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IZW Halloween Hangover 2013 DVD / Bluray

"Halloween Hangover" delivered another stellar show with multiple titles changes as well as the crowning of a new #1 Contender, courtesy of the Monsters Bash Battle Royal, who will challenge for the IZW Title at "Chaotic Christmas" on December 21. The athleticism and drive of each and every wrestler who participated in this event proved why IZW has no peer on the independent wrestling scene. If you only buy one wrestling iPPV this season, check out "Halloween Hangover" to see the rough and tumble style of IZW.


IZW Redemption 2013 DVD / Bluray

“Redemption” is in the record books and it was one for the ages. Every IZW title was on the line and new champions were crowned. Watch this 3+ hour wrestling extravaganza as IZW brings down the house once again at the Impact Arena from Lawton, Oklahoma.


IZW Evolution 2013 DVD / Bluray

Stacked from top to bottom, “Evolution” was full of twists and turns all the way through and the Impact Chamber lived up to all the hype as PAIN was the name of the game. Team Erica and Team #1 destroyed each other, but in the end, one team stood supreme. But before the main event, plenty of jaw-dropping memories were made.


IZW Coronation 2013 DVD / Bluray

IZW Coronation was a star studded card. On the nine-year anniversary of the company, every wrestler on the show came to battle and left their soul in the middle of the ring for the world to see, except for one…who proved he has no soul. The Impact X Match was amazing, the Impact Player of the Year Ladder Match was incredible, but the IZW Championship Match was unimaginable and shocking as one of IZW’s own, turned his back on the fans, his colleagues and destroyed his own honor and integrity by aligning forces with the filth that is Johnny Z.


IZW March Mayhem 2013 DVD / Bluray

March Mayhem was another grand slam for IZW as the wrestlers put it all on the line and in some cases crossed the line. Old rivalries were renewed, new champions were crowned and the Impact Arena was shaken down to its core with a turn of events that could never have been predicted!


IZW Violent Valentine 2013 DVD / Bluray

Violent Valentine, IZW’s first iPPV of 2013 destroyed the status quo from top to bottom as new champions were crowned while the shifting dynamics had jaw dropping consequences that shook the very foundation of all that is IZW.





IZW Chaotic Christmas 2012 DVD / Bluray

IZW saved the best for last, as Chaotic Christmas brought the house down with tons of great wrestling, title changes, nail-biting drama and proving that IZW is the leader in Independent wrestling in North America.




IZW Halloween Hangover 2012 DVD / Bluray

 In the main event, IZW delivered the quintessential battle royal, the Monsters Bash, to the feverish fans at the sold out Impact Arena. With every active IZW Superstar competing in the ring, this was the most competitive, dramatic, jaw dropping Monsters Bash in the history of IZW. Not only was the in ring action amazing, but what was at stake was equally important as Double D put up his IZW Championship and had to run through a gauntlet of challengers if he was going to come out of Halloween Hangover continuing to hold the strap.


IZW Redemption 2012 DVD / Bluray

 “Redemption” is in the record books and it was one for the ages. Every IZW title was on the line and all the superstars were in full gear as each match built on the excitement and anticipation of the other bouts leading up to the main event which was a one-of-a-kind TLC Match, that is a leading candidate for Match of the Year in any organization.






IZW Evolution 2012 DVD / Bluray COMBO PACK

Every year, Impact Zone Wrestling evolves. After the

10-Man Tag Team Elimination Steel Cage Main Event

on July 21st, 2012, IZW would never be the same.

 With all new matches including a “Brass Knuckles

Ladder Match”, “Tiara on a Pole”, and “Falls

Count Anywhere - Follower Match”,

this piece of IZW History is a must have.




IZW Coronation 2012 DVD and Bluray


For eight years IZW has shattered your expectations

 and redefined entertainment. IZW’s eight anniversary was no different.

 The first ever “Queens Quarrel” match, Jordan Jacobs and Double D

go all out with nothing between them but a ladder, and the long

 awaited return of the Founder, Owner, and

“Natural Born Leader” of IZW, Johnny Z


Johnny Z Past, Present, and Future 2-Disc


The founder, owner, and “Natural Born Leader”

of Impact Zone Wrestling didn’t achieve success overnight.

Follow IZW’s leader from the early beginnings, to the present day.

And see what’s instore for the years to come. See some of

Johnny Z’s hardest falls, most unforgetable moments,

and 13 of his biggest matches. Plus Alternate commentary only on Bluray



IZW March Mayhem 2012 DVD

Jermaine Johnson and Aaron Neil go at it "One More Time" for the World Heavyweight Championship. Double D extracts revenge on "Light Out" Jordan Jacobs. IZW's first ever Womens Fatal Four Way. March Mayhem 2012 is sure to make you feel the impact.

IZW Violent Valentine 2012 DVD

IZW’s first iPPV of 2012. Every moment, every bruise,every match of the year candidate. Take home the fourth annual Violent Valentine and witeness IZW Change the Wrestling



IZW Chaotic Christmas 2011 DVD

Jermaine Johnson and Aaron Neil in an unexpected 2-out-of-3 falls match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Brent Albright faces Double D in a No Holds Barred match in pace of Johnny Z. And much, much more.

IZW Halloween Hangover 2011 DVD

As aired LIVE! on GFL.TV Saturday November 5th, 2011. The Monster's Bash Battle Royal is only once a year. This DVD contains EVERY impactfull moment just as you remember.

IZW Danny Hodge Invitational 2011 DVD

IZW Changed the Wrestling World Saturday September 17th, 2011 with the first of many Pay-Per-Views of GFL.TV. Also Brent Albright's first match with IZW.


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