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The August 25 edition of IZW TV on was another one for the record books with only three weeks until “Redemption” on September 15, as there was plenty of action in the ring as well as announcing some HUGE news that broke earlier in the week with IZW getting a monthly prime time television slot on Comcast that will be available to over 7 million viewers on the Eastern seaboard concentrated in the Philadelphia area and Mid-Atlantic region.



In the main event, Jermaine Johnson took on IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil in an Impact Rules Match where Double D was the referee. It was a busy night for Johnson as earlier in the evening he defeated Jordan Jacobs via disqualification in the first match of the evening.



In Johnson’s match with Jacobs, it was a back and forth bout with Johnson finally getting the upper hand only to have the match and his body come crashing down due to outside interference. Erica and IZW Heavyweight Champion Aaron Neil came out and attacked Johnson leveling him in the middle of the ring. But they didn’t stop there. Neil set up a ladder across the ring apron and guardrail and delivered a Real Drill on Johnson slamming his body on the steel ladder as he was tossed outside of the ring by Neil in what could be a precursor of things to come at their TLC Match at “Redemption” when they meet for the World Title along with Double D. Johnson was obviously a broken man at this point and all Neil could do was lick his fingers and get ready to finish the job later in the evening.



Also in action, IZW Impact Division Champion Damien Morte defeated Damon Windsor who is ½ of the IZW Tag Team Champions, Big Business. Early on it looked like Windsor would walk away with an easy victory as his size and strength were too much for Morte to compensate for. Then Morte showed some real moxie and innovation as he did a variation on a springboard backflip out of nowhere to stun Windsor and turn the tide of the match. But Windsor fought back and dropped Morte on his back once again stunning the Impact Division Champion and proving his unimaginable strength. In the game changing moment of the match, Windsor went for a chokeslam but Morte transitioned it into a DDT dropping the monster on his skull. Then Morte broke out his finishing move, the Suicide Solution, as he dropped Windsor on the back of his head using Morte’s own shin and knee as a weapon to make the impact of the move that much more devastating. After the match, Rage Logan put a beatdown on Morte as now with the stipulation over, Logan was finally able to vent and let all of the frustration out on his one-time tag team partner. But the last laugh was had by Morte as he slammed Logan through a table ending Logan’s attack.



In the main event, Johnson defeated Neil in a non-title Impact Rules Match as Double D called the match right down the middle. No doubt Neil thought the match was won even before both men stepped in the ring after what he did to Johnson earlier in the evening as he turned Johnson’s body into an accordion after dropping it on a steel ladder. All hell broke loose in the beginning as IZW Wrestler and Erica were with Neil while Double D was aligned with Johnson. As Neil and Johnson battled, so did Starr and Double D until finally some type of order was established and it was just Johnson versus Neil. During the match, the men feuded all over the Impact Arena giving fans an up close and personal experience as they kicked, punched, chopped and slammed each other outside of the ring, against the guardrail where the fans could literally reach out and touch both wrestlers, and even in the men’s room! Action finally resumed back in the ring where Erica gave Johnson a lowblow, totally legal in an Impact Rules Match, and Neil followed up with a spinebuster. Johnson kicked out of the pinfall and then as Neil was ready to finish the job with a chair, Double D took the chair from Neil, tossed it to Johnson who cracked Neil in the head before delivering a ES2 for the pinfall victory.



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