IZW Adrenaline Aug 9th Review

The wait was over and this edition of Adrenaline did NOT disappoint. In fact it may have been the biggest and most shocking episode of adrenaline ever. There were reunions, returns and an Impact Chamber that will be burnt into the memories of the IZW World forever.


As if the card for the night wasn’t stacked enough, we were treated to another title match from The #1 Shawn McHale as he put the Tag Team Champions Team Bull in an impromptu tag title defense against the reunited Kevin Morgan and Damon Windsor. Windsor and Morgan have held the tag team gold before and would look to take their third reign with the titles as they took on the Bronze Bull and Brass Bull.


IZW Wrestler would start off with Damon Windsor, Starr would try to out-wrestle the big man but was unsuccessful and retreated quickly to the outside and tagged in The Bronze Bull. He was able to gain a quick advantage over Windsor but was quickly reversed and had to escape to the ropes. Bull was done with Windsor and demanded he tag in Morgan. This didn’t work well for Team Bull either as Morgan came in like a tank, dropping both Bulls with ease. Mark Wilson took this opportunity to distract Morgan though and IZW Wrestler dropped Morgan with a chop block. Team Bull poured on the offense, targeting the knee of The Image of Fear. Quick tags and the interference of Mark Wilson prevented Morgan from making it to his partner to make a tag. Wilson even went as far as to pull Windsor off the apron after Morgan had dropped the Brass Bull to prevent the tag from taking place. Bronze Bull lifted Morgan up for Greetings from Mt Olympus but Morgan slid out and pushed Bull who collided with Windsor sending him off the apron into the guardrail. Morgan reached down and found one more reserve of energy and almost cut Bronze bull in half with a spear. He avoided an attack from Starr and scooped up the Brass Bull and drilled him with a running powerslam. 3 seconds later we had brand new tag team champions. Team Bull and Mark Wilson all looked on shocked, as they watched the celebration of the reunited Big Business celebrating their 3rd title reign.


With things starting off in a rocky manner for his team, Johnny Z made his way to the ring. He christened the tag team title match a “traveshamockery”. He addressed that the only reason that happened was people like former IZW Co-commissioner Madame Erica. But he gave them a “reason to rejoice once again” and named Mark Wilson the new IZW Co-Commissioner. Wilson said that he was in charge and there was no one and nothing that could stop him. That quickly brought out Shawn McHale who said he had a surprise of his own. He had another big announcement. He had been in contact with another man who had a lot of influence in IZW and that his big announcement was the acquisition and signing of Johnny Z’s own brother The Attorney Jeff Wolfenbarger. Jeff said that while he wanted to take on Johnny Z himself but would settle for being the biggest thorn in Johnny Z’s side he could possibly be. In possibly the strangest turn of events this brought out Vinnie Camacho of all people. Camacho stated that Wolfenbarger was boring him and that he needed to learn to be entertaining like Vinnie Camacho. Mark Wilson, in his first act as Co-Commissioner made a match right then between Camacho and Jeff Wolfenbarger.


Though Wolfenbarger hadn’t competed since March, he showed to be in great ring shape, scoring early with a combination of moves that sent Camacho reeling. Vinnie then thought better of wrestling Jeff and went to striking and choking Wolfenbarger but jeff was able to even fend that off and continue the straight-forward offense to Camacho. Wolfenbarger hit a pair of atomic drops and lit up Camacho’s chest with a series of chops. Camacho got things swinging back in his favor with a sleeper hold and then scored with a big leg lariat. He moved in for the kill but as he picked Jeff up off the mat, Wolfenbarger scooped him up and hit his “Justice for All” finishing maneuver and picked up the win to put an exclamation mark on a big return.


Up next we were in for pure mayhem as Impact Division Champion Angel Camacho would put his title on the line against both Drake Gallows and Sheepy O’Brien in a triple threat Impact Rules match. O’Brien and Gallows started the match by teaming up against the larger Camacho but Big Bad and Sexy was able to fend both men off for a moment. Early in the match Camacho got caught with O’Brien’s Trouble and Gallows’ Bangarang moonsault but each man kept the other from making the pin. Now that Camacho wasn’t the main focus the action spilled out of the ring where all three men brawled all around ringside. With Gallows and O’Brien at each other’s throats Camacho went back on the attack. Gallows and O’Brien realized again that their only shot at winning was to disable Camacho’s offense. They put him up against the retainer wall and dropped him down to a seated position where they placed the steel steps completely around Camacho, trapping him. They then connected with a double dropkick to the exposed areas of Camacho, securing Camacho being taken out of the equation. O’Brien fought Gallows up onto the stage and back into the ring but Gallows slipped away from Sheepy and scored with an Emo Killer and climbed the ropes looking for the Bangarang when Camachoi, having freed himself from the steps cut off the Urban Legend before he could get the win. Camacho again gained control of the match, looking to put O’Brien away but got caught with a glancing shot of Trouble, when O’Brien went to lift Camacho up to finish the job Gallows came sailing off the top with a Bangarang Moosault to both men. Gallows’ knee cracked the back of Camacho’s skull and knocked him clean out, Gallows made the cover and secured his 4th Impact Division Championship. The men in this match promised to remind the IZW World why the Impact Division is the most exciting thing IZW has to offer and it’s hard to argue with them after this incredible match.


