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The opening contest of this week’s Adrenaline featured a pair of returning female stars in Skylar Slice and Paige Turner. Slice used her power to dominate the smaller Turner early on. Turner was able to apply a series of arm drags to her colossal adversary, but Slice quickly reasserted control and beat Turner around the ring. Turner used a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, spinning heel kick and eventually a swinging neckbreaker to battle against her unstoppable opposition. It would not be enough however, as Slice caught the wrestling librarian and applied the Back Slice for the win.



The Future Hall of Famers entered the arena to their familiar chorus of boos from the IZW World.  Damon Windsor was flanked by the returning IZW Tag Team Champion Diamond Dogs, and the trio quickly grabbed a microphone. The Facilitator claimed the past was irrelevant and that the Future Hall of Famers would evolve to grow ever stronger. The Diamond Dogs then demanded respect for their myriad of tag team accomplishments and pledged to make an example of the next tag team to cross them.  Their challenge was answered by “Big, Bad, and Sexy” Angel Camacho and “The Sicilian Meatball” Donni Giovanni, and an impromptu tag team championship match ensued.



Giovanni was able to gain a quick advantage over the Dogs’ Luke Langley, using his focused center of gravity to reverse a hip-toss attempt and arm drag the Future Hall of Famer. Graham Bell had similar luck against Camacho, and the pairing that some are calling “The Spicy Meatballs” delivered tandem belly-to-belly suplexes to the Dogs. Their momentum stalled however, when Giovanni missed a running senton when Bell pulled Langley out of the ring. The Diamond Dogs proceeded to assault Giovanni, though the Sicilian Meatball battled valiantly. Giovanni countered an attempted double team by the Dogs and impressively suplexed Langley and Bell simultaneously. Angel Camacho received the tag and dominated the Dogs with his power before the falling prey to the champions’ signature double-team maneuvers. Giovanni broke up the pin after the Dogs’ Black Diamond, and he and Graham Bell spilled to the floor.  Camacho recovered to hit the Sexy Sidewinder on Langley, but garnered only a two count. The proud Puerto Rican went to the top rope for his trademark Big, Bad, and Sexy Splash, but Bell crotched him on the tope rope. The Diamond Dogs seized the opening and connected with Bad Moon Rising to retain their tag team belts.



Unfortunately, The Diamond Dogs were not finished. They attacked Giovanni and delivered a second Bad Moon Rising to him. They then used an open chair and wielded another pair to smash the face of Angel Camacho. Damon Windsor appeared on the ramp to congratulate the Dogs and the Future Hall of Famers left triumphantly.



The Mathemagician made his third appearance in the Impact Arena, entering as an obvious underdog against IZW Champion Double D. The Captain of the Force quickly used his agile kicks to seize the initial advantage, but the Mathemagician turned thr tables briefly with a series of chops. One does not trade chops with Double D however, and the Mathemagician felt the wrath of the Force Chops. Double D attempted and a maneuver from the second turnbuckle, but the Mathemagician displayed surprising viciousness and shoved D to the floor, the champion bouncing off the apron during his descent. The Mathemagician subdued Double D for several minutes, attacking the champion with a numbers-based offense that seemed to baffle the IZW world. D would fight back, but was caught by the Numeric Nightmare in a devastating pop-up German suplex. Double D would again use his kicks to stun the Mathemagician and reversed a second pop-up German attempt into a diving knee The Mathemagician was able to kick out of the D-Facer, and successfully countered The Air Force, but Double D employed an arm-trap blood choke to force sinusoidal savant to tap out in a surprisingly close contest. Sources would later learn that the IZW Champion is calling this hold The D-Vice.



