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What a surreal and long overdue happening we all shared last night. As the green of the canvas glared back into my thoughts, I couldn't help but relive just about every good, bad and controversial emotion I had ever shared in an IZW ring. The decade long chess game between Johnny Z and Myself, The wars I had with Johnny Z, Gary Tool, Aaron Neil and so many others... The fans that haven't forgotten me after all of these years... For a brief moment or two it was overwhelming, But I wasn't standing on that green canvas in order to spark old emotions or dive into nostalgia, I was sought and hired by an old friend with a chip on his shoulder to fill a position and I didn't let anyone down.


 A Month ago, if someone would have told me that I'd be standing in an IZW ring surrounded by the roster, my music blaring in the background with Valeri by my side, FINALLY afforded the opportunity to speak my mind, I would have laughed and referred whomever told me this to the nearest psyche ward. But a few weeks about I got a call from Jeff Wolfenbarger, An old friend and partner from the Early ACW days, he held the Commissioner position under his own brother Johnny Z, He knew his time was up, he wanted out, but he didn't want Johnny Z to gain the satisfaction of coming out on top of the issues they've been having. So what better way to stick it straight into the sub-cockles of his brothers heart than to hire a replacement in the form of the one person Johnny Z hasn't been able to push around, the one person that has ALWAYS one upped Johnny Z and the person that his brother loathes... ME! So Johnny must have burst a vital organ when I walked down his ramp, when my music kicked out of his speakers, as I stepped into his ring and made it my own. I only regret not being able to see his face light up like a florescent lightbulb when that time came... But Johnny's on the sidelines right now, he's my long term goal, I haven't forgotten the disrespect, I haven't cooled down the heat, I haven't forgiven him for anything in 6 years and when the time comes for Brandon Bishop and Johnny Z to get face to face in the IZW, the hatred, the drama, and the heat will be fully in tact, and there will have been no bigger moment in IZW history... I cannot wait Johnny ...




 In the meantime, Mr. Wolfenbarger indeed gave me quite a bit of footage to study and several notes. In those notes I concocted what seemingly was a HIT LIST.. A list of potential problems I may come across from MY new roster in IZW. I mean, The familiar faces I came across, John O'Malley, Aaron Neil, Bad Brad Michaels and others, I know they're all a bunch of drama, I know what pains in the asses they are, but I also know how to handle them and keep them in line, I've been doing it for a decade with them, The ones that concern me are these new kids, The Randy Price's, The Double D's and his little Puppy that follows him around, and several other, I don't know these people, but I've been hired to keep them in line or make them regret not following instruction. I have no problem doing this, I challenge you to find ANYONE in this business more capable of ruining someone's wrestling life, and sometimes personal life, than I am... Randy Price got just a small sampler plate of what I'm capable of, and that's without laying a finger on him, don't forget people, I haven't always been the executive commissioner type, I am a Wrestling Legend in Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado, if I decide to flick the switch and wear the boots in IZW, I'll be IZW Champion as soon as I feel like it... I am no one to mess with inside or outside the ring, but at this particular time I've been hired to do a job and there is NO ONE more qualified.


 So, this coming Saturday I'm asking every ACW fan here in Colorado to tune in to GFL.TV and see what they're missing. I left ACW because I lost faith in ACW, now my life revolves around IZW in Lawton, OK and not only will I take IZW to heights it hasn't been, I will show everyone here in Colorado what they're missing out on.


 In closing, I want to THANK Jeff Wolfenbarger for letting me write out this long awaited chapter in my career. At one point IZW meant the world to me, and that world was taken away by a cruel demon driven dictator with a "Z" in his last name. I never let it go, it's burned me alive for nearly 6 years, but now it's time to start setting fires. Johnny Z, I know you're a smart man, you've done amazing things since those early days running out of National Guard Armory's and Boy's a Girl's Clubs. To an extent I'm proud of you, but you made the ultimate mistake Johnny, You forgot where you came from and you burnt every bridge on your way back home. Now those distant ghosts from IZW past are in your home, haunting you. IZW is MINE now, and there's really not a damn thing you can do about it. But I know you won't go down without the fight of a lifetime, and I'm actually looking forward to it. Let this Chess Match begin Johnny, You may be the King, but please remember the King piece can only move one spot at a time, The Bishop can go just about anywhere.. You're a target Johnny, Don't expect to win this time... I'll be there this Saturday.... Will you?


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