In his second act as Co-Commissioner Mark Wilson repaid the assistance of Randy Price to Impact Inc by granting Randy Price the match against the new Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows at IZW’s next iPPV Redemption September 20th. The time was drawing near for the match fans had been waiting for, the Impact Chamber. First we would catch up with both teams before they stepped into the chamber. Team #1 looked to be strongly united with each man sure that their team would win but each man also let it be known that they intended on being the IZW Champion at the end of the match. They were brought together at the end by Damon Windsor who had been left unconscious two weeks ago apparently by an attack from Impact Inc. Windsor said that what mattered wasn’t who would win but that their team would stand together. Gary Tool led a Team #1 chant to lead his men into battle.


In the Impact Inc office, Team Johnny Z converged but strangely absent was their namesake in the Natural Born Leader. O’Malley and Randy Price were very worried about Z not being there. Even his own followers in Team Bull seemed a little bit shaken due to their title loss earlier in the night. But The Bronze Bull assured everyone that everything was part of a plan, a plan set in motion by Johnny Z, a plan that would come together and make Johnny Z Champion again. Or at least Bull was “pretty sure” that was the plan and none of the men had a look of real confidence on their face as the chamber edged ever closer.

The time had come and in what could already have been considered one of the best Adrenalines ever but we were not done yet and next up would be an Impact Chamber that would never be forgotten.


