IZW Adrenaline January 25th Review

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“IZW Adrenaline” returned on January 25 with the final episode before “Violent Valentine” on February 1. The weekly, 2-hour, ongoing series on GFL.tv was the go-home show before everything in IZW could change. The status quo is about to be shattered. Or is it? See the top wrestlers on the Independent scene lock horns and go to battle.


 To open the show, the #1 Contenders to the IZW Tag Team Titles were in action as the KC Wolves [Luke Langley (@LukeLangleyMD) & Graham Bell (@GrahamBellWPE)] took on Roberto Camacho & The Midnite Rider. Langley and Rider exchanged holds to begin the match and after a stalemate between the two, Camacho tagged in and was knocked down a notch by a rolling elbow from Langley followed by an enziguri. Bell tagged in and kept up the momentum with a couple head butts and a clothesline. Later, Rider and Bell locked up with Bell dropping Rider with a running leg lariat in the corner. Bell hit a drop kick on the legal man Camacho moments later but Camacho connected with a suplex shortly after. Both men struggled to make it to their feet for a tag, and as Camacho was reaching out for Rider, suddenly Rider was nowhere to be found. Soto Miyagi stole Rider’s broom forcing Rider to chase him up the ramp leaving Camacho all alone. This gave the KC Wolves a chance to regroup as Bell hit a double knee on Camacho’s chest, while Langley sprang from the top rope and stomped on Camacho’s back. Langley, now the legal man, turned Camacho over for the 1-2-3.


“The Forgotten Champion” Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) battled Striker (@strikerokb) in singles competition. Copycat showed off his mat skills by getting Striker off his feet and working over his leg. Striker returned to his feet and laid Copycat out with pinpoint kicks that took out the base of Copycat. Striker continued his methodical approach by locking in an abdominal stretch until Copycat broke free with a neck breaker. A missed Asai moonsault temporarily knocked the wind out of Copycat but he recovered enough to flap jack Striker moments later followed by a Face Mob knee drop. Striker countered with a leg drop bulldog but Copycat would not be denied as he blocked The Stroke from Striker and hit a Doppelganger finishing Striker off.


 Backstage, IZW Champion “The Natural Born Leader & Savior of Wrestling” Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) was laid out by #1 Contender “Bad” Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad) with a super kick as Z was giving an interview to Marianne Albright. These two are going to square off in less than a week for the most prized title in the territory and both have looked to gain a mental edge going into the bout. Michaels has earned that edge as for two weeks in a row, he has leveled Z with his super kick.


“The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofFear) took on “The Urban Legend” Drake Gallows (@DG_urbanlegend) in a hard-hitting bout. Morgan and Gallows have had a violent history with one another as they battled back and forth over the Impact Division Title in 2013. This bout was not for the faint of heart as Morgan came out clotheslining the hell out of Gallows. Gallows tried to counter with right hands but was put down again and again with more clotheslines. Morgan added a nice submission into the mix as he grabbed the jaw of Gallows and bent his head back while putting pressure on Gallows’ spine. Gallows broke free with an eye poke and hit a DDT that slowed Morgan down but only temporarily as an uppercut and knee to the head by Morgan had Gallows on the mat once again. Gallows continued to battle back and hit a spinning heel kick that knocked Morgan against the ropes. Gallows worked several close pinfalls throughout the mat that kept Morgan on his toes, but Morgan continued to get a shoulder up each and every time. Gallows attacked with a flying forearm and went for an Emo Killer, but Morgan was too big and slipped out of the hold and connected with a Moment of Fear that put Gallows down for the 1-2-3 in a vicious match where both men took their pound of flesh.


“Big Business” Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) took on O’Malley (@IZWHateMachine) in a battle of giants. O’Malley’s tag team partner Striker of the newly dubbed The Brothers Righteous, went down in defeat earlier in the night against Copycat and O’Malley was looking to even the odds against Windsor. Just like a heavyweight prize fight, both men threw, connected and absorbed tons of punishment. O’Malley hit a neck breaker and unloaded with elbows to Windsor’s face. O’Malley thrashed Windsor around from corner to corner until Windsor was able to get to his feet and connect with a black hole slam in an incredible feet of strength. This prompted Striker to come into the ring and interfere causing a disqualification as he and O’Malley struck Windsor over and over. This provoked Copycat to come out and aid Windsor in beating back the Brothers Righteous. After the match, Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale added a tag team match to “Violent Valentine” pitting Windsor and Copycat against the Brothers Righteous!


 In the main event, “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME) took on his longtime rival Double D (@IZWDoubleD). Johnson has had tremendous matches the past few weeks, some of the best of his career, and this match added to that streak. Both Johnson and D went back to basics as they showed the world a great technical mat based game in the early going. Both men displayed a solid, fundamentally sound style that not too many in today’s Independent scene are capable of exhibiting. Johnson upped the ante with a side suplex. D responded with multiple chops in the corner the final of which put Johnson down on his backside. D whipped Johnson into the ropes looking to execute a hurricanrana but instead Johnson bounced out of the move by hitting his head on the mat and hand springing to his feet in a summersault-esque jaw dropping move for the second time in two weeks! Johnson crushed D with a clothesline next. A baseball slide kick followed by three Russian leg sweeps and a cobra clutch showed off more of Johnson’s ever growing and diverse wrestling repertoire. D broke free but was taken down once again with a modified face buster. D showed that he would not stay down though as he kicked out at two! Later, D’s cardio training came into play as he got his second wind and after getting some space between himself and Johnson was able to land a few kicks followed by a 6-1-knee. D missed a high crossbody and Johnson turned it into another spinning, modified face buster showing yet another new move in his tool box. Johnson then made one tactical mistake and it was a big one. Johnson hoisted D up onto the top turnbuckle and looked to ready for a superplex when D valiantly punched Johnson off the ropes and hit a high crossbody in successive order pinning Johnson in another great main event!


 As Double D celebrated Kevin Morgan blindsided D in the ring. Morgan destroyed D with punches and worse yet, unleashed whippings with a leather strap across D’s back and neck before giving D a Moment of Fear. Morgan then hand cuffed Double D against the ropes and whipped him some more with the leather strap! D’s back was welted and bloody by the end. It was a brutal display and fans of THE FORCE can only hope that D is able to rise to the occasion and meet Morgan in the center of the ring for their sure to be epic Lumberjack Strap Match!


 Get your shot of adrenaline with “IZW Adrenaline” every Saturday night at 8pm E/7pm C on GFL.tv. Better yet, if you are near Southwestern Oklahoma, nothing beats watching IZW live from the Impact Arena located at 1009 SW F Ave. in Lawton, Oklahoma 73501.


 No other wrestling organization on the Independent landscape carves out as much new content as IZW. Developed and cultivated in the Sooner State, IZW is second to none. Be there for every bump, bruise and jaw-dropping moment all of which have made IZW recognized around the world.



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