IZW Adrenaline October 18th Review

   Halloween Hangover is just around the corner and everyone seems to be playing the numbers game in anticipation of the Monsters Bash. With the winner getting a title at any championship they choose, everyone in IZW is more focused than ever at being the one who wins it all. Last week on Adrenaline Kevin Morgan earned his way into the Monsters Bash and was placed at the #1 entry position giving him the steepest odds of all. This hasn’t seemed to faze The Image of Fear in the least as he made quick work of The Bronze Bull in this week’s opening contest. Morgan did have a little help in the form of a distraction from Jeff Wolfenbarger causing Bronze Bull to step right into the Moment of Fear. Bronze Bull’s body and his ego were bruised and that may have been the motivation he needs going into his match with Wolfenbarger at Halloween Hangover.


   Morgan has been an unstoppable force since his return this summer but his former partner Damon Windsor still seems intent on proving that he can neutralize the Image of Fear. When confronted about his loss to Morgan Windsor ensured Mark Wilson that he would make sure Morgan never got close to the end of the Monsters Bash because with Morgan being the #1 entrant, he wanted to enter the Bash at #2.


   Another group that was crunching the numbers was the new IZW Tag Team Champions the Old School Studs. They relayed to the IZW World that in beating Kevin Morgan for the titles, they had essentially no one left to face. Team Bull setting their individual sights on separate goal and the implosion of the momentary reunion of Big Business has left them no one to defend their newly one championship against. That being the case, The OSS went on to their aspirations to win the Monsters Bash but that’s when the numbers got evened up a little for the OSS as the returning KC Wolves would make their way to the ring. We hadn’t seen the KC Wolves in months and they wasted no time in letting the Studs know they wanted a chance at the tag team titles that were ripped away from them months ago.  After some prodding of Randy Price’s ego, the Studs agreed to an impromptu match.


   The Wolves showed that they haven’t lost a single step and in fact may have even improved since the last time they were in the Impact Arena. Their lightning fast attacks and seamless teamwork had the IZW World on their feet. The KC Wolves had Gray Tool right where they wanted them when Randy Price shoved Luke Langley to the floor and as the referee checked on his condition Price leveled Graham Bell with his tag team title belt and pulled Tool on top for the win. The Studs still reign supreme but it’s clear that The KC Wolves are back and they’re on the hunt for tag team gold.


   O’Malley will also be in the Monsters Bash but isn’t playing the numbers game, he’s more worried about letter and those letters are “KO”. He and Sheepy O’Brien will be facing off in an Irish Bare-Knuckle Brawl at Halloween Hangover. These two knock out artists are bound to have a knock-down drag out fight which is made even more dangerous due to the implication that match may have on their chances in The Monsters Bash. The loser of this match may not even make it to the Bash.


   Numbers would once again play a factor in the main event as The Leader of the Hype Section Jermaine Johnson took on Big Business Damon Windsor. Johnson is on the roll of a lifetime heading into his IZW Championship opportunity at Halloween Hangover.  Windsor on the other hand has been on a bit of a losing streak and looked to improve his luck and soften up the #1 Contender for Johnny Z all in the same match. Windsor was thrown off his game by thunderous support from Johnson’s Hype Section throughout the match. When Mark Wilson gave him an opening Windsor capitalized and went on the attack, brutalizing Johnson with the newfound brand of malice we have come to expect from The Facilitator. Johnson battled back with a flurry of offence and took Big Business off his feet with a J Effect and perched for the ES2 but Mark Wilson grabbed his foot. While the referee was trying to separate the two, Windsor smashed into Johnson from behind and the referee got caught in between.  Wilson immediate starting screaming for Windsor to kick Johnson in the groin and chokeslam him but he was silenced by the music and arrival of Double D. D made his way to ring side and assessed the situation, he then slid a steel chair to Windsor! D pointed to the chair and then to Johnson. As Johnson struggled to his feet Windsor readied his weapon. Then Double D leaped into the ring and delivered a sidekick, sending the chair right into Windsor’s face! As D stood over his victim and stared a hole through Mark Wilson, Johnson snatched him from behind and dropped him with an Energy Shot! He then nailed Windsor with an ES2 and covered him for the 1,2,3. This was another big win for the man who will face Johnny Z on November 1st but perhaps even more importantly it was a message to Double D, the man who will be the referee of that IZW Championship match and the man who has left Johnson laying on numerous occasions.  There will be no friends in the Monsters Bash and no allies in the IZW Championship match at Halloween Hangover. The numbers in the title match are set to be 1-on-1 but will the addition of Double D as the referee sway the odds? And if so… in whose favor?


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