IZW Adrenaline June 26th Review

  Team #1 is looking as strong as any team that has ever looked heading into the Impact Chamber and after sending Team Johnny Z scrambling two weeks ago, we knew there would be retaliation and boy, were we right. As Adrenaline kicked off we were treated to an exclusive interview from Impact Television as AnnaLynn Storm sat down with the newest addition to Team #1, Mr. Saturday Night Michael Barry. Barry looked focused and ready for the Impact Chamber and to possibly again be IZW Champion. Barry said in the interview that he would have been at Coronation to accept his Hall of Impact induction but he was filming the reality competition show “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge” for CMT. But he promised that at the Impact Chamber not only would he be there but AnnaLynn would have the privilege of announcing that the winner of the Impact Chamber and your new IZW Champion “Mr. Saturday Night” Michael Barry has left the building.


  Unfortunately this would not be the last thing the cameras caught as after the interview he was brutally attacked by members of Team Johnny Z. He was thrown from one end of the locker room to the other. Barry was beaten unconscious and then thrown into the back of a pickup truck and, as the footage rolled on, we saw him ditched on the side of the road in an undisclosed location.


  Impact Inc and Team Johnny Z obviously didn’t take kindly to Barry’s return and wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t be able to make it to the Impact Chamber which unfortunately would be confirmed by medical reports from his injuries. So once again Team #1 would be a member short.


  Our first in-ring action of the night would pit “The Old School Sucka” Randy Price against the Leader of the Hype Section “Larger Than Life” Jermaine Johnson. Price had a few choice words for the new IZW Champion Gary Tool. It was apparent that Randy Price has become extremely bitter since he lost his Impact Division Championship the very same night that Tool won the IZW Championship. Jermaine had heard enough of the disrespect of a personal mentor of his and decided that if Price had forgotten the lessons that Tool had taught them both in their Impact Academy days, then it was time for Johnson to take Price to school. Both men were feeling the building anticipation of the Impact Chamber and were extra fierce in their attacks. Johnson had more of a mean streak than we have seen out of him in years. It’s visible that he wants to and intends to walk out of the Impact Chamber IZW Champion. Johnson trapped Price in the corner and delivered a series of kicks and followed up with a stalling vertical suplex but was unable to put Price away. Price utilized his defensives skills and used Johnson’s momentum to inflict punishment on Johnson’s ribs. Price quickly focused his attacks on the midsection of Johnson with kicks, forearms and knee strikes. Jermaine tried  to rally with the Hype Section behind him but Price went back to the well, stretching and striking the weakened ribs. Johnson powered out of a camel clutch and dropped Price to the mat with an electric chair drop. Johnson caught Price rushing in and hit a big belly-to-belly and went for the ES2 but Price evaded it and positioned Johnson for Piledriver 1,2,3 but Johnson muscled Price up and over with a back body drop and when Price got back to his feet he was greeted with an ES2 from Johnson who picked up a big victory heading into the Impact Chamber.


  Tensions were running high all throughout IZW. Sheepy O’Brien confronted Drake Gallows who was waiting to be interviewed by Jessie. O’Brien wanted to know if he could trust The Urban Legend in their tag match against Team Bull later in the night. Gallows told Sheepy that he could trust him tonight but in two weeks they would be in a 3-way match with Angel Camacho for the IZW Impact Division Championship and that night Gallows would be looking for “Trouble”.


  In a slightly friendlier conversation, the new IZW Champion “Coach” Gary Tool was Jordan Jacobs’ guest on the Lights Out lounge. Tool said that he was disappointed but not surprised that Johnny Z had him banned from the Impact Arena the show after he won the IZW Championship. He stated that he had won dozens of championships over the dozens of years of his career but none of them meant more to him than holding the IZW Championship. Jordan let Tool know that it was his goal in the Impact Chamber to become IZW Champion, even if that meant doing battle with the Godfather of Old School. Tool said he would be disappointed if any of the men on his team weren’t all gunning for the IZW Championship. But he said that the Old Grey Grizzly Bear still had a lot of fight in him and anyone who tried to take the title from him was in for an Old School lesson.


