December 15 Preview of IZW TV on GFL

 by Drew Archerv

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     The December 15 edition of IZW TV on GFL is the final show before the all-important Chaotic Christmas on December 22. With only seven days until everything in 2012 comes to a head on the final iPPV of the year, what will happen on this week’s show.


     Already scheduled to wrestle, it will be “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs taking on Copycat in an Impact Rules Match that could pose significant risk for both wrestlers heading into

the iPPV in a week.


     The main event for Chaotic Christmas is locked in; it will be IZW World Heavyweight Champion Double D putting his title on the line against “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil in a one on one matchup that fans have been clamoring for this entire year. Johnny Z is set as the special referee and you can bet he will lay the law down one final time at the Impact Arena. Will Madam Commissioner Erica have one more wrench to throw in to the mix? Last week she proved she has no peer in the squared circle when it comes to wrestling and this week she will look to put the odds back in Impact Elite’s favor for the Chaotic Christmas main event. There’s an old saying that hell has no fury like a woman scorned, and ever since Double D won the title earlier this year, Erica has been looking for a way to take that title off the wrestler she used to valet for.


     With Impact X looming in only a week, what will The Convict do this week to decimate his competition even more? Jermaine Johnson and Damien Morte have already felt the type of power and pain The Convict can deliver first hand. Will Jordan Jacobs and IZW Wrestler be next? Jacobs and Starr both have STATUS with IZW and the backing of Impact Elite, but that might not be enough if The Convict sets his sights on them. Tune in this week to find out how these 5 competitors will interlock with one another as their destinies are all tied together in what is sure to be a historic bout at Chaotic Christmas.


     The tag team division is in a bit of flux right now with Big Business reigning supreme, but yet to have a challenger break away from the pack. Both Team Remix (Cody Jones & Copycat) and Aerial Assault (Dane Griffin & Joe Herell) had an opportunity to grab the #1 Contender ranking, but the teams wrestled to a draw. The Old School Suckas (Randy Price & Bryan Cruize) are always in the hunt and might be looking at circling the wagons one more time and facing off against Big Business and finally ending their feud with the two giants once and for all.


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