Greetings from Mount Olympus



   This is the first installment of “Greetings” since my forced haircut, and I have to tell you, I’m in a bizarre state of mind. So much seems to be happening right now, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t know how to feel. We stand here on the cusp of IZW’s 9th anniversary, heading into the biggest show of the year, Coronation, and while the joy and excitement are palpable, there is a certain amount of trepidation that exists.

 Gone, are my long beautiful golden locks. Gone, is the little respect I had for that unholy b#@ch Erica. Gone, are the days when we at IZW believed that only good times were in our future. Now, we look at all this change and realize that though the immediate future may appear bleak, there is a light on the horizon just behind the storm. Coronation will be the start of IZW’s new and brighter future. New champions will be crowned, old scores will be settled, and monsters once thought to be unstoppable will be vanquished. The change that has been forced upon us can now be viewed in a positive light, as villains and heroes alike have revealed themselves for what they truly are. This is a classic case of getting AIDS and turning it into LemonAIDS. Wait…that doesn’t sound quite right, but you understand what I am saying. We are making the best of a bad situation.

 My hair may be gone, but it just reminded everyone that The Bronze Bull isn’t just ruggedly handsome, but flat out “Man Pretty”. My head may have been shaved, but it just made me faster. My locks may have been trimmed, but my resolve is stronger than ever. And Erica’s breath may be heinous, but it also is disgusting. At Coronation, The Bronze Bull will step into the ring with the Convict, a man that has caused unparalleled destruction in this business, but he is just a man. And like every other man that has attempted to dethrone Wrestling’s Demi-God, he will fall! And after I have beaten the Convict until he is an ugly orange jumpsuit full of sore bones, and sent him back to the prison yard he came from, I will then turn my attention where it belongs…and “The Rightful Queen of IZW” Madame Co-Commissioner Erica will soon join her goon on the long list of those who have tried to make their name by attacking The Bronze Bull…and failed!

 Coronation will be a celebration! A celebration of years of hard work and sacrifice paying off. A celebration of all the great things to come. A celebration of what is presently the most exciting and must see organization in all of wrestling. A celebration of…The Bronze Bull!



Greetings from Mount Olympus



     Considering the overall tone of the last edition of Greetings from Mount Olympus, or Greetings for short, I have decided that this week’s edition should be special. I felt that there was a kind of ominous undertone last week, and this time I would like to leave everyone on a more positive note. The subject of this week’s edition of Greetings will be…Madame Commissioner Erica. I know you are saying to yourself “I thought he said this would be positive?”, and it will be…I promise.

 No matter how you feel about Erica now; you have to admit she has come a long way. From the meek, starry-eyed, little scamp that never left the side of Double D, to the money grubbing, power hungry, dragon-breathed tramp she is today. My relationship with Erica has been full of ups and downs, but through it all she was at least smart enough to not step on the toes of the Bronze Bull…until now. Now, Erica and The Bronze Bull have entered a new phase of our relationship, a phase that finds Erica once again playing the part of “a woman scorned”, and The Bronze Bull as the target of her aggression. As many times as Erica has been rejected by men, you would think that by now she would have gotten used to it, or at very least have a thicker skin. But, she doesn’t, and as a consequence I now have to fend off her big dumb attack dog, The Convict.

 On the surface, one might think my quitting Impact Elite was a hastily made, poor business decision. After all, there is safety in numbers, and having the Co-Commissioner in my pocket could afford me great opportunities, not to mention job security. But, let us explore some of the pros of The Bronze Bull discarding Erica and her group of degenerate buffoons like the garbage they are.


#1.-I no longer have to share my razor with Erica when she decides to trim her mustache.


#2.- No more listening to her cry about how Double D dumped her, and pretending I care.


#3. - Never again will I have to crush an entire container of Tic-Tacs into a fine powder and sneak them into Erica’s smoothies.


#4. - No more lying to Erica when she asks if her tiara makes her look stupid.


#5. - I no longer have to worry about throwing up in my mouth when Erica talks about how pretty she is.


     I could go on and on about all the great things that I have to look forward to now that Erica and Impact Elite are just a bad memory for The Bronze Bull, but instead I will gaze into the future of The Bronze Bull. A future so bright I may just have to make a call to the Leader of the Hype section to borrow some of his shades. Erica IS just as dumb as she looks, but did she did manage to successfully eliminate The Bronze Bull from the Impact Player of the Year tournament by sicking her mindless minion The Convict on me. Now the future of The Bronze Bull is crystal clear. My sole focus is now on exposing Madame Commissioner for the petty, ignorant, disgusting, toxic breathed, little troll she is. This Saturday’s installment of IZW Live will NOT be one you will want to miss. Be there in person to see wrestling’s only demi-god, The Bronze Bull as I expose Madame Commissioner Erica live!