  Next up in action were the IZW Tag Team Champions Team Bull as they took on the pairing of Drake Gallows and Sheepy O’Brien.  O’Brien and Gallows showed some good solidarity and team work early as both O’Brien and Gallows  got the best of The Brass Bull and Sheepy almost connected with “Trouble” but Bull was able to slip out of the ring before it connected.  The Bronze Bull came in to try his hand with the rowdy Irishman but was unsuccessful as well. Bull demanded Gallows enter the ring and The Urban Legend was more than willing to oblige. Gallows was also getting the best of the Bulls until Bronze Bull connected with what looked to be a low knee strike. Bull took that opportunity to isolate Gallows in the champions’ corner.  The champions then wore down Gallows with frequent tags, never allowing the Urban Legend to get near his partner. At one point Gallows was a fingertip away from O’Brien but Brass Bull snatched him away at the last second. Gallows was able to land on his feet and avoid Greeting From Mt Olympus, duck a clothesline from Bronze Bull and finally make the tag. O’Brien came in with a vengeance, drilling both Bulls and slamming them each in the middle of the ring. This was when the lack of experience between O’Brien and Gallows shone through. Each man went for his own finish, disregarding the other. Gallows’ Bangarang was defended by The Bronze Bull crotching him on the top rope and though O’Brien struck Starr with Trouble, The Bronze Bull had already tagged into the match and delivered Greetings from Mt Olympus for the win.


  Next up we were set to see the man O’Brien and Gallows would face in two weeks as Impact Division Champion Angel Camacho would take on Big Business Damon Windsor. But as Windsor’s music played he was nowhere to be seen. Again his entrance music played and again no Windsor. A backstage camera crew caught up with Windsor who lay motionless on the concrete floor in the locker room. Only two objects gave clues to the identity of his attacker. A steel turnbuckle by his side and the tell-tale sign, an Impact Inc Shirt lain across him. It looked as if Impact Inc was thinning the herd. They had already eliminated Michael Barry from the Impact Chamber and now they made sure Windsor would not be around to be a factor in Johnny Z’s match against Gary Tool like he had been when Tool won the title.


  Heading into the main event there was an ominous feeling in the air. Team Johnny Z had been wreaking havoc, the numbers were tilting in their favor and there was a distinct feeling that while Johnny Z wanted to make sure Gary Tool made it to the Impact Chamber, he certainly didn’t want him to be 100% when he did.


  Z may have been taking the Coach too lightly as the beginning of the match was all Gary Tool.  Tool seemed to have an answer for every attempt at offense that Z tried. Z tried to focus on the arm of Tool but the IZW Champion wasn’t sufficiently worn down. Several frustrated trips to the outside finally baited Tool to follow Z out. It was then that Z was able to drive Tool shoulder-first into the steel ring post. This rocked the Coach and the expression in Z’s eyes immediately changed. Z saw the blood in the water and went in to do some serious damage. Inside and out of the ring Z punished the left arm of Tool, knowing that if Tool’s arm is compromised his Sky High maneuver will be ineffective. A desperation Samoan drop bought Tool some time to recuperate and try to mount an offense but Z avoided a Sky High and dropped Tool with a 2nd rope bulldog. Z mounted the 2nd rope again to drop a knee onto the injured arm of Tool but Tool rolled out of harm’s way. Tool utilized this lapse in judgment by Z to score with a pair of back elbows and a back calf kick that caught Z square on the chin. Tool measured Z and lifted him for the Sky High but was unable to control him and Z slipped out and hit a single –arm DDT. Coach tried to pull himself off the mat by using the turnbuckle pads and ropes but that left him right in position for Z’s Big Boot in the Corner. Z hit the ropes and came in looking to take Tool’s head off but Tool stumbled back and Z caught himself in an ugly manner on the top rope. When Z was able to free himself Tool lifted Z into the air and finally connected with his Sky High.  But no sooner could Tool inch over to make thew cover than Team Johnny Z hit the ring to attack the IZW Champion.


