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‘The Rightful Queen” Erica opened this episode of Adrenaline by addressing the IZW World. The forlorn former Queen of IZW declared Sudden Impact would feature a triple threat match for the IZW Queen’s Crown between Erica, Skylar Slice, and the reigning Queen Athena. The First Lady of Impact then called out the dominant Skylar Slice, who was accompanied by Nathan Estrada.  The Spanish Fly struck Erica from behind, but before Slice and Estrada could deal further damage, Double D hit the ring to defend the former queen. D challenged Slice and Estrada to a mixed tag match later in the evening, and Slice accepted on their behalf.



“Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs faced off against “The Image of Fear” Kevin Moran in  the first of two Impact Player of the Year semifinal matches. Jacobs was motivated by his desire for his first ever IZW Championship reign but was at a distinct size disadvantage in this bout between two IZW veterans. Jacobs used his speed advantage early to strike Morgan with several kicks, but the Image of Fear delivered a big body slam to the Oklahoma Anaconda. Jacobs target the arm of Morgan, but fell to a short-arm clothesline. Morgan used his power advantage to dominate the contest, though Jacobs was able to target occasional offense against the weakened left arm of his adversary. Morgan countered multiple Fujiwara armbar attempts into massive power maneuvers against the smaller Jacobs. Jacobs recovered to strike Morgan with his Countdown Knees, but Morgan countered a Lightswitch attempt with a devastating Spear. Morgan signaled the crowd for the Moment of Fear, but Aaron Neil slid into the ring and hit Jacobs with Greetings from Mt. Olympus. Jacobs advanced to the finals of the Impact Player of the Year tournament via disqualification, and an enraged Morgan stormed to the backstage area to pursue the Bronze Bull.  One can only assume that Neil’s actions were motivated by his loss to Morgan previously in the Impact Player of the Year tournament.



Damien Morte introduced his Nemesis teammate Rage Logan in a monochromatic backstage segment. Logan declared he would defeat The Convict in his tournament match later in the evening and that Nemesis would go on to dethrone The Diamond Dogs to become IZW Tag Team Champions.



Nathan Estrada attempted to speak about the mixed-tag main event, but was quickly subdued by Skylar Slice. She pledged to dominate Double D and Erica, and swore she would become the Queen of IZW at Sudden Impact.



Rage Logan faced the unstoppable Convict in the second semifinal Impact Player of the Year Tournament match, The Man call “Greatness” outmaneuvered the Convict early in the match and struck with a dive over the top rope. The Convict was soon able to catch up however, and brutally slammed Logan as he attempted a springboard maneuver. The Convict showed his unmatched physical strength in the subsequent minutes and rag-dolled Logan around the ring Logan used a springboard back elbow to miraculously take The Convict off his feet, but as the founder of Nemesis ascended for his trademark Moonsault, the music of the Future Hall of Famers inexplicably began playing. This momentary distraction allowed Convict to seize Logan and deliver a 15-to-20 to secure a place in the finals of the Impact Player of the Year tournament. Adding insult to injury, the visage of Damon Windsor appeared on the Zorthotron. The Facilitator stood over a prone Damien Morte and stated that he had engineered the end of Nemesis’s IZW Tag Team Championship aspirations.



Morte would prove to be resilient, dragging himself to the ring to call out Windsor for an impromptu match. This would be Morte’s first contest since suffering severe burns during Coronation. Morte took the fight to Windsor early, but still clearly was suffering from the prior backstage assault. Morte repeatedly raked the eyes of Windsor to neutralize the size disparity, taking advantage of significant leniency from distinguished official Martin Justice. Windsor eventually was able to pinpoint Morte and halted the ocular assault with a vicious back elbow. The Facilitator sought to prove a point by earning a submission victory but was unable to cinch in a winning hold. A blockbuster from Morte flattened Windsor temporarily, but the Nemesis member was met with a Revolver shortly after.  A Texas Cloverleaf attempt by Windsor prove fruitless and the frustrated leader of the Future Hall of Famers turned to his familiar Silencer to end the match, but Morte desperately slipped behind Windsor and rolled The Facilitator up for a shocking victory.



The celebration ended quickly as an enraged Windsor assaulted Morte immediately after the bell. Rage Logan ran to his partner’s aid, but was met with a big boot for his troubles. Windsor attacked both members of Nemesis with his signature briefcase before sulking to the back.



The Diamond Dogs addressed the IZW world, bragging about making an example of Angel Camacho last week. Luke Langley and Graham Bell promised to continue making examples of any team that stood in their way. Windsor advised he would make his own example of Double D at Sudden Impact.



Nathan Estrada and Skylar Slice made their way to the ring to face the First Couple of IZW, Erica nad IZW Champion Double D in a mixed tag main event. Estrada, under orders from Slice, began the match somewhat unexpectedly began the match facing off against Erica. Estrada learned quickly how dangerous the Lady of Impact could be, and quickly fell victim to a series of quick tags from D and Erica. After being dumped unceremoniously onto Slice, Estrada regrouped on the floor and as able to hotshot D to take a brief advantage. Estrada tagged in Slice who quickly found herself facing Erica. The Rightful Queen eluded the Dominant One briefly, but was roughly slammed to the mat as Slice grabbed a handful of hair. Slice maintained control in the ring, with Estrada seeming content to take potshots from the apron, at least initially. Their double team tactics proved effective in riling Double D, who frequently made matters worse by being goaded into the ring.  Slice targeted the spine of Erica with a series of backbreakers, a wise strategy to set up Back Slice. The cocky Spanish Fly went for a diving fro-butt but met the boot of a prone Erica. Estrada was able to tag Slice and she was able to regain control of Erica before she could reach her corner. Erica battle valiantly and was able to score with a desperation enzuigiri to finally tag D into the match. The IZW Champion made short work of Estrada with his signature kicks, but his D-Facer attempt was interrupted by Slice. However, Erica disposed of the Dominant One with a timely Mancuerda. D hoisted Erica up and launched her into a high impact DDT on Estrada to seal the victory for IZW’s First Couple.



The action didn’t stop after the bell, however, as a vengeful Slice slid back into the ring and tackled Erica. The two ladies rolled to the outside where Slice was able to assert her dominance and slam Erica into the steel steps. With his attention occupied by the Rightful Queen’s conflict, Double D fell prey to a sneak attack from Damon Windsor, accompanied by co-commissioner Shawn McHale. Windsor blasted the champion with his briefcase and delivered a Silencer to the Captain of the Force. The brutality didn’t end there, and Windsor emphatically stomped the briefcase onto the head of D. Mchale stood over the prone champion and declared that he would serve as the special referee of the IZW Championship I Quit match at Sudden Impact. Windsor delivered a final blow to Double D’s head with the championship belt, and the Future Hall of Famers exited to a chorus of boos as the show ended.



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