IZW Coronation: A Decade of Impact March 15th 2014 Preview

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"Coronation: A Decade of Impact" has finally arrived. It is not only the biggest iPPV of the year for IZW, but the biggest event of all time for the Lawton, Oklahoma based organization. On March 15, this year's "Coronation" celebrates ten years of wrestling excellence for the #1 Independent promotion in the country. Every IZW title is at stake and with so much riding on the line, you can't afford to miss this event if you are a wrestling fan. Order now!


 In the main event, IZW Champion Johnny Z puts his title on the line in an Impact Chamber Match against nine other men. Double D, Kevin Morgan, Copycat, Damon Windsor, Striker, O'Malley, Randy Price, Brad Michaels and Soto Miyagi. This will be Z's toughest test to date in his one-year title reign as Z will be the #1 entrant into the Chamber. Z's arch nemesis Double D is set for #2. After that, wrestlers will trickle in until the Impact Chamber is full of 10 of the top wrestlers on the Independent scene. This match is unpredictable and every wrestler is a real threat to win the title. Expect the unexpected as you can never predict what will happen when these men go to war.


 Also scheduled, IZW Tag Team Champions What Wrestling Should Be (Jermaine Johnson & Jordan Jacobs) take on Team Bull (Bronze Bull & Brass Bull) in a TLC Match. If WWSB is victorious, TB has to disband as a team forever. All four of these men have been to hell and back with one another in their tenure with IZW and this bout promises to up the ante once again. On paper, this match looks to be an early candidate for MOTY. Don't blink as you are likely to see something you have never witness in a wrestling ring before.


 In a match that is sure to bring the pain, IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows takes on Angel Camacho in a Dog Collar Chain Match. Camacho and Gallows have been on a collision course since they stepped foot in IZW. This bout promises to add another notch to their ongoing feud. Both men are unpredictable in the ring and adding a dog collar chain into the mix is going to only add to the level of violence that these men have a flair for. Who is tougher, Gallows or Camacho? On March 15 the world is going to find out.


 IZW Queen Miss Diss Lexia defends her title in a Triple Threat Crown on a Pole Match against IZW rookie Paige Turner and Angel Blue. A Pole Match adds a new element to these three women's ongoing feud. MDL is a free spirit and her creativity in the ring will have room to work with the added device. This will be the biggest match in Turner's young career and the only question is will she rise to the occasion or wilt under the pressure? Blue is the wildcard as she is always innovating something new and you can bet she will pull out all the stops in her quest to become the new Queen of IZW. On the biggest stage of the year, which woman will rise to the top and claim her destiny?


 IZW Co-owner Jeff Wolfenbarger battles Mark Wilson in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Both men have the heart of a lion and the fight of a pit bull. There's no telling what is going to happen as these men battle throughout the Impact Arena. Fans are sure to get an up close and personal experience with this match. Both men have a hatred for one another that you rarely come across in today's world. On March 15, they are going to settle their differences by any means necessary.


 No other wrestling organization on the Independent landscape carves out as much new content as IZW. Developed and cultivated in the Sooner State, IZW is second to none. Be there for every bump, bruise and jaw-dropping moment all of which have made IZW recognized around the world.



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