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    IZW Impact Division Champion Aaron Neil opened this week’s Adrenaline by addressing the IZW World. He assured the fans in attendance that he did not fear Kevin Morgan and called out Jeff Wolfenbarger so the co-commissioner could announce how Morgan would be able to earn another Impact Division title shot. Wolfenbarger, explaining that he announced decisions on his own schedule, not Neil’s, instead declared that the Bronze Bull would wrestle three times tonight, with each match being Impact Rules.



    Rage Logan was Neil’s first opponent of the evening. Logan neutralized a significant size disadvantage with timely evasion and precise strikes, but Neil took advantage of the Impact Rules setting to take control of the match on the outside. Logan attempted to use the Impact Division Championship belt, but Neil countered and delivered Greetings from Mt. Olympus to gain the victory in the first of his three matches.



    Co-commissioner Shawn McHale paid a visit to IZW Champion Double D’s locker room and delivered an invitation to join the Future Hall of Famers. D quickly rejected, telling McHale to go force himself.



    Skylar Slice, accompanied by a subdued Nathan Estrada, mocked Erica and asserted her dominance in a backstage segment.



    Shawn McHale took the ring an invited Erica to the ring for a conversation. After verbal banter that resulted in Erica recieving a shot at Skylar Slice’s Queen’s Crown at Evolution, The Rightful Queen delivered a kick to the nether regions of the Future Hall of Famers’ Last Emperor.



    Aaron Neil faced off against the other half of Nemesis, Damien Morte, in the second of his three matches. The always-aggressive Morte controlled things for several minutes before Neil was able to drop The Suicide Saint throat-first across the top rope. A legal low blow from Morte gained him a brief advantage, but a devastating spinebuster from Neil kept the tide firmly in the favor of the Impact Division Champion. Morte eventually connected with a tornado DDT, but was crotched on the top rope by Neil, who used a shot from his title belt to win his second match of the night.



    Maddox Jones had something to say.



     Shawn McHale approached 2016 Impact Player of the Year Jordan Jacobs about joining the Future Hall of Famers. Jacobs declared he would capture his first IZW Championship all by himself.



    Jeff Wolfenbarger spoke with “The Image of Fear” Kevin Morgan in the ring, and Wolfenbarger offered Morgan the opportunity to face Aaron Neil at Evolution for the Impact Division Championship, provided Morgan could succesfully high-five the co-commissioner. Neil quickly appeared to protest, and Wolfenbarger stated that if Neil could win his final match of the evening, he would be exempted from defending his title at Evolution. Shawn McHale,came out and complicated matters,by announcing that a mystery new member of the Future Hall of Famers would be part of a triple threat match with Jordan Jacobs and Double D at Evolution’s IZW Championship match. As the Number One left the ring, he made an impromptu singles match between Morgan and Jordan Jacobs, also making the match Impact Rules and decreeing that, if Morgan lost, he would forfeit his title match at Evolution.



    Jacobs and Morgan presented a sizeable contrast in styles, with both men fairly evenly matched until Morgan stopped a Jacobs’ suicide dive with a stiff right-handed punch. Jacobs showed great fortitude throughout the contest, but Morgan tossed around the lighter man easily for most of the bout. Jacobs was able to apply La Mistica, but Morgan powered out and hit a ferocious slam. After several exchanges of high impact moves, Morgan connected with a Spear on Jacobs. Aaron Neil rushed to the ring, and both Jacobs and Morgan disposed of him, with Morgan seizing advantage of the chaos to hit the Moment of Fear on Jacobs and earn the win.



    Gavin Dixon reminded the IZW World about his pinfall over Double D during last week’s main event, live from the Dixon Cider Grill & Bar.



    Aaron Neil’s final match served as the main event of the evening, and The Bronze Bull faced his stiffest challenge yet against IZW Champion Double D. Neil stalled for as long as he could to begin the match, but quickly found himself on the losing end of a technical exchange with the IZW Champion. A lariat allowed Neil to take control, and subsequent attempts to counter by D were met with a spinebuster and sit-out powerbomb. Double D flipped through Greetings from Mt. Olympus and landed on his feet, and proceeded to take the fight to the Bronze Bull with his patented Force Chops and a bevy of kicks. Neil evaded D’s first attempt at the Air Force, but the IZW Champion connected with his second attempt, scoring the victory and forcing Neil to defend his Impact Division title against Kevin Morgan at Evolution.



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