By Cam Cunningham



    On the heels of a Sudden Impact iPPV that shook up the IZW World, new Impact Player of the Year opened this week’s Adrenaline by welcoming IZW Champion Double D to the Lights Out Lounge. Jacobs has made no secret of his intent to challenge for IZW’s crown jewel, and D is nothing if not a fighting champion. The two fan favorites were quickly interrupted by Nathan Estrada, who quickly found himself in an impromptu IZW Championship match with D.



    Somewhat predictably, The veteran D controlled the pace early, but Estrada showed used a well-timed kick to the middle rope to crotch the champion. Estrada was coming off a win at Sudden Impact, and seemed to carry renewed confidence into this bout.D connected with a flurry of kicks to regain control, but Estrada caught the Captain of the Force in a cravate and applied a series of knees, punctuated by a neckbreaker. Ultimately, D prevailed, nailing Estrada with his patented Air Force after countering a superplex attempt.



    The Diamond Dogs and Skylar Slice discussed the horizons of the Future Hall of Famers without Damon Windsor before being interrupted by Killista. Killista challenged Slice to a singles match for the IZW Queen’s Crown that the latter captured at Sudden Impact. Slice accepted, but jumped Killista from behind, then ordered the Dogs to slam Killista into the wall, concussing the challenger.



    Slice took the ring to gloat over her win by forfeit, but her celebration was cut short by a fired up Erica, who took the Dominant One by storm and rained down punches. The Diamond Dogs quickly intervened, but Nemesis came to the aid of the rightful Queen and drove the Future Hall of Famers from the ring. New co-commissioner Jeff Wolfenbarger made his presence known, and a 6-person mixed tag match was set for the evening’s main event, much to the chagrin of the Future Hall of Famers.



    Kevin Morgan grabbed the ear of Wolfenbarger backstage and requested another shot at The IZW Impact Division Championship against Aaron Neil. IZW’s in-house attorney gave the Image of Fear the evening off and agreed to negotiate a rematch with Neil.



   Gavin “The Illuminator” Dixon made his IZW debut against “The Sicilian Meatball” Donni Giovanni. Giovanni displayed surprising power against a taller opponent as he continued his search for a winning formula in IZW, but a game Dixon struck with well-timed low blow while referee PAUL SHOEMAKER was diverted. Dixon used the opening to hit a picturesque quebrada to win a very competitive match that showcased two of IZW’s newest talents.



Nemesis were joined by Erica for a brief nTV segment, and the trio promised victory in the main event later in the show.



    IZW Impact Division Champion Aaron Neil took the microphone, and, after pausing to berate new announcer Tuck Davion, speculated on his future at the upcoming Evolution iPPV. Jeff Wolfenbarger came to the ring and attempted to broker a championship rematch with Kevin Morgan with Neil, but The Bronze Bull refused. Wolfenbarger offered a compromise, and made the Evolution rematch contingent upon an immediate singles match with Jordan Jacobs.



    Neil overpowered Jacobs for most the ensuing contest, though only after the Impact Division champion was forced to continue the match by Wolfenbarger after trying to flee.  Each glimmer of offense from Jacobs was quickly met with ever-increasing punishment from Neil. A desperate Jacobs was able to hit a Tentalizer and his Countdown Knees, but the resilient Neil crotched him when he went up to the top turnbuckle for the Lightswitch. Neil distracted distinguished official Martin Justice and attempted to his his title belt to strike Jacobs, but Wolfenbarger stopped the champion. This allowed Jacobs to hit the Lightswitch and score the pin, effectively sentencing Neil to a title rematch with Kevin Morgan at Evolution in July.



    Nemesis and Erica gained an early advantage on the Future Hall of Famers in the main event, with Graham Bell taking most of the early offense to the delight of the IZW World. The Diamond Dogs briefly were able to isolate Rage Logan, with Skylar Slice showing her power by body-slamming Bell and Luke Langley on top of the prone half of Nemesis. Logan was able to evade a double team attack by the Dogs, and a fired-up Erica took the fight to the IZW Tag Team Champions. Slice blocked Erica’s attempt at a Sliced Bread #2 on Langley, allowing the good doctor to slam Erica’s head into the mat. From that point, the Dogs merely toyed with The Rightful Queen, letting Slice do most of the heavy lifting. Erica proved stronger than anticipated, reversing Slice with a top-rope hurricanrana and tagging in Logan. Nemesis quickly overcame the Dogs, eliminating Bell from the ring and hitting a triple team Space Boat on Langley. The Future Hall of Famers regrouped on the floor, but fell victim to successive dives from Damien Morte, Logan, and Erica  Nemesis connected with London Bridge on Bell and Erica took Slice out with Sliced Bread #2. After a brief sequence of counters with Logan, Langley fell to Erica’s Mancuerda and The Lady of Impact earned the pinfall.



    Check out IZW on every week on youtube, or experience the Adrenaline live in Lawton, OK. Either way, you’ll be sure to feel the impact.




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