IZW 4-21-12 Review


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 In the main event of the April 21 IZW free HD broadcast on GFL.tv it Jermaine Johnson and Double D defeated Nemesis (Rage Logan and Damien Morte) in a wild free-for-all tag team match. Nemesis has by far the most experience as a tag team so it was quite an accomplishment for Johnson and Double D to defeat the #1 Challenger’s to the IZW Tag Team Titles. The finish came when Damon Windsor left the broadcast booth to assist Nemesis only to have his running clothesline ducked by Johnson and connect squarely with Morte. Johnson then gave Windsor a taste of his own medicine by landing a running clothesline of his own knocking both he and Windsor out of the ring. This setup a Double D cross-body from the top rope on Morte who was still on dream street and the pinfall followed. Windsor got back in to the ring to attack Double D put it was all for naught as he got choked by his tie by D, while Johnson delivered a series of kicks to the midsection. This was then followed up by a Double D cross-body and a Johnson ES2 putting the lights out on one of the hitman for Team Bishop.


 In other action, IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil handily defeated another handpicked opponent, do to a “Champion’s Provision” instituted by Commissioner Bishop, as The Midnite Rider was no match for Neil. Neil landed a series of devastating moves including slams, punches and knees and finished the Rider off with a spinebuster-Boson Crab combo. Neil spent most of his time showing off to the crowd with a series of poses that were greeted with boos from the Impact Arena faithful. If he takes this approach in his tag team match with Bishop when they face Jermaine Johnson and the returning Johnny Z at “Coronation” on May 12, Neil will be in for a rude awakening. Neil’s own ego could be his downfall.


Impact Division Champion Jordan Jacobs defeated rising star Cody Jones to retain his title as he continues to build more steam for his showdown with Double D at “Coronation” in a Ladder Match to determine the 2012 Impact Player of the Year. The match with Jones was a barnburner as Jones looked to have the title when he landed a springboard DDT from the second rope, slamming Jacobs head into the mat. The Champion proved his mettle by kicking out and only seconds later landing his patented Anaikolra Kick for the 1-2-3.


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