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   IZW’s Evolution is just a few weeks away, but Aaron Neil kicked off Adrenaline by looking to the recent past. The Impact Division Champion bragged about his backstage assault on Kevin Morgan last week, an attack that hospitalized Morgan due to severe skull trauma. Johnny Z, filling in on commentary with CM Burnham, came to the ring and chastised Neil, promising that Morgan would be ready for Evolution to take the Impact Division Championship from The Bronze Bull. The Natural Born Leader then used his owner’s discretion to force Neil to defend his title in a triple threat match against Angel Camacho and Skyler Fayden.



   Fayden, despite being significantly smaller than both his opponents, was surprisingly competitive in his return to IZW, using precise kicks and superior agility to gain make up for his weight disadvantage. Camacho and Fayden joined forces to focus on Neil initially, but the match quickly eroded any possible alliances as all three men battled in a very evenly paced contest. Fayden eventually dispatched Camacho with a knee strike to the back of the head, but Neil grabbed the Glitch from behind and applied Greetings from Mt. Olympus for retain his Impact Division title.



   Striker made his initial appearance as a backstage correspondent, intercepting Johnny Z as IZW’s owner left the restroom. Johnny Z speculated on the identity of the mystery Future Hall of Famer who would compete for the IZW Championship at Evolution against Double D and Jordan Jacobs. Additionally, Z advertised the return of BLK-OUT to the Impact Arena on July 9th.



   The IZW Tag Team Champion Diamond Dogs came to the ring and demanded an explanation from Johnny Z for why they did not have a scheduled match. Z came to the ring and childishly mocked the Dogs before the Mathamagician and Maddox Jones interrupted the proceedings. The impromptu team of Math Maddox challenged for the IZW Tag Team Championship in another mandated bout from the Natural Born Leader.



   Math Maddox displayed surprising team chemistry early against the more experienced Dogs, but the champions quickly overwhelmed Maddox Jones after a brief distraction from Langley allowed Bell to connect with a calf kick to the MC of IZW. The Dogs brutalized Jones for several minutes but were felled by a belly-to-belly suplex and an arm-trap lariat when the second generation star counted a double team attempt. Math Magician showed impressive offense on the subsequent tag, culminating with a unique pop-up German suplex on Langley. Bell broke up the cover with a brutal stomp to the head of the Numeric Nightmare, but a recovering Jones dropped the Worst Person Ever with a top-rope double axe handle. Langley countered a second hammerlock lariat attempt by Jones into a short-arm knee strike, then took advantage of a distraction by Bell to nail Math Magician with a corner dropkick. The Dogs quickly struck with Bad Moon Rising.to seal convincing victory.



   Jordan Jacobs paid a visit to the vibrant green locker room of IZW Champion Double D. Jacobs and D each dismissed the mystery Future Hall of Famer as a threat to them in their impending triple threat title match at Evolution, and each swore victory before respectfully shaking hands.



   “The San Fransisco Treat” Phoebe made her IZW in-ring debut in a triple threat match against IZW Women’s Champion Skylar Slice and the deranged Athena. Phoebe, a relative newcomer to pro wrestling, showed surprising competitive fire against two of IZW’s most imposing women. Nathan Estrada ultimately grabbed Athena’s gas mask to distract the lunatic, and Slice hit Phoebe with a Back Slice to move the Future Hall of Famers to 2-0 for the night.



   The Diamond Dogs congratulated Slice backstage and harangued Nathan Estrada the necessity of a victory over Jordan Jacobs. Estrada, showing surprising moxy, assured the Future Hall of Famers that he would “bring STYLE to the future.”



   Estrada quickly found himself on the defensive against Jacobs in the evening’s main event. A hotshot from The Spanish Fly briefly gave him control, but Jacobs recovered with a Space Jam. Estrada regained control with a Fro-Butt and continued to counter multiple offensive surges by JAcobs. The 2016 Impact Player of the Year was ultimately able to recover and score strike with his signature Countdown Knees, followed by an Acid Drop. Estrada feigned an injury, and Slice took advantage of the referee’s distracted state to low blow Jacobs. Estrada covered, but Jacobs kicked out to the shock and delight of the IZW World. A desperate Estrada went for the Afro-disiac, but Jacobs countered by backflipping over The Spanish Fly, though his legs smacked the official in the face during the maneuver. This left referee PAUL SHOEMAKER unable to count the pinfall after a bicycle kick from Jacobs to the face of Estrada. Jacobs then moved to the top rope, but the Diamond Dogs ran to the ring and attempted to attack the “Oklahoma Anaconda” The odds were evened as Johnny Z ran to ringside and pulled down the top rope, resulting in the Dogs tumbling to the outside as Jacobs evaded a double clothesline. Jacobs hit the Lightswitch on Estrada and the referee recovered to count the pin, and the Future Hall of Famers brief winning streak was broken.



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