IZW Adrenaline June 12th Review

Major announcements, huge returns and a one-night-only reunion! This edition of IZW Adrenaline was packed to the gills with action. It would all start with The #1 Shawn McHale, who after weeks of speculation, was finally ready to announce his team for the Impact Chamber. With his original captain Double D being injured and out for months, McHale had to make some decisions and changes. His first choice was a controversial one in a man who for years has been at the side of Impact Inc, one “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs. His second pick came as no surprise, it was a man that has been close with Shawn McHale for years, last years Impact Chamber winner “Big Business” Damon Windsor. The next addition to Team #1 would be one of the most decorated competitors in IZW history, “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson. These three alone make a very impressive team but next McHale would drop a BOMB! His next team member would be Hall of Impact inductee and a man who will be starring In Steve Austin’s “Broken Skull Challenge” on CMT, “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry!  McHale said that he had a captain in mind to replace Double D and it would be IZW Champion Gary Tool. Unfortunately Johnny Z, unhappy with the result of the IZW Championship being on Tool, had banned the IZW Champion from the Impact Arena.


Unfortunately, speak of the devil and he shall appear and it wasn’t long after Johnny Z’s name was spoken before he made his way to the ramp to address McHale and his team. He not only announced that Gary Tool’s former protégé Randy Price would be replacing Jordan Jacobs on Team Johnny Z but also that now the Impact Chamber, August 9th would be for the IZW Championship! The Natural Born Leader stated that now Team #1 will fall apart at the seams due to the egos of the individuals in the team. Michael Barry took exception to Z questioning his integrity and said that he’s not only here to promote his show and be in the Impact Chamber but he was there tonight to kick some ass and laid out a challenge to The Natural Born Leader. Johnny Z would quickly and decisively decline the challenge but The #1 once again would intervene and accept on the behalf of Johnny Z and make the match the official main event.


In our first match we saw our first preview of impact Chamber when Randy Price would take on Damon Windsor. Price has been especially bitter since losing the impact Division Championship and was more interested in jawing with the crowd than wrestling. Windsor was in no mood for his games, though and quickly took the fight straight to Price, drilling him with a series of right hands and chunking him across the ring causing Randy to take a breather on the outside. After bringing Price back in Windsor went for a body slam but Price countered with a vicious neckbreaker. Windsor refused to stay on the defensive for long and fought through every piece of offense Price threw at him. Price did everything he could to keep Windsor down, driving knees into his temple and mounting him to fire off stiff punches. Windsor countered by shoving price off and met him in the middle of the ring with a Big Time Slam. Randy kicked out at two and took advantage of an opening to counter Windsor’s attack with a big knee to the stomach which brought Windsor to his knees. Price poured on the offense until Windsor was able to reverse an irish whip and send Price skyward with a back body drop. Windsor went for another Big Time Slam but Price reversed out, however he quickly found himself in the clutches of Windsor’s chokeslam. Fearing the end was near, Price grabbed onto the referee, shoved him away and kicked Windsor below the belt. The big man crumpled to the mat and Price quickly scaled the top rope and connected with the Splash from the Past to get the 1,2,3. It wasn’t a pretty victory but Price looked more than pleased with it. These kinds of dirty tricks will make Price a big threat in the Impact Chamber where all of this type of chicanery will be completely legal.


Next up it was a marquee match anywhere in the world as IZW Tag Team Champions Team Bull (The Bronze Bull& The Brass bull IZW Wrestler) would take on the One Night Only reunion of What Wrestling Should Be (Jermaine Johnson & Jordan Jacobs). WWSB were as hyped up as they have ever been and the IZW World knew they were in for a treat as two of the best teams IZW has ever seen were set to do battle on more time.  WWSB would show early why they were so dominant in their run as tag champs as they outperformed and out-though Team Bull at every turn. They showed great team work teeter-tottering Bronze Bull in the ropes as Johnson held him in position for Jacobs top deliver a pair of flying knees right to the Bull’s face. Once Team Bull recuperated they singled out Jacobs in their corner and used quick tags and double team maneuvers to negate Jacobs’ speed.  Jacobs hit a desperation Leg Over Lariat and got a 2-count but was unable to make the tag before being drug back into his opponents’ corner. Team Bull took him up to the top and looked to finish the job with a double superplex but Jacobs fought out and connected with a double front drop kick that leveled both bulls. He ducked under another attack and dove to make the tag into Johnson. Jermaine springboarded into a front flip body attack and took both bulls down again. Johnson laid in some kicks to Bronze Bull and was looking for the Power & Strength suplex but out of the corner of his eye caught IZW Wrestler climbing the top to attack. Johnson sprinted up the ropes and threw Starr right into the Bronze Bull.  Johnson climbed the 2nd rope and looked to hit the ES2 but Bronze Bull shoved Starr into the ropes, causing Johnson to fall right into a big spinebuster. This brought Jacobs back in who knocked Bronze bull from the ring with his double-knee strike, drove Starr face-first into the middle turnbuckle and dove onto the Bronze Bull on the arena floor. Mark Wilson tried to get involved while referee George Knight was distracted by the action on the outside but was caught by Johnson. Wilson did, however slide one of the IZW Tag Team Championship belts to Starr, who clocked Johnson with it, securing the victory for Team Bull.


