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The August 11 broadcast of IZW TV on was one for the record books. The show closed with a tasteless act, as a “funeral” for the career of Johnny Z orchestrated by Impact Inc. and in particular the double-crossing vixen, Erica was on display. Complete with a casket in the middle of the ring, and a eulogy that followed. Erica started off the festivities by literally slamming the casket door on Johnny Z’s career. She then ran through her list of grievances and was ready to end the charade after making one, final, special announcement. Erica never got to the announcement as she was interrupted by Randy Price and Bryan Cruize who came from behind the curtain. Price said the funeral was more of a surprise party and unbeknownst to Impact Inc., who were focused on Price and Cruize on stage, Double D came out of the casket and started to beat on Impact Inc. and was quickly joined by Price and Cruize who made their way to the ring. All three men cleaned house and lit up Impact Inc. with punches and kicks and sent them out of the ring with their tails between their legs. It was a fitting tribute to Johnny Z who if he was there, would have loved the fight and passion shown by Double D, Randy Price and Bryan Cruize.



In the main event, defending his title for the first time, Impact Division Champion Damien Morte defeated IZW Wrestler with a fallback neckbreaker after a wild wrestling match/brawl that saw the action fall outside of the ring at times. It was a solid win by the new champ and showed that he can hit his finisher at any point in a match, making him dangerous at all times. With Morte’s tall frame, he also knows how to use leverage to his advantage and had Starr is some precarious positions during the bout before finally hitting his finisher for the win. Meanwhile continuing the stipulation from “Evolution”, after the match Morte instructed his man servant, Rage Logan, into the ring. Logan was dressed like a cheap bimbo, wig and all, and had collected dollars from the crowd that he has stuffed into the waistline of his mini skirt. It was a sad state of affairs for the once proud Logan who was reduced to a punch line by the twisted and demented Morte as he raised the hand of the champ in victory. Morte has all the physical tools and maybe more importantly, the insane mental capacity to hold onto the Impact Division Title for a long, long time. But how long will Logan continue down this road before he finally snaps?



In another featured bout, IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron “The Bronze Bull” Neil was in action as he partnered with a reluctant Double D against the new version of the Old School Suckas which featured Randy Price and new team member Bryan Cruize. The match was designed to bring Double D over to the dark side of Impact Inc., but it didn’t work. Near the end of the match, just when it looked like Double D was ready for the hot tag from Neil, he moved his hand and the battered Neil was stuck being the legal man in the match. He was pitted against a fresh Cruize who lifted Neil up high in the air and along with Price gave the “Bronze Bull” a double team slam for the 1-2-3.



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