Aaron Neil Emerges as Third Member of Team Johnny Z





The Future Hall of Famers, Bad Brad Michaels and John O’Malley, entered the Impact Arena, minus the IZW Tag Team Championships that they lost at Redemption three weeks ago. Michaels said that they would not be making any more mistakes like they did in losing the Championships. He then proceeded to challenge the team who beat them, the Old School Suckers, to a rematch. Instead, Johnny Z came out and introduced his new partner in Team Johnny Z, Double D. Team Johnny Z will be facing Impact, Inc. in an eight man tag match at the Danny Hodge Invitational iPPV, but Johnny Z has not found his other two members yet. Johnny told the Future Hall of Famers that the match they wanted wouldn’t happen, as the Old Schools Suckers would be facing Impact, Inc.’s “Mr. Money” Randy Price and IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson in a first round qualifier for the Danny Hodge Invitational Tournament. But Johnny said that they would be in the main event that night – facing he and Double D.


 Later, in his search for the final members of Team Johnny Z, he approached an old rival, the “Real Deal” Aaron Neil. But when he asked him to join his team, Neil said that while a lot of people can forget the past, he couldn’t, and he left Johnny standing there. Later, the leader of Impact, Inc. and IZW Commissioner, Jeff Wolfenbarger, approached Aaron himself. He tried to persuade Aaron to join him instead, saying that maybe he would have a brighter future with him. He left, telling him to think about it.


 In the main event, Johnny Z and Double D faced the Future Hall of Famers. Michaels and O’Malley attacked the pair before the match even began. But eventually, Johnny was able to give Michaels a big boot off of the apron. O’Malley went for a powerbomb on Double D, but Double D reversed it into a roll-up. O’Malley was too big for him to get over though, so Johnny booted O’Malley in the face to allow Double D to roll him up and get the win. Afterwards, the Future Hall of Famers started to assault Johnny and Double D. Then Impact, Inc. came out to join them in the attack. But finally Aaron Neil ran to the ring with a steel chair while all the attackers scattered. He grabbed a mic, declaring that like he said before, he can’t forget the past. He and Johnny shared a brief stare down while the crowd quieted in anticipation. But then Neil said, “I’m not going to forget that I owe Impact, Inc. an ass-whoopin’. At the Danny Hodge Invitational, you’re looking at the third member of Team Johnny Z!” With this revelation, the three men along with Erica all raised their arms in the air, mocking the Impact, Inc. pose, much to the frustration of the group that they will be facing in mere weeks. Johnny Z has assembled quite the impressive team to face his former allies. Who will be the last member to join him in the fight?




-Jonathan B. Scott



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