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Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW) presented its fall classic Halloween Hangover and delivered another tremendous event keeping with the high standards that IZW has set. For those of you who missed it you will want to order this PPV on video on demand at Many scores were settled and several new rivalries began in this 3+ hour pro wrestling extravaganza. Halloween Hangover had everything you could want as a wrestling fan.


In the main event, IZW delivered the quintessential battle royal, the Monsters Bash, to the feverish fans at the sold out Impact Zone in Lawton, Oklahoma and broadcasting worldwide on iPPV at With every active IZW Superstar competing in the ring, this was the most competitive, dramatic, jaw dropping Monsters Bash in the eight-year history of IZW. The final man standing in the ring would become the #1 Contender for the Heavyweight Championship and challenge for the title at IZW’s next pay-per-view, Chaotic Christmas on December 17. But before we can get to all the details of the main event, we have to talk about some the previous matches of the night, including the return to PPV in singles competition of WWE and ROH veteran Brent Albright and of course the battle for the IZW Heavyweight Championship.



In the opening match of the night, and one of the most eagerly anticipated showdowns, “The Shooter” Brent Albright defeated fan-favorite “The Real Deal” Aaron Neil. The bout was back and forth between these two alpha males, as each stayed true to their Oklahoma roots, delivering a knock down drag out fight. This bout showed that no one in the business wrestles a Mid-South style like these two. After a tit for tat exchange of punches, forearms, slams and spinebusters, Neil managed to secure a Boston Crab submission and forced Albright to tapout. Unfortunately for “The Real Deal”, the referee did not see Albright submit. Albright then turned the tables by applying in his patented finisher, the Crowbar (Fuijiwara armbar), on Neil. Neil somehow managed to scramble up to his feet and deliver the Real Drill, leaving Albright motionless on the canvas. But that would not be enough to pin “The Shooter” as Neil went for another Real Drill to finish the match, but Albright reversed it and landed an Air Raid Crash for the 1-2-3. This match took a physical toll on both men who were pretty banged up after.



In the co-main event, IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson retained his title by defeating Double D. The stipulations were clear in this match that if Johnson or his clique, Impact Inc., did anything to get disqualified that the IZW belt would change hands. Double D started out fast knocking Johnson from pillar to post and wrestling circles around him. Things looked worse for the Champion as Impact Inc.’s manager, Jeff Wolfenbarger, retreated to the dressing room midway through the match leaving Johnson alone, for the first time in a long time, in a true one on one matchup with his opponent. Johnson’s “fight or flight” instincts must have kicked in because the champion made a 180 degree turn and started to fire back at Double D with everything in his arsenal. Johnson finally started to take advantage of his size and throw Double D around the ring and land some bone rattling forearms and slams. It was back and forth until the end. The final series of moves included a devastating attack including a spinning heel kick and standing dropkick by Double D, culminating in the Defacer. But to his credit, Johnson kicked out. Double D then went up to the top rope to deliver what should have been the match ending cross-body, but the crafty Champ was able to roll through the move ending up on top for the pinfall. With the victory, Johnson defends his title yet again, a title he has now held for a year, and in defeat Double D can never again challenge for the IZW Heavyweight Title.



It was finally time for the main event. After overcoming almost insurmountable odds “The Real Deal” Aaron Neil won the Monsters Bash Battle Royal, in what was the most grueling match in IZW history. Neil was the #1 Entry into the bout and had already suffered a devastating loss earlier in the night to Albright, but somehow he put that match out of his mind as well as the bumps and bruises he took in it and reeled off one of the most dramatic victories in his career. Neil was a workhorse and had to deal with uneven odds throughout the contest as at times he was ganged up on three to one. But the “Brass Bull” dug deep and managed to outlast everybody until it was down to him and his opponent from earlier in the night, Brent Albright, as the final two in the ring. After catching and slamming Albright off of the top rope, Neil once again hoisted up Albright into the air and slung him over the top rope. But the cagey veteran, Albright, would not go away quietly as he hung on the top rope for dear life. It was only after a series of concussive right hands that Albright finally let go of the rope and fell to the ground, giving Neil the victory. Or so everyone thought.



IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson came down to the ring as the final entrant into the Monsters Bash. But before he and Neil locked up, Neil took a vicious beating from all of Impact Inc. Then just as Johnson was about to throw Neil over the top rope, one, final entrant made his appearance. In the jaw-dropping moment of the night, Johnny Z returned to IZW! Johnson and Z traded haymakers back and forth until Johnny Z landed a DDT. Johnny Z then cleared the ring of Impact Inc. members and absolutely crushed Johnson with the Big Boot. After knocking Johnson into next week, Johnny Z did a Superman dive out of the ring crashing down on the other members of Impact Inc. while also eliminating himself from the Monsters Bash. During the melee, Aaron Neil had a chance to recover and picked up Johnson and delivered him outside of the ring onto Impact Inc., courtesy of the Real Drill for the victory!



Nobody does rough and tumble, old school style wrestling like IZW. If you are a fan of Mid-South and the old NWA then you have to order this PPV. It’s a throwback to a time when pro wrestling was at its best. If you missed it live, don’t worry. You can order Halloween Hangover on video on demand and witness all of the highs and lows, as these grapplers get down and dirty and show the world what Impact Zone Wrestling is all about! Order the replay now at



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