Greetings from Mount Olympus



The winds of change have come howling through IZW and every last inch of the Impact Arena has felt its icy touch. Change is often looked upon negatively by those that fear the unknown, but there are those who embrace change and welcome that which is not familiar.

 Sometimes change isn’t really change at all. Sometimes old friends reveal themselves for what they are, and as they shed the guise of novelty; they remind us of their true identities and intentions. Do not let yourself be fooled by those who are the provocateurs of “change”.  A wolf in sheep’s’ clothing never changed from being a wolf. The wolf just fooled you into believing it was something it was not, and then emerged as its’ true self.  It is not a sin to be fooled; it is a sin to stay fooled. It is important to not allow trickery to influence your ability to embrace real change. For real change can be great.

 The Bronze Bull, like so many others, has been affected by change and the semblance of change. But The Bronze Bull is now, what the Gods always intended for me to be. IZW is a brave new world with endless possibilities, and just like always The Bronze Bull will be here to usher in the new and squire away the old. Through everything you must realize that no matter what agent of change comes along; the one constant has been and always will be The Bronze Bull.



Greetings from Mount Olympus



 My actions as of late have been questioned by mortals. More specifically my actions towards IZW Wrestler have been questioned by mortals. To those who believe the actions of The Bronze Bull have been harsh, unfair, or over the top; I say “How dare you question me, my motives, or actions peasants”! NO ONE should EVER for a single second doubt that what I do is not only for the betterment of Impact Elite and IZW, but the world as a whole. Not only am I a great and powerful entity, but I am truly righteous and humble.

 IZW Wrestler, the man so many of you uninformed plebeians cheer for, is the most wretched, bottom feeding, natural born loser that has ever sullied the ring in IZW. And guess what? Despite the fact that Venus couldn’t stand the sight of him and pleaded with me several times to kick him to the curb, he still viewed her as his “true love”. Well too bad his “dear old Venus” “dear old died”, and he never was able to trick her into believing he was a man. I could literally wax poetic for hours about IZW Wrestler and his shortcomings, but instead I will turn the mirror of truth towards you the IZW world, so that you may see how you appear when you cheer for that man. When you root for IZW Wrestler you are supporting a man who tried to make a cuckold of the Bronze Bull by attempting to steal my recently departed bride-to-be. You are supporting a man whose greatest claim to fame was carrying my beautiful robes. You are supporting a man that turned his back on the ONLY person who ever showed him any empathy or compassion. I use the term “man” loosely when I speak of Bobby. My definition of a man does not in any way describe Bobby, and while we may not be able to determine whether or not Bobby is a man; we certainly know he is NOT immortal. He is NOT a God! He is NOT the Bronze Bull!

 On the 23rd day of this month, IZW presents the annual spring spectacular March Mayhem. On that day IZW Wrestler will find himself across the ring from The Bronze Bull in a Tables Match that he can’t even hope to appear competitive in, much less win. It won’t be so much of a match as it will be a public execution. I hope that everyone in attendance that night will savor the moment, and remember it for what it is. It won’t just be the end of IZW Wrestler, but the end of an era. March Mayhem will be the last time you will see the Bronze Bull’s time occupied by someone who is clearly not on MY level. It will truly be the beginning of the era of the Bronze Bull…but until then…Bobby won’t go unnoticed. He will be dealt with, and if he is lucky he WON’T make it to March Mayhem.



Greetings from Mount Olympus



 The definition of Betrayal is:

1. To deliver or expose to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty

2. To be unfaithful in guarding, maintaining, or fulfilling

3. To disappoint the hopes or expectations of; be disloyal to


By all definitions of the word, “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler betrayed The Bronze Bull!

He was treacherously disloyal, he was unfaithful, and he definitely disappointed my hopes and expectations. But I don’t think betrayal is a strong enough word. If a person were to turn their back on their MOTHER, the person who gave them life, it wouldn’t be just a simple betrayal. THAT would be considered EVIL. I say IZW Wrestler is evil incarnate! After all, is there any difference in one betraying their own mother and Bobby betraying me? Much like a mother, I breathed life into “The Brass Bull”. I birthed him from my bronze womb and made him what he is today. I consulted with the Council of the Gods and allowed Bobby to become my apprentice. I took a poor lowly little wretch that no one even noticed was alive and I ALLOWED him to tag along with The Bronze Bull and learn from the very best.


