IZW 2-18-12 Review


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IZW presented another show for free with its ongoing television series on GFL.tv this past Saturday night, February 18, which can be viewed online here - http://www.gfl.tv/Events/Fight/Wrestling/Impact_Zone_Wrestling_Feb_18_2012/1380. Coming off of Violent Valentine and heading into March Mayhem on March 17, IZW continues to throw down the gauntlet for great in ring action and feuds that have lit the Oklahoma territory and surrounding areas on fire.



The evening started with IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson and Aaron Neil face to face in the ring. Both men agreed to do it “one more time” and the IZW Heavyweight Title will be on the line again at March Mayhem on March 17 as the top two wrestlers in the organization square off for the most coveted title in the region. Kevin Morgan came out to confront both Johnson and Neil as he was unimpressed with the “lovefest” that was going on in front of him. Morgan was ready to take on BOTH Johnson and Neil at the same time, until Shawn McHale and IZW Impact Division Champion Jordan Jacobs came out to the ring to slow things down. McHale was made de facto commish by IZW Commissioner Brandon Bishop earlier in the day, and as such he made a match between Morgan and Johnson for later in the evening. He also made a match with Neil versus Jacobs that kicked off the matches for the night.



Aaron Neil defeated Jordan Jacobs in a war of attrition in a non-title bout. After some fast paced wrestling, Jacobs went up to the top rope to land a cross body, but Neil ducked the move and then executed a perfect Real Drill that left Jacobs motionless and gave Neil the pinfall. It was a strong win for the 5-time IZW Heavyweight Champion against the current Impact Division Champion and gives Neil some momentum going into the next iPPV where he will face Jermaine Johnson for what could be the final time.



Next up, Erica defeated Kyra Maya who was accompanied by IZW Wrestler. Erica proved again that she is the dominant female wrestler in IZW and the Lady of Impact, with a solid victory over her arch nemesis, Starr’s right hand women. Maya is a powerhouse and delivers the most devastating slams in the women’s division, but Erica used speed and guile to defeat Maya and her crony IZW Wrestler.



Kevin Morgan defeated IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson by disqualification. Johnson retains the title as he was not pinned or submitted. The current Champion got everything thrown at him but the kitchen sink by Morgan who was hell bent on proving that he belongs in the title discussion. Both men brawled in and out of the ring with the end coming when Morgan brought in the heavyweight title belt and tried to hit Johnson with it. Johnson ducked out of the way and grabbed the belt himself and leveled Morgan with it getting the automatic disqualification call from the referee. Johnson didn’t stop there as he hit Morgan once more with the belt and then went for the move a third time only to be press slammed down hard by Morgan. Turnabout is fair play as Morgan gave Johnson another slam. When it looked like Morgan would inflict more damage on Johnson’s lifeless body, Aaron Neil raced to the ring with a chair to stop further devastation.



In the co-main event of the evening, Double D defeated Eric Rose. Double D was still stinging from the outcome of his Triple Threat Match at Violent Valentine when it was revealed that Jordan Jacobs was the Man in the Dark who had been making D’s life a living hell. Double D took out his frustrations on Eric Rose who jumped in with the Jordan Jacobs, Shawn McHale and Brandon Bishop faction, and the two proceeded to have a terrific match. Double D and Rose are two of the most physically gifted wrestlers in the game and each man pushed the other to even greater risks and heights in this bout. The end came when McHale tried to insert himself into the match by holding Double D. Rose lined up for a superkick, but Double D ducked and the kick landed perfectly on McHale. Double D took the opportunity to execute a defacer on Rose and got the pinfall victory and inched one step closer to facing Jordan Jacobs in the future.



In the final bout of the night, Nemesis (Rage Logan and Damien Morte) defeated a re-vamped version of the Old School Suckas (Gary Tool and Randy Price) for the IZW Tag Team Titles in a heated bout that left the crowd silent. This is the second title Logan has picked up in about a month (he lost the Impact Division Title to Jordan Jacobs at Violent Valentine in a Triple Threat Match where he was not even pinned) and also the second time Nemesis has worn championship gold in the tag team division. It was a brave effort by Tool and Price but the new blood of IZW was too much for the cagey vets to overcome on this night. It was a back and forth affair until the end. The finish came when Morte spit mist into the face of Tool, temporarily stunning and disorienting him. Morte then leveraged Tool into a neckbreaker position and Logan came off the top rope landing a perfect body splash onto Tool. But the neckbreaker/top rope splash wasn’t enough for Nemesis. They did a double pin on the fallen Tool and got the 1-2-3 victory and became the new IZW Tag Team Champions. Fans might not like Nemesis’ approach, but you have to give the devils their due. They are a great tag team and they proved it in this match taking out two great wrestlers in Tool and Price. Expect a long title run from Nemesis as they look like they are just getting started.


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