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The August 18 edition of IZW TV on GFL started off with a BANG! Impact Inc., in full force, came down to the ring as Erica took the mic and prepared to make a huge announcement. Erica explained that not only did she get rid of Johnny Z, but she got rid of former IZW Commissioner and Impact Inc. leader, Brandon Bishop. In Erica’s words, she got rid of the two most egotistical men in wrestling. Erica explained that the faction was no longer Johnny Z’s Impact Inc. or Brandon Bishop’s Impact Inc., and furthermore that the whole federation was now Erica’s IZW. In Erica’s IZW, she doesn’t tolerate any version of Impact Inc. and since her faction is made up of the best of the best in IZW, they will now be recognized as Impact Elite. Each wrestler from the stable unveiled a new t-shirt and showed that indeed Impact Elite is for real and here to stay and is the best thing going in professional wrestling today. Erica also revealed that she is now the new Madam Commissioner of IZW.



In the main event, Jermaine Johnson and Double D defeated Big Business in a non-title match. The match was supposed to be a handicap match with Johnson versus Big Business, but Double D came down before the start to even the odds. Johnson was on fire from the beginning as last week Big Business slammed Johnson against a brick wall backstage making him unable to compete. Johnson had a few receipts to deliver and he did so with interest. Double D also wanted to make a statement as he has been jerked around by Erica for the last couple weeks and wanted to make it clear where his allegiance lies. Big Business used some power moves throughout the 20-minute match, but Johnson and D always had an answer for the more powerful duo, usually on the speed and quickness side. At one point, Johnson was ready to deliver the ES2 but Erica intervened and tripped him up ending what would have been a clear finisher for the match. Later, with the referee knocked out and Johnson lying motionless in the middle of the ring, Erica handed Damon Windsor a chair to finish the job, but at the last second the Old School Suckas came down to the ring and took the fight to Big Business. Windsor and Kevin Morgan each got cracked with the steel chair and then Double D hit Morgan with a cross-body from the top rope for the 1-2-3. The night started off on a high for Impact Elite, but ended on a low as they lost in the main event.



After the bout, Randy Price announced that at “Redemption”, for the IZW Tag Team Championship, it would be a Chairs Match between Big Business and the Old School Suckas.



In another featured bout, with the last week of Impact Division Champion’s Damien Morte’s “Follower” Stipulation from “Evolution” for Rage Logan, Morte had one more trick up his sleeve. After cutting Logan’s hair, making him wear a dress and do a silly dance, Morte saved the best for last. He challenged Logan to a match…a Blindfold Match. But the joke was on Logan once again as he was the only wrestler blindfolded. Morte stalked the blindfolded Logan and attacked at will. He even gave Logan a lowblow to stack the odds even more in his favor. Finally, Morte hit Logan with his finisher, a swinging leg neckbreaker that turned Logan’s lights out for good.



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