IZW 4-14-12 Review


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 In the main event of the April 14 IZW free HD broadcast on GFL.tv it was an 8-man tag team match as Team We Got This (Jermaine Johnson, Double D, Gary Tool and Randy Price) defeated Team Brandon Bishop (Aaron Neil, Jordan Jacobs, Rage Logan and Damon Windsor) in front of a amped crowd in what has been the biggest push back to the Brandon Bishop regime since he took a stranglehold on IZW. While craziness ensued outside of the ring, Johnson had Windsor one on one inside the squared circle. Johnson delivered a slam that might have sealed the deal, but Bishop interfered breaking up the pin attempt by Johnson. Bishop ate a right hand for his trouble, which knocked him out of the ring. But in the distraction, Windsor recovered and clobbered Johnson from behind only to have Coach Tool deliver a Samoan drop on the big man setting up Johnson’s finisher, the ES2 for the win. What is most interesting in the entire melee is how IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil wanted no part of getting in the ring with Johnson one on one. Everybody knows Johnson has been Neil’s toughest foe and the man Neil beat for the title. Neil used to take on all comers no matter what the odds. But now “The Bronze Bull” seems to shy away from even competition. Maybe the bleach he used to dye his hair blonde seeped into his head and caused some brain damage…


 The 2012 Impact Player of the Year Tournament continued as Double D defeated Rage Logan in a high flying-grappling classic semifinal match. The end came when Logan went for a moonsault but missed allowing Double D to rise to the top rope and land a cross body followed by a pinfall for the win. Double D will now face Jordan Jacobs at “Coronation” on May 12 in a Ladder Match to crown the Impact Player of the Year.


In other big news, “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z will finally make his long awaited in ring return to IZW and the Impact Arena after suffering a severe knee injury at the end of 2011. The news was broke courtesy of Jermaine Johnson who let everybody know that come “Coronation” on May 12, Johnny Z would be back tag teaming with Jermaine Johnson against the team of Aaron Neil and Brandon Bishop.


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