December 1 Review of IZW TV on GFL

 by Drew Archer

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     The December 1 edition of IZW TV on GFL was another fantastic night of wrestling that kicked off the countdown to the final iPPV of the year for IZW. With Chaotic Christmas looming on December 22, every match is high stakes with huge implications for the future. On this show, a grudge match is finally settled while championship gold changes hands. Wrestling fans, this episode is can’t miss TV! IZW is barreling down the hi

ghway destroying anything in its path and you either need to get out of the way or get swept up and enjoy the ride as IZW Continues to Change the Wrestling World.


     In the main event, in one of the most important matches of his long and illustrious career, “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z defeated his arch nemesis “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil in a Lumberjack Match. Everyone from the IZW locker room was out for this bout as they circled the ring ready to do damage to either Z or Neil if they found themselves outside of the ring. Johnny Z was back to his old self as he was pulling out every trick in the book including raking the eyes, a knee to Neil’s throat and a series of low blows that had “The Bronze Bull” seeing stars. This was all legal as there are no rules in a Lumberjack Match. At one point, Neil found himself face to face with Double D on the outside of the ring and after D threw up his Force sign, it was on. Neil was attacked by not only Double D, but also half of the IZW roster. Neil scurried back into the ring where Johnny Z waited to dish out more punishment. The match again found itself outside of the ropes where Johnny Z lit up Neil with several knife-edged chops. But Neil might have had the last laugh as he and Z moved over to the other side of the ring where Impact Elite was waiting with baited breath to unleash their own brand of gangland style beat downs on Johnny Z. Neil was now in charge and brought the action back inside the ring where he landed several elbows to Z’s jaw and had the owner of IZW at the crossroads. But Z fought back landing a boot to the face as Neil came in for a splash against the turnbuckle. But Neil would not stop his attacks as a few seconds later he landed a Big Boot, Johnny Z’s finisher, which took the air out of Z adding insult to injury. Since both of these wrestlers have been friends for over a decade both knew the other’s moves like their own and this was case in point. But Z was able to go tit for tat as he was able to maneuver Neil up and deliver a Greetings From Mt. Olympus on Neil, giving Neil a taste of his own medicine as both wrestlers continued to ratchet up the intensity of the match. Johnny Z’s float over DDT attempt was reversed by Neil into a suplex with a bridge for a pinfall attempt. But Z would not stay down. Neil tumbled out of the ring after a failed splash on Johnny Z in the corner and stood face to face with The Convict. It was a stalemate as neither man gave an inch and just stood their ground. This gave Johnny Z the opportunity he had been looking for as he launched himself over the top rope with a Superman dive and landed on both Neil and The Convict who were waiting down below!


     This ignited a mega-brawl as all the lumberjacks decided to go at it as Z and Neil moved inside of the ring. “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler climbed up to the top rope looking to do some damage to Z, but was met with a flying knee by Double D who had also made his way into the ring. D landed another flying knee on Neil which dropped the #1 Challenger like a sack of potatoes. Double D then exited the ring as only Double D can, by jumping off the top rope with a cross-body and landing on about seven lumberjacks, standing outside of the ring, taking them all out. With the momentum back in Johnny Z’s favor it was time for the Boot Heard Around the World as Johnny Z landed his trusted finisher the Big Boot to Neil’s jaw, and recorded one of the biggest wins of 2012!


     In other action, The Convict defeated IZW Impact Division Champion Jermaine Johnson to win the Impact Division title. The Convict was a man possessed. He was just too big and too strong for Johnson. Johnson fought back valiantly but it was a struggle to even get The Convict off of his feet as even a springboard drop kick by Johnson was futile. The Convict took full advantage of the rules of the match as it was contested in an Impact Match. The Convict beat Johnson from pillar to post, inside and outside of the ring. Finally, the tide started to turn for Johnson as he gave The Convict a series of strikes that bounced him outside of the ring, but like a cat, The Convict still landed on his feet. Once outside of the ring, Johnson cracked The Convict’s head in with a steel chair as The Convict fell against the guardrail. But the momentum quickly turned back to The Convict’s favor as he suplexed Johnson on the ground right in front of the Hype Section. But the Hype Section was not dissuaded as they started to chant “We got this” in hopes of resurrecting their fallen hero. It worked, as Johnson came back with a vengeance and landed a series of punches and kicks capped off by a flying cross body over the ropes and out of the ring as he landed on The Convict who was standing on the ring apron. Both men fell through a wooden table and for the first time in the match, The Convict was off his feet! But with a piece of table sticking out of the back of The Convict’s head, he still managed to meet Johnson in the middle of the ring. But it was Johnson who had the advantage as he got The Convict off his feet once again by landing a modified sit down Rock Bottom. Johnson then landed his finisher, the ES2, but The Convict kicked out! Johnson then landed a series of chair shots to The Convict including a brutal one to his head. Johnson went up for another ES2, but this time The Convict caught him midair and delivered his finisher, the 15 to 20, on the same steel chair. That was enough as Johnson was a broken piece of flesh and The Convict got the pinfall and becomes the new Impact Division Champion. It’s hard to see The Convict losing this belt any time soon, especially under an Impact Rules Match.


     Earlier in the night it was revealed that there would be the first ever Impact X Match at Chaotic Christmas featuring Johnson, Damien Morte (who had the match come to him in a vision), Jordan Jacobs and IZW Wrestler where they would compete in a steel cage with the belt suspended above the ring by cables. If this match still holds true and The Convict is the fifth member of this match, it just got a whole lot more dangerous.


     In still more action, Team Remix (Cody Jones & Copycat) and Aerial Assault (“Daredevil” Dane Griffin & Joe Herell) went to a draw in their #1 Contenders Match for the IZW Tag Team Championship, leaving the tag team division up in the air. This was a brilliant match as both teams showed off a plethora of moves both mat based as well as aerial spots. Near the end, the wrestlers delivered a series of rapid fire pinfall attempts which each move one-upping the other. Griffin power bombed Copycat then went for a pin attempt, only to have Jones execute a pinfall attempt of his own after a rollup of Griffin. Then it was Herell’s turn as he drove Jones face first into the mat and pinning his shoulders but then it was Copycat’s turn as he landed a belly to back suplex with a bridge for another pinfall attempt which was broken up by Griffin! Then the referee called for the bell as the time limit had expired and the match was over, a decision that left neither team happy about the outcome.


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