IZW Adrenaline June 28th Review

  Just when you think things couldn’t get any crazier in IZW, the latest edition of Adrenaline blows the lid off all expectations! In typical Impact Inc form, the show started with Johnny Z and crew watching one of the decimations from the last Adrenaline and making fun of the plight of the returning Jermaine Johnson. While Jordan Jacobs didn’t seem too enthralled in watching the footage for the umpteenth time the rest of the group let him know that, like the official Impact Inc t-shirt says, they didn’t care.



  Impact Inc then made their way to the ring in what was an unscheduled addressing of the IZW World. Johnny Z said that he didn’t care that Shawn McHale had set up the 6-man tag with himself and Team Bull against Damon Windsor, Jermaine Johnson and Gary Tool to be the main event. He said that this was his show and this match would happen right now.  His three opponents were more than willing to oblige and quickly made their way to the ring.  Jermaine Johnson was insistent that he start the match so that he could get his hands on the men who tried to take him out two weeks ago. No one in Impact Inc wanted to start the match with Johnson though, repeatedly leaving the ring, trying to anger and irritate Johnson even farther. Finally Gary Tool tagged in and locked up with the Bronze Bull, Tool quickly gained the advantage hitting a quick hip toss and connecting with a flurry of punches that dropped the Bronze Bull.  Bull backed Tool into the Impact Inc corner and as Impact Inc tried to use the number advantage but were stalemated by Windsor and Johnson.  Windsor then tagged in and reversed a sleeper by Bronze Bull into one of his own, as Bull almost faded away he tagged in IZW Wrestler who ran directly into another sleeper from Windsor. Windsor tagged in Jermaine who, for the first timn ein the match would get his hands on Impact Inc in the form of IZW Wrestler, he drilled Starr with vicious kicks in the corner and lifted the Brass Bull high into the air and hit a big stalling suplex. Starr was able to get Johnson back into his corner and brought in the Bronze Bull who nailed a big spinebuster to slow the rhythm of the hyped up Johnson. Johnny Z then saw his opportunity to get in and lay some punishment on Johnson too. Quick tags from Impact Inc made it almost impossible for Johnson to reach his corner until he caught IZW Wrestler with a spinning leg lariat and fell into a tag to Gary Tool. Tool came in and rocked Z, Starr and Bull. Z remained the legal man in the ring while Johnson and Windsor took the fight to Team Bull outside. Tool looked to wrap up the victory by hitting a Sky High but Bronze bull broke up the pin and as the fight was getting out of their control Impact Inc decided it was time to walk away from this contest. They took a count-out loss and didn’t seem to mind a bit but when they reached the top of the ramp IZW Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale let them know they weren’t done for the night. McHale stated that because of their attack on Double D that D would be out of action for roughly six months. That being the case we currently have no IZW Champion but he didn’t intend to let that be the case for long. He stated that this 6-man WOULD be the main event, except now it would be a 6-man elimination tag match and that it would be for the vacant IZW Championship!



  Next up in action would be the struggling Jordan Jacobs, who in the past month had been knocked out twice by newcomer Sheepy O’Brien. Jacobs would look to improve his luck against “The Urban Legend” Drake Gallows. His eagerness would prove to his immediate disadvantage as he charged Gallows but got caught with a snap powerslam. Gallows poured on the offense with a barrage of leg drops, strikes and a sliding boot to the face. “Lights Out” was able to utilize his quickness to turn the tables and gain the advantage but only momentarily before Gallows drove him face first with an electric chair drop. But as Gallows went for the Bangarang moonsault Jacobs crotched him on the top rope and drove a sliding knee attack into Gallows’ face. Jacobs also reversed an attempt at Gallows’ emo-killer into a DDT.  Gallows reversed two clotheslines into neckbreakers and connected with a diving clotheline for a near fall. Jacobs tried to reverse the situation and go for the “light switch” but Gallows hit a top rope hurricanrana and the Bangarang for the win. With yet another loss for Jordan Jacobs one has to wonder how Jordan will next seek to prove himself.



  Backstage Shawn McHale caught up with Johnny Z. McHale wondered, like many of the IZW World did, how Z managed to get the Convict back on his side after Convict cost Z the IZW Championship at Coronation.  Z gladly explained that in his genius he laid it out to Convict that, though Convict did receive a negative review from what was then Impact Elite, it was Erica’s signature at the bottom of the form not Z’s. This was another slick move by the Natural Born Leader to make sure that his back is always watched.



