IZW Adrenaline January 11th Review

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The hard-hitting, rough and rugged style of wrestling that IZW is famous for was on display with the January 11 episode of “IZW Adrenaline”. With less than a month until “Violent Valentine” every wrestler is already at their breaking point and looking to take out the competition by any means necessary.


“Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) kicked off the show by calling out “The Resurrecter of Reality” Striker (@strikerokb). Windsor was hot after last week when he defeated Striker in a one on one match, and then was ambushed after the fact by Striker. Striker strolled down to the ring and actually apologized to Windsor and the IZW World and even offered a handshake to Windsor. Windsor didn’t accept, as he instead wailed away on Striker until being dropped with a low blow. Striker continued to kick Windsor until “The Hate Machine” O’Malley showed up. O’Malley added to Windsor’s misery by obliterating him with kicks and punches as Striker added a Stroke and O’Malley sealed the deal with a senton leaving Windsor completely shattered. Striker and O’Malley seemed to be on the same page with their beliefs on today’s popular culture and degrading value system and made Windsor example #1 of what they are willing to do to change the tide.


 In the first bout of the night, “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofFear) took on IZW newcomer Spike. Spike was at a severe size disadvantage against Morgan but that didn’t stop him from attacking with reckless abandon. For a majority of the bout, Spike dished out punches and kicks that connected in high volume but it took only a single forearm or haymaker from Morgan to put Spike down. Morgan continued to pound away at Spike, but to the smaller man’s credit, he would not give up even getting Morgan down to the mat with a drop kick to the knees and another time with a drop kick from the top rope. Morgan quit playing around at this point and delivered two back to back devastating moves to Spike, a power bomb and Moment of Fear that put Spikes light’s out for good. Morgan then retrieved a leather strap he had brought into the ring and beat Spike like a rented mule. It was a tough debut for Spike, who had to be helped to the back.


 What Wrestling Should Be [“Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME), “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) & “The Butterscotch Stallion” Mark Wilson (@bsstallion)] entered the ring next. Johnson rambled on about Team Bull being officially dead and then belittled WWSB’s future opponents at “Violent Valentine”, the KC Wolves, before moving on to Wilson’s budding feud with IZW Co-Owner Jeff Wolfenbarger. Jacobs chimed in and declared that WWSB’s #1 concern was looking out for Wilson in any potential match with Wolfenbarger. Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale showed up on the ImpactTron and let WWSB know that The Convict’s parole had been revoked because of his brutal, un-checked display of violence against IZW Wrestler last week, causing Johnson and Jacobs to scurry out of the ring, leaving Wilson all alone. Wilson continued to egg on Wolfenbarger to come down to the ring and show his face. Finally, Wolfenbarger made an appearance. As the two stood toe to toe in the ring, Wolfenbarger put Wilson in his place and told him to go back up to the broadcast booth and that there would be no match between the two. As soon as Wolfenbarger turned his back, he was hit from behind with a chair from Wilson. Wilson added two shots to the head that busted Wolfenbarger wide open. There was blood everywhere as Wolfenbarger needed help getting back to his feet.


 Striker returned to the ring to battle Soto Miyagi. Striker made quick work of Miyagi as he manhandled Miyagi from the get-go. Miyagi’s martial arts background was no match for Striker’s American grappling base as Striker broke Miyagi down piece by piece, and almost unmasked Miyagi adding insult to injury. Finally, Striker ducked a high kick and connected with The Stroke ending Miyagi’s night.


 Double D (@IZWDoubleD) took on O’Malley next and landed a series of knees to the face of O’Malley almost immediately. O’Malley nearly broke D’s neck after D attempted a crossbody but was caught and dropped down with a modified suplex-Death Valley Driver type of move that saw D’s head and neck get crushed under the weight of O’Malley’s side. O’Malley added a power bomb in the corner followed by a belly to belly suplex as D was on his last leg. Whatever Double D attempted, O’Malley was right there with an answer as O’Malley seemed to be rejuvenated by his new partnership with Striker. Eventually Double D’s cardio training paid off and he was able to get O’Malley dazed. Double D went for a high crossbody but missed and hit the ref instead. D attempted another crossbody on O’Malley but was pushed off the top rope by Striker. This let O’Malley recover enough to land a senton on D in the middle of the ring. O’Malley picked up the win as he and Striker continued their destruction of IZW all-stars on this night.


