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 The Fall Classic is finally here as IZW presents Halloween Hangover on November 3, live and broadcast throughout the world on GFL.tv. There are plenty of feuds that will come to a head tonight and every IZW Championship will be on the line, including for the first time ever, the IZW World Heavyweight Champion held by Double D defended in the Monsters Bash Battle Royal! Every wrestler on the IZW roster will compete for a chance to w

in the most prized and esteemed belt in Independent wrestling and if Double D is to retain his title, and remain the Undisputed Champion of the World, he will need to have one of his finest days as a professional, because he will start out as the #1 Contender and have to go through each and every wrestler in the promotion to be able to keep a hold of the 20 lb of championship gold. Everything Impact Elite has thrown at Double D since he defeated “The Bronze Bull” Aaron Neil at Redemption hinges on what happens during the Monsters Bash Battle Royal. Led by Madam Commissioner Erica, the deck has been stacked from the very beginning with Double D constantly being put in handicap matches and the icing on the cake, Neil being given the final slot in the match. This is the match where legends will be made and careers shattered.


 The Impact Division Title will also be at stake in a 5-Way Impact Scramble Match as recently crowned Champion Jermaine Johnson defends against four challengers; former Champions Damien Morte and “Lights Out” Jordan Jacobs, Kyle “Machine Gun” Kelly and “The Brass Bull” IZW Wrestler. Johnson has upped his game ten-fold since winning the Impact Division Championship and he is hell bent on not only defending that title, but walking away from the Monsters Bash Battle Royal as the new IZW World Heavyweight Champion. If Johnson can do that, he will do something now other IZW Superstar in history has ever done, in holding concurrently the top two singles titles in IZW. But before he can think about the Heavyweight Title he will need to pass his own gauntlet of opponents as former Champion Morte is determined to win back the title he lost after never being pinned. Morte had a head of steam going during his title run as he knocked of Jacobs to claim the strap earlier this year after Jacobs held the title longer than almost anyone in history. If Morte can dig deep and return to the maniacal place he was at during his title run, where he used his body as a weapon, chances are stacked in his favor to become a 2X Impact Division Champion. And you can never count out Kelly and Starr as both men are looking for their first taste of championship gold in IZW.


 Also on deck, in a 4 Corner Tag Team Match for the IZW World Tag Team Titles, it will be Champions Big Business ( “The Image of War” Kevin Morgan & “The Big Picture” Damon Windsor) defending against Cody Jones & Copycat, Aerial Assault (“Daredevil” Dane Griffin & “High Risk” Joe Herell) and The Old School Suckas (Randy Price & Bryan Cruize). Big Business has had its share of ups and downs with the opposing three teams and this match is as close to a pick’em as you will ever see. Each team brings a unique advantage into the bout. Big Business has the size and strength, Jones and Copycat have the technical prowess, Aerial Assault has the airborne maneuvers and The Old School Suckas have the experience. The winners will be able to decisively say, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are the best tag team IZW ever produced.


 For his comeback match, the returning Johnny Z will face his former friend of 10 years, Aaron Neil in a Steel Cage Match. To call this bout a Grudge Match is to understate the obvious. Z and Neil have battled side by side, two brothers in arms for years, taking on every challenge that has ever come to the Southwest promotion. But when Neil decided to forgo being the “Real Deal” for the “The Bronze Bull” all of that changed. Neil has been on a tear in 2012 winning the IZW World Title for a record six times for his career, but also disgracing and dishonoring himself and his legacy that he’s built for the last decade, some wonder if it was worth it. Johnny Z is one critic who will get to voice his opinion in an up close and personal way as Z will have Neil locked in a cage one on one. Both men are scheduled to also compete in the Monsters Bash Battle Royal, and they very may well be in the ring for that. But both men are going to leave a piece of not only their body, but also their soul in the steel cage. This bout will not be for the faint of heart.


 The women’s division has heated up to an all-time high, as the top three female grapplers on the Independent scene will all compete in a Triple Threat Match as “The Queen of IZW” Venus, “The Megastar” Angel Blue and Kyra Maya will lock horns inside the squared circle. On the outset it looks like Blue will be at a severe disadvantage as Venus will no doubt have support from Impact Elite and Maya will have The Convict in her corner. Will this be a case of two on one, or will it be every woman for herself? All three ladies are driven by a belief that they are the best around and the winner of this bout will be able to make that claim. Will Venus finally get the respect as “The Queen of IZW” that she feels she deserves, or will Blue foil her impending coronation yet another time. And what about Maya? She has found a kindred spirit with The Convict and there’s no doubt these two are in their element when dishing out pain and suffering. Anything can and will happen in the match.


 Nobody does it better! Watch all the feuds and all the rivalries inside and outside of the ring. Tune in to the Southwest's premiere wrestling federation and find out what will happen next. Watch professional wrestling like it's supposed to be, rough and tumble and always in HD at GFL.tv as IZW continues to change the wrestling world!


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