IZW Adrenaline March 22nd Review

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Just seven days removed from the biggest event in Impact Zone Wrestling history, the IZW world and the IZW superstars are still feeling the fallout from Coronation: A Decade of Impact. Before the show even got started, the effects of Coronation could be seen as Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofFear) and Madame Co-Commissioner Erica (@Lady_Of_Impact) were visibly shaken by the absence of the former IZW Champion Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ). With their savior M.I.A. the two seemed determined that they would do something to make things better but neither seemed to have any idea what that “something” would be.


The night took a quick turn as the new IZW Champion Double D (@IZWDoubleD) took center stage to address all the members of The Force. He thanked them for fueling him in his effort to overcome nine other men and loads of surprises to win The Impact Chamber match at Coronation. His words seemed to irritate Kevin Morgan who cut off the new IZW Champion to share some words of his own. After bowing to a Johnny Z t-shirt, Morgan went on to blame Double D for the disappearance of Johnny Z.  Morgan then challenged The Captain of the Force to a match in the main event where he set out to right the wrong, that had occurred at Coronation.


 The first in-ring action of the night came in the form of two of the biggest risk-takers IZW has ever seen, when Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) took on the IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows (@DG_UrbanLegend). Jacobs wanted to talk to Shawn McHale about being placed into the Impact Player of the Year Tournament but McHale called Jacobs an “unproven commodity” and  gave Jacobs a non- title match against the Impact Division Champion for his effort. Both Gallows and Jacobs abandoned their daredevil styles and focused on mat wrestling early, showing the wear and tear from their respective title matches at Coronation. Jacobs seemed bound and determined to show his worth and his status within the company and within the reeling Impact Elite. Gallows showed why he is the impact Division champion as he fought back from a big belly-to-back suplex from the second rope and was able to score a huge rope-suspended spinning neckbreaker on Jacobs. This was all the opening “The Urban Legend” needed as he ascended the top rope and nailed Jacobs with his Bangarang moonsault for the win.


Jacobs grabbed the microphone and tried to shake off all his recent losses. He tried to move past his loss to Gallows, his loss of the IZW Tag Team Championships at Coronation and perhaps most devastating of all, the loss of his tag team partner Jermaine Johnson who, after their match at Coronation, quit IZW. Jacobs swore that those down moments were behind him and that this year would be known as Two Thousand and Jordan Jacobs. He announced that not only was he entering the 2014 impact Player of the Year tournament but he planned to win and become the tournament’s only two-time winner.


Next up in action was the newly-crowned IZW Tag Team Champions Team Bull. While IZW Wrestler (@TheGods_BS) and The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) were reminiscing about their after-victory celebration at Coronation they were confronted by The KC Wolves who also scored a solid victory at Coronation against the up-and-coming team of the Sexy Camachos. The KC Wolves felt that they had been denied their rightful title shot by the former tag champs and requested a shot at the new champs. Despite having been through a hellacious TLC match just seven days earlier, Team Bull accepted.  Right off the bat the KC Wolves showed why they truly deserved the title shot they were afforded by using quick tags and teamwork to get the early advantage on Team Bull. IZW Wrestler in particular fell victim to the lightning quick actions of Bell (@GrahamBellWPE) and Langley (@LukeLangleyMD) as the Wolves looked to isolate the Brass Bull from his partner. However a missed double-superkick allowed Starr to make the tag into The Bronze Bull, who came in raging.  He nailed both KC Wolves with a flurry of powerful maneuvers but his momentum was cut short when Bell was able to reverse a spinebuster into a DDT. The Wolves could smell the tag team titles nearing and looked to put away The Bronze Bull but Starr was able to throw their game plan off long enough for Bronze Bull to hit Bell with Greetings From Mt. Olympus and Starr followed up with a top-rope diving Bull-Butt which put the Wolves’ title hopes to rest.


Next up, IZW Co-Commissioner “The #1” Shawn McHale had a huge announcement for the IZW World. He announced that the finals of The Impact Player of the Year Tournament would be held at May 17th’s Sudden Impact and would be contested in a Ladder Match. He also announced all eight participants who will be taking part in the 2014 Impact Player of the Year Tournament. Teams and friendships have the possibility to be fractured as joining Jordan Jacobs in the tournament will be both Brothers Righteous: Striker (@StrikerOKB) and O’Malley (@IZWHateMachine), both KC Wolves: Graham Bell and Luke Langley, Vinnie Camacho, Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) and Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor). Any of these men could potentially walk out of Sudden Impact on May 17th with a shot at any IZW Championship of their choosing and truly have the ability to instantly change the landscape of IZW.


Former Queen of IZW Miss Diss Lexia (@MissDiss_Lexia) was in action next, taking on the debuting Misty Lynn.  Diss Lexia showed the grit and determination that made her the former queen as she made Lynn’s IZW debut a difficult one. Through some underhanded tactics and some impressive strength, Lynn gained a decisive advantage and almost took out the former Queen of IZW.  But the experience and fight of Lexia was too much as she battled back and dropped Lynn with her WalkSide Slam for the win. With momentum behind her, it’s only a matter of time before Lexia is in the running for the coveted Queen’s Crown Championship again.


In the main event “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan was looking for answers and for retribution from IZW Champion “The Captain of the Force” Double D. Morgan looked to immediately brutalize D and continued to demand that D tell him the location of his absent Natural Born Leader. The desperation in Morgan was visible as he lacked the normal focus that his savior Johnny Z’s leadership normally gives him. Double D used this to his advantage and used precise attacks to keep the big man off his game plan. But the desperation looked to turn Kevin into a wild animal as Morgan was as ferocious as we’ve ever seen him. However, each time he gained the upper hand, he reverted back to shouting “Where’s John” to the IZW Champion.  Morgan’s power showed through as he, at one point, pressed D over his head, threw him into the air and caught him with a monstrous power-slam. The wild-eyed Image of Fear continued to thwart Double D’s every attempt at a comeback and poured on even more abuse, driving a knee into D’s back and trying to literally break the champion in half.  As the match wore on, Morgan became increasingly frantic as the punishment he was dishing out wasn’t getting him the answers he sought. In a true act of pure malice, Morgan attempted to hit The Moment of Fear from the top rope but was caught by a jumping knee from Double D. This sent The Image of Fear crashing to the mat below. Reaching down to the same place that powered him through over an hour inside the Impact Chamber, Double D sprung to the top rope and connected with the high Cross Body and put the Image of Fear away.


As Double D made it to his feet to celebrate a hard fought victory, Morgan cried out for his leader and it was apparent that at Coronation, Double D had changed the course of IZW history forever. But there is no rest for the New IZW Champion as it has already been announced that this Saturday night he will be going one-on-one with Randy Price (@RandyPrice_OSS) who made it very clear that he intends to make Double D another victim of the Old School…Sucka.




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