  The scene was an unfortunate and familiar one as four men beat down a defenseless Gary Tool. Luckily, Jermaine Johnson and Jordan Jacobs rushed to the ring brandishing steel chairs to run off Team Johnny Z. But a proud Johnny Z was not done rubbing it in. Z reveled in his damaging of not only Gary Tool’s shoulder but also his chances of retaining his title in the Impact Chamber. Even though Team Johnny Z was a man short due to the absence of O’Malley they still had the numbers advantage over what remained of Team #1 after the attacks on Barry and Windsor.  He was so sure of their chances in the Impact Chamber he gave the men in the ring the opportunity to throw in the towel. Those words must have caught the attention of the #1 Shawn McHale who appeared via satellite on the video screen. He stated that he was checking on Michael Barry after the disgusting and heinous attack perpetrated on Barry by Team Johnny Z. McHale said there was no way he was throwing in the towel. He was tired of Z abusing his power and that Z wasn’t the only one with power. The #1 said that he had power too, power that Z had given him and that there was another person who also had significant power, his new friend.


  That’s when none other than Madame Commissioner Erica stepped through the curtain and shocked the IZW World. She spoke with a hatred unlike we had heard from her before. She said that Z would pay for what he had done to Double D, the father of her unborn child. She said that Z had become mad, dangerous and unpredictable. Due to her being with child it was necessary that she not be in a dangerous and unpredictable environment and therefore Erica announced that she would be stepping down from her position as Madame Commissioner. But, she had one final decree to put forth before she stepped down. Regarding the uneven odds of the Impact Chamber, she would announce Michael Barry’s replacement.


  As she spoke those words the Impact Arena went black and warning sirens rang out before he Image of Fear Kevin Morgan would step onto the stage. The IZW World erupted at the sight of the man who since Sudden Impact has haunted the Natural Born Leader. Z was beside himself in frustration as all of his hard work to put things in his favor have continued to blow up in his face. But Erica wasn’t done yet, before she left she gave the IZW World one last gift in the form of an 8-Man tag team match between the present members of Team Johnny Z and Team #1!


  And just like that not only was the Impact Chamber completely changed but we were ready to launch into a HUGE bonus main event. Jermaine Johnson wasn’t having any of the normal Impact Inc stall tactics and brought the Brass Bull in over the tope rope and took him proverbially from pillar to post. Bull quickly had all he wanted of Johnson and tagged out to Randy Price, who was also brought in unceremoniously by Johnson. Both teams would make quick tags in an attempt to gain a control over the action.  What Wrestling Should Be connected with a double dropkick but Jacobs went for a crossbody and was caught with a big spinebuster from the Bronze Bull. Bull tagged in Z who enjoyed dishing out some methodical punishment before ordering IZW Wrestler to finish off Jacobs. Starr leapt off for the flying Bull-butt but Jacobs moved and made the tag into Kevin Morgan. Morgan came in like a tank and leveled all members of Team Johnny Z.   The other members of Team #1 came in and mayhem ensued leaving Price and Morgan alone in the ring. Price avoided a running lariat and went for a diving axe-handle but was launched into the stratosphere by maybe the biggest Moment of Fear IZW has ever seen.


  Morgan got a piece of the team that betrayed but not much of the man he used to call savior. What will August 9th be like now that the unstable wrecking machine known as the Image of Fear has been added to the IZW Championship Impact Chamber match? What happens if and when two allies are the only two left in the ring. What does Erica stepping down mean for her side of the commissionership? Ten men will walk into the Impact Chamber but only one can walk out IZW Champion. Who will be the one? One thing is for sure, one night and a partnership between two former rival commissioners left the IZW World with one hell of a show August 9th. And for the first time ever, left the IZW World chanting “Thank You Erica.”


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