IZW Adrenaline April 19th Review

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April 19th was proof positive that you cannot miss a single edition of IZW Adrenaline! This night saw huge changes to not only the card for IZW Sudden Impact May 17th but also to the entire landscape of IZW!


The night’s surprises started right off the bat as Madame Commissioner Erica (with some sly coercion from the #1 Shawn McHale) made a huge Impact Division Championship match for Sudden Impact. She stated that IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows would put his title on the line against Luke Langley, Angel Camacho and Randy Price in a 4-way Impact Scramble match. This would be a huge task for The Urban Legend to overcome and Randy Price wasted no time in letting Gallows know that he intended on walking out of Sudden Impact the new Impact Division Champion. Gallows has never been one to back down from a challenge and reminded Price and the IZW World that he won the last Impact Scramble match to become the Impact Division Champion. But he wanted more than to talk to Price as he then challenged Price to a match right then and there and even agreed to put his Impact Division Championship on the line.


So in the opening contest the IZW World was treated to an impromptu Impact Rules Impact Division Championship match. The two men started off the contest showing that they are quite evenly matched as far as in-ring skill goes. Gallows displayed his quickness, going for several early pinfall attempts to throw Price of his game plan. Price did his best to slow the pace of the match down but Gallows dove between the ropes right on top of The Old School Sucka who was taking a breather outside the ring. Gallows showed why he is the champion of the ever-dangerous Impact Division as he took Price all around the ring slinging him into the announcer’s table, steel steps and rock-hard retainer wall. The two men fought their way to the stage where Gallows suplexed Price right onto the Impact Arena ramp way. Price tried to utilize a steel chair but even that was unsuccessful as Gallows was one step ahead at every turn. However patience was a virtue for Randy as Gallows’ high-octane offense started to take its toll on Gallows as well. As Gallows started to slow down, Price took advantage and avoided a charge from Gallows, sending the Impact Division Champion head first into the top turnbuckle. Price rolled up the stunned Gallows and, with two feet placed firmly on the ropes, pinned Gallows to become the new Impact Division Champion! Most people would have been elated and celebrated that title win but Price decided he wasn’t done. He attacked Gallows with the title belt and then smashed him repeatedly with a steel chair and polished it off with a Splash from the Past. One thing is for sure, this new streak of aggression has paid off huge for Price as he now will move on to Sudden Impact and the 4-Way Impact Scramble as the reigning champion.


The Sexy Camachos were in the house again in the form of Angel and Roberto, who each were looking for redemption for the loss their family suffered when Vinny & Roberto lost to the IZW Tag Team Champions Team Bull. Angel was the first to try his hand against one of the Bulls as he took on “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler.   Bobby tried to muster power from the gods early but was overpowered by Big, Bad and Sexy. Camacho used his girth to his advantage, slamming his full body weight into Starr at every opportunity. Camacho missed a giant leg drop that would’ve surely squashed The Brass Bull and Starr sprung to life, firing punches, kicks and elbows at the larger Camacho. Angel absorbed the punishment and connected with a massive belly-to-belly throw to put Starr back down. Bobby refused to give up, firing back at every opportunity. Starr used his inhumanly hard head to ground Camacho and scaled the top rope to connect with a diving headbutt but Camacho moved out of the way. He scooped Starr onto his shoulders and slammed him face first onto the mat then climbed to the top rope and delivered the Big, Bad & Sexy Splash for an impressive win. A victory over one-half of the IZW Tag Team Champions is not only a taste of redemption for last week but also gives Camacho huge momentum going into the Impact Scramble match at Sudden Impact.


In the latest installment of the Lights Out Lounge Jordan Jacobs dropped a bombshell saying that his guest would be “The Natural Born Leader” Johhny Z. The familiar music of Johnny Z rang through the arena but as time passed it was apparent that Johnny Z wasn’t coming. Jacobs went on to say that this was a worldwide plea for Johnny Z to return to Impact Elite. As Jacobs plead to Tahiti, New York, and several other locations to tell him if they’d seen his savior, Kevin Morgan burst through the curtain absolutely irate! Morgan demanded that Jacobs tell him where Johnny Z was. He was extremely upset that Jacobs would toy with his emotions by saying that Johnny Z was coming back tonight. Jacobs immediately started backpedaling and assured Morgan that what he did was in the best interest of getting Z back. He told Kevin that only with a combined effort of all of Impact Elite, when they win the Impact Player of the Year Tournament and The IZW Championship at IZW Sudden Impact would they finally have their savior back.


Miss Diss Lexia was the next competitor in action as the IZW World would see its second championship match of the night when Lexia took on The Queen of IZW Paige Turner. Lexia seemed extremely confident going into this title match as she danced around the champion to try to psyche out Turner. That confidence was well deserved as Lexia displayed an effective mix of speed and strength, gaining the advantage on Paige. Paige raked the eyes of Lexia to gain momentary control but was driven to the mat and got caught in a guillotine choke. Lexia then hit a vicious backbreaker and was showing off some impressive submission skill when Paige reached into her wealth of wrestling knowledge and reversed into a cross-face chicken wing. Lexia used her strength advantage to fight out and hoist Turner up and deliver her patented Walk-Side Slam and with the count of three the IZW world saw its second title change of the night! As Miss Diss Lexia celebrated, Madame Commissioner Erica took the microphone and informed Lexia that her first title defense would be a no disqualification match against the cancer ridden Madame Commssioner. Not only would it be no disqualification but it would start right now. As Lexia readied herself for action, Paige Turner attacked her from behind, leaving her prone to a pin from Erica who stole the title away from the newly crowned champion. Madame Commissioner has once again used her power to her advantage to become the Queen of IZW.


