage wanted to get his hands on Barry again for taking his Impact Division Championship hostage when he had it. The match ended in a No Contest when both men continued to brawl after the referee’s warnings. Barry left smiling and said that he could beat heritage anytime.


 Brandon Groom came out and said that he made two promises: to share the IZW Championship and his recently won Christmas Cash with the fans. As he began handing his winnings to the crowd, the Future Hall of Famers came out. Bad Brad Michaels asked if Groom thought he would be getting a title shot and Groom replied saying that IZW Heavyweight Champion John O’Malley had hurt him but he is now %100. Michaels said that at %100, he’s not even close to any of the Future Hall of Famers. Bernie D came out and said that Michaels will do what he says. He said that Groom can’t have a title shot just yet, but someone in the back deserved it after being screwed at Chaotic Christmas. The Awesome One Kevin Morgan came out to the crowd’s approval. Bernie then made Brandon Groom versus Dane Griffin for Violent Valentine, and since O’Malley won with brass knuckles at Chaotic Christmas, Bernie made an IZW Championship match between Morgan and O’Malley, and made it a Brass Knuckles Match with the Future Hall of Famers banned from ringside. Bernie left while the men in the ring had a stand off. Michaels told his crew that it was time to go, but Dane Griffin came through the crowd and started a beatdown on Morgan and Groom involving all of Michaels’ men. Bernie D came out for the save with a steel chair in hand, but the Future Hall of Famers had stolen Groom’s Christmas Cash tournament winnings. Bernie announced that the main event for the evening would be a six man tag match with him, Morgan and Groom taking on the Future Hall of Famers.


 The Gifted Eric Rose and Double D came to the ring for an Impact Division Championship match. But Steve-O came out to say that Rose should defend the title, but asked who the hell Double D was. Steve-O sent him away so he could give the shot to someone who he said deserved it, Lars Manderson. Rose was able to retain, after which Angel Williams tried to come after Manderson. Members of the locker room tried to hold him back, but it was no use, as Williams unleashed a hellish beating on Manderson. But Manderson went after Williams’ injury again, this time with a steel chair. Members of the locker room came to help him to the back. It doesn’t look to be over between these two.


Ryan Ragsdale invited Johnny Z to the ring, wanting answers regarding Bernie D’s announcement. He said he didn’t care about Bernie’s new contract – he’d been wasting money on him for years and could continue to do so. He called Bernie a joke and said he didn’t belong in the ring. He had sacrificed singles glory to tag with him and keep him relevant. He said that come Violent Valentine, Bernie won’t embarrass himself, Johnny will do it for him. Later, Double D came back to the ring and said that despite what happened earlier, he is here for the people and offered an invitation to anyone in the back. Jermaine Johnson answered, and after a back and forth match, was able to pin Double D after reversing a crossbody. In an interview with Ryan Ragsdale, Johnson told the crowd that Arrogant Money would be going through tables next week because BLK-OUT are the uncrowned champions.


 The main event featured the Future Hall of Famers team of the Revolutionary Dane Griffin, the Wrecking Ball Shane Rawls, and IZW Heavyweight Champion John O’Malley taking on the team of the Awesome One Kevin Morgan, Brandon Groom and Bernie D. Bad Brad Michaels told the crowd to shut up or they would leave, and they ended up leaving. Bernie told them that it was his last night as Co-Commissioner, and they would come to the ring or be fired. The match then commenced. Near the end, O’Malley and Rawls fought with Morgan and Groom on the outside, distracting the referee and leaving Bernie and Griffin in the ring. Johnny Z then ran to the ring and tried to give Bernie the Final Impact, but Bernie hit him with a Sky High instead. Dane came at Bernie and caught the same move to lose the match. The card for Violent Valentine is beginning to take shape, including the long-awaited match between Johnny Z and Bernie D. next week will feature the #1 Contender’s Tables Match between BLK-OUT and Arrogant Money.









Posted by Jonathan Scott


 The new year for IZW began with a 10 Bell Salute to an Oklahoma Wrestling Legend, Dr. Death Steve Williams. Afterwards, Co-Commissioner Steve-O opened the show by entering the ring to announce IZW’s next big event, Violent Valentine, which will take place on Saturday, February 13th.


 Co-Commissioner Bernie D then interrupted Steve-O by coming to the ring and asking the three tag teams involved in the IZW Tag Team Championship picture to come out. Current Champions, the New Age Syndicate came out followed by Arrogant Money and then BLK-OUT. Bernie D announced that an IZW Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Tables Match would take place on January 16th, pitting the team of BLK-OUT against Arrogant Money. The winners will receive a match for the IZW Tag Team Championship at Violent Valentine. Also, tonight's show would feature two Captains matches as Jermaine Johnson would face Austin Tacious and Randy Price would take on Montego Seeka.


