IZW Adrenaline Aug 23rd Review

  After the events of the Impact Chamber there were many questions to be answered. But there was one thing that the IZW World was certain of and that was there was a brand new IZW Champion in Johnny Z.


  Adrenaline would start with a public address from Z, who seemed extremely pleased with himself and the success of his master plan to once again reign over the IZW World.  Johnny Z was again preaching the message of the savior to those in the Impact Arena but didn’t get much out before Jordan Jacobs made his way to the ring with a proposition. Jacobs heard Z say that he didn’t want to defend his IZW Championship against Jermaine Johnson at Redemption and proposed that The Natural Born Leader put his title on the line against Jacobs and then when “Lights Out” beat him, it be Johnson VS Jacobs September 20th. Z called Jacobs’ idea laughable and but after Jacobs and the IZW World mocked his manhood Z accepted the title match but stipulated it start immediately.


  Z was visibly irritated by the mere presence of Jacobs and used his superior size to ground Jacobs and try to nullify his high-speed offense. When Jacobs tried to turn up the RPM’s Johnny took a trio to the outside to slow things back down. He took his eyes off Jacobs though and Jacobs dove off the top rope to the floor right on top of the IZW Champion. Jacobs took the fight to Z but it turned into a brawl on the outside which heavily favors the size and fighting style of Z, who was able to regain control and force the match back in his favor. Z tried to hit a superplex but Jordan escaped and nailed a desperation missile dropkick from the top. This momentum shift didn’t last long though as Z evaded a yakuza kick and planted Jacobs head first with a DDT. Z got the superplex he was looking for earlier and took firm control of the contest. Z beat Jacobs all the way around the ring and cut off every attempt at a rally that Jacobs tried to put together. Jacobs scored with a pair of double-knee shots but could never capitalize enough to really get the upper hand. His biggest opening came as Z missed a top-rope leg drop and Jacobs drilled him with his sliding knees in the corner and a diving leg lariat. Jacobs mounted Z and drove a series of punches down onto the IZW Champion but Z showed the moxy that makes him so dangerous and scooped Jacobs up and hit a huge sit-out powerbomb. Jacobs kicked out but rose up slowly, using the ropes for assistance. Z hit the ropes to deliver the Big Boot in the Corner but Jacobs ducked out of the way. He dispensed with Mark Wilson, who tried to interfere and then hit a bicycle kick straight to the jaw of the Natural Born Leader. Jacobs fell into the cover but Z kicked out at the very last moment. Lights Out knew he had the champ on the ropes and just needed one last big move to seal the deal. Jacobs went to the top and leapt off but Z caught him with a boot and both men crashed to the mat in exhaustion. Z had Wilson retrieve the IZW Championship belt and went to clock Jacobs with it but IZW official George Knight had seen enough, he snatched the belt from Z’s hands and told the champ he wasn’t about to let him get himself disqualified. Enraged, Z shoved Knight but lost track of Jacobs who rolled him up from behind. Knight hit the mat, counted the three and just like that Jordan Jacobs was the new IZW Champion!!!


  Z refused to leave the ring, protesting that the contest wasn’t officiated fairly. Mark Wilson raced to the back and reappeared with another IZW official. Wilson had the production truck replay the end of the match, insisting that the count by Knight was unfairly fast. Z and Wilson had the footage replayed time and time again. This brought out the #1 Shawn McHale; he conversed with the other IZW referee and decided the count did seem a little fast. McHale questioned George Knight, asking if he fast-counted the fall. After showing his frustration with the situation Knight admitted to the fast-count. Shawn McHale had no choice but to not only put Knight on probation but he also had the unfortunate duty to strip Jordan Jacobs of his title and reverse the decision.  McHale wasn’t about to let this be the end of the story though. The #1 stated that there would be a rematch on the next edition of Adrenaline where Johnny Z would once again defend his IZW Championship against “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs. However, this time if Johnny Z gets himself disqualified he will lose the IZW Championship and it will be Jordan Jacobs VS Jermaine Johnson at Redemption. Can lightning strike twice for “Lights Out”? Will the main event at Redemption truly be what wrestling should be? We will find out in just two weeks on the next edition of Adrenaline.


