IZW Coronation: A Decade of Impact March 15th 2014 Review

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"IZW Coronation: A Decade of Impact" was a night like no other. It was the biggest show of all-time for the Lawton, Oklahoma based organization and took the promotion to new heights. New champions where crowned while others held on to their titles by the slimmest of margins. It's a new day in IZW and the IZW World.


 In a hell of an opener, Team Bull (Bronze Bull & Brass Bull) defeated What Wrestling Should Be (Jermaine Johnson & Jordan Jacobs) in a TLC Match to capture the IZW Tag Titles. It was a hellacious bout that saw both teams put their bodies on the line over and over again as all four men pushed the boundaries of what a human body could endure. In the end, Team Bull was too strong and made a final push to the title using unmatched teamwork. With all four men laying on the mat after absorbing table crashes, high falls from ladders and chair shots, Jacobs was the first man to his feet and started to ascend up a 12 foot ladder. Team Bull rose to their feet and shoulder blocked the ladder out of the ring where Jacobs fell face first on a stack of tables as he crashed to the ground in an unsettling turn of events. Jacobs was done for the night! Team Bull raced up another ladder looking to grab the belts but Johnson was step by step with them as he managed to get his hand on the belt first before taking a super Greetings From Mt Olympus from both Bulls from the top of the ladder! As Johnson descended down to the mat a broken and defeated man, Team Bull remained on the ladder and each grabbed the belts to become the new champions in a terrific match. After the match, Jermaine Johnson grabbed the mic and let everyone know that he quit! It was a stunning turn of events for one of the most heralded wrestlers in IZW history.


 IZW Co-owner Jeff Wolfenbarger defeated Mark Wilson in a Falls Count Anywhere Match as both men came to scrap and scrap they did. Both Wolfenbarger and Wilson will never be the most physically imposing men in the squared circle but you wouldn't have known that from the way they went after each other from the get-go. Wilson was bloody and battered after taking multiple chair shots from Wolfenbarger who showed a violent side he has never displayed before. Wilson was able to turn the tide as gave Wolfenbarger a back body drop on the wooden ramp injuring Wolfenbarger's spine. They continued to make their way up to the top of the stage where Wolfenbarger took a chair shot to the head full force but managed to get a shoulder up at two. Wolfenbarger then hit a modified reverse facebuster cradle slam as he planted Wilson face first on the stage and got the victory in a brutal and unforgiving battle from these two never say die men.


 Up next, in a Triple Threat Crown on a Pole Match for the Queen's Crown, Paige Turner scored the biggest win of her young career as she defeated former Champion Miss Diss Lexia and Angel Blue to become the new Queen of IZW. Blue exhibited some great high flying in the match, while MDL showed off her fabulous suplexes and throws. Blue and MDL where going back and forth against each another in one corner as they battled to grab the crown but then the music of Impact Elite hit and Madam Commissioner Erica strolled onto the stage. Both MDL and Blue paused for a split second and Turner took advantage as she threw both women off the top rope and snatched the crown. Turner and Erica celebrated after the match, which only seemed to pour salt in the wounds of MDL and Blue. The win by Turner turns the women's division on its head and offers several new matchups throughout the division.


 In a match that brought the pain to the highest degree, IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows successfully defended his title against Angel Camacho in a Dog Collar Chain Match. Camacho was particularly vicious with the chain in the early going as he beat Gallows across the back with ruthless aggression and dragged him all over the ring. Camacho added trash can head shots into the mix as Gallows was taking a beating. Camacho followed up with a splash but still couldn't get the pinfall. Camacho decided to up the ante by dropping thousands of tacks on the canvas. Camacho and Gallows traded punches in the center of the ring until Gallows connected with a right cross that sent Camacho down and onto the pin cushion of tacks! Dozens of thumb tacks riddled the back of Camacho. Camacho rose back to his feet and after trading more steel fisted punches, Camacho unloaded with a belly to belly suplex that sent Gallows into the silvery barbs on the floor! Gallows managed to get back to his feet and after each man enduring just a bit more pain, Gallows was able to hit a moonsault from the top rope and get the pinfall amid a ring that was littered with thumbtacks, garbage cans and two broken bodies.