Steve-O, not one to be outdone, then said that the New Age Syndicate might not be champions much longer, as he had talked to two men earlier in the day that the crowd had not seen in a while. He dropped hints, saying they were quite the "freakshow", they used to be “all the rage” here and that the crowd would “really crow” about them, before saying that the Syndicate would put their championship on the line later that same night when they faced the returning team. Who would that team turn out to be?


The first Captains Match would have "High Energy" Jermaine Johnson take on Austin Tacious, but Tacious protested. He said that this protest was a "Direct demonstration of opposition to the tyranny that has been Bernie D's term as IZW Co-Commissioner", he isn’t a trained monkey and he doesn’t have to wrestle just because Bernie D said he had to. But he said that since it’s in the books, that's just fine. He proceeded to lie down on the mat for Johnson to cover him. Johnson didn’t like this and pinned him, but kept getting up before the three count. He said that instead of laying down, Tacious should just leave, and he would even hold the ropes open for him. But when Tacious stepped through with one leg, Johnson kicked the ropes, hitting Tacious where it counts. Johnson then hit a springboard elbow for the win.


"Mr. Money" Randy Price would face Montego Seeka next. The other halves of their teams accompanied them to the ring. During the match, Tacious tried to distract the referee but Johnson pulled him off of the apron. The distraction allowed Price to hit Seeka with a low blow and a roll-up for the win. After the match, Arrogant Money had an interview with Ryan Ragsdale. In regards to the upcoming # 1 Contender’s Match, Price said that there is no preparing for a Tables Match. They would just do what they always do, come out on top. He said that there might even be a Seed of Arrogance or a Piledriver delivered through a table.


Dane Griffin then came out alone to speak about the Future Hall of Famers. He acknowledged the recent absence of IZW Heavyweight Champion John O’Malley and said that the Future Hall of Famers do what they want and show up when they want. Bernie D came out and said that next week, an announcement will be made regarding the Heavyweight Championship. And if O’Malley isn’t in attendance, then he will be stripped of the IZW Heavyweight Championship. Bernie then made the main event for the evening, as Dane Griffin would take on Aaron Neil.


Wage was to take on Double D in the next match of the evening. This was the rubber match in the ongoing affair between these two and it showed in the way that these two seemed to know each other's every move. In the end though, Wage was one step ahead as he caught Double D with a vicious Hellevator to capture the win. After the match, Wage called out Carnage, saying that Carnage had put his nose in the wrong man’s business, and that all he could see in Carnage’s future is pain.


After the intermission, a video was shown of Bernie D being interviewed by Ryan Ragsdale. Bernie had promised to make an announcement regarding the future of IZW next week, but wouldn’t shed any light on that information. He only said that it will be important to not only the future of the company, but to the future of Bernie D as well. Johnny Z and Steve-O then interrupted and mocked the announcement. Johnny Z told Steve-O that the best thing for Bernie to do is to hand in his resignation. He told him to let the brains take control of IZW, and to step down and go home. Bernie said that if Johnny Z wanted to know what the announcement is, he’ll have to find out next week.


The New Age Syndicate then came out to defend their Championship. Steve-O followed and continued to hint to the crowd about who their opponents would be. They were not who the crowd expected at all… they were revealed to be the Midnite Rider and Soto Miyagi. The Syndicate laughed as they thought the match would be easy, and it seemed that way for much of the match. Then out of nowhere Soto Miyagi hit a facebreaker on one of the Syndicate. Then he and the Rider delivered a Tek-Nine to the other. The crowd didn’t know what to think as the unlikely team of Soto and the Rider got the win and became the new IZW Tag Team Champions. But then they took off their masks. The crowd erupted as they revealed themselves to be BLK-OUT. The team celebrated with the crowd, finally having won back the IZW Tag Team Championship. Ryan Ragsdale came to the ring and asked them about the upcoming # 1 Contender’s Match that they’re scheduled to be a part of. Jermaine Johnson said that they don’t know anything about a # 1 Contender’s Match. He said in two weeks they’ll still be celebrating, because “We got this.”


The main event would feature the "Revolutionary" Dane Griffin taking on the "Real Deal" Aaron Neil. Already having faced in numerous past battles these two immediately took it to each other, fighting in and around the ring. Eventually, Griffin left the ringside area and walked to the back, getting counted out in the process. Neil was frustrated with this, and in an interview after the match, it was pointed out to him that he hadn’t yet gotten his rematch for the IZW Heavyweight Championship. Aaron said that the only reason he isn’t IZW Champion is Shane Rawls. Neil said that Rawls is the first step to regaining his IZW Championship. He said that he had beaten one Future Hall of Famer tonight and he would beat two more in their very near future. At this point, Griffin ran back out and attacked Neil. The two fought some more before Neil was able to stop him and hit him with the Real Drill. Will Neil be able to regain the Championship he once held? What will happen with the Tag Team Championship picture? And what will Bernie D’s announcement turn out to be regarding the future of IZW?



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IZW in Lawton OK
IZW Aggression, our next huge show
IZW in Lawton OK
IZW Aggression, our next huge show