  “It’s Jessy” tried time and time again to catch up with Jeff Wolfenbarger to find out about the ALS Ice Bucket challenge he laid out to The Bronze Bull. Each time she caught up with him, though he seemed to be quite a bit under the weather and very sick to his stomach. One had to wonder if he would even make it to the challenge being as ill as he was.


  Next in in-ring action was Sheepy O’Brien taking on The Brass Bull IZW Wrestler. Sheepy certainly wasn’t working by the hour and in the opening moments of the contest he went for his trademark “trouble” right-hand on several occasions and Bull narrowly escaped. O’Brien then went to his power game and hit a series of tosses, slams and even an Irish Steam Roller before revving up Trouble again but Starr ducked and hit a spinebuster that stopped O’Brien in his tracks. Starr scaled the top rope and came crashing down with a diving headbutt cut connected only with the canvas O’Brien rolled out of the way. Sheepy picked up the pace, hitting a serie3s of forearms and clotheslines in the corner. Starr tried to stop the onslaught and went for a spear, Sheepy stepped out of the way and Starr connected with the turnbuckle and O’Brien spun him around and dropped him with Trouble to get the win.


  Backstage Randy Price interrupted an interview with Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows to tell him to keep “his belt” warm because he wanted it nice and toasty when he wins it back at Redemption. Price is obviously very focused on regaining the title but he may be a bit overconfident as he will be going against a four-time Impact Division Champion in The Urban Legend.


  Gallows would be in action next in a non-title match against The Bronze Bull Aaron Neil. Gallows knows there is a strong power difference in this match and right from the get-go tried to use his speed to wear out the Bull. But Neil is a veteran and allowed Gallows to make the first mistake and drove Gallows’ tailbone down onto his knee with an inverted atomic drop. Gallows again quickened the pace and caught Bull with a flying elbow which sent Neil to the outside. Gallows fought off an attack by IZW Wrestler who was at ringside but that allowed Neil to blindside Gallows. Bull punished the smaller Gallows, keeping him grounded on the mat. Gallows fought back from a giant spinebuster and hit a quick swinging neckbreaker that took Bull by surprise. He kicked it into a higher gear but got almost beheaded by a huge lariat from the Bronze Bull. Gallows refused to quit though and caught Bull with a facebreaker out of nowhere, Starr rushed the ring and got one for his trouble as well. Gallows signaled that he was going up top to go for the win but the distraction from Starr gave Neil enough time to recover and he caught Gallows and delivered a “Greetings from Mt. Olympus” from the 2nd rope and picked up a big win over the Impact Division Champion.


  Next up one-half of the IZW Tag Team Champions "The Image of Fear" Kevin Morgan would take on two men in O'Malley and Randy Price. This appeared to be another ploy by Impact Inc to nullify the effects of Morgan and use their two Team Johnny Z associates to do some damage to the big man. This would not be an easy task; Morgan had a crazed look in his eye as two weeks prior he was betrayed by his partner Damon Windsor who cost him his opportunity at the IZW Championship. Morgan quickly dispatched with Price and when O'Malley tried to use his massive size, Morgan mowed him down with his immense power. Morgan would defend attacks from both men but quick tags and feverous strikes would eventually wear Morgan down. Morgan tried to gorilla press Price to the floor but Price shimmied off and dropped Morgan arm-first over the top rope. Both he and O'Malley immediately focused in on the weakened arm, looking to take the power away from Morgan's offense.  Even with the bad wing Morgan was able to mount comeback after comeback, never submitting to the onslaught of offense. But O'Malley and Price were relentless; O'Malley stood on Morgan's hand with one foot and kicked at his shoulder with the other then splashed it with his full 450lbs of enormity. Morgan looked desperate but was able to hit a big spear on O'Malley and caught Price with a boot to the face. He scooped up Price with all the strength he had left but Price again evaded Morgan's attack and dropped down driving Morgan's shoulder onto his own. Price went up for the Splash from the Past and Drake Gallows came down the ramp, having taken exception to Price's interruption earlier. Price turned his attention to Gallows and Morgan used the opening to get Price up onto his shoulder and drive him down with a powerslam and covered price for the three count.  Morgan has been on a hellacious tear through IZW since his return from being fired. It's unclear if there are any two people who could stop the Image of Fear much less any one.