  Next in action was Impact Division Champion Randy Price taking on “Big Bad and Sexy” Angel Camacho. Though Price was willing to put his championship on the line he again informed the IZW World that it would not be an Impact Rules match. However, Shawn McHale had other things in mind and said even though Impact title defenses didn’t HAVE to be Impact Rules, didn’t mean this one wouldn’t be. Randy was so upset he didn’t even hear the bell ring and almost got caught with a quick roll-up. Price was able to weather Camacho’s initial onslaught and, though he didn’t want an Impact Rules match,. He was more than willing to use a steel chair to soften up Camacho’s ribs. Camacho is no stranger to Impact Rules, though and dished out a plethora of punishment and pain as well using not only the weapons available but also his massive size. Price repeatedly was able to score with one or two offensive maneuvers but not to get a real offensive rhythm going. Camacho time and again stopped him short and drove him to the mat, whether it be with a weapon, a big clothesline or a giant overhead belly-to-belly suplex. The two men fought all around the ring and Randy was finally able to get things going his way by hitting a drop-toe hold sending Camacho face first onto the entrance ramp. Price then focused his attack strictly on the ribs of Camacho, driving a steel chair into them.  Price raised the chair overhead again but Camacho tripped Price up sending Price face-first onto the very chair he was holding. Camacho scaled to the top rope and all 500lbs of Camacho came crashing down onto Price. 3 seconds later we had a new Impact Division Champion! Price was obviously not prepared for the physicality of Impact Rules and that coupled with the enormity of Camacho was too much for the Champion and now the scope of the Impact Division Championship scene has changed dramatically.



  After this impressive win from Angel Camacho we would see in action his cousin or “primo” Vinnie. Camacho would take on the returning “mysterious man from the Orient” Soto Miyagi. Miyagi showed his resilience as he took quite a beating from Camacho and firs back with some deadly strikes but Vinnie looked to be inspired by Angel’s win and showed aggression unlike we had seen from him before. Vinnie connected with his Pop, Drop and Lock which left Miyagi no choice but to tap out. This was certainly a great night to be a Camacho. But it would be even better for one other man as one man in our main event would walk out IZW Champion.



  And what a main event it would be. In this match six men would be on teams of three but only one man could be the winner and call himself the IZW Champion.  Team Bull would be out to protect Johnny Z, Z would try to become the official IZW Champion that he was already claiming to be, Gary Tool and Damon Windsor would be looking for their first IZW Championship and Jermaine Johnson, a former two-time IZW Champion would be looking to reclaim his spot at the top of the IZW World.



