In Depth Interview with IZW Superstar Double D




“For IZW to go mainstream would be the ultimate dream come true.”




Nobody illustrates the fire and passion of Oklahoma’s Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW) like Double D. Voted Superstar of the Year by the fans in back to back years (2010, 2011), Double D has become one of the most popular wrestlers in the Mid-South territory, and has quickly become the Peoples’ Champion in IZW.



Like most professionals, the former Impact Division Champion got the wrestling bug early in life. “For as long as I can remember, I've been a fan of professional wrestling. I have an older brother and some of my earliest memories are of the two of us watching wrestling on Saturday mornings. I already knew then, that I wanted to be a pro wrestler when I grew up. I played baseball and basketball, but nothing caught my heart like pro wrestling,” Double D said.



Like any pro wrestler chasing a dream on the Independent circuit, Double D is focused on being able to work for an organization that is seen on a national level. “My ultimate goal in professional wrestling is to make my living through it. Growing up my goal was always the WWE. That goal is still there and it's something I work toward, literally, every day of my life,” Double D mentioned. But with IZW’s partnership with the GFL Combat Sports Network and a worldwide broadcasting deal on the opportunity to work for a company that is expanding literally on a weekly basis, the dream of being a full time professional wrestler might be closer to home. “I would love for IZW to really take off. I feel like we have a very strong product that measures up to any other company in the country,” Double D continued.



“I think the fact that IZW is able to be seen all over the world on is huge. People need to see this show. If you are a fan of professional wrestling, I guarantee you'll love IZW. It also helps the individual wrestlers get their names out in the world and possibly be seen by people who normally wouldn't get to see us unless they live in this region. Nothing but positives in my opinion. It really gives IZW a chance to really go for it. It's beyond exciting to be a part of,” Double D added.



It’s been a whirlwind for Double D, who’s only been in the business for a few years. “I began training in 2009. I trained under Tom Jones in Oklahoma City, which is actually where I met Erica for the first time. She started training a couple of weeks after me. I continued my training with IZW when I started working there. Being trained by Tom Jones really gave me a firm grasp on the basics, but when I went to IZW is when I really began to learn a lot and come into my own. For anyone wanting to get into professional wrestling, I would very highly recommend IZW's Impact Academy,” Double D said.



Double D’s quick ascension into the top echelon of Independent wrestling is a rarity in a business that is famous for being hard to break in to and even harder to excel in. D’s career speaks to his focus, determination, grappling skills and ability to connect with the fans in a way that not everybody can. It’s even more incredible when you consider he won IZW Superstar of the Year and Most Popular Superstar in his first full year as a professional. Like every success story, there is no magic recipe. It usually comes down to hard work; doing the things that your peers won’t and grinding ahead no matter what obstacles lay in front of you.


“There are a lot of challenging things that come with being in this business. There's the travel. Time away from family. The injuries of course. Every time you step into that ring you're basically putting your life on the line. Injuries happen often. It's just the nature of the beast. You have to give 100% of yourself to this business if you want to succeed. You have to eat it, breathe it, and live it. To say it's a lifestyle change is an understatement,” Double D replied.



Regardless of the difficulties that each wrestler must navigate around, Double D is confident in himself and his opportunity with IZW. “I see myself on the rise in IZW. Since day one, I've busted my ass to make something of myself. It hasn't been easy given my size. This is a big man's game. However, what I lack in size, I more than make up for in heart, determination, and grit,” Double D said.



D sports a 6’1” frame with a wiry build which is a lot more durable than some wrestlers who have bulging muscles and are ripped to shreds. If you think Double D is a bit on the lean side now, you should have seen him in 2009. “When I first broke in to this business, I was only 130 pounds. Now I'm 195 pounds. My training regimen is basically a 24/7 deal. I'm building size, so I'm eating a high protein diet. I basically eat as a job now, not because of hunger. I've really never felt better health-wise in my life,” Double D remarked.



There’s no doubt that Double D has been blessed to work with some great wrestlers during his time with IZW. In 2010 his feud with “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z won Feud of the Year. It was a rivalry that set the territory on fire, as at the time, Johnny Z was the most hated heel in Oklahoma. It got so violent between the two that Double D’s valet, Erica, was thrown into the mix and a Steel Cage Match between Double D and Johnny Z was needed to decide Erica’s future and end the blood feud between the two alpha males. Then in 2011, Double D feuded with then IZW Heavyweight Champion, Jermaine Johnson over the top championship in the company. Johnson was ultimately successful in defending his title, but Double D pushed Johnson to the limit in a tremendous match at Halloween Hangover, (available On Demand at Double D ended 2011 on a high note by defeating former NWA World Champion and WWE and ROH vet, Brent Albright, in a No Holds Barred/No DQ Match at Chaotic Christmas (available On Demand at The victory was a huge career moment for Double D as it was the only singles loss Albright suffered during his IZW tenure. All signs point to 2012 as being Double D’s biggest year as a professional wrestler. For fans, that’s a great thing.


So far the New Year has produced more questions than answers as a feud with current Impact Division Champion Rage Logan has been overshadowed by a Mystery Man who keeps sticking his nose in Double D’s business. It started on the January 14 edition of IZW (available On Demand at in the main event, when Double D was about to deliver a top rope cross-body onto Logan and win the championship when all of the lights suddenly went off in the building. Double D was then blindsided and attacked in the middle of the ring. Once the lights returned, Double D was laid out in the middle of the ring, unconscious. The trend continued on the January 21 edition (available On Demand at when Double D was wrestling Kevin Morgan. The lights went out again when Double D had the advantage and when they returned Morgan seized the opportunity and hit Double D with a choke slam for the pinfall. IZW Commissioner Brandon Bishop made a Triple Threat Match for IZW’s next iPPV, Violent Valentine, on February 11. It will be Rage Logan defending his title against Double D and the Mystery Man.



For Double D, life is pretty good right now.



“Every time I hear the chants, feel the electricity from the fans, it pushes me harder and harder towards my goals. There's nothing like it in the world. I absolutely love the fans. My ultimate goal in IZW is to become the IZW Heavyweight Champion. That's the ultimate honor. To all of my fans out there, I honestly want to say ‘thank you’. It's because of the fans that we exist as pro wrestlers. To any potential fans, I suggest you check out IZW every Saturday night. Live on Or if you're in the area come on over to 1009 SW F in Lawton, Oklahoma. The show starts at 7 pm Central time. And definitely make sure you check out our next iPPV, Violent Valentine, Saturday February 11th, 7 pm Central time. Together we can change the world of professional wrestling. IZW is the company that is going to do just that,” Double D concluded.


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