  Our main event of the night would pit "The Leader of the Hype Section" Jermaine Johnson against the other half of the IZW Tag Team Champions "Big Business" Damon Windsor. Windsor made his way to the ring with a much different look than we had been accustomed to decked out in full suit and tie. Jermaine Johnson looked extra hyped to get his hands on the man who helped Johnny Z regain the IZW Championship in the Impact Chamber. Windsor wasn't waiting for the bell to ring through and blindsided Johnson from behind, sending him crashing into the guardrail. Windsor then threw Johnson head-first into the ring post before throwing him into the ring. Johnson refused the referee's option to cancel the match and told him to ring the bell. As soon as he did Windsor jumped right on him, pummeling the already weakened Johnson. Jermaine tried to fight back and hit his stalling vertical suplex but was reversed and suplexed over the top rope, again crashing to the floor. Windsor picked Johnson up and rammed him ribs-first into the ring post. He threw Johnson back into the ring and proceeded to dive multiple strikes into Johnson's mid-section. Johnson nailed Windsor with several forearms and a roundhouse kick but his efforts were cut short by a clothesline from Windsor. Big Business drove Johnson into the corner and continued the punishment of the ribs, even as Johnson mounted an offense, the newly focused and vicious Windsor seemed to have an answer at every pass. It looked like curtains for Johnson as Windsor lifted him into the air for the chokeslam but Johnson slipped out and drove the back of Windsor head down to the mat. Johnson knew he needed to take advantage of this opening and went on the attack. Johnson hit the 4 big kicks in the corner followed by the stalling vertical suplex and finally a J-Effect but only got a 2-Count. Johnson went to the 2nd rope to set up for the ES2 but Windsor caught him and launched him across the ring. Johnson landed ribs first on the mat below and Windsor seemed to be done playing. Windsor hit the ropes but Johnson sprung to his feet and leapt onto the 2nd rope beside Big Business and hit yet another new variation of the ES2. He scrambled to the pin and got the win. This was a big momentum boost for Johnson heading toward Redemption but his celebration would be short-lived. The rest of impact Inc hit the ring and pummeled the #1 contender, even assistance from Jordan Jacobs and Kevin Morgan couldn't overcome the numbers of Impact Inc as both those men were still suffering the effects of the grueling matches they had endured already. Johnson, Morgan and Jacobs were all left broken and beaten at the hands of Johnny Z's newly constructed Impact Inc.


  The night was coming to a close but Aaron Neil's "best ever" ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was still to come. Jeff Wolfenbarger had already participated in the charitable ALS awareness-raising trend that has been sweeping the globe and had issued the challenge to The Bronze Bull. Bull accepted and that brought us to this tremendous occasion where "It's Jessy" who was unable to get words from the ill Jeff Wolfenbarger earlier, would introduce the first ever in-ring Ice Bucket Challenge. Neil regaled the IZW World with his many previous humanitarian accomplishments including a supposed dog shelter in Bangladesh, saying that his big Bronze heart would be on display for all to see tonight. As Bull leaned back in the chair and readied himself for Jessy to dump the bucket full of ice and water over him Jeff Wolfenbarger made his way to the ring. Jeff brought with him a bucket of his own. He motioned Jessy to move out of the way and lifted his own bucket over The Bronze Bull. But what came out wasn't ice water... it was vomit! The bucket that Jeff, himself had been getting sick in all day was now emptied as the contents covered Aaron Neil from head to toe. The look of horror on Neil's face was indescribable as it the odor filled his nose and the chunks ran down his face. He went to swing at Jeff but slipped and ended up sliding around in the pool of sick that surrounded him. Neil struggled not to get sick himself as he continued to unsuccessfully regain his footing. The glorious Bronze Bull laid in the ring covered in human regurgitation as Wolfenbarger donned Neil's dragon scale robe and walked up the ram, definitely having gotten the last laugh in this altercation.


  What will happen next time in the Impact Arena? Will Neil plot revenge on Wolfenbarger? Will the co-commissioners address Tag Team Championship situation? And will Jordan Jacobs be able to once again topple the IZW Champion and grasp what he has worked for so many years to achieve? All these questions and more will be answered when you get your next dose of IZW Adrenaline!


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