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    2016 Impact Player of the Year Jordan Jacobs hosted the Lights Out Lounge. He recapped his win over Aaron Neil the previous week and promised bigger things to come as he pursued the IZW Championship that has eluded him his entire career. He was interrupted IZW newcomer Gavin Dixon, who declared that he was the future of IZW, and that he would prove it by defeating Double D in an immediate match.



    Double D gained the early offense with his trademark striking ability, but Dixon proved surprisingly resilient and used cheating tactics to hold his own with the IZW champion. Dixon went for the quebrada he used to win his debut match the prior week, but D evaded and “The Illuminator” crashed painfully to the mat. After a flurry of knees from D, Dixon fell to the Air Force for his first loss in IZW.



    In a recap from the previous week, a frustrated Donni Giovanni attempted to eat his feelings at the Snackdown. “The Sicilian Meatball” vowed that he would turn his recent luck in IZW around. He faced a stiff challenge, as he took on Kevin Morgan in the evening’s second match. Giovanni possesses surprising power, but it was rendered moot against one of the most physically intimidating men in IZW. Despite being able to impressively Angle Slam the much larger Morgan at one point, The Sicilian Meatball recieved a Moment of Fear to extend his losing streak.



    The Future Hall of Famers, stewing from their loss to Nemesis and Erica in a six-person mixed tag match the previous week, assured the IZW world that it meant nothing, as Skylar Slice was still the IZW Queen’s Crown holder, and the Diamond Dogs still controlled the IZW Tag Team titles.



    “The Rightful Queen” Erica came to the ring and called out Skylar Slice for a rematch for the IZW Queen’s Crown. Slice declined via the Zorthotron, opting instead to have her nails done. Shawn McHale, serving as guest ring announcer for the evening,  taunted Erica in the ring, but the Lady of Impact delivered a facebuster to the co-commissioner.



    “Mic Check” Maddox Jones entered the Impact Arena while dropping some timely NBA Finals-themed rhymes. He took on Jordan Jacobs in a match between two opponents with vastly different experience levels.Jordan opened with a variety of kicks and forearms be


    Control the match’s opening pace. Jones actually managed to keep pace well with the more decorated Jacobs, seizing control with a uranage variation that countered a charging blow from the 2016 Impact Player of the Year. Both men traded high impact maneuvers late the contest, including Jacobs’ Countdown Knees and a superplex by Jones. Jacobs eventually hit the Light Switch for the pinfall.



    Jacobs celebrated and turned to the fans one last time as he headed up the ramp, and was promptly attacked from behind by Gavin Dixon. A recovering Jones and Dixon put the boots to Jacobs until Double D intervened, clearing the ring with the threat of a steel chair. Jeff Wolfenbarger quickly made a tag team match official, and raised the stakes by making the match Impact Rules, to the delight of the IZW World.



    All four men brawled outside the ring initially, with Jacobs and D getting the best of the early action. Jones and Dixon were eventually able to isolate D for several minutes, thwarting any attempt to tag out.  D eventually found an opening with an enzuigiri to Dixon, but unbeknownst to the IZW Champion, Jones pulled Jacobs off the ring apron, preventing the tag. Jacobs and D argued, and the resulting miscommunication allowed Gixon to toss Jacobs from the ring. Jones hit a headlock driver on Double D, and Dixon followed up with a quebrada to earn a victory in what could surely be called a major upset. As they recovered, D and Jacobs continued to argue as the show ended.



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