Fresh off a hard-hitting match with Aaron Neil last week, Kevin Morgan faced another super-heavyweight in Damon Windsor.  The Facilitator slapped Morgan in the opening seconds, then fled the ring in an attempt to dictate the pace against The Image of Fear. Morgan dominated the following test of strength. Windsor showed his cerebral side soon after, chop-blocking Morgan at the knee.  The leader of the Future Hall of Famers then mounted a focused offense on Morgan’s left leg.  The Image of Fear briefly recovered and dominated Windsor outside the ring before rolling Windsor in and falling victim to another strike at the knee.  Windsor locked in a modified single-leg crab, but Morgan powered out and dazed Windsor with several jarring punches. Morgan was able to capitalize on a brief series of counters and hit Windsor with the Spear. As Morgan stalked Windsor for the Moment of Fear, The Diamond Dogs ran to ringside. Morgan dispatched Bell and Langley from the ring apron, only to turn around and have his face smashed by the briefcase of Windsor. Referee Nathaniel Maverick had no choice but to disqualify The Facilitator.



The Future Hall of Famers attacked the wounded Morgan and prepared to have Windsor stomp Morgan’s head onto Windsor’s seel briefcase.  Double D rushed to the aid of Morgan, buying the Image of Fear enough time to dispatch the Diamond Dogs. D then locked Windsor in the D-Vice, and the Facilitator promptly tapped out, though not in actual competition, as the Future Hall of Famers were quick to point out.



“Mic Check” Maddox Jones laid down yet another fresh beat, live in the Impact Arena.  Unfortunately for the young lyricologist, he was facing “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs in a singles match. Jacobs leaned on his striking game early and delivered a series of kicks to Jones. The MC of Impact was able to turn the tables by dropping the Oklahoma Anaconda throat-first across the top rope, but Jacobs was able to recover and hit his trademark Countdown Knees. Jones raked the eyes of Jacobs, taking a shortcut to regain control of the match, but Jacobs was able to connect with a Space Jam.  A second rope double axe handle and a pair of clotheslines put Jones back in the driver’s seat in another surprisingly competitive bout between an established star and a relative newcomer. Jacobs avoided an elbow drop and connected with a sequence of calf kicks before delivering an Acid Drop to Jones. Jacobs quickly flipped The Lightswitch to put away IZW’s resident rapper.



Damien Morte, again fantastically sunglassed, introduced his Nemesis teammate Rage Logan. The pair pledged that Logan would win the Impact Player of the Year tournament and that Nemesis would use his subsequent title opportunity to challenge the Diamond Dogs for the IZW Tag Team Championship.



The evening’s main event featured the deranged Athena challenging Erica for the Queen’s Crown in a continuation of a heated rivalry. Erica took the fight to Athena immediately and the lunatic challenger had to retreat to the floor. She would find no respite there however, as Erica connected with a plancha and slammed her rival into the steel steps. Athena was able to reverse an Irish Whip attempt from Erica and shoot the Lady of Impact into the barricade to seize control of the match.  The psychotic Athena brutalized the smaller Queen with chokes and simple strikes, neutralizing Erica’s technical and speed advantages. Erica was able to mount a limited offense after an impressive slingshot sunset flip, using a hurricanrana and dropkick to regain control. Athena resorted to raking the eyes of the Queen and delivered a pair of suplex variations to IZW’s most decorated female competitor.  Erica was able to slip out of a slam attempt by Athena, and planted the challenger with an inverted DDT. Erica seemed to be firing on all cylinders, but Athena impressively countered a floatover by Erica into a Northern Lights suplex. A spinebuster provided Erica a brief window of offense, but Athena regained control delivered an impressive butterfly suplex. Seeking to end the match, Athena climbed the turnbuckles for an aerial attack. Erica crotched her opponent and seized the moment to hit Sliced Bread #2. Shockingly, this garned only a two count and the main event continued. Erica went for a diving back elbow, but Athena pulled referee Paul Shoemaker into the Queen’s path, sending than the official tumbling to the canvas. Athena connected with a Michinoku Driver, but was ambushed by an intefering Skylar Slice. Slice cleared Athena from the ring, then attacked Erica with the Back Slice.  Athena blasted Slice with her gas mask and covered Erica. The recovering referee made the three count and a new Queen of IZW was crowned.



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