August 18 IZW Preview on GFL



After the disgusting display by Impact Inc. last week, and the “funeral” for Johnny Z’s career at the end of the show, things looked pretty bleak for IZW. But unbeknownst to Impact Inc. the joke was really on them as Randy Price, Bryan Cruize and Double D gave Impact Inc. a taste of their own medicine as they put a whooping on the faction and ran them out of the ring and up the stage leaving them unable to finish their charade and mockery of Johnny Z. With “The Natural Born Leader” still recovering from injuries sustained at “Evolution”, it was a bright spot for the IZW faithful to see the promotion was still in good hands and stocked with wrestlers ready to fight the good fight and not completely overrun by the misfits and derelicts of Impact Inc.




This week’s live event promises to continue to raise the bar on what to expect from professional wrestling. What’s Impact Inc.’s next move? Could we be in store for more tricks and mind games or are they ready to go scorched earth on their opponents?



With just about a month until “Redemption” on September 15, and the historic TLC Match for the IZW World Title, how is Aaron Neil dealing with the pressure of facing his toughest test to date, as Jermaine Johnson and Double D are both breathing down his neck ready to snatch the World Title from his clutches. What about the Impact Division Champion, Damien Morte? Former champion Jordan Jacobs is going crazy ever since his loss to Morte a couple weeks back and with Morte’s challenger for “Redemption” still a mystery could Jacobs get his rematch? Where does Rage Logan fit into all of this? A man with Logan’s ego can only stay in the shadow of another wrestler for so long until he finally has a meltdown and goes ballistic.



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