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The February 25 edition of IZW’s Saturday night show, which can be viewed online in its entirety for free at GFL.tv, was one for the books. With everything focused on March Mayhem on March 17 there’s something in the air and you can just feel the electricity in the Impact Arena.



IZW Commissioner Brandon Bishop opened the show via an Internet feed from his home office in Colorado Springs. He booked a bikini contest for later in the evening between Erica and Starr. Bishop played coy about future implications for March Mayhem, but you can tell the IZW Commissioner has been working on something historic for the promotion to be revealed at a later time.



The first bout of the night was between the Midnite Rider and Cody Jones which ended in a no contest. It was a great opening match as it was strength versus speed, old timer versus new comer as Rider and Jones put on a great display of old school wrestling. Rider was able to control the pace for much of the match and stifled Jones’ attacks, but Jones would not be denied and hit Rider with a couple beautiful dropkicks, the best in the territory, and managed to get the upper hand on the cagey veteran. Jones then showed he is more than just speed as he executed a perfect suplex on Rider. But then out came Impact Division Champion Jordan Jacobs and his cohort Eric Rose accompanied by Shawn McHale. Jacobs and Rose took turns on the house mic telling the audience their motivations for previous actions as well as their ambitions for future plans. The crowd was really into Jacobs and Rose, on the negative side, as you could hardly hear what they were saying amid all of the boos. After they were finished Aaron Neil hit the ring, and gave them a brow beating which prompted an attack from Jacobs and Rose. IZW Heavyweight Champion, Jermaine Johnson hit the ring and made the save for Neil as together they tossed Jacobs and Rose out of the ring to the cheers of the crowd.



Commissioner Bishop was watching all the action from his home on GFL.tv and quickly made a tag team match later in the night as the main event pitting Jacobs and Rose against Neil and Johnson.



Kevin Morgan defeated Max Wyld in a mismatch for the ages. Defeating Morgan is a tough chore for anyone in professional wrestling, and Wyld doesn’t look much older than 15 years old and weigh 130 lb. Morgan put Wyld out of his misery fairly quickly with a power slam from hell. Morgan lifted up Wyld and slammed his body against the canvas only to have it bounce two or three feet off the mat. Wyld was almost broken in half.



Damon Windsor came out of the announcers’ booth to wrestler fan favorite Double D next. Double D was in the ring and cut a scathing promo at Jordan Jacobs’ expense. For fans of Double D this has been the most fired up the high flying grappler has been since his feud with Johnny Z. Windsor took the upper hand early on as he had fresh legs from being off the wrestling circuit for a while. It paid dividends early on but then the tide turned. Windor was in the wrong place at the wrong time as D was like a man possessed. Double D landed a kick and then went up to the rope and executed a perfect frog splash transitioning to a pinfall and getting the 1-2-3. But Double D’s night was not over. The lights went out and when they came back on Jordan Jacobs was pummeling Double D in the middle of the ring.



Next up was the bikini contest between Erica and Starr. Per crowd reaction, Erica was the winner but it was really a victory for the male demographic as they got to see the two ladies stripped down to their bikinis. But the cheers didn’t last for long as Kyra Maya came out to the ring and leveled Erica and in a shocking move, knocked out Starr. She then took down IZW Wrestler. Apparently, Maya has something against bikinis.



In singles competition, Randy Price defeated ½ of the IZW Tag Team Champions, Damien Morte in a revenge match of sorts. In defeat, Morte still showed that he is a hell of a wrestler as Price was on a warpath and for the first part of the match Morte beat Price from pillar to post and had a couple near falls to his credit. But then Price turned it into high gear, after connecting on several hard punches and kicks, Price raised up Morte and delivered his Piledriver 1-2-3 for the pinfall no doubt impressing Gary Tool.



In the main event, Jermaine Johnson and Aaron Neil were again successful as a tag team when they defeated the new faction of Jordan Jacobs and Eric Rose. Neil tore into Jacobs and showed him the meaning of true pain as he battered his arm almost wrenching it from its socket. Jacobs did the smart thing and tagged in Rose and then Rose and Jacobs started to work over Neil in their corner, mixing in punches and kicks with quick tags to always have a fresh body going against Neil. Neil finally got away from his opponents corner and made the hot tag to Johnson who started to clean house on Jacobs. Then in the coolest move of the night Johnson and Neil hoisted Jacobs up for what looked like a double suplex only to have Neil then hold up Jacobs by himself and then pass him IN THE AIR to Johnson who completed the suplex! Johnson was happy of his accomplishment and rightfully so as this was awesome. Neil, always the workman, took it all in stride and continued to pummel Jacobs. After a quick back and forth, Neil was again outnumbered in the ring as Rose and Jacobs chopped down the former IZW Heavyweight Champion like a giant sequoia tree. But the tide turned for the final time when Johnson threw Rose off the top rope and then Neil speared Jacobs out of the ring. This left the champ with a motionless opponent. Johnson did a nip up and then climbed to the second rope where he planted Rose permanently with a face buster and the pinfall.



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