Halloween Hangover Begins to Take Shape as IZW Live Streams Free Weekly





After the huge success of it’s first iPPV, the Danny Hodge Invitational, IZW’s next iPPV is beginning to take shape. Halloween Hangover arrives on Saturday, November 5th, and features the annual Monster’s Bash Battle Royal, showcasing every member of the IZW roster. Besides this huge match where the winner receives a shot at Jermaine Johnson’s Heavyweight Championship, the rest of the card has begun to take shape, as two big matches were announced this past week on IZW Live.


 At the beginning of the evening, Impact, Inc. came to the ring to discuss their victory over Team Johnny Z at the Danny Hodge Invitational. This victory came largely from the double crossing of IZW’s newest superstar, “The Shooter” Brent Albright. The “Real Deal” Aaron Neil, part of Team Johnny Z, had referred to Albright as IZW’s version of Judas Iscariot, and came to the ring to confront him. Both men eventually went at each other’s throats and wanted to fight that night, but IZW Commissioner wouldn’t let it happen yet, and booked it for Halloween Hangover. Later in the evening, Katy invited the “Oklahoma Anaconda” Jordan Jacobs to the ring to talk about his entrance into the Monster’s Bash Battle Royal. After announcing his intentions to leave with a Heavyweight Championship shot, he was interrupted by Brent Albright. Albright said that if anyone understood fighting to get what they wanted, it was him. He said that he had wanted to fight earlier that night, but it got delayed, and he still wanted to fight which started an impromptu match between the two. Jacobs gave it his all, but fell prey to Albright’s vicious Crowbar submission hold. After the match, he put the Crowbar back on and refused to let go, threatening to injure Jacobs’ arm severely, which prompted Aaron Neil to run out to try to make the save.


Later, Neil wrestled the “Awesome One” Kevin Morgan, and after two of the biggest men in the company battled back and forth, a video came on the screen of Albright trying to get Neil’s attention and then attacking Jacobs again in the back with the Crowbar again. He kept the hold on Jacobs’ already hurt arm for quite some time while Neil left the ring to try to stop him. Another video showed afterwards of Neil checking on the injured Jacobs and then angrily searching for Albright, before being ambushed by him. Albright beat him viciously before telling him, “The mind games have just begun.” What will happen on the way to the showdown between these two men?


 Double D was the latest guest on Jermaine Johnson’s segment, All About Me. Double D challenged Johnson for his Heavyweight Championship, but Johnson didn’t want to have anything to do with that at first. So Double D made a proposal…if he could pin Johnson, he would get his shot at Halloween Hangover. Johnson agreed. Double had plenty on his plate for that evening, as he had to defend his Impact Division Championship against “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry. As it looked like Double D was about to win with his top rope crossbody, Johnson ran out and grabbed his leg. While Johnson distracted the referee, Barry hit Double D with the belt and pinned him, regaining the Championship that Double D had taken from him. Johnson then decided that he would give Double D his match right then. But as Johnson went for a suplex right off the bat, Double D rolled him up for the quick pin, much to the dismay of Johnson. So despite losing the Impact Division Championship to Michael Barry, Double D has a chance to become the new Heavyweight Champion.


 So now, besides the Monster’s Bash Battle Royal, two other matches have been made. The “Real Deal” Aaron Neil will take on “The Shooter” Brent Albright. Also, Jermaine Johnson will defend his Heavyweight Championship against Double D. And now, IZW Live is featured on GFL.tv every week for free to our fans. If you can’t see the show in person, you can view the entire show from home. Don’t miss a moment as IZW continues to gain both fans and momentum.


 -Jonathan B. Scott



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