Next up was Soto Miyagi VS Vinnie Camacho. Camacho had been approached and challenged  by Miyagi backstage earlier and surprisingly accepted. But it was a little too good to be true as, once Miyagi and Camacho were in the ring, Vinnie would declare that he accepted Miyagi’s challenge but it wouldn’t be a match it would be a dance competition. Upon the music hitting Vinnie did his usual, well… unusual dancing techniques that are so poor they’re difficult to put into words. After he was finished and extremely pleased with himself, he would turn over the stage to the usually quiet, stoic and reserved Soto Miyagi. The music hit and Soto was still for a moment but then busted into what can only be described as a Kung-Fu Twerking clinic! The crowd ate it up and declared unanimously that Miyagi was the winner.


Camacho, enraged from losing what he thought was a sure thing, attacked Miyagi from behind but the attack would be short-lived as Sheepy O’Brien would make his way to the ring and make the save. O’Brien was set to have a shot at the impact Division Championship  against Vinnie’s cousin Angel. He grabbed the microphone and let the IZW World know that Angel Camacho had not shown up for their match but he was there to fight and he’d take the fight to any Camacho he could get his hands on. He Pulled Vinnie in the ring and an impromptu match was under way. O’Brien certainly stayed true to his word and brought the fight right to Camacho but Camacho was fresh as well and was able to use his submission and mat skill to ground O’Brien. Vinnie knew he didn’t want to stand up with O’Brien with “Trouble”(O’Brien’s infamous knock-out punch) always a threat. Every time O’Brien made it back to a vertical base Camacho slapped on another hold, controlling his larger opponent and thus the tempo of the match. O’Brien was eventually able to break free but got caught with Camacho’s Pop, Lock & Drop submission combo. O’Brien bridged back , pinning Camacho and forcing a break. Vinnie stayed on the attack though, and as Sheepy sent him into the ropes he hopped over one drop-down and cartwheeled over a second. Pleased with himself, he flaunted for the IZW World and then turned around and BOOM! Here comes Trouble, right on the jaw of Camacho. That was all it took and Sheepy had yet another win under his belt.


Next up it was main event time as the retuning “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry would take on the “Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z.  From the outset it was very clear that Johnny Z didn’t want to be in this match and wasn’t going to lock up with Barry until he was good and ready. Z would attempt to control the match early on but at every turn he was over powered and sent to the mat by Mr. Saturday Night. Time and again Z took to the outside to see if he could come up with a plan of attack that would swing the momentum his way. Barry got tired of waiting and went after Z but Z’s next plan was exactly that. As Barry went after Z, Z dropped his throat across the top rope and sent him to the arena floor. He then sent Barry’s arm smashing into the steel ring post. Barry looked to possible have a dislocated joint ans Z smelled blood in the water. He immediately went on the attack, beating on the Hall of impact member all around the ring and slinging him into the steel ring steps. Barry barely made it back into the ring before being counted out. As soon as he did Z was right back on the offense, driving his shoulder into the injured arm of Mr. Saturday Night. As he looked to drive into Barry’s arm again, Barry ducked his head and sent Z flying into the air and crashing onto the mat. Both men got up with the same idea and each connected with simultaneous clotheslines. When they reached their feet, Barry fired up, dropping Z several times before hoisting Z up on his shoulders but Z shimmied off and nailed a floatover DDT. Z covered him but only got a 2-count. he climbed the second rope and tried for his leaping bulldog but Barry moved out of the way. Barry sensed the end was near and started gearing up for the Saturday Night Special. Mark Wilson must have felt the same way as he scrambled over and grabbed the heel of Barry. As Barry struggled to free himself, Johnny Z saw his opening and hit the ropes and the Impact Arena went dark! When the lights returned again Z was in the grasp of the man he betrayed and fired at Sudden Impact “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan. Morgan lifted him into the air and again delivered the Moment of Fear to his former savior.  Impact Inc rushed to the ring but the lights again went out and when they came back on, Morgan was gone and Barry was at the top of the ramp.


He would soon be joined by Shawn McHale and the rest of Team #1.  McHale would channel Johnny Z and challenge team #1 to an 8-man tag right then and there. As all of Impact Inc protested Team #1 rushed the ring. Impact Inc quickly exited the ring and the REAL Johnny Z grabbed the mic and said that “due to the event permit time limitations” there would be no 8-man tag match. Team #1 had seen enough and charged up the ramp after Impact Inc. Impact Inc would get away, all that is, except for The Bronze bull. Bull was dragged back into the ring. Windsor and Barry held Bull in place while Jacobs connected with his flying knees, followed by an ES2 by Johnson, a Chokeslam from Windsor and finally a Saturday Night Special from Michael Barry to top it all off. All four men covered the fallen Bull and the referee made the 3-count.


The IZW World and Impact Inc both got their first taste of the power of the new Team #1, who sent quite the message by all holding up the beaten Bronze Bull and taking pictures with him like a trophy buck. What will Impact Inc’s response be? And will things go from bad to worse for Team Johnny Z as the IZW Champion Gary Tool returns on July 26th?  To find out you need to be live in the Impact Arena with the rest of the IZW World for the final show before Team #1 and Team Johnny Z square off in the Impact Chamber!


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