In the Aftermath of Evolution, A Moment that Fans Thought Would Never Occur


 In the aftermath of Evolution, IZW definitely seems to be on a new pathway. After Double D was finally able to defeat Johnny Z in the steel cage, winning back Erica in the process, how would Johnny Z react? With the return of Bad Brad Michaels to the Future Hall of Famers, what would his mission be alongside of John O’Malley? Who would win in the rematch for the Impact Division Championship between Kenny Campbell and new Champion Michael Barry? These questions were all answered before the end of the night, when a completely stunning and unexpected moment occurred.


 Aaron Neil started the show by soundly defeating Soto Miyagi before calling out the IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson. “The Real Deal” still has his shot at the Championship from winning the Impact Player of the Year Tournament and he is more than ready to cash it in. Commissioner Jeff Wolfenbarger stated that Aaron had lost his shot in the previous weeks. He then stated that if Aaron wins a match against an unnamed opponent on July 9th. Later in the evening, “The Oklahoma Anaconda” Jordan Jacobs took on “Mr. Money” Randy Price. Price was part of Impact, Inc.’s attack on Jordan Jacobs, so Jacobs had a score to settle with him. But Mr. Money’s newfound aggression was too much for the Oklahoma Anaconda that night, who defeated Jacobs with a Blockbuster Neckbreaker from the second rope.


 After winning the 5-Way Scramble match to become the new Impact Division Champion, “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry had to defend against the former champion, “The Vulture” Kenny Campbell. Barry never pinned Campbell in the 5-Way, but Campbell still lost his championship after a six-month reign. He tried to regain it in the match, but Barry decided to take the easy way out by slapping the referee. The referee went down and Campbell hit Barry with his finisher to take him out. But instead of counting the pin, the referee disqualified Barry, so the title did not change hands. This further infuriated the Vulture, who attacked Barry after the match leaving with championship belt. How will Mr/ Saturday Night react this Saturday?


 After the surprising return of Bad Brad Michaels to the Future Hall of Famers and to IZW, the fans were unaware of his intentions. But after managing the group the last time he was in IZW, on this night he entered the Impact Arena in wrestling gear. After “The Hate Machine” John O’Malley defeated Bernie D last week, the Future Hall of Famers earned a shot at the Tag Team Championships. Michaels is his new partner, perhaps forming the strongest incarnation of the group to date. The two men came out and attacked Bernie D, who’s tag team partner, Max McGuirk, has still not returned after he was attacked. Aaron Neil made the save and offered to help Bernie, and the Championship match was on. Bernie D and The Real Deal put up a fight, until Mr. Money took Aaron Neil out of the equation by luring him away from ringside. In the end, Michaels took the win with a spectacular springboard DDT. The Future Hall of Famers are the new Tag Team Champions and they will certainly be hard to stop.


 But the truly stunning moment centered around Johnny Z and his relationship with Impact, Inc. At the beginning of the night, in an installment of “Catching Some Z’s with Johnny Z,” Johnny invited his guest, Double D, to the ring. Double D expected to be attacked, but Johnny simply shook his hand and left the ring. He then ordered the surprised Impact, Inc. to exit the ring and leave Double D untouched. Double D had no idea what to think. In the main event, Double D faced Jermaine Jonson. During the match, Michael Barry and Randy Price ran to the ring. Double D dove onto both men, but was soon overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, winning by DQ. After Impact, Inc. began to attack him, Johnny Z made his way to the ring, with the group he founded serving The 2010 Superstar of the Year to the man he defeated just 1 week prior in a steel cage match. Doing absolutly nothing to Double D, he then allowed him to leave. This left Johnny Z in the center of the ring surrounded by the group that he has led for years, who were more than confused by their leader’s actions. And then, out of nowhere, Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson smashed Johnny Z in the skull with his championship belt. Then Johnny’s brother Jeff Wolfenbarger picked his brother up…and slammed him down with The Attorney Drop. They then left him lying face-down in the ring. The crowd was nearly speechless. After all these years, Impact, Inc. turned on Johnny Z for his actions. What could this mean for Impact, Inc…and what could this mean for the “Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z? Be there Saturday July 2nd to find out, as the Evolution of IZW Unfolds!




- Jonathan B. Scott



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