IZW 4-28-12 Review


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In the final segment of the April 28 IZW broadcast which was dubbed “Brandon Bishop Appreciation Night”, Brandon Bishop, Aaron Neil, Jordan Jacobs, Damon Windsor, Shawn McHale and Starr Venus crowded the ring to give themselves one long round of applause and congratulations. The whole display was set up to disrespect Johnny Z and his eventual return at “Coronation” on May 12, while at the same time Bishop used the opportunity to re-brand Team Bishop as the new and improved Impact Inc. It was quite a slap in the face to Johnny Z who created Impact Inc. 10 years ago and poured his heart and soul into the faction. It was even an affront to Jermaine Johnson, who was the leader of Impact Inc. in its most recent incarnation. Finally, Jermaine Johnson couldn’t take Impact Inc.’s grandstanding any longer and came out to confront the 6 “delusional douchebags” as Johnson referred to them. He promised Johnny Z would be at “Coronation” and then recruited Double D, Cody Jones and Monte Osmond who came from behind the curtain to take on the new Impact Inc. right then and there as the broadcast went off the air.



As for the wrestling portion of the night, Jermaine Johnson defeated Jordan Jacobs earlier in the evening. Jacobs might be the Impact Division Champion, but Johnson was in rare form and has very few peers in IZW when he’s all in. Jacobs did a great job controlling the match for the most part including using his speed and quickness advantages to keep Johnson off balance. Jacobs even dodged an ES2 attempt by Johnson, but then Johnson one upped Jacobs by side-stepping an Anaikolra Kick and finally landing his patented ES2 for the pinfall.



In other action, IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil and Brandon Bishop defeated Soto Miyagi and The Midnite Rider. It was a solid showing by Bishop who stepped into the IZW ring for the first time in years. Bishop squared off against Rider first, and then Miyagi who he manhandled finally hoisting him up in a fireman’s carry, spinning him around like a rag doll and slamming him down hard to the mat for the easy 1-2-3 pinfall. Neil put Rider in the Boston Crab after the match for good measure.



In still more action, Double D defeated Kevin Morgan via disqualification when Jacobs interfered in the match that had been back and forth up to that point by jumping Double D from behind (a specialty of Jacobs) adding more fuel to the fire for their Ladder Match at “Coronation”.



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