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The 5th Annual IZW Chaotic Christmas was the culmination of a year’s worth of feuds, rivalries and jaw-dropping moment for Impact Zone Wrestling. The 7-bout card featured great wrestling and in-ring action from top to bottom by all of the competitors, but it will be a night that is forever remembered as a legacy defining moment and match for the grapplers who faced off in the main event.



Michael Barry and Cody Jones kicked off the night in a battle for Barry’s Impact Division Championship. Barry defeated Jones, but Jones gave Barry more than he bargained for as this bout showed that Jones has a bright future in IZW. But at this stage of their respective careers, Barry was just a little craftier and did the little things that make and keep you a champion. Barry imposed his will both physically and mentally showing Jones and putting the IZW locker-room on notice that “Mr. Saturday Night” is raising his game up to a new level for 2012. Jones did show moments of great athleticism as he bounced off the ropes like a bumblebee, but Barry would always end Jones’ high flying offense by quickly grounding Jones with a suplex or other stiff move. The end came when Barry defended one of Jones’ high flying maneuvers and delivered the Saturday Night Special for the pinfall victory, retaining his Impact Division Title.



Next up was the first women’s tag team match in IZW history as Erica and Miss Diss Lexia took on Starr and Kyra Maya. This bout showed that women’s wrestling is alive and well in Oklahoma as these four females put on a great show with Erica and Miss Diss Lexia getting the victory. Erica showed that she is the Queen of High Flying, while Miss Diss Lexia, Starr and Kyra Maya all showed some solid mat work. It was some great teamwork that spelled the end for Starr and Maya as Erica cleared house knocking Maya out of the ring and softening up Starr for Miss Diss Lexia. Miss Diss Lexia then suplexed Starr and rolled in to a pin and got the 1-2-3.



Double D VS Randy Price ended in a No Contest when Michael Barry’s run-in and subsequent falling out with Price ruined an otherwise great start to a match that had all the makings of a classic. The bout was billed as a no interference match and it was something Price was hell bent on making sure stayed that way. While it lasted the bout was a back and forth match between D and Price with each man gaining the upper hand and then losing it just as fast. But then Barry hit the ring, with chair in hand. After a brief verbal back and forth between Price and Barry, Barry cold-cocked Price and set things off. Price then went after Barry, tackling him to the ground and issuing a beating that was over a month in the making. Price landed two crippling Piledriver 1-2-3’s (one onto a chair) on Barry leaving his lifeless carcass on the mat. Jeff Wolfenbarger tried to intervene and got a chair shot right in the head. The sound of the steel on Wolfenbarger’s head left a sickening thud that got the crowd amped up as they had been waiting for months to see the IZW Commissioner get his comeuppance.



Backstage the Future Hall of Famers destroyed Bernie D leaving him for dead. It seems like Brad Michaels, Eric Rose and Wage are trying to get an early start on their 6-man tag team match for later in the night. Bernie D was left lying on the concrete floor totally incapacitated.



In a curious turn of events, the hotly anticipated No Holds Barred Match between Johnny Z and Brent Albright was shelved as during Z’s introduction (with Albright already in the ring), Z was shown backstage in tremendous pain hollering Albright’s name. Albright then grabbed the house mic and explained what had happened. He jumped Johnny Z backstage and had his NHB Match in the back. As Albright continued to talk and gloat in from of the Impact Arena faithful, Double D’s music hit and he came out to challenge Albright to a NHB/No DQ Match of his own. Albright accepted and it was on!



The match was all over the arena, including behind the announcer’s table in the stands and oh yeah, in the ring. Alright sent Double D flying off the announcers’ table onto a row of tables but Double D countered with a flinging Albright into a steel fence that doubles as a steel cage for cage matches. The action finally made its way to the ring where Albright dished out more punishment on the smaller Double D who was now down to one good leg. But fans of Double D know, he has the heart of a lion and would not give up. Albright lifted D up for a vertical suplex, but D turned the tables flipping maneuvering out of the hold and rolling up Albright for a quick 1-2-3! Double D had done it. He knocked off the most feared man in the IZW locker room “The Shooter” Brent Albright in a match that had no rules. After the match, Albright ranted and raved on everything from his dislike for how IZW was organized, to Lawton, Oklahoma calling it a “hell hole”, to the fans of IZW and finally quit! This was huge news as Albright had a sort of career rebirth since joining IZW earlier in the year. Now with him walking out on the company that gave him an opportunity to resurrect his career the future looks daunting for the grappler known as “The Shooter”.







The Future Hall of Famers (Brad Michaels, Eric Rose and Wage) defeated the outmanned team of John O'Malley and Gary Tool ( ½ of the IZW Tag Team Champions, the Old School Suckas) in a Handicap Match. Earlier in the night FHF took out Bernie D backstage and the beating was such that Bernie D had to leave in an ambulance. O’Malley and Tool took it to the FHF in the early going, no doubt spurred on by Bernie D’s absence. But the longer the match went on, the more the tide turned for the FHF as the numbers game finally started to work in their favor. Finally Brad Michaels was able to grab a chain level Gary Tool with it while the referee was distracted by the other four combatants. It was a valiant effort by the outnumber team of O’Malley and Tool, but it was not to be as the rebranded FHF continue to carve out their mark in IZW.



Chaz Sharpe defeated Rage Logan in a match that saw outside interference. Sharpe and Logan went back and forth until the end when Rage grabbed his megaphone looking to end Sharpe’s night. This spurred Jordan Jacobs down to the ring where he delivered a crushing running kick to Logan’s face knocking him out. Sharpe got the easy pinfall victory on the fallen Logan.


 In the main event of the night and a year in the making “The Real Deal” Aaron Neil defeated Jermaine Johnson in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match to win the IZW Heavyweight Title. The 30-minute match had fans on their feet throughout and rightfully so as this bout put an exclamation point on the night, nay the year, for IZW. The first pinfall went to Aaron Neil as he won by getting Johnson to submit to the Boston Crab. Johnson was smart as he tapped out quickly instead of taking more punishment in trying to fight of the submission as he might ordinarily do in a single fall match. The second fall went to Johnson a few minutes later who took to the air and delivered a variation on a flying clothesline. Going in to the third and final fall it looked like Johnson had the edge. Being the smaller wrestler, Johnson had better cardio conditioning and once he locked on his patented cobra stretch, the move that has gotten almost everybody to submit, it looked like it would be another successful title defense for JJ. But Neil fought out of the hold and delivered a series of hard overhand rights that dropped Johnson to the mat. What came next was incredible. Johnson managed to gain a second win and transitioned into a series of power moves himself, including coming off the second rope for his flying clothesline that got him his first pinfall. But Neil would not be denied. Neil was able to leverage Johnson up into a Real Drill position from the second rope and drop Johnson down hard on the mat. That was finally enough after over a year to vanquish the former IZW Champion. In doing so, Neil now adds to his legacy as a 5-time IZW Heavyweight Champion! The locker room emptied and joined Neil in the ring to show him respect and congratulate the new champion, Aaron Neil.






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