 Backstage, IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) was holding court with Impact Elite. Z wasn’t concerned in the slightest about The Convict’s absence and set WWSB straight on their priorities. Z made it clear that all Jermaine Johnson needed to concern himself with was his match later in the night against Brad Michaels and continuing to be a follower of Z. Z showed no signs of worrying about “Violent Valentine” on February 1, The Convict, or anything else and already had his eyes focused on the Impact Chamber at “Coronation”.


In the ring, an injured “Big Business” Damon Windsor took on “The Forgotten Champion” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler). Windsor’s usual strength advantage was severely curtailed in this bout but he did manage to suplex Copycat in a move that did damage to both men. In a smart bit of tactical wrestling, Copycat hit a neck breaker followed by a submission move meant to stretch Windsor’s already damaged midsection. After a quick sidewalk slam by Windsor, Copycat took the match back to the mat where he locked on a bear hug as Windsor’s hollered in pain. Later, Copycat looked to finish Windsor off with a flying elbow drop from the top rope, but missed and instead crashed into the mat then took a running clothesline from the big man. Eventually, Copycat battled back as he was still the fresher of the two and hit a Thesz Press, Face Mob knee drop but missed with an Asai moonsault. It didn’t deter Copycat as he connected with a leg drop from the top rope across the face of Windsor moments later. But Windsor dug down deep and battled back with a leg drop of his own shortly after in this back and forth game of physical chess. Seconds later, Copycat matched Windsor’s intensity with a steamroller out of nowhere followed by a Doppelganger. When Windsor recovered he connected with a Black Hole Slam upping the ante of this match as both wrestlers continued to go move for move! Before Windsor and Copycat could lock up once again, Striker and O’Malley returned to the ring to beat down Windsor some more which caused the ref to throw the match out. Copycat convinced O’Malley and Striker to hold Windsor up so Copycat could add a haymaker of his own. Except the haymaker was meant for Striker who Copycat leveled. Copy and Windsor took turns beating down O’Malley next as the unlikely duo pushed back against the violence of Striker and O’Malley.


 In the main event, #1 Contender “Bad” Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad) wrestled “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson. This was a special match in and of itself as it was the first time these two legends ever faced each other in a singles match. These two grappling scientists put on a great match for the fans of the Impact Arena and watching live around the world on GFL.tv. The technical skill from each man was matched by the other as they went back and forth displaying a variety of different styles including chain wrestling, scientific wrestling, brawling and of course old school. After a neck breaker and a kick to the head by Michaels, Johnson was able to turn the tide by tossing Michaels out of the ring. On the outside, they scuffled along the guardrail with Johnson getting the better of the exchanges as he tossed Michaels into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Johnson continued to hammer away at Michaels which included several unrestrained knife edge chops. But The Old School Assassin was not to be outdone as he turned the tables and dished out a few chops of his own that almost made Johnson come out of his shoes. In the move of the night, Johnson had Michaels up in a vertical suplex position but Michaels countered with a neck breaker as he came down towards the mat in a one-of-a-kind reversal of fortunes. Johnson countered with a hot shot on the ropes then dumped Michaels stomach first across the top rope and drop kicked Michaels out of the ring. Once action resumed in the squared circle, Johnson hit a reverse atomic drop. Michaels countered with a sunset flip pin attempt and when Johnson rose back to his feet he hit a crescent kick that dropped Michaels in a back and forth fast paced battle. Johnson made a tactical error as he went for a springboard leg drop and missed while Michaels retaliated with an arm drag, hip toss, body slam and drop kick in successive order. Johnson countered with a J-Effect, but Michaels kicked out at two! Finally, Michaels connected with a superkick out of nowhere that put Johnson down for the 1-2-3. After the match, Jordan Jacobs attacked Michaels but Michaels was putting a hurting on Jacobs until Johnny Z showed up and bashed Michaels in the head with the IZW Title. Z connected with a second belt shot to Michaels’ face and looked for a Big Boot in the corner. Then Double D rushed to the scene as Impact Elite bounced from the ring. Finally, Randy Price came on stage and booked a tag team match for next week as it would be Michaels and D versus Johnson and Johnny Z!


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