A Decade of Impact: The Impact Chamber

By Drew Archer

“Coronation: A Decade of Impact” on March 15 is highlighted by an Impact Chamber Match with the IZW Title on the line featuring ten of the most talented wrestlers on the Independent scene. For ten years the IZW Title has been built up through the blood, sweat and tears by each and every man that has ever held that prestigious championship. The rise of the IZW title has coincided with the ascent of IZW in general. Brick by brick the IZW Championship has been built up over a decade. March 15 is set up to be the most epic IZW Title Match in the ten year history of IZW as it will be contested in the unforgiving Impact Chamber featuring IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z, three former IZW Champions: “The Captain of the Force” Double D, “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan and O’Malley; two perennial contenders: “The Forgotten Champion” Copycat, “Big Business” Damon Windsor, along with multi-time IZW Tag Champions Striker (with Nathan Sensation) and “The Old School Sucka” Randy Price (with Bryan Cruize & Gary Tool) and “Bad” Brad Michaels (with Dexter Hardaway, Seth Allen and O’Malley). The ultimate underdog Soto Miyagi rounds out the lineup for the blockbuster match.


 The IZW Title has been held by some of the most accomplished and menacing wrestlers in the world who traveled up and down the roads of the Independent circuit over the past decade. Men who have made their mark in the business and cut out their own history John O’Malley, Aaron Neil, Big Van Vader, Michael Barry, Tommy Revell, Angel Williams, Kevin Morgan, Jermaine Johnson, Double D, The Convict and finally the current Champion Johnny Z. Ten years. Eleven men. Eleven men that will forever be linked in wrestling history. With ten men scheduled to compete in the Impact Chamber, chances are better than not that after March 15 there could very likely be a new name added to that storied list.


 The IZW Title has traveled all across Oklahoma and parts of Texas and since the broadcast partnership with GFL.tv since 2011, the IZW Title has also been won, loss and defended in front of fans across the globe. The IZW Title has been at stake in all different kinds of matches as well including Tournaments, 2 out of 3 Falls, Steel Cage, Falls Count Anywhere, Loser Leaves IZW, No DQ, Triple Threat, TLC, Title VS Title, Triple Threat TLC and more. But the Impact Chamber is a whole other ballgame. It’s different than any other match in professional wrestling. Ten feet high, more than two tons of raw, cold steel and a perilous and terrifying career ender throughout every square inch of its being.


 This Impact Chamber Match is the crown jewel of ten years’ worth of hard work, determination, drive and desire. I wanted to go straight to the sources to set the tone and get their take on “Coronation”, the Impact Chamber, what it would mean to win (or retain) the belt at “Coronation: A Decade of Impact” and how this would ultimately affect their legacy. And make no mistake about it, this is a legacy match. One that most likely will go down in history as the all-time greatest match in IZW history.


“It is only fair that I’m in the main event at ‘Coronation: A Decade of Impact’. I’ve been IZW Champion going on a full year now. You can’t mention IZW without also mentioning Johnny Z. I’ve been here since day one. I am IZW. I am Oklahoma wrestling. I am wrestling, period. ‘Coronation’ will be my greatest triumph as it’s not only a celebration of ten years of IZW, but more importantly a celebration of me and everything I have accomplished and all of the odds I have defied in a decade. Don’t miss me once again prove my greatness in the ring against nine other wrestlers and show why I am the Savior of Wrestling and ‘The Natural Born Leader’ and STILL the IZW Champion,” Johnny Z said.


“In my opinion, the IZW Championship is the most important championship in this business. Johnny Z has been IZW Champion for basically a full year now. That means he's the man to beat. He's got the biggest target on his back. Which also makes him the most dangerous. The Impact Chamber is the most dangerous match in IZW. Ten men locked in a cage, only one man can be the winner. It's brutal on the mind, as well as the body. You have to be willing to pay the price, if you even want to stand a chance. A Decade of Impact, 10-Man Impact Chamber for the IZW Championship. There's not a doubt in my mind that the Force will fill the arena and be at its strongest that night! This is a decade in the making. A decade of Impact. Ten men will enter the Impact Chamber with hopes of glory. Willing to fight. Willing to give every ounce of their blood, sweat and tears for the opportunity to lead IZW into the future as IZW Champion. Nine men will leave empty handed. One man will leave with it all,” Double D remarked.


“Winning the IZW Championship at ‘Coronation’ would make anyone’s career. That one win can cement a place in a long and storied IZW history. You aren't only winning a match, you're standing on top of a mountain of prestige a decade long. I have been IZW Champion. I know what kind of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice it takes to hold that belt. History speaks for itself. Only the best of the best have held that title. And THE best holds it now. Our Savior, ‘The Natural Born Leader’ Johnny Z. He has asked me to watch his back and ensure he walks out of the Chamber still holding the IZW Championship and that’s what I intend to do,” Morgan promised.


