December 29 Review of IZW TV on GFL

 by Drew Archerv

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     The December 29 edition of IZW TV on GFL was the final show of the year and the first show coming on the heels of Chaotic Christmas. The night was packed full of great wrestling, thriving feuds, and even wedding planning! Don’t miss the final show of 2012 as IZW brings out the heavy hitters and crushes one, final homerun as we head into the New Year.


     The night kicked off with the owner of IZW, “The Natural Born Leader” Johnny Z front and center with another episode of “Catching Some Z’s with Johnny Z” where he brought out his guest “Number 1” Shawn McHale to dish on the impeding wedding between “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil and “The Golden Goddess” Venus. McHale barely started to give the deets on the Golden Engagement when Madam Commissioner Erica showed up, in part, to scold McHale for taking part in the conversation. Z used the opportunity to change the conversation and talk about Impact Elite, pirates and even Jordan Jacobs, all with Erica being the brunt of every punch line imaginable. The conversation finally came full circle as the Golden Engagement was back on the table and Z put McHale on the hot seat by asking why Neil proposed to Venus in the first place. Erica intervened once again and dismissed McHale to the back before Z could pull out some juicy tidbits.


      To open up the in ring action, newly crowned 2-time Impact Division Champion Jermaine Johnson defeated Kyle “Machine Gun” Kelly in an Impact Rules Match. After going through hell and back a week earlier at Chaotic Christmas in the Impact X Match, where Johnson defeated four other opponents, being one on one with Kelly was a welcome change for the Leader of the Hype Section. Johnson tore into Kelly with forearms and fists before Kelly put his weight into things and stopped Johnson’s attack cold by showing off his own power. At one point, Kelly stood on the second rope looking to jump on Johnson, but at the last possible second, Johnson moved out of the way and Kelly hit the canvas hard. Three clotheslines by Johnson later and the wrestlers tumbled outside of the ring. But the action quickly returned to the squared circle where Kelly locked Johnson up in a tight bear hug. Johnson’s lungs and ribcage were being crushed under the pressure, but Johnson landed a series of hard elbows to the base of Kelly’s skull, totally legal in an Impact Rules Match, and then followed up with a modified sitdown Rock Bottom. But Kelly’s recuperative power was on full display as he kicked out of the move and landed a side slam of his own that crushed Johnson’s midsection even more. After a small comeback by Johnson, Kelly again landed a devastating slam, this time a power slam that could be heard throughout the Impact Arena. In the move of the match, Kelly grabbed Johnson by the wrist and walked up to the top rope, reminiscent of The Undertaker’s Old School move, only to have Johnson flip the switch and catapult Kelly from the ropes slamming him down to the mat. Johnson then followed up with an ES2 and got the pinfall against the rough, rugged and super athletic big man Kyle Kelly.


     “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil won a hard fought slugfest against O’Malley that was all over the arena as these two gladiators destroyed one another with nothing but bone-crushing moves that resembled a prize fight in the heavyweight division from boxing’s golden era. Very few wrestlers can match Neil strength for strength and blow for blow, but O’Malley did just that and then some for much of the match, including crushing Neil to the mat using his own weight as Neil went for a press slam, which O’Malley then followed up with a body slam and an overhand right hand to Jordan Jacobs who came down from the announcers’ booth to try and intervene. “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler took a right hand too, but not before throwing his brass scepter to his mentor Neil which Neil then used to cave in the forehead of O’Malley while Erica distracted the ref. O’Malley was fighting a numbers game and his number finally got punched as Impact Elite was too much to overcome all in one match.


     In the main event, Double D defended his World Championship by defeating IZW Wrestler. D unleashed the beast as he was mano y mano with the last man to beat him in the ring as Starr defeated D a few weeks ago in a non-title bout. D showcased his vast wrestling repertoire at Starr’s expense at one point showing he could just about cripple the challenger with the seldom used but very effective arm ringer. Later, Starr changed the tone of the match in a big way, once the action got outside of the ring. Starr smashed the Champion’s head against the ring apron and threw D back into the ring, where he proceeded to try and stomp a hole in D’s head. D and Starr traded chops in the corner with Double D getting the upper hand in the exchanges. Starr tried to escape the onslaught by ducking out of the ring, but D followed up with a springboard over the top rope and pancaked Starr to the ground on impact. Starr turned the tables again by crotching Double D on the top turnbuckle and threw punches in bunches as D was doubled over in pain. A sunset flip by Double D followed by several knees to Starr’s midsection and a knee to Starr’s head swung the bout back in D’s favor. With the Impact Arena going crazy by this point, Starr pulled off an incredible head-butt that stopped Double D in his tracks, but shortly after D landed a knee to Starr’s face followed by an enziguri that crumbled Starr. From the outside of the ring, Neil tried to intervene, giving Starr enough time to recover and hit a spinebuster, followed by a single leg Boston Crab attempt and a clothesline as Double D lay semi-conscious in the corner of the ring. Starr, Venus and Neil then had an argument about the brass scepter, as it looked like Neil was trying to give Starr the weapon and get him intentionally disqualified. This skirmish gave Double D enough time to land a round house kick to Starr’s head followed by ten knees to the face. D then landed his patented crossbody from the top rope and got the pinfall to retain his title…but Double D’s night wasn’t over.


     As D celebrated, The Convict came down to the ring and they went at it with D attacking first with a series of punches and knees to The Convict’s head that had absolutely no effect on the King of the Yard. The Convict shook off D’s attack and delivered the 15 to 20 that put Double D’s lights out. The Convict has set his sights on the ultimate prize in IZW, the World Heavyweight Championship and that paints a huge bullseye on Double D’s chest heading into 2013. D has overcome every obstacle that he’s ever faced, but The Convict is a rare collection of intellect, strength and downright savagery. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen in the New Year, but there’s only one sure fire way to find out! Tune in to IZW every Saturday live on


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