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   The always-crazy Impact Arena was treated to an extra dose of lunacy as IZW Queen Athena opened Adrenaline by calling out Skylar Slice for her recent interference in previous weeks. The Dominant One (accompanied by Nathan Estrada) quickly answered the call and the two exchanged blows before being interrupted by Killista, a newcomer to IZW. She claimed she had come to make an impact, and despite an attempted ambush by Estrada, quickly cleared the ring with a series of forearms to the more established female competitors. Sensing an opportunity to stir the pot, co-commissioner Shawn McHale entered the Impact Arena and made a triple threat match for later in the evening, with Killista being granted a spot in the Queen’s Crown championship match at Sudden Impact if she could earn a victory.



   After a commercial break, Estrada attempted to prove his own dominance by issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back. The Convict stalked to the ring to answer the challenge, much to the dismay of the crestfallen Fro-Man. The convict toyed with Estrada for a while before easily dispatching him with the 15-to-20. The Convict looked exceptionally focused a mere two weeks from his Impact Player of the Year tournament final ladder match against Jordan Jacobs at Sudden Impact.



   The triple threat match featuring IZW Queen Athena, Skylar Slice, and the debuting Killista promised no shortage of drama. Killista seized the early offense against Slice, using her tall frame to connect with a leaping thrust kick while Athena seemed content to maniacally pace at ringside. Slice rolled outside, both to berate her accompanying Estrada and recover as Athena attacked Killista from behind and used her basic, vicious offense to great effect. Slice eventually re-entered the fray, stacking her competition in the corner and delivering a devastating splash. Before slamming Killista onto a prone Athena. Killista and Athena formed an alliance of convenience to double clothesline Slice, but any possible allegiances quickly broke down. Slice delivered a boot to the face of Athena, only to receive a rope-assisted bulldog from Killista. Slice countered a kick attempt into a Texas Cloverleaf on Killista, and Athena took advantage of the de facto no-disqualification environment to blast Slice with her gas mask. As referee PAUL SHOEMAKER admonished Athena, Killista recovered to connect with a bicycle kick to the reigning Queen of IZW, earning the pinfall victory and a place in what is now a Fatal Four Way for the IZW Queen’s Crown at Sudden Impact.



   Kevin Morgan took the ring to address The Bronze Bull Aaron Neil, swearing vengeance for Neil costing Morgan his opportunity to advance in the Impact Player of the Year tournament. Neil answered and after some brief banter, the Future Hall of Famers interrupted. Shawn McHale flexed his administrative muscle once again, declaring that not only would Neil be forced to defend his Impact Division Championship against Morgan at Sudden Impact, he would defend the title tonight against both Morgan and Damon Windsor in a triple threat main event. The Future Hall of Famers then took the ring, and The IZW Tag Team Champion Diamond Dogs declared that they had run out of competition and were therefore being forced to wrestle Nemesis for the titles at Sudden Impact. Langley and Bell were interrupted by Maddox Jones, who dropped a unique slant-rhyme beat and announced he was tagging with Donnie Giovanni to challenge the Dogs.



   The ensuing match got off to a hot start as Langley ambushed Jones from behind, allowing the IZW Tag Team Champions to launch a double-team attack on Adrenaline’s resident MC. Giovanni would not have it however, quickly rescuing Jones with a double clothesline to the Dogs before delivering a pair of suplexes to the two Future Hall of Famers. Jones and Giovanni, a duo some are calling The MeatBallers, proceeded to command the match against Bell, showing surprising tag chemistry despite a sizeable disadvantage in experience. This control came to an end when Jones attempted a headlock driver on Bell, only to have his eyes raked and be pushed into a strike from Langley. The Dogs proceeded to brutalize Jones, goading Giovanni into the ring to open opportunities for vicious double-team tactics. To his credit, Jones fought bravely, at separate points flattening Bell and Langley with a diving double-axe-handle and clothesline. In both cases, the Dogs used their tag team guile to prevent Jones from reaching Giovanni, and the LLGB Alliance utilized the presence of McHale at ringside to add insult to injury for their opponents. Unfortunately for the champions, Jones desperately countered a backdrop driver attempt from Langley into a Mic Drop, and both men crawled towards their corners. Giovanni and Bell were tagged in, and the Sicilian Meatball ran wild on the now isolated Dog. A pin on Bell after a powerslam was broken up by Langley, and a recovering Jones rushed to Giovanni’s aid with a series of forearms. Langley was able to reverse an Irish whip attempt by Jones and drop the MC on his head with a backdrop driver, only to meet a similar fate at the hands of Giovanni’s Michinoku driver. Giovanni splashed the spine of Bell, but the Worst Person Ever was able to kick out the pinfall. Giovanni hoisted Bell onto his shoulders to try to put the match away, but Langley connected with a superkick to save his partner. With the champions possessing a numbers advantage, Giovanni quickly fell to a Black Diamond from the champions. With victory secure, the Dogs elected to send a message, delivering a double curbstomp to Jones before administering their trademark Bad Moon Rising to Giovanni for the official pinfall.



   The triple threat main event promised high-impact spectacle as three of IZW’s largest athletes competed for the Impact Division Championship..Kevin Morgan enjoyed the favor of the crowd throughout and used his strikes against both his opponents early, repeatedly bouncing them into each other skull first. Windsor and Neil eventually were able to isolate Morgan and took turns teeing off on The Image of Fear. A desperate Morgan was able to neutralize Nail with a Spear, then was able to counter Windsor into an F-5.  Neil broke up the ensuing pin and Morgan received a double suplex from his adversaries. Neil easily hit Greetings from Mt. Olympus on Morgan, but Windsor attempted to steal the pin after throwing The Bronze Bull out of the ring. The delay allowed Morgan to kick out, and Neil returned to hit the Facilitator with a second Greetings from Mt. Olympus to retain his title.


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