 And how was I treated for my efforts? How did Bobby repay all of the time and effort I put towards making him my apprentice? Bobby ruined and disgraced a consecrated time honored tradition of paying respect to a lost loved one with a ceremony by popping out of a casket and sucker punching his friends as we gathered to remember the loss of my bride to be. In one fell swoop he turned his back on The Bronze Bull, Impact Elite, The Golden Trinity, and the memory of The Golden Goddess Venus, but most importantly he betrayed The Bronze Bull! As great as I am even I cannot see what the future holds for IZW Wrestler, but I know that from this day forward “The Brass Bull” is dead to me. He is as dead as disco, as dead as my trust in humanity, as dead as Venus. Just as I gave “The Brass Bull” life, I will take it away. There is no more “Brass Bull”, and IZW Wrestler will pay for his disloyal behavior, and the world will go on just as it did before, when no one even knew who he was.



Greetings from Mount Olympus



       Underdogs are always popular…for a time. Then, after all of the novelty wears off, after everyone comes back down to reality, you are left with mediocrity. By definition, underdogs are nothing more than a fad, a trend at best. Underdogs are only interesting when they have a chance to do something that is normally out of the realm of possibility for them, and when the inevitable happens…when that underdog’s dream is over, and they come crashing back down to earth with the rest of the mortals, they go back to being just like everyone else, and the run is over.


       When I look at the current state of the IZW Championship, I am filled with not only disgust, but a tiny bit of admiration for Double D. I mean, he honest to the Gods believes he deserves to be champion. As unbelievable as that sounds, he really does. Which is what concerns me the most. When Chaotic Christmas arrives, and Double D. finds himself standing across the ring from the Bronze Bull, he will be forced to acknowledge that his ride as the beloved underdog champion is indeed over forever. No amount of false bravado, no amount of fan support, and no amount of luck will change the outcome of that historic night for Double D. It’s not so much the night of Chaotic Christmas that Double D. should be worried about it’s the day after. What will Double D. do when the one thing that made him “special” is taken away from him? What will become of IZW’s favorite son when he has been weighed, measured, and found wanting?


       The IZW Championship is a “birth rite” for me. It is my destiny to win the IZW Championship for an extraordinary seventh time, just like the six times before. But, even without the IZW Championship the Bronze Bull is the most elite, feared, and exceptional talent in ALL of wrestling. Double D. is NONE of those things. So, the question is, “What’s next for Double D.”? Well, the Bronze Bull is more than just a man… more than just an unprecedented performer…I am also a great humanitarian. I will show compassion for Double D. I will devote a portion of my spectacular brain to thinking of things for Double D. to do after he is no longer champion. Just off the top of my beautiful, brilliant head I can think of at least three things that Double D. can do after he is no longer important: 1. Prison barber, I am not sure what qualifications are required for this position, but I am sure Madame Commissioner Erica can pull some strings like she has with The Convict. 2. Star Trek fact checker, this is definitely NOT a job Double D. is qualified for, but I hope with the help of Google, he can overcome his ignorance. 3. The Bronze Bull’s robe consultant, though you wouldn’t be a consultant in the traditional sense, I would find it in my fantastically charitable heart to just give you a job, so you won’t completely fade from the memories of the IZW faithful.


       The Bronze Bull is certain that with the right help, Double D. will find a life after being IZW Champion, it just won’t be as a wrestler. Chaotic Christmas is not only the night The Bronze Bull conquers the wrestling world for the seventh time, it will also be the last time the fans of IZW will have a chance to bid farewell to one of their own. Chaotic Christmas won’t only be a celebration for the Bronze Bull, but a goodbye party for Double D.




Greetings from Mount Olympus

(Preview Edition)



     There is much news in the land of the Bronze Bull! So many things to address, I barely know where to begin. I will officially convey my thoughts to the IZW fans this Saturday at the Impact Arena, but right now I will offer a preview to that message. This will be a candid look into the mind of the Bronze Bull.


     The most recent edition of IZW live saw the face to face confrontation between yours truly, the Bronze Bull, and the self-proclaimed “Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z. I feel that “confrontation” is the wrong word to use in this context, as it was more of a “performance” than a “confrontation”. For those of you fortunate enough to witness this encounter live no explanation is needed, but for those of you who are not privy to the happenings at the last IZW spectacular allow me to enlighten you. The air of the Impact Arena was thick with anticipation as the Bronze Bull regally strode past the endless rows of ungrateful peasants on his way to the ring. The Bronze Bull then demanded that Johnny Z come to the ring and offer an explanation for his actions. The Bronze Bull felt an explanation was warranted considering Johnny Z felt it was necessary to lock himself inside a steel cage with the Bronze Bull at Halloween Hangover on November 3rd. Johnny Z did answer when I beckoned, but instead of offering up an explanation, Johnny launched into a performance that would have surely earned him an academy award. It was quite a performance, complete with cracking voice, flushed cheeks, and honest to god tears.


