By Cam Cunningham


The “Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z kicked off an action-packed episode of Adrenaline by addressing the IZW World. Z explained his recent absence from the show, advising the crowd that he was on the hunt for a second co-commissioner to counter the influence of Shawn McHale. Z promised the IZW world that his choice for co-commissioner would be revealed at Sudden Impact on May 21st. John then turned his thoughts toward the future, only to be immediately interrupted by the presence of “The Facilitator” Damon Windsor. Z declared his intent to pursue the IZW Championship in the wake of his victory over Brad Michaels at Coronation. Windsor countered by claiming that the future of that title revolved around him, only to be surprised by the presence of Nemesis. Impact Player of the Year contender Rage Logan assured Windsor that he would be victorious in their scheduled matchup. Johnny Z then announced he would serve as co-commissioner until Sudden Impact. For his first act, he declared that Windsor would face Logan immediately, with the added danger of Impact Rules.


Logan attempted to use his speed early, landing several quick kicks to Windsor’s lower body. The Facilitator used his power to regain the advantage, but Logan would not be deterred and attempted to capture Windsor in a tilt-a-whirl armbar. Windsor escaped to the outside, only to fall victim to a spectacular tope by the man called “Greatness.”  Logan took advantage of the Impact Rules environment to punish Windsor on the outside. The tide turned when Logan missed a slingshot splash into the ring. Windsor seized the moment, and was able to use his power to maintain control of the match, despite Logan’s valiant efforts. Logan missed his signature backflip shoulder charge and The Facilitator. Took advantage by wrapping Logan’s arm around the turnbuckle. Windsor attempted a Revolver, but Logan spectacularly countered into back mount rear naked choke. Windsor was able to reverse the hold by simply squashing Logan and hit his second Revolver attempt. Logan kicked out by the closest of margins, and a frustrated Windsor looked to his signature briefcase for the victory. Logan’s Nemesis teammate Damien Morte slowed Windsor for several seconds, allowing a recovering Logan to dropkick the steel case into the face of The Facilitator, earning a hard-fought victory over the former IZW Champion.


“The Sicilian Meatball” Donnie Giovanni addressed the IZW World, comparing his first impressions in the company to a bad pizza. Giovanni promised that he would rise like perfect dough and drop the badda boom on the Impact Arena. This reporter for one, believed him.


Next up, IZW Impact Division Champion “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil took on “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan in the final first round matchup in the Impact Player of the Year Tournament. The fact that the two had been forced to team two weeks earlier against IZW Tag Team Champions, The Diamond Dogs, with disastrous results for Morgan only added to the intrigue of what promised to be a hard-hitting affair. Neil initiated the striking, but Morgan was able to knock the Impact Division Champion from his feet with a single uppercut. Morgan then knocked the Bull down with a series of shoulder blocks, sending him to the outside. Neil wisely bided his time and was able to bait Morgan in, pulling him throat first across the top rope. The Bronze Bull liberally used choking and eye rakes to neutralize his opponent, then attempted to demolish Morgan’s leg against the turnbuckle post. Morgan was able to counter and briefly pursue a dazed Neil, but the Bronze Bull was able to recover and regain control with his striking ability. Morgan was able to hit an earth-shaking powerslam to Neil, only for his subsequent attempt at a Spear to be met with a devastating knee lift from the four-time solo Tag Team Champion. Morgan was able to hit a desperation clothesline, and lined up a second Spear attempt. Neil attempted to flee the ring, and by strategically positioning referee Nathanial Maverick, was able to low blow the pursuing Morgan. Morgan was able to somehow kick out and finally hit the Spear. Morgan attempted the Moment of Fear, but Neil blocked and the two behemoths countered each other’s signature moves in an impressive display that ended with Neil dropping Morgan with a spinebuster. But Morgan was not to be denied and countered Neil’s Greetings from Mt. Olympus into his Moment of Fear for a highly impressive win and a well-earned spot in the Impact Player of the Year semifinals.


Athena, possibly the most warped female competitor ever to compete in IZW, was next to enter the Impact Arena, challenging for Erica’s Queen’s Crown. The Lady of Impact enjoyed the full support of the IZW World, but fell prey to Athena’s mind games and pursued the deranged challenger around the outside of the ring. Athena used her violent tendencies to her advantage on the floor, then rolled Erica back into the ring to deliver an impressive butterfly suplex. Erica turned things around with a series of knee lifts and a running facebuster, but Athena eventually was able to catch up with the speedier champion, intercepting Erica and ramming her upside down into the turnbuckles. After a great deal of punishment, Erica used a tilt-a-whirl headscissors to shift the momentum in the match, followed up by a hurricanrana and a pair of monkey flips. Recovering at a disturbing rate, Athena raked the eyes of the Queen and resumed brutalizing Erica. The resilient Queen countered with a running leg sweep and a quick Queen’s Guillotine, capping her offense with a diving back elbow. Erica promised the IZW world she would take off Athena’s head, but the lunatic rolled through The Queen’s final maneuver “Off with Her Head”. Athena blasted Erica with her gas mask and earned a blatant disqualification from distinguished official Martin Justice. Athena continued her assault after the bell, delivering a sheer-drop blockbuster to Erica. In a truly sickening display, Athena cradled the unconscious Queen of IZW and placed the gas mask upon her. Athena delivered a final Samoan drop to Erica before mercifully leaving the ring.


“Mic Check” Maddox Jones delivered another certified platinum rhyme that this reporter is incapable of describing in any fashion that would sufficiently match its greatness. A humble assessment: this young wrestler is calling his shot as a breakout star in 2016.


IZW Champion Double D entered the Impact Arena to the warm greetings of The Force. He issued an open challenge for the evening, one that was readily answered by “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs. Jacobs swore to win the Impact Player of the Year tournament and win his first IZW Championship, and a confident Double D agreed to face Jacobs in the evening’s main event.


The two fan-favorites traded holds in varied scientific exchanges at the beginning of this match. Double D struck first by connecting with a spinning heel kick, but Jacobs soon matched him with a calf kick. The two stars exchanged knee-based offense until Jacobs connected with a back suplex backbreaker. Jacobs missed a springboard and suffered the Force Chops for it. Jordan was able to counter with his signature Tentalizer and hit his Countdown Knees. DD avoided a second attempt, and mounted an attack that culminated in a missile dropkick. Jordan was able to return fire with a Space Jam from the top rope. Double D countered with an enzuiguri, only to have an attempt at his Air Force Crossbody thwarted by a leaping straight kick from Jacobs. Both men exchanged high-impact strikes and close near falls, seeming evenly matched in this worthy main event. Jacobs was eventually able to gain control and went for the kill with The Lightswitch. Double D knocked his opponent from the air with a flying knee, allowing him the opening he needed to hit the Crossbody and put away a very game Jacobs. In a show of sportsmanship, the two grapplers shook hands after a grueling main event.


The aura of respect would not last long however, as Damon Windsor approached the ring to confront Double D. The Future Hall of Famer sarcastically congratulated the champion on his victory, and demanded another opportunity for the IZW title at Sudden Impact.  Double D recounted the pair’s recent history as the IZW World serenaded Windsor with cries of “Loser” and “Failure.”  Windsor swore that if he could not defeat Double D for the IZW Championship at Sudden Impact, he would leave IZW.  The champion granted Windsor’s request, on the condition that the title bout would be an “I Quit” match. Double D soaked in the approval from the IZW world as the show ended.


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