 The Impact Chamber is what you make it. It can be brutal but also beautiful. A graveyard or a launching pad. Nobody knows that more than “Big Business” Damon Windsor who has firsthand knowledge of how deadly the Chamber can be.


“The Impact Chamber changes lives and re-shapes careers. That match forces you to bring your game up to the next level. Nobody knows that more than me. At ‘Evolution’ 2013 I was the last man standing for my team. I've been in there, outnumbered, with the odds and the best in IZW against me and I came out victorious as the sole survivor. Had the title been on the line that night I would have walked out IZW Champion. Since that night I have been on a relentless journey toward becoming IZW Champion. No one in that Chamber can hold a candle to my fire. At ‘Coronation’, whether they're friend or foe I will not hesitate to rip the head off of anyone who gets in my way,” Windsor exclaimed.


“’Coronation’ is the term used for the beginning of a reign. The Brothers Righteous know it is not the beginning but the END OF DAYS! The Impact Chamber reveals all secrets! It shows the man you truly are. It breaks the facade that boastful men use as armor! Righteousness is our armor. Righteousness shall cleanse the Chamber! Righteousness shall make an Impact! We are RIGHTEOUS! And WE shall overcome!” O’Malley roared.


 O’Malley’s tag team partner, Striker chimed in with his own unique insights.


“The natural instinct of the morally destitute is to run away. Run away from the truth; from themselves. To hide from the consequences of their actions. On March 15th, ‘Coronation’, inside the Impact Chamber there will be no running, no hiding and absolutely no escape from the wrath of the righteous. To some, winning the IZW Championship would mean standing on top of the mountain, to be the top guy. To The Brothers Righteous, it will mean the end of days to all of the IZW World. The very world itself will change at that moment. On September 13, 2008 my partner at the time and myself lost the tag team titles inside the steel cage. That is the last time that I had an IZW title around my waist and also the last time I stepped into the Chamber. Five and a half years later I step back in the Chamber and this time one of us will walk out with the title. Johnny Z speaks about being the ‘Savior of Professional Wrestling’. I have no problem with him but if he stands in our way on March 15th, The Brothers Righteous have no problem crucifying the ‘Savior’ on the Tree of Righteousness,” Striker swore.


“March 15th is a Decade of Impact. Ten is the relevant number. Ten years of IZW. Ten men fighting in the Impact Chamber for the IZW Championship. Who’s going to win? Copycat! Copycat because I'm ten times better than Johnny Z, Soto Miyagi, Randy Price, Kevin Morgan, Striker, Double D, O`Malley, Brad Michaels, and Damon Windsor! I didn't come to IZW to be the ‘Forgotten Champion’, I came here to be the Champion! I go head to head with any man and never budge or back down. So love me or hate me, via ‘The Forgotten Champion’, via ‘The Worst in the World’, via a “Wild Card’. On March 15th at IZW’s ‘Coronation’ we hit ten years of IZW, and we begin the Decade of Copycat as the IZW Champion!” Copycat promised.


“This is MY time! I’m sick and tired of getting passed over. After all of these years I’m finally taking control of my destiny. The IZW World hasn’t seen anything yet. Winning the IZW Title at ‘Coronation’ is going to set everything right. With me, with IZW, with the world of professional wrestling in general. I don’t care who gets in my way. It can by Johnny Z, Double D, that crap flap “Bad” Brad or anybody else. 2014 is the year of Randy Price and no one is going to stop me,” Price added.


“’Coronation’ is so important for so many reasons. Over my career I have seen so many companies come and go. But IZW has been here for ten years and shows no signs of going anywhere. This event is a huge milestone. ‘Coronation’ will also mark the inaugural class of the Hall of Impact. What a special event to induct these three men into the Hall where they will forever be immortalized. Another honor that ensures your immortality in the annals of wrestling history is the IZW Championship. On this very same night, ‘Coronation’, Ten Years of Impact, ten men will enter the Impact Chamber, but only one will walk out as the IZW Champion. I have another shot at gaining that recognition, securing my spot in history and writing the final unfinished chapter in the book of Old School!” Michaels added


“I have proven I can end a match with one move, the Sorana. All the years of training in Japan and across America have led me here. To this once in a lifetime opportunity. I came to IZW for one reason, and that is to be champion. I’ve left everything I ever had back home in Japan to follow my dream and now that dream is within my grasp. Now after several years and a lot of hard work I am one win away from reaching my destiny. Anything is possible in America and I am living proof. On Saturday, March 15 I will defy the odds and become the new IZW Champion on the greatest stage in IZW history at ‘Coronation: A Decade of Impact!’”, Miyagi exclaimed.


 Ten men, with ten very different opinions on how the Impact Chamber Match will play out. All ten wrestlers will leave the Impact Arena battered, bruised and bloody. One will also leave as the IZW Champion. To see the culmination of a Decade Of Impact, order “Coronation” on March 15 on GFL.tv.




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