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The August 4 broadcast of IZW TV on showcased some great wrestling inside of the ring highlighted by an Impact Division Title Match and a main event that once again proved that IZW is head and shoulders above any other wrestling promotion on the Independent circuit.



After last week’s match, Damien Morte was awarded a title shot against current Impact Division Champion, Jordan Jacobs, on this week’s show. Morte made the most of his opportunity. In the early going it was back and forth, a virtual dead heat between Jacobs and Morte. Then the champion Jacobs started to gain the upper hand and showed that he scouted his opponent well. Jacobs attacked Morte where it counted as he twisted Morte up in a modified dragon sleeper which puts excruciating pain on the neck and shoulder area and you could tell it was killing Morte who has suffered from a series of devastating collarbone injuries throughout his career. But Morte fought back valiantly taking advantage of his long frame and landing several knees to Jacobs’ face that eventually broke up the submission attempt. Morte gained the advantage and threw Jacobs around from pillar to post outside of the ring, but then he took too big of a risk. Morte set Jacobs on two steel chairs and proceeded to launch himself off the top rope with the intent of smashing through Jacobs and permanently debilitating him but instead, Jacobs moved at the last second and Morte crashed through the chairs with his back. Jacobs went for the pin, but Morte lifted a shoulder. That seemed to inspire Morte who then went back on the attack and landed a neckbreaker on Jacobs for a 2-count. Both men were again down for the count, when after Morte brought a ladder into the ring, Jacobs did a leg drop off the turnbuckle, smashing Morte’s body between Jacobs’ leg and the ladder. The move also destroyed Jacobs in the process as his body smashed against the ladder just as hard as Morte’s. A collision in the middle of the ring where Morte was able to land an elbow to Jacobs’ head changed the tide again in this epic match! Morte went for the ladder once more setting it up in the corner of the ring. Morte then placed Jacobs’ motionless body on the cold steel and launched himself doing a full summersault at Jacobs. Jackpot! The move connected full force as Jacobs was now a beaten man. Morte stuck an arm on Jacobs and got the 1-2-3 to become the new Impact Division Champion! With the win, Morte not only becomes the new champion winning his first singles title in IZW, but also stops the reign of Jacobs who was closing in on becoming the longest reigning IZW Impact Division Champion in history.



In still more action, in the main event of the night, thanks to the matchmaking of Erica, Jermaine Johnson squared off against his battle-tested friend Double D. Erica joined Big D.A. on commentary and further cemented her spot as the most hated female in IZW now, after her infamous turn at “Evolution”. The match continued to raise the bar on the night as Johnson and Double D put on a grappling clinic going hold for hold with one another and tore the house down. The end came when Johnson went up to the second rope looking for the ES2 but was sidetracked by Erica who was now ringside. D recovered and planted Johnson with the Defacer just as Impact Inc. showed up in the form of Kevin Morgan, Damon Windsor and Jordan Jacobs. With a three on two advantage, Impact Inc. beat down Johnson and Double D in the middle of the ring. But Erica instructed Impact Inc. to lay off of D and instead focus their aggression on Johnson which they did in kind. What has gotten in to Erica?



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