     “The Natural Born Leader” wasted no time in painting himself as a victim in order to elicit sympathy from the masses crowded into the impact arena that night. And fueled by the ill-advised encouragement of his fans, Johnny then began his emotion filled quasi tough guy routine. He accused the Bronze Bull of orchestrating the attack on him in the cage at the conclusion of the Impact Chamber match at Evolution in July, but stated I was too much of a coward to swing the chair myself. To which the Bronze Bull says “You are lucky it was NOT the Bronze Bull swinging that chair, because you would still be in a hospital bed if I had”.


     Johnny Z lead everyone on a journey down memory lane, and with his eyes veiled in tears, explained to everyone that he and the Bronze Bull used to be friends, and the Bronze Bull was there when Johnny’s little baby boy was born. But, the Bronze Bull never even called him when he was lying at home unable to even hold that same little boy after what happened to him at Evolution. Johnny Z wants the Bronze Bull to feel guilty because he and the Bronze Bull used to be “friends”. “Friends”, John? Were we really “friends”? Is it “friendly” to force the Bronze Bull to defend his beloved IZW Championship against two men at the same time? Is “friendship what drove you to blatantly and maliciously align yourself against the Bronze Bull? Is it your deep feelings of friendship towards the Bronze Bull that drives you to thwart all my efforts to regain the IZW Championship?


     John even went as far as to claim that the Bronze Bull had “lost a step”, and was jealous of others like Jermaine Johnson and Double D. This accusation is almost too ludicrous to even acknowledge, but I feel it is important to set the record straight. To say the Bronze Bull is even capable of an emotion like envy is a stretch, but to state that I’m jealous of Jermaine Johnson and Double D. is like saying a hammer is jealous of a nail. Here are two guys, which Johnny claims, have surpassed me, yet he has done everything in his power to coddle and protect both of these two neophytes from having to compete against me one on one. He said so himself when he made his return. The whole reason he sealed his own fate by locking himself inside of a steel cage with the Bronze Bull at Halloween Hangover is a feeble attempt to “soften me up” going into the Monsters’ Bash Battle Royale against his “Golden Boy” Double D. And since Johnny likes to reminisce about days gone by so much let us not forget that despite having the help of Johnny Z, Jermaine Johnson STILL couldn’t get the job done against the Bronze Bull no matter how many opportunities Johnny Z gave him.


     Once you look past the awe inspiring dramatic performance, the tears, the emotion, the history that exist between the Bronze Bull and Johnny Z, you will see Johnny for what he is.You will find a man that time has passed by. You will see a man who is so desperate to remain relevant in his own company that he abuses his power in order to pit himself against the biggest star IZW has ever seen. The Bronze Bull has lost a step? Coming from you John, that is nothing short of laughable, considering it wasn’t that long ago you quite literally “lost a step”, and almost your entire leg. Apparently getting your head smashed by a steel chair in the Impact Chamber has caused you to lose your mind as well. That is the only explanation for the decisions you have made. What has happened in the past is of no concern to the Bronze Bull. The only thing that matters now Johnny, is that on November 3rd at Halloween Hangover, when you step inside that steel cage with the Bronze Bull, you will be exposed for everything you truly are. A sad, manipulative, megalomaniac, who has become so delusional you actually believe that you are some sort of obstacle to the Bronze Bull. You are not even close to being on the Bronze Bull’s level! You don’t deserve to even sniff the same ring that the Bronze Bull graces with his presence! November 3rd will be the day everyone else will see you for what you truly are, and as you lie on the canvas that is stained with your blood, your pain ravaged body trembling, you will look up at the figure of the Bronze Bull standing over you, and you will choke out one final plea for mercy, to which the Bronze Bull will whisper “No”...



