A New Impact Division Champion Emerges as IZW Heads Towards Redemption





 “The Widowmaker” Angel Williams began the show by coming to the ring to call out Wage. These two huge men will be clashing at Redemption on August 6th, but Williams did not want to wait. Wage then came to meet him, but Impact, Inc. entered the arena as well. IZW Commissioner Jeff Wolfenbarger (accompanied by Jermaine Johnson, Randy Price, and Michael Barry) told the two men that they needed to wait for Redemption. This prompted the “Real Deal” Aaron Neil to come out and run down all of Impact, Inc. Then, wanting to even up the odds, Double D came out, wanting to make a six-man tag team match from all the men gathered. As the tension escalated, the final man entered the Impact Arena…Johnny Z. As his brother Jeff kept trying to claim full ownership of IZW, Johnny set him straight. He announced that he would be the ring announcer for the evening. And since he was half-owner still, he would make whatever matches he pleased. This was in stark contrast to the previous show when Randy Price was in charge. He announced that the main event would see Impact Division Champion Michael Barry defend against fellow member of Impact, Inc. “Mr. Money,” as well as the 2010 IZW Superstar of the Year, Double D. But he also decided to have a match right then, pitting Angel Williams and Aaron Neil against Wage and IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson.


 Each of these men has significant matches at IZW’s Redemption. Wage and Angel Williams will face off in a singles match. Aaron Neil will take on Randy Price. If Price wins, he becomes the 2011 Impact Player of the Year. But if Neil wins, he finally gets his shot against Jermaine Johnson for the IZW Heavyweight Championship at the Danny Hodge Invitational. That is, if Jermaine Johnson is able to retain when he defends his Championship against Double D at Redemption. The four men fought it out in the ring, but the end came when Williams simultaneously hit Wage with a spear while Neil hit Johnson with the Real Drill. Redemption will have a big impact on the futures of these men.


 Kenny Campbell faced off against Dustin Heritage, but the match ended in a DQ when Campbell was attacked with a bat by a man dressed all in black. The same thing happened to Campbell a couple of weeks ago in a match. Who is this mysterious man and what is his issue with Kenny Campbell? Later in the evening, a backstage interview aired with Katy and Bernie D. in the interview, Bernie brought in IZW Hall of Famer Coach Gary Tool. He said that he knew he was asking a lot since Tool has been retired for years, but he was in serious need of a tag team partner to get revenge on IZW Tag Team Champions the Future Hall of Famers. Tool was taken aback by the request, but ultimately told Bernie that he retired for his family and even though he would love to help him, he just could not start wrestling again. As he walked off, Katy asked Bernie what he was going to do. An obviously frustrated Bernie could only say, “I don’t know.”


 Johnny Z was interrupted by Jordan Jacobs, who came out and demanded that the “Awesome One” Kevin Morgan came out to face him. He told him that he bowed to no one and that it ended tonight. Morgan came out and got right in his face, accepting the match by slapping him hard in the face. But Johnny Z then entered the ring, and saying that he owed Jacobs, declared himself the special referee. As the match went on and it looked like Morgan had the “Oklahoma Anaconda” down, Johnny declared the match a “No DQ” match and lowblowed Morgan before eventually hitting the Big Boot in the Corner. Jacobs then bicycle kicked Morgan in the face for the big win. It was an interesting display by Johnny Z towards Jacobs. Will the “Awesome One” be out for revenge on the “Oklahoma Anaconda?”


 The main event saw “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry defend his Impact Division Championship against “Mr. Money” Randy Price and Double D. As Johnny Z has recently said that Double D helped remind him why he got into the wrestling business, it was noteworthy to see him give Double D this opportunity against two of Johnny’s former colleagues. The match turned out to have numerous exciting moments, including a spot where each of the men took turns chopping each other’s chests, leaving them visibly bruised. But near the end, Johnny Z came in and just as Randy Price slipped away. hit Barry with the Big Boot in the Corner. This allowed Double D to get the pin and become the new Impact Division Champion. It was a huge moment for Double D as this is his first championship in IZW. This now makes his match against Jermaine Johnson at Redemption a Champion vs. Champion match. It has also been announced that both championships will be on the line. One of these two men will come out of the match as a dual champion. With one more show before Redemption on August 6th, what awaits the IZW superstars, as well as the IZW fans?




- Jonathan B. Scott



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