Halloween Hangover only Two weeks Away





The full card is now set for IZW’s Halloween Hangover on Saturday, November 5th. The show, broadcasting live on GFL.tv, will be headlined by the Monster’s Bash Battle Royal. But the show now will also feature four other matches, all with significant implications to IZW and its superstars.


 On October 15th, the situation between John O’Malley and the Future Hall of Famers came to a head. Bad Brad Michaels was suddenly alone in the Impact Arena without the rest of his group when O’Malley revealed that both Dustin Heritage and Kenny Campbell were in his possession. This shocked Michaels as he spent the rest of the evening trying to avoid the wrath of O’Malley. In the first match of the evening, Michaels faced the “Real Deal” Aaron Neil in a hard fought battle. But Michaels was distracted when O’Malley’s music hit, allowing Neil to hit the Real Drill for the win. Next, as Jordan Jacobs was backstage being interviewed by Niki Knight, Michaels bumped into him, still looking for O’Malley. Jacobs taunted him and challenged him to a match, which Michaels only accepted after accusing Jacobs of being a “smart ass.” A few minutes into this match, O’Malley’s music hit again. Michaels thought he was too smart this time, but O’Malley actually ran out and charged the ring, causing Michaels to leave the ring and run out the front door of the arena. Jacobs won by countout, but the real matter at hand is the fact that Bad Brad Michaels will now face former ally John O’Malley at Halloween Hangover, one-on-one. Now that it seems Kenny Campbell and Dustin Heritage won’t be around to back him up, how will Michaels react when he finally has to get into the ring with the very dangerous O’Malley?


 This coming week we will see a mixed tag match as IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson and Starr take on Double D and Erica. This will lead into Double D attempting to defeat Johnson for the Heavyweight Championship at Halloween Hangover. Erica and Starr will face off in a triple threat match with another female wrestler who has yet to be named. Also at Halloween Hangover, Aaron Neil will face “the Shooter” Brent Albright after weeks of tension between the two. This makes four matches in addition to the Monster’s Bash Battle Royal. Now that the card has taken shape, there are only two more shows before Halloween Hangover. What will transpire as IZW and its superstars get ready for one of the biggest events of the year?




- Jonathan B. Scott



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