Greetings from Mount Olympus



     IZW is abuzz after the happenings at last weeks’ installment of IZW live! Rumors, innuendo, and speculation have run rampant since the amazing news coming out of last week! Whether, via Twitter, Tout, Facebook, text, telephone, or tell a friend; everyone has been asking me the same question. Everyone wants to know what I think about what happened last week. “How will you respond to what took place last week at the Impact Arena Bronze Bull”? , One of the several faceless forgettable fans asked me.  To which I responded, “Away with thee peasant”! And continued whatever extremely important demi-god task was at hand. But, I am in a giving mood. And, as an extra special treat I will include with this edition of Greetings from Mount Olympus, a response to the question that all of IZW is dying to hear me answer.  But, first…


     The locker rooms at the Impact Arena are overflowing with talent! At the head of it all is Impact Elite and The Bronze Bull. The collective of IZW stand at the ready for the Halloween Hangover Monster’s Bash where for the first time ever the IZW Championship will be defended in the over the top rope elimination, thirty wrestler, Main-Event extravaganza. The champion, Double D, will be the first participant to enter the ring for this bout, and in order to retain the Championship he must somehow some way, survive twenty-nine other competitors. That alone offers almost insurmountable odds…even more difficult when you take into consideration the most elite faction in wrestling today, Impact Elite, will make its presence felt…and the odds become impossible for Double D when you realize entering the Monsters’ Bash at number thirty will be the one and only Bronze Freakin Bull! So, congratulations Double D! Though you will be among others who have become but a footnote in the telling of the Bronze Bull Championship Epic, you will forever be remembered as the most beatable champion in the history of IZW.


 Now… my response.


     Yes, IZW has seen its ranks grow by one. Yes, it appears things have changed a little. Yes, I will respond to all of it… when I am ready. I am not sure when people began thinking they could demand anything from the Bronze Bull, but let me assure you it all ends now! I don’t care if the clouds part, thunder crashes, lightning fills the sky, and Zeus himself descends from the heavens… NO ONE calls out the Bronze Bull! I said it last week in front of the entire impact arena and in front of the world watching on, I will do things on the Bronze Bull’s time, whenever the Bronze Bull is good and ready to do it!


     This week all those wise enough to show up to the Impact Arena or tune in live on will witness the Bronze Bull grace the wrestling world yet again with his presence. The Bronze Bull will answer all questions that may exist. Despite what changes may have been made to Halloween Hangover I can promise the outcome of the Monster’s Bash Battle Royale will be the same as I have always said it would…in the end…your new…SEVEN TIME…IZW Champion will be the Bronze Bull!




Greetings from Mount Olympus



     I am not one to brag or boast, but it is a fact that I am great. For a second though, let us look past all of those qualities I possess that make me great. Look past my overwhelming unparalleled power, look past my incredible athleticism, look past my vaunted charm and charisma, look past my uncanny wit and intellect, even look past my unbridled talent. All of these characteristics have vaulted me to heights never before seen by anyone in IZW, but let us focus on the trait that is truly unique to the Bronze Bull. Though there are few who are blessed with similar power, athleticism, charisma, intellect, and talent; NONE can even attempt to compare their AGGRESSION to my own.


     Aggression is an attribute that separates those who want to be good from those who desire greatness. Aggression cannot be faked. You either have it or you do not. I cannot, will not, settle for being good. I cannot, will not grow complacent and allow myself to divert from the path of greatness I began traveling so many years ago. It was my aggression, which pushed me to capture my first IZW Championship, and then five more times after that. It was my aggression that allowed me to conquer the entire country of Japan. It was my aggression, which guided me as I vanquished such legendary foes as Big Van Vader, Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Lawler, Al Snow, etc... It is my aggression that has allowed me to leave a path of carnage in my wake that has never before been seen. And it will be my aggression that will once again drive me to recapture the IZW Heavyweight Championship yet again.


      As important as the IZW Heavyweight Championship is in this immortal saga, my aggression is guided now by more than my desire to once again regain my title. When I fix my gaze upon Double D I don’t just see a man who has stolen my Championship, I see a blasphemer who turned his back on true love. I see a degenerate who spat in the face of authority. I see a scared little boy whose ambition and immaturity has thrust him into waters that possess depth he cannot possibly comprehend, much less navigate his way through.


     I will now take this opportunity to convey congratulations to Double D personally. Congrats Double D. Congratulations on becoming the object of my aggression. Congrats on becoming the focal point of Madame Commissioner Erica’s scorn. Congratulations on allowing yourself to become a sacrificial lamb, led to slaughter by the encouragement of your fans. But above all else Double D, congratulations on cementing your place in history. Your name WILL be remembered. Generations from now, when the story is retold by those not fortunate enough to witness it firsthand, the name of Double D will be echoed throughout eternity as a cautionary tale to those foolhardy enough to believe that they can defy the odds. Simply put Double D, you will be remembered as a footnote in the epic of the Bronze Bull.


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