 In tag team action, The KC Wolves (Graham Bell & Luke Langley) defeated The Sexy Camachos (Roberto Camacho & Vinnie Camacho) in a fast paced tag team bout. Roberto hit a belly to belly suplex on Bell in the early going and Vinnie added a nice shoulder lock submission attempt to the mix that further damaged Bell. Bell responded with a flying dive out of the ring onto both Roberto and Vinnie that took the momentum away from the Camachos. When action resumed, Roberto connected with a belly to belly suplex on Langley. Langley responded with two enziguri kicks, a code breaker by Bell and a flying stomp to the back by Langley. Langley hooked a leg and got the pinfall in an exciting back and forth battle.


 Michael Barry, Tommy Revell and Angel Williams became the first three inductees into the IZW Hall of Impact. Barry, Revell and Williams make up the inaugural class and laid the foundation over the past decade and helped IZW turn into the global phenomenon that it is today. Barry was unable to make the festivities, but Revell and Williams both gave stirring speeches that were well received in the Impact Arena. The IZW World owes a debt of gratitude to Barry, Revell and Williams for their work inside the IZW ring.


 In the main event, for the IZW Title in an Impact Chamber Match, 10 of IZW's finest grapplers took part in one of the best matches of all time for the promotion as after a year, Johnny Z was finally dethroned and the man to get the job done was none other than Double D! Johnny Z and Double D started off the match against one another and D gained the upper hand until Striker joined the fray and put the boots to D. Striker and Z then teed off on Double D until D countered with a double DDT. D's luck would run out soon as Kevin Morgan was the next entrant. As Z and Striker recovered, Morgan bruised and battered Double D with punches and kicks. Morgan added a rear chin lock into the mix as D continued to fight uphill against the odds. Copycat was entrant #5 and took some of the heat off of D as now Morgan, Z and Striker had another victim in their sights. As Morgan and Striker took on the fresh Copycat, Z and D were one on one again with Double D hitting a bulldog. Copycat also responded by going toe to toe with Morgan and Striker as it was quickly turning into a brawl at every corner. Damon Windsor joined the match next and locked up Striker as Z and Copycat battled in an opposite corner. Double D landed nine knees to Morgan but was lifted up and power bombed in the center of the ring. Soto Miyagi was scheduled to be the next competitor into the match, but was shown backstage knocked out. In his place, the returning Brandon Bishop took center stage! Bishop made a grand entrance by taking out Morgan and Copycat with a summersault flip from the top rope then hit a big takedown on Johnny Z and starting clubbing Z with right hands followed by a back breaker. Randy Price entered the fray at #8. Price went straight at Double D while the other wrestlers regrouped and continued to peel off in separate battles. Price thumped D down with multiple slam variations and then turned his attack towards Morgan and Windsor where he got a double chop from those two titans. Z picked up on Price's handiwork and hit a second rope bulldog on Double D only adding to D's misery. Brad Michaels became the newest competitor in the ring and he and Price squared off adding more punishment to their already bloody history. Price sling shot Michaels into the steel cage and cut Michaels wide open across the forehead. O'Malley became the final wrestler to join the Impact Chamber and he started dishing out beatings on whoever was close. It finally came down to six men who were still left standing: Johnny Z, O'Malley and Price on one side and Bishop, Double D and Brad Michaels on the other. O'Malley and Price were eliminated next, leaving Johnny Z all alone. Bishop was eliminated next by a superkick from Michaels. Z kicked out of a superkick from Michaels and Michaels was beside himself and took a high crossbody from Double D in return. D pinned Michaels and then it was down to the final two. The same two who started the match. Hearts where pounding everywhere in the Impact Arena and as Double D connected with a high cross body off the cage, but even that was not enough to pin Z's shoulders against the mat. Then in a moment nobody saw coming, The Convict made his IZW return! Convict gave Double D a 15 to 20 and that looked to be all she wrote. But then out of nowhere, The Convict hit Johnny Z with the same exact move! In the aftermath, D scaled the Impact Chamber one more time and connected with another high crossbody as he sailed across the Impact Arena and down onto Johnny Z. This time, the impact of the move was enough to get the 1-2-3 and Double D regained the IZW Title from his oldest rival in a match for the ages!


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