As Erica patted herself on the back for her newly regained title, we were shown a video from earlier in the day of Damon Windsor having a flirtatious conversation with IZW ring announcer AnnaLynn Storm. The two have had a budding friendship since AnnaLynn was injured late in 2013 and Windsor came to her aid. AnnaLynn’s father Striker however, cut this conversation short, butting in between the two and went on to run down his daughter for her boisterous and provocative outfits. Windsor stepped in to defend Storm and almost came to blows with one half of the Brothers Righteous until Storm begged the two to stop. Windsor agreed and left but not before planting a big kiss of the lips of Storm which only further infuriated Striker who was steaming as Storm held him back.


Next up, Roberto Camacho would look to gain revenge and redeem himself in hi primo Angel’s eyes as he took on the other half of the IZW Tag Team Champion, The Bronze Bull.  The Bronze Bull’s experience in the ring allowed him to out-wrestle Camacho and have a little fun with the newly christened “Freshly Hot & Heavy”. Bull rustled Roberto’s precious curly hair, chopped the skin off his chest and twisted Roberto’s prominent nipple area and drug him around the ring by the ever-so-sensitive area. Roberto didn’t come to play on this night though. He stopped Bronze Bull’s momentum with a hard back elbow and followed up with a splash and a big body slam. Camacho caught Bull in a big bear hug, looking to sap the strength from IZW’s resident demi-god but Bull fought out and almost cut Roberto in half with a spear. Bull connected with a discuss punch and was gearing up to put Camacho away when  Roberto’s cousin Angel jumped on the apron distracting the tag team champion long enough for Roberto to connect with a running splash in the corner. As Bull lay prone, Roberto climbed to the second rope and delivered an excruciating second-rope Booty-Bomb squashing Bull underneath the entirety of his weight. Even the Bronze Bull couldn’t kick out after that and Roberto got what may be the biggest singles win of his young career.


This brought us to our main event of the night as IZW Champion Double D and Impact Player of the Year semi-finalist Damon Windsor teamed up to take on the duo of another Impact Player of the Year semi-finalist Jordan Jacobs and the man who will challenge for the IZW Championship at Sudden Impact “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan. D and Windsor didn’t wait long in starting with the mind games against Impact Elite, encouraging the IZW World to chant “where’s John”. This infuriated Morgan and Jacobs who jumped their opponents but were quickly out maneuvered and both ejected from the ring. As they tried to regroup the crowd wouldn’t allow it as they continued to taunt the leaderless Impact Elite. When the action got restarted it was Damon Windsor taking a decided advantage over Jordan Jacobs, delivering stinging right hands and tossing Jacobs all around the ring before bringing in the “Captain of the Force” for a big double suplex. Jacobs tried to fight back with a knife-edge chop but as the IZW World knows, you don’t trade chops with Double D. D lit up “Lights Out” with blistering chops and shortly afterward connected with a echoing Force Chop which took Jacobs off his feet. Jacobs was able to escape a crossbody attempt and get Kevin Morgan into the ring, Morgan took little time dropping bombs on the IZW Champion. Morgan then tried to choke the life out of the champion as he still blames D for the disappearance of Johnny Z. D got out of harm’s way and tagged in Windsor who landed some stiff shots and his trademark elbow/forearm combination in the corner which had Morgan reeling. Windsor tagged in D who looked to hit a top-rope head scissors but got caught and tossed by Morgan. The Image of Fear showed his smarts from his years as a tag team wrestler by immediately isolating D in his corner and tagging in Jacobs. Impact Elite took  turns choking and gouging at D, keeping the nimble champion grounded and unable to mount an offense. D took a quick opportunity to flip out of a belly-to-back suplex and nail Morgan with a spinning heel kick but Morgan stopped him just shy of being able to make a tag. Jacobs then came in and battered D with some impressive kicks and strikes. Time and again  D would be inches from tagging out to the fresh Windsor but Impact Elite would tear him away when he was within reach. Morgan launched Double D into the air but D changed direction in mid air and caught Morgan with a dropkick and then an enzugiri and was finally able to make the tag. Windsor came in hot, nailing Morgan with a flurry of strikes and clotheslining the big man off his feet. Jacobs tried to interfere but caught a Big Time Slam for his trouble. In the mayhem, both Windsor and Jacobs wound up on the floor, which left the two men who will fight for the IZW Championship at Sudden Impact alone in the ring . Kevin planted the champion with a powerslam and looked to be about to put D away when the crowd erupted at the sound of Johnny Z’s music. No one reacted bigger than Morgan though, he completely abandoned his attack on D and awaited the return of his savior. But once again Morgan would be left disappointed as when the music stopped Damon Windsor was once again laughing at The Image of Fear. Morgan was enraged that Windsor would play with something so dear to hi and went to attack but Double D caught Morgan with a knee which sent him stumbling into a Chokeslam from Windsor and a Crossbody from D to seal the deal.


No matter how dominant or scarily strong Morgan may be, it seems as if the loss of his savior has cost Morgan his focus. He’d better find a way to focus fast as we are only a few weeks away from Sudden Impact where he gets the chance to win the IZW Championship, which he prays will bring back his savior. But with the roll Double D is on, taking the IZW Championship from around the waist of The Captain of the Force may require a miracle all in its own.



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