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   We’re just one week from Evolution and IZW continues to shake things up with many returning stars and a few new faces. Tag team action opened this week's Adrenaline, with a reunited BLK-OUT taking on Nemesis, with the chance to challenge for the IZW Tag Team Championship on the line. Both teams are favorites of the IZW World and engaged in a thrilling back and forth contest. Ultimately, Nemesis proved willing to go outside the realm of sportsmanlike conduct as Damien Morte sprayed his poisonous mist onto the face of Jermaine Johnson to win and send Nemesis to Evolution.



   Their celebration was short-lived, as IWR Champion Chris Cambridge emerged from the back and assaulted Morte and Rage Logan before powerbombing Monteego Seeka. Jerry “The Boss” Bostic, owner of Imperial Wrestling Revolution, lauded IZW’s legacy but promised that the revolution had begun. IZW Champion Double D was quick to come to the ring and challenged Cambridge to match between the two champions later in the evening, which Cambridge quickly accepted.



   The Magnificent Malico made his IZW debut against “The Glitch” Skyler Fayden. Malico terrorized the IZW World at ringside, making an immediate impression in the Impact Arena. Fayden continued to showcase the impressive striking he displayed last week, but ultimately fell victim to a nasty modified Dominator that gave Malico the victory.



   Kevin Morgan, incensed from a vicious backstage assault several weeks ago perpetrated by Impact Division Champion Aaron Neil, came to the ring and called out the Bronze Bull. Neil refused, and co-commissioner Shawn McHale came out instead. McHale, ever the opportunist, offered Morgan a chance to excise his anger against Jordan Jacobs, with Morgan taking Jacobs’ place in the IZW Championship match at Evolution if he won.



   As expected, Morgan relied on his strength while the much smaller Jacobs used his speed to elude The Image of Fear’s devastating power attacks. A suicide dive by Jacobs neutralized Morgan early, but a vicious lariat turned the 2016 Impact Player of the Year inside out. Morgan eventually hoisted Jacobs up for the Moment of Fear, but the music of Aaron Neil provided a momentary distraction, allowing Jacobs to roll into a sunset flip and earn a surprising pinfall and furthering the mind games between Neil and Morgan.



   Angel Camacho addressed the IZW World in a backstage interview. “Big,Bad, and Sexy” promised even bigger things for his future in IZW, starting at Evolution.



   The Diamond Dogs harangued Nathan Estrada for his loss to Jordan Jacobs last week, with the IZW Tag Team Champions and IZW Women’s Champion Skylar Slice assured the IZW World that Evolution would serve only to cement their dominance.



   Killista, Erica, and Athena faced off in a triple threat match. Killista and Erica wisely elected to join forces and eliminate the crazed Athena, then squared off with technical wrestling. Athena quickly reasserted herself, choking and pulling the hair of the other two combatants. Killista and Erica eventually exchanged a series of close nearfalls, and the match turned up in intensity as all three women exchanged high impact maneuvers. Athena attempted to introduce a chair into the proceedings, but Killista disarmed the lunatic on the ring apron. Erica hit Sliced Bread #2 on Athena, kicking Killista off the apron while running up the turnbuckles in the process, and earned a win heading into her IZW Women’s Championship match against Skylar Slice.



   Double D, looking as fit as ever, faced off against the imposing Chris Cambridge in the main event’s showcase of the IZW and IWR Champions, respectively. Despite having a significant size disadvantage, D continued to rally against his Goliathan opponent. Ultimately, the presence of Jerry Bostic proved pivotal. Double D had the match won with an Air Force crossbody, but the referee had been incapacitated via inadvertent facial trauma moments earlier. Bostic proceeded to distract D, which allowed Cambridge to deliver a bicycle kick and a powerbomb to D. The referee regained his composure to count the pinfall for the victorious IWR Champion.



   Bostic and Cambridge continued to assault D after the bell, but Jordan Jacobs came to the IZW Champion’s aide, brandishing a steel chair. D and Jacobs faced off in the ring as the show ended, but parted without physical aggression.



   Check out IZW on every week on youtube, or experience the Adrenaline live in Lawton, OK. Either way, you’ll be sure to feel the impact.




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