The contest that has been called the “most dangerous match in IZW” would start out with one member of each team. Representing Team Johnny Z would be “The Old School Sucka” Randy Price who made it clear his one and only goal in the chamber was to make sure IZW Champion “The Coach” Gary Tool would not walk out as IZW Champion. For Team #1 starting would be one half of the new IZW Tag Team Champions in “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan.  Price tried his best to stand up with Morgan but Morgan tossed him around the ring with ease. Price is one of the most mentally gifted wrestlers in IZW and remembered the knee of Morgan had been wounded in the tag team match earlier and targeted it as his point of attack. He slowed the big man and took him off his feet as the next entrant The Bronze Bull, made his way to the Chamber. Bull, still visibly angry with Morgan for taking his title earlier in the night also focused his power onto the knee of Morgan. Bull and Price dissected the Image of Fear wearing him slowly down for elimination. Morgan would not quit and held out as help arrived in the form of “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs. Morgan fought out and made the tag and Jacobs came in with a fierce flurry of strikes, he connected with the double-knees to The Bronze Bull. Jacobs went for a suplex on bull though and the power of the Bull was too much as he jack-hammered the smaller Jacobs. Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to match the power of the Bull, Jacobs tagged back in Morgan. Kevin did his best to bring his power but he was operating at about 50% with his injured leg and the veteran instincts of Bull kicked in and he kept him far away from tagging in Jacobs again as “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler entered the Impact Chamber. Starr only made matters worse for Morgan and continued to keep him away from Jacobs. Kevin finally kicked Randy Price away from him and dove into a tag to Jacobs. Lights Out came scored with vicious kicks and knees and then a sliding knee attack that almost took out Price if not for the save from Starr. This gave Price the opportunity to slow things down with a rear chin lock. Price took him to the top rope for a superplex but Jordan caught him under the chin and then dove off and hit price with the Light Switch and got our first elimination of the night.  Out next for team #1 was The IZW Champion Gary Tool but before he could get into the chamber Randy Price attacked him from behind and brutally beat Tool around ringside. A sick and sadistic smile came across Price’s face and he climbed on the outside barrier and hit a Splash-From-The-Past on Tool who lied motionless below.  Tool refused to be helped to the back and made his way valiantly into the chamber. Morgan and Tool were both on the outside and inside Jacobs was taking on both members of Team Bull. Things would continue to get even bleaker as Johnny Z made his way into the chamber. As he made his way into the Chamber Jacobs managed to tag in the Coach who was all kinds of mad he dropped both Bulls and as Z got him the ring he scored with a Samoan Drop on The Natural Born Leader. But that gave Bronze Bull time to hit a big spinebuster to quiet the fire of Tool. He was then on the receiving end of Z’s Big Boot in the Corner which was the end for Tool as we got our second elimination of the night. With the odds now in the favor of Team Johnny Z, Jordan was left with a tough task ahead of him as he was singled out and punished by Johnny Z and Bronze Bull. Jordan and Z caught each other with a double clothesline. Jacobs was able to make a tag to a rested Morgan who came in and unloaded on Z. he bounced him all around the Impact Chamber. Next out was Jermaine Johnson, who begged Morgan to let him have some of the Natural Born Leader. Z was able to get a tag to IZW Wrestler but after a flurry of offense, Jermaine put some pain on him as well, he then tagged in Jacobs and they hit a big double team side slam/leg drop on Starr. Starr turned the tables on Jacobs and got the Bronze Bull in the match, Bull overpowered Jacobs and lifted him up, dropped him with Greetings from Mt. Olympus followed by a diving headbutt from Starr. That was too much for Jacobs as he became the next elimination. The numbers in the chamber swayed heavily as shortly after Jacobs was eliminated, O’Malley would make his way into the chamber. O’Malley utilized his size to inflict major pain on Jermaine. He drilled Johnson with a running senton in the corner. Johnny Z then came in and laid in more punishment to the man he called the ultimate traitor. Johnson kept fighting but was still on the defense when the final entrant, Damon Windsor would make his way into the Impact Chamber. With all men entered, one of these men, Damon Windsor, Kevin Morgan, Jermaine Johnson, Bronze Bull, IZW Wrestler, O’Malley or Johnny Z, would be the new IZW Champion. Team #1 was about to lose another but Johnson was able to get a tag to Morgan. Morgan stormed the ring and speared O’Malley and got the pin. Starr rushed the ring and caught a spear from Morgan and was eliminated too. Just like that the odds had shifted to Team #1 and moments later Johnson got back in and Bronze Bull lifted Jermaine up for Greetings from Mt. Olympus but Johnson flipped to his feet and scored with a kick to Bull’s head and ascended the 2nd rope and hit Bull with an ES2 to get the elimination and make it a 3-on-1 situation. Johnny Z thought tried to bargain his way out but the tag team champions brought him in the hard way and all 3 men took turns pummeling and stomping Z until Johnson called for the end and climbed up for an ES2. Windsor and Morgan drug Z to his feet and held him in place for Johnson until Windsor released, spun Morgan around and punted him between the legs! Johnson knew he’d been double crossed, and leapt toward Windsor with the ES2 but was caught. Windsor drilled Johnson with a hellacious Chokeslam. He stood over both Morgan and Johnson before locking eyes with Johnny Z, who approached and embraced Windsor before hitting the ropes and nearly decapitating Morgan with a Big Boot in the Corner. Windsor then laid down with his arm around Morgan and allowed Johnny Z to pin them both. Windsor would leave the chamber but not before offering Z a sacrifice by lifting Johnson up and chokeslamming him again. Johnny Z would preach a sermon to the IZW World while Mark Wilson rejoiced on commentary. Z laid on top of Johnson for the pin and got the 1..2..NOT 3!! Johnson kicked out at the last second! Z would go for the Final Impact but Johnson would reverse into a small package and almost get the win but Z would escape, hit a float over DDT and then measure Johnson and connect with a Big Boot in the Corner. It was elementary at this point as he covered Johnson, hooked the leg and AGAIN JOHNSON KICKED OUT! Z went for another boot but Johnson fell out of the way and Z crotched himself on the top rope. Mark Wilson, in terror, rushed the ring and slid a chair to Z. McHale ran down to ringside and decked Wilson. McHale tried to get the attention of Johnson or referee George Knight and Wilson made it to his feet and smashed McHale into the cage. Inside the chamber Z freed himself from the ropes but stumbled right into an ES2 and was out cold. Johnson made the cover and Knight counted the fall but was interrupted by Mark Wilson tackling him to ensure the fall didn’t go down. Johnson, exhausted, got to his feet and dropped Wilson with a right hand. Johnson turned back to Z and CRACK!!! Johnson was drilled with the steel chair and dropped limp. Z scrambled to make the cover and the referee’s hand finally hit the mat for the 3.


The IZW World was left agasp, amazed by the fight of Johnson, shocked by the betrayal of Windsor and floored by the fact that once again, Johnny Z had found a way to win at all costs. The fans were furious at the outcome as they had dealt with Z’s antics for so long. But so was another man, Shawn McHale grabbed the microphone and let Johnny Z know he was going to right this wrong and that Z would defend that belt, like a fighting champion, September 20th at Redemption, one-on-one against Jermaine Johnson in a No DQ, No holds barred match where Impact Inc is banned from ringside. McHale added that he was sick of mark Wilson and he was gonna take care of it at Redemption by kicking Wilson’s ass because it’s going to be Mark Wilson VS Shawn McHale in a Street Fight!


Those blockbuster announcements rocked the IZW World. In a time when they felt like they couldn’t trust anyone and that Johnny Z would always find a way to win, Shawn McHale proved that he will not stand for it and that he will continue to fight Z’s corruption with his every breath. But with the seemingly unending reach of The Natural Born Leader’s corruption, is it too little, too late?



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