Impact, Inc. Sets Out on Mission to Stop Team Johnny Z





With only one show to go until IZW’s first ever iPPV, the Danny Hodge Invitational Tournament, there are still significant questions to be answered. What teams will be in the tournament at the Pay-Per-View? Now that Aaron Neil has been revealed as a member of Team Johnny Z in the eight-man tag match against Impact, Inc., who will the final member be?


 With two weeks to go until the Pay-Per-View, Double D successfully defended the Impact Division Championship against the “Awesome One” Kevin Morgan. With Rage Logan injured, Nemesis is in search of another partner for Damien Morte in the Tournament. They only have until the show before the Tournament, as they are in a First Round Qualifier against the Future Hall of Famers. Shoutin’ Shawn McHale tried to recruit Soto Miyagi, but Nemesis attacked him instead. They then tried to recruit the “Real Deal” Aaron Neil, but Neil would have no part of it either. This led to a match between Neil and Morte which Neil was able to win. In other news for the Tag Tournament, the newly formed team of “The Vulture” Kenny Campbell and Dustin Heritage defeated the Midnight Rider and Soto Miyagi in a First Round Qualifier, then proceeded to tell the crowd and the other teams involved that they would win the Tournament. The teams involved currently include the Old School Suckers and Campbell and Heritage. What other teams will maneuver their way into the Tournament to meet them?


 Displeased about Aaron Neil’s addition to Team Johnny Z, IZW Commissioner and leader of Impact, Inc. Jeff Wolfenbarger gave his men individual missions. He told IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson to find out who the last member of the team would be. He then told “Mr. Money” Randy Price to take out a current member of the team. Johnson tried to do some investigative work by inviting the “Oklahoma Anaconda” Jordan Jacobs onto his live installment of “All About Me.” Johnson suspected that his former protégé would join Team Johnny Z, but Jacobs told him that it was none of his business. The tension escalated before Jacobs finally challenged Johnson to put his Championship on the line that night, asking him whether he was too scared. But Johnson accepted, and after the two brawled on the stage, Johnson eventually picked up the win with both the Energy Shot and the Cobra Stretch.


 Randy Price took his mission straight to the leader of the team, challenging Johnny Z to a match in the main event. The former Impact, Inc. associates battled as Price tried to take out the top dog. Jermaine Johnson eventually made his way to the ring, which prompted Erica to run out and pull him off the apron. Then Aaron Neil entered the ring and hit Price with the Real Drill. Johnny Z made the cover for the win. The members of Impact, Inc.’s team for the Danny Hodge Invitational are set. But who will join Johnny Z, Double D and Aaron Neil in the eight-man tag match? How will an already frustrated Impact, Inc. react when the answer is revealed? Find out Saturday, September 10th as IZW heads toward its monumental internet Pay-Per-View debut.




-Jonathan B. Scott



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