  Learning from the earlier match Jermaine Johnson would stand on the apron as Damon Windsor would square off with The Brass Bull IZW Wrestler. Bobby would blindside Windsor as he was distracted by Johnny Z but Windsor powered back and took Starr into Windsor’s corner and drilling him with a few shots before tagging in Jermaine Johnson. Johnson made it clear he wanted Johnny Z and threw Starr to his partners so that he could tag Z in, but much like earlier Z would tag out before making contact. Bronze bull would instead lock up with Johnson which he would quickly regret as Johnson took him back and forth between the two neutral corners and, punching, kicking and chopping Bull and finally driving him head first into the elevated boot of Damon Windsor. Windsor tagged in and laid in some stinging jabs as Bull bobbled back and for the between Tool, Johnson and Windsor. Windsor then picked up the gargantuan Bull and slammed him to the mat below.  Windsor tagged Tool into the match and, though Bull begged off, Tool showed no mercy tearing the flesh from his chest with blistering chops.  A missed splash in the corner gave Bull the opportunity to tag out to Starr and Bobby wasted no time hammering Coach Tool to the ground. Once Tool was properly weakened, Johnny Z demanded Starr tag him in. Z choked the Coach and wisely goaded Johnson into coming into the ring giving Impact Inc the ability to triple team Tool.  Z tagged Starr back in but Starr caught a leaping calf kick from Tool and as Starr tagged Z back in, Tool made the tag to Big Business. Windsor dropped Z with a pair of clotheslines and a big Time Slam before unloading on Team Bull but as Windsor had Bronze Bull trapped for the back elbows Z hit the ropes and drilled Windsor with the Big Boot in the Corner and got the cover to score the match’s first elimination.  Johnson jumped in looking to get things back going his team’s way but Bronze Bull cut his momentum, dropping him with a brutal forearm. Z then came in to do more damage. Z delivered malicious stomps to Johnson’s chest. Johnson reversed a suplex but the wiley Z knocked Tool from the apron and delivered a desperation boot to Johnson to buy himself time to tag the Bronze Bull.  Bull continued the assault, brutalizing Johnson until Johnson ducked a clothesline and looked to make a tag but Z pulled Tool from the apron. With no one to tag Team Bull looked to hit their double team maneuver but Jordan Jacobs made his way to the ring to make the kill himself. But instead Jacobs hit the Bronze Bull with the Light Switch! He then dropped IZW Wrestler and hugged his long time friend Jermaine Johnson who connected to the Bronze Bull with an ES2 and pinned him to cause our second elimination.  Jermaine took the fight to The Brass Bull but Tool had taken a Float-Over DDT on the Impact Arena floor which allowed Z to return to the ring and help Starr get the advantage. Z instructed Starr to hold up Johnson so that he could hit him with the IZW Championship but Gary Tool jumped on the apron to stop it. Tool was met with the IZW Championship to his face and after a valiant fight, Johnson would suffer the same fate , followed by a spear from Starr and be pinned, leaving Gary Tool in a 2-on-1 situation. Z again barked orders at IZW Wrestler to attack the weakened Tool. Toll was not done fighting though, he fired back on Starr from his knees but the second he took control a Johnny Z distraction allowed Starr to regain the upper hand, sending Tool to the outside. Z punished Tool on the outside before sending him back in and instructing Starr to put him away. Starr took Tool off his feet with a series of headbutts and climbed the ropes to deliver the top rope Bull-Butt but caught nothing but canvas on the way down. After the miss by Starr, Tool rolled up Starr and scored another elimination. Now it was down to Tool and Z 1-on-1. One would think this would be a LESS chaotic situation but that wouldn’t be further from the truth. Tool fought back and slipped out of Z’s Final Impact to hit a Samoan drop and climbed to the top rope. Mark Wilson rushed down from commentary and crotched Tool on the top to save the match for Z. When referee George Knight admonished Wilson, he attacked Knight, knocking him to the Impact Arena floor. As Tool slumped down in the corner Z seized the opportunity and as Mark Wilson rolled the semi-conscious referee back into the ring Z connected with a Big Boot in the Corner to the back of Tool’s skull. But someone Wilson has screwed over before would have none of it and Damon Windsor slid in the ring, he hit Z with a Big Time slam and then drove him down with his ‘Closing Bell’ Chokeslam. Windsor then locked eyes with Wilson and chased him all the way back to the locker room making sure he would not be the deciding factor in this contest. Tool crawled over and covered the motionless Z and the IZW World counted along, as the referee counted 1-2-NO!!! Johnny Z shot his shoulder off the mat at the last second as the IZW World let out a gasp of exhaustion. Gary Tool was undeterred and measured Z for the Sky High but as he did the most terrifying sound in IZW rang out…the music of The Convict. Convict marched down and delivered a 15-20 to Tool. Convict surveyed his destruction before returning to the back. Johnny Z readied himself, Tool struggled to return to his feet. Z was poised to win the IZW Championship the same way he lost it. Z focused and hit the ropes and the Impact Area went black. When the lights came back on Z’s boot was in the air, but it was caught in mid-air by The Image of Fear Kevin Morgan! Morgan lifted Z ten feet in the air and drove him down with the Moment of Fear. The lights again went out and as quickly as he had appeared, Morgan vanished. Again both Z and Tool were down but this time It was Tool to his feet first, he sent Z off the ropes lifted him Sky High and planted him on the mat. This time there would be no kick out. For the very first time in his 20-plus year career “The Godfather of Old School” The Coach Gary Tool was your new IZW Champion!



The locker room emptied as all those who respect the accomplishments and career of Gary Tool came to the ring. Jermaine Johnson and Damon Windsor, both shook Gary’s hand and embraced the new champ. And in the ultimate sign of respect and tradition, Johnson and Windsor hoisted the massive Tool up on their shoulders and paraded him around the ring so he could soak up the cheers